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This is brilliant
doomedmac8 April 2022
I can't remember the last time I was so invested in a TV show. I was hooked from the first episode, and constantly impressed with the directing, visuals, acting, and plot developments. It's like a cross between Black Mirror and 1984, but it might be better than both of those works of art. This is truly something special and I COULD NOT be more excited for season 2.
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To me it's a masterpiece
UniqueParticle24 March 2022
If you think about it in a deeper sense the Severance corporation is a metaphor of for how trapped workers are in their job, that's my theory. I love it all I'm surprised a few hated it something about waiting for something that's ridiculous or they know the nothing, seems to be a buildup and a lot to learn about the series regardless the show is magnificent! The thriller aspect is glorious and I'm a couple episodes in. When the show first released it had a 7.2 and jumped to 8.2 that's well deserved!
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Seminal TV, potentially a ground-breaking classic
bosporan25 March 2022
Severance is a study of the philosophy and ethics of self. A dry lecture? Nothing could be further from the truth, this is a tightly-written, entertaining work of TV with these weighty concepts shown through story with little or no jarring exposition dumps.

Visual cues such as the 'innie' 60's monotone dress code and the bland featureless white environment together with the monotonous meaningless work deny hope and support conformity. Garish reward events apply Pavlov conditioning, the punishments and close supervision create an environment of fear and uncertainty providing easy control.

The gradual awakening of the 'inmates' and the ensuing disobedience, rebellion and subsequent violence is the core of this very human story. All this in a backdrop of consequential slow-reveal of an ever more complex situation and underlying uncertainty regarding the goals and motivation of the de facto prison guards.

Addendum: Just watched the season one finale - it is simply superb, a fitting end to a fine series and creating massive potential for season 2. Just upgraded from 9* to 10* - very rare for me!
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As good as everyone says it is!
Supermanfan-1316 August 2022
Severance is every bit as good as everyone says it is. All you have to do is read through the reviews and look the rating to see how much people think of this series. It's on every "best shows of 2022" list out there for a reason and will absolutely be nominated for a ton of awards! Adam Scott leads an amazing cast who all do a fantastic job. It's just such an original show that will keep you wanting more. The first episode may start a little slow for some but stick with it because I promise that you won't regret it. If you stay with it I guarantee it will become one of your favorite shows of the year. I'm so glad they already decided to pick it up for future seasons!
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Very Original
jack_o_hasanov_imdb23 April 2022
I loved this Apple + series very much. First of all, the subject is very original and high quality. The acting is just perfect. The script is great, the music is great. The episodes progress slowly, but they are always exciting, and the season finale was simply great. I can't find anything else to say. I'm waiting the other seasons...
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Waiting for Mark...
DukeEman19 February 2022
How I would love to go home after work and not remember a damn thing! If that was the case, work attendance would be at an all time high. With no stress or anxiousness about work, you'll just show up, because that's what you are paid to do. But that's the pros, as for the cons...

Without giving away too much, the first 2 episodes achieve putting the viewer into the mind frame of the characters who take on the bizarre act of Severance for a large secretive corporation. The viewer is then given enough interest and mystery to latch onto with a drip-feed of vital information in this beauty of a slow-burner. Overall it is an Orwellian-Kafkaesque mind teaser with a hint of Beckett's Godot dialogue. The perfect ingredient for a modern trippy journey into the unknown corporate dystopian...
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mkayseryan18 February 2022
I expected a comedy because of who the lead is , the first minute in you can just feel this show has immense quality behind it there has to be a team that actually cares about what they put on the screen. The first 3-4 minutes gives you a scary idea of the world of the show and I loved it. The direction is simple but the tone , writing score and atmosphere is perfectly done .
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This could be the start of something great. **Update, from 8 to 10 by ep 9. Next big hit show if sanity still prevails these days.
MoistMovies20 February 2022
Edit* Episode 9 S1 is one of the greatest TV eps I've seen from a serialised show, still telling the story but it shines so much brighter. Ben Stiller directed it personally. And deserves awards and recognition for it.

Only two episodes are out. So I'm going to keep this very short for now and update with a full review at the end of the series.

All I'll spoil, because I went into the plot blind before watching. Only going by the actors/director, stiller is still one of few unique film makers in hollyweird that can pull in great actors and decent budgets. This is series unlike anything airing and has great potential to be considered one of the greats of offbeat irreverent dark comedy series ever. Can't wait for the world building.

Just give this one a chance, so far it's not political or effected by the real world. It's a universe unto itself. And I love it so far.
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separating your mind means separating the you you are
lee_eisenberg13 April 2022
"Severance" is one of the most disturbing shows that you'll ever see. The sad thing is that so many corporations do this sort of thing to people, turning them into mere cogs in the machine.

Definitely see it.
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Offbeat and interesting!
Joshumms18 February 2022
Very interesting show, it's always unsettling and you never feel like what's going on is normal. There's always so many things that you are questioning and it keeps you engaged and interested. There's some dark, offbeat humor mixed in as well. Great acting and music and an offbeat unsettling style, very excited for the rest of the series.
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Metropolis meets 1984 Intrigue Suspense and Talent
tm-sheehan24 March 2022
Warning: Spoilers
My Review - Severance Streaming on Apple TV+ My Rating 9/10

I usually don't review a series before the first season finishes but the first 5 episodes Severance has impressed me so much that if the quality of the final 4 instalment is as good as the first 5 perhaps my rating will be a TEN.

Ben Stiller has directed 6 episodes of this critically acclaimed first series he said I read the screenplay to the pilot episode at least five years before the show premiered, calling it "the longest thing I've ever worked on ." His Production Company Red Hour Productions, was impressed and took up this futuristic story which doesn't look to far away set in a huge Corporate workplace that looks more like a minimalist factory. I would describe the series a little like the famous Fritz Lang's Classic Science Fiction movie of 1927 Metropolis meets George Orwell's "1984".

The series looks great with minimalist sets or work stations with a very cold colour palette to help create the menacing environment . Filmed at the old Bell Labs building in Holmdel, New Jersey. The water tower out front was supposedly shaped like a transistor.

In January 2017, Ben Stiller invited Adam Scott to star as Mark the promoted Team Leader of four employees at a sinister biotech corporation, Lumon Industries. Lumon uses a "severance" medical procedure to separate the non-work memories of some of their employees from their work memories .

Mark, gradually uncovers the web of conspiracy from both sides of the division.

Every character in this series I find interesting and the development of the story so far mesmerising it will eventually span 19 episodes so a long way to go.

A few standout characters Mark of course a recently widowed nice guy who like all the employees of Lumon is very efficient because at work personal problems are forgotten as that part of their memory has been voluntarily severed.

However when work finishes they have no memory recall of their work life.

In fact no one working at Lumen really seems to know what they are working at because it's all coded but all are told it's vitally important.

John Turturro as Irving and Christopher Walken as Burt develop an interesting and intimate work relationship working in different divisions they are not supposed to mix or form any sort of intimacy with other employees .

Britt Lower as Helly a young new recruit tries to resign but no one seems to leave voluntarily at Lumon her workmate Dylan played by Zach Cherry is the joker of the work team and doesn't really get why his workmates are experiencing anxiety and just wants a quite life.

The standout performance of this series for me so far is Patricia Arquette as Harmony Cobel for viewers of The Handmaid's Tale Harmony Cobel makes Aunt Lydia Clements look like Mary Poppins . Harmony is the most chilling character I've seen in a long while she is Big Brother,sorry Big Sister and spends her work days monitoring every workers performance and behaviour. Harmony is expressionless and unemotional assigning her henchman and spy Milchick to (Tramel Tillman ) to escort and administer disciplinary therapy to workers who step out of line.

Patricia Arquette's character Harmony also spies on Mark in disguise a friendly old dear living next door I'm certain she's channeling the Evil Queen in Snow White . Mark of course so far has no idea who this seemingly sweet she really is as his work memory is severed from his personal life I can see an Emmy award in the future for her chilling role in Severance.

I'll add to my review of course as series 1 of Severance concludes but I had to recommend it as this Apple TV Production I think is a stand out series .
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Just what the doctor ordered.
MongoLloyd20 March 2022
I was ready to completely give up on episodic shows and then this happened, an actual diamond of a show among formulaic, recycled, regurgitated, pandering piffle. The production design and cinematography is inspiring and the cast is excellent. Narratively speaking, it's about as engaging and compelling as anything I'd consider a "best" example of any screened entertainment I've ever seen. Which means, it'll probably not be renewed for a 2nd season because it's just too original and interesting for American audiences.
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Season 1 and it's an instant classic
julieshotmail8 April 2022
Following "Severance" for the past two months as each weekly episode drops reminds you of just how wonderful it is to witness things as they unfold for the first time. Well-cast, brilliantly-directed and edited, with one of the most spellbinding opening sequences in recent TV history, "Severance" is the perfect blend of Sci-fi, human interest, mystery, dystopia, and dark comedic undertones. "Black Mirror" is the only comparison that comes to mind but that show falls under the anthology category, therefore "Severance" is quite unlike any TV series you've ever seen before. As the mystery unfolds, you can't help but think about the layers upon layers of possibilities and various implications. While the early episodes may appear ho-hum, buzzing slowly, they are actually intricately developing each textured character if you pay close attention, positioning you for a satisfying payoff. Every actor stands out in their own right, from the trusty lead Adam Scott to veterans Patricia Arquette, John Torturo, Christopher Walken to Tramell Tillman as Milchick, my surprise favorite. This show is complex, and so for those who have not seen this yet and want to be entertained (Defiant Jazz!) and mentally stimulated at the same time, I recommend not waiting much longer to start S1E1!
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Do Not Drop It, And You'll Be Rewarded
Littleman958 April 2022
As for Season 1:

Plot: after a very weird and quite stretched beginning (around three episodes or four, if I don't remember wrong), things will start being more and more clear and that's what everyone will have to wait before actually enjoy this show.

By the way, the story itself is very good. Everyone who likes mystery/thriller should enjoy this.

Actors & Actress and Acting: well, also this topic here is one that, the more you go through the show, the more you'll appreciate.

Conclusion: do you like mystery/thriller? You'll have to watch this (not try, because the first episodes are the big obstacle you have to jump over before getting into the actual show, so try not to drop it).

I have nothing else to say. Just watch it.
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1984 big brother
aboalhyjaa11 March 2022
4 episode in and just wow, every character and every scene just screams 1984. In a good way, because thats one of the best novels to ever be.

Its true, some of the scenes are uncomfortable to see, but we should see! Because this acting is a somewhat reflection to our lives and our jobs with capitalism dominating everything and destroying every meaning of live and make humans a semi robot who separates their lives from their work!

The concept of the show is kinda freaky, will you as a fully-brained human, willingly sentence a part of yourself for slavery for 8 hours a day?. To you it doesn't feel a thing like a small nap and you still have 2/3 of the day to live. But for that part of you it seems infinite, always working! The literal definition of slavery!
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Amazing, riveting, incredible,mysterious, best show for years
gareth-754429 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Severance is incredible, yes it's a slow burn from episode one but each episode keeps you enthralled with the excellent characters and tidbits of reveals thru to the season finale, never have I been so gripped to the edge of my seat with any show as I was with episode 9, literally shouting at the screen "show him a photo".

Excellently written and superbly acted by the entire cast, bring on season two, as Irving exclaimed "let's burn this place to the ground".

