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(2007 Video Game)

Doug Lee: Tellah, Rubicante


  • Tellah : [Cecil, Rydia, Edward, Tellah gathers over Anna's wounded body]  Oh, Anna! There's life left in you yet!

    Anna : Father... Edward- he is the prince of Damcyan He disguised himself as a bard to avoid attention. Forgive me, Father, for running off with him. Edward... I'm in love with him, Father. But I could not stay without my father's blessing. I was about to return, when...

    Edward Chris von Muir : The Red Wings laid siege to us, led by a man named Golbez.

    Cecil Harvey : Golbez?

    Edward Chris von Muir : Yes. A figure clad in armor of deepest night- his strength beyond that of mortal man.

    Cecil Harvey : And the Red Wings purpose?

    Edward Chris von Muir : Our Crystal- and then they rained fire upon us. I lost my mother and father. Then Anna tried to shield me from their arrows...

    Tellah : You loved this man that much?

    Anna : Father, please... forgive me. I was so... selfish. Edward... I... love you.

    [Then Anna dies and becomes a lifeless body] 

    Tellah , Edward Chris von Muir : Anna? Anna!

    Tellah : This... Golbez. Tell me more of him.

    Edward Chris von Muir : I've heard he came to Baron only recently. It seems he is using the Red Wings to steal Crystals.

    Tellah : Tears do not bring back the dead, boy! Anna's death must be avenged. I'll find this Golbez!

    Cecil Harvey : Tellah! Not alone!

    [Cecil tries to stop Tellah but Tellah pulls away from Cecil] 

    Tellah : She was not your daughter! Her killer will die by my hand.

    [Tellah runs off and leaves the party] 

    Edward Chris von Muir : Sobbing! A-Anna...

    Rydia : Coward. You're a man, aren't you? A grown man! Stop crying. I have.

    Edward Chris von Muir : Rydia... You're right. I'm nothing but a coward, just as you say. That's why I'm just going to stay at Anna's side. It doesn't matter anymore... Nothing does!

    [Cecil grabs Edward and slaps his face] 

    Cecil Harvey : You're not the only one who's grieving. Anna would not wish to see you fawning like a fool. Please- I've desperate need of your help right not.

    Edward Chris von Muir : But, how could I help you?

    Cecil Harvey : My name is Cecil. A friend of mine has taken ill with desert fever in Kaipo, and needs a sand pearl if she is to live. And for that, I've need of your aid.

    Edward Chris von Muir : You need... my aid.

    Cecil Harvey : I do. Rosa's life depends on it. I beg you.

    Edward Chris von Muir : This woman you speak of... she means a great deal to you, doesn't she? As Anna did... as Anna did to me. In a cave far to the east dwells a monstrous creature known as an antlion. The pearls you seek form from the fluid the beast secretes as it lays its eggs in the sand. There is no overland route to its den. We must cross the northern shoals to get there. A hovercraft is docked here. With it we can reach the creature's cave. It can bear us across the surf to Kaipo as well. Come. We must hurry.

    [Prince Edward of Damcyan joined the party. Then it shows Edward in a profile screen while he looks at Anna one last time] 

    Edward Chris von Muir : Farewell, my love.

  • Kluya : Long have I awaited this-the day that you would come. A tragedy unfolds now which pains me more than you can know. To end it, I will gift to you my light. Though in so doing, I condemn myself to sorrow greater still. But the hour is late. No other road remains. The time is come. Bid farewell to your bloodstained past.

    [Then a Legend Sword floats over to Cecil and he grabs the sword, it magically changes his dark knight outfit into a light paladin wearing a robe with a cloak and now shows Cecils face] 

    Kluya : Forsake the darkness you once embraced, or the light will find no hold. Vanquish the dark knight! You and he are one no more!

    [Then a mirror image of Cecils former dark knight self comes out of the mirror and walks over to the Paladin Cecil] 

    Tellah : There are two of him!

    Palom : What's happening?

    [the Mirror Dark Knight Cecil gets his dark sword ready] 

    Palom : Cecil!

    Porom : Look out!

    Cecil Harvey : Stay back. This is a fight for me and me alone. My atonement for all the sins I've wrought-my test. And one I do not mean to fail!

    [Then Cecil enters in a turn based battle] 

  • Cagnazzo : [Cecil, Tellah, Yang, Cid, Palom, Porom run into the hallway room and the doors seal themselves shut trapping them in the room. The spirit of Cagnazzo talks]  Ha ha ha ha ha! The Drowned King, Cagnazzo, deposed! But the wicked are not won't to fall alone. Ha ha ha ha ha! In life, I was terrible-in death. steeped in terror greater still. Drink long and deep of it ere you die! I'll save a briny pit for you in hell. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

    Tellah : [Then the room shakes and the 2 walls close in on the 6 party members]  The walls!

    Cid Pollendina : It's barred!

    [Cid and Tellah tries to open the doors which are locked] 

    Tellah : This one, too!

    [the party members try to push their bodies against the moving walls closing in on them] 

    Cecil Harvey : Palom! Porom?

    [Palom and Porom run up to the closing walls] 

    Palom : Cecil... We'll miss you!

    Porom : It was almost like we'd gained an older brother.

    Tellah : What's gotten into you two?

    Palom : We won't let you all die like this!

    Porom : Tellah, look after Cecil for us!

    Palom : Together! Now!

    Porom : Right!

    Palom , Porom : Break!

    [Palