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12 Jun. 2015
A Sticky Situation/Eight Legs vs. Two-Brains
Somehow a broken figurine leads to WordGirl and TJ becoming glued together, back-to-back. Though TJ canâ€ôt think of anything better than spending time with his favorite superhero, WordGirl is desperate to get unstuck. Unfortunately, she doesnâ€ôt have much time to figure out a solution. Granny May is on a crime spree! Will WordGirl find her way out of this sticky situation in time to stop Granny or will TJ weigh her down? / Unfortunately for Becky, itâ€ôs her turn to take home the class pet " a hairy, scary, crawly tarantula named Shaggy. Though ...
19 Jun. 2015
The Good Old, Bad Old Days!/World's Best Dad?
When Becky orders a gigantic book of world records, she decides it's time to help her dad break one. Unfortunately, Victoria Best finds out about their plan and decides she should be the world record holder, not Mr. Botsford. After being bested by Victoria again and again, Becky comes up with a brand new record - one that isnâ€ôt even in the record book! Will Mr. Botsford beat Victoria fair and square, or will she find a way to take the prize? / Becky and Scoops are ready to start working on their school project when the Butcher charges past them. After Becky ...
8 Jul. 2015
Pineapple of My Eye/Big Baby
Itâ€ôs the 129th Annual Botsford Family BBQ, and tradition decrees that any Botsford 10-years-of-age must prepare a bowl of pineapple pistachio coleslaw in order to earn their apron. That means this year, itâ€ôs Beckyâ€ôs turn to prepare this (very elaborate) coleslaw. Itâ€ôs an important rite of passage, and Becky is struggling to get the recipe just right. To make it even worse, Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy is on a mission to rid the city of pineapples, the main ingredient in Beckyâ€ôs coleslaw. Can WordGirl stop him in time,...
10 Jul. 2015
Staycation/Dr. No-Voice
The Botsford Family is excited for their big, tropical vacation. A week of relaxation is very much needed, especially for a tired WordGirl! However, their plans get ruined when a big snowstorm cancels their flight. Mr. Botsford decides theyâ€ôre going to make the best of it by having a tropical(ish) vacation inside their own house! But that vacation gets put in jeopardy, too, when Mr. Big unveils his latest mind control scheme, causing Beckyâ€ôs vacation to become anything but relaxing. / Dr. Two-Brains went out for a night of Villain Karaoke, and now ...
15 Jul. 2015
Trustworthy Tobey/The Tooth Hurts
Becky is returning a very, very large stack of books to the library, and " oh no! " she is one book short, which means she canâ€ôt rent the latest in the Princess Triana series. Suddenly, she remembers that she loaned that book to Tobey. Becky shifts the blame to Tobey, who insists he returned the book to Becky days ago. The librarian believes Becky, and Tobey, hurt at being called irresponsible, sends his robots out to destroy the library. Will WordGirl stop the robots, or will her beloved library be crushed? / Scoops is going to be absent from school for a ...
17 Jul. 2015
Time-Out with Two-Brains/Dr. WordGirl-Brains
Unfortunately for Becky, itâ€ôs her turn to take home the class pet " a hairy, scary, crawly tarantula named Shaggy. Though she is afraid of the spider, itâ€ôs her responsibility to care for him, which means when Dr. Two-Brains reveals his latest cheesy crime, Shaggy comes along for the ride. Will WordGirlâ€ôs fear of the spider get in her way, or will she find a way to overcome her phobia? / When Dr. Two-Brains realizes his vault of cheese is going to expire, he decides the only way to save his beloved cheese is to freeze time. WordGirl and ...
24 Jul. 2015
The Ordinary, Extraordinary Botsfords/The Penny, the Pony, and the Pirate
Beckyâ€ôs class at school is having fun with their family tree projects and discovering the extraordinary accomplishments of their ancestors. Unfortunately, the most extraordinary Botsford family member that Becky found was a paint inspector whose job was to literally watch paint dry. However, when the Butcher breaks out of jail, Becky realizes that her ordinary, human family possesses special powers of their own. / While normally the “Pretty Princess Magic Pony Power Hour" can be described as out-of-this-world amazing, the latest special episode...
31 Jul. 2015
Tim Botsford: Neighborhood Assistant/Set Sail for the Bake Sale
Mr. Botsford, Becky, and Bob are walking through the park when they hear Pete the Porcupine crying for help. Becky is confident she can climb the tree to save Pete, but Mr. Botsford is convinced that she needs his help and protection. Hurt that Becky refuses his help, Tim becomes the Neighborhood Assistant, determined to help anyone who needs it (or doesnâ€ôt). Can WordGirl save the city from Chuckâ€ôs sandwich-making schemes AND keep Mr. Botsford from interfering? / When Becky finds out thereâ€ôs a Pretty Princess on Roller Skates show, she has ...
5 Aug. 2015
The Best of the Best/Art's Parts
After TJ tells Becky all about his new friend Victor, she has a sneaking suspicion that heâ€ôs related to the boastful Victoria Best. Turns out sheâ€ôs right " and now both Bests are spending the day at the Botsfords. As Becky tries to get along with Victoria, Victor makes a devious plan to not only best his sister, but to take away WordGirlâ€ôs superpowers! Can WordGirl find a way to stop the bragging Bests and get back her powers? / When someone starts stealing every piece of art in the city, Becky sees just another crime - but Violet sees a ...
7 Aug. 2015
Rhyme and Reason, Part 1/Rhyme and Reason, Part 2
Rhyme and Reason, a new villainous duo, arrive in the city for a crime spree. But when WordGirl goes to put a stop to them, she finds that these scoundrels aren't on the same page - resulting in some of the strangest crimes she's ever seen. As WordGirl chases the quarreling villains around town, she realizes one of her own friendships is in jeopardy, too! Can WordGirl save her friendship AND her city? / Heroes, villains, and narrators alike are feeling down. WordGirl can't muster the enthusiasm to battle Tobey's robots, and Rhyme is lost without Reason. In order to ...
24 Nov. 2016
Episode #8.40
El Aviso Magazine Thalia saves the world Thalia and Bampy help wordgirl from new villain / Blue Screen of Death tries to best than Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty. for what he did to el aviso magazine chiquibaby

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