Can't wait!!
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I want more
lucaschriskowalski21 February 2022
Smashed the first two episodes and look forward to more. Looks amazing and feels claustrophobic, there is a real visual separation between the work and home self. Dialogue is witty and sharp, the fact that Ben Stiller directed this blows my mind. Great TV to kick off 2022.
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Severance is a Big WINNER!
catfanatic88825 February 2022
I'm only 3 episodes in and it's my new obsession!! I'm intrigued and totally here for it! Each episode gives a bit more. There are no boring moments yet. I don't watch this casually. I'm glued to the tv! Don't listen to negative reviews. Open your mind and watch this!
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Hate working in Office?
Turanic19 February 2022
As Homer Simpson said " I'll leave it to the future Homer , oh future Homer, I don't want to be that guy" ...

You know, damn a lot of people need to do the stupid 9-5, I bet many question themselves why 9 to 5 and not 9 to 1? There is an answer actually, people used to work 16 hours, but some of the Union workers thought it's unfair so they protested and protested until 9-5 was settled as a paradigm... In 2022 people think 9-5 is unfair because the wages allow you to buy much less than your ancestors could and the inflation eating out your savings... Unfortunately for us there are almost no unions any more and people are pushed into corner with this 9-5.

So imagine if you could erase all your memory of spending your time at work every day starting at 9 and ending at 5. Sounds great, but there would still be a person doing that work you don't want to do every day and this TV show is about that person, which just works works works so you don't have to, but it's still your alternative personality which just has no memory of life outside work...
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WOW I'm hooked
tin-B4 April 2022
I read a critic's review somewhere that the only thing wrong with this new series is that Ben Stiller dragged out the first few episodes too slowly just for character development. Not at all! I was immediately immersed in the story, the characters' development was a natural consequence. Very titillating, every second of it, waiting for the next tidbit of information, the next clue to the mystery. A mystery I suspect will be more convoluted than at first glance.
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Best tv show of the year!
knedb8 April 2022
Finally, a show not about PC bs. It's a very well-rounded suspenseful tv series. Every minute of each episode I'm intrigued to see what happens next. Very well written. I honestly can't think of one bad thing about it. It's definitely the first tv series in a long time where I couldn't wait til I got to watch the next episode. So much excitement. I highly recommend even if you're someone not into science fiction. I can't wait for season 2!!! Oh and the intro credits music is fking awesome!
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I am completely hooked
Real_Mrs_JonSnow3 April 2022
I didn't expect to like this show as much as I do. The whole corky-retro-dry-humor-thing has been done so many times before. But the story drew me in within a couple episodes. It's mysterious and thrilling, unpredictable and full of nuance. All of the actors are incredible. I love how their faces change so subtly while in the elevator. When I started watching it I thought I'd be able to watch every episode because every show has eight episodes these days (which I hate) but no, thankfully, there's more to come. The ninth episode appears to be one of the best ones, and now I have to wait a week to see it.

I don't understand how others would find it boring or slow. It is suspenseful in its own creative way. I'm so happy I decided to watch this. It's easily in my top favorite shows list. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes shows such as Black Mirror or any other psychological scifi.
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Good start but don't turn into another "Lost"
John-7622 February 2022
Interesting so far, albeit a little slow.

Looking forward to how things progress and hoping actual info is revealed and does go down the "Lost" hole.

One scene with walken is worth watching the two episodes 😉

The building, both inside and out was filmed at the old bell labs location in holmdel NJ I used to work there and it's architecture fits perfectly with the story.
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xNecRosex9 April 2022
After the S01 finale, I conclude this is the best Apple TV+ show overall as of April 2022.

For All Mankind might have a higher production value (because of the budget and theme) but regarding all other aspects, music, direction, writing... this is probably the best one thus far.

Can't wait for S02! Highly recommended for everyone who's into drama or mysterious, mind-bending stuff or just wants to watch something clever.
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DUTCHY_BOY_112 March 2022
Another hidden gem ive found this week. Along with the TV show "From" i think theyre prob hidden as of yet ive not found any political correctness rubbish. Good acting, great weirdness, mysterious, and just all round interesting show. Give "From" a try too.
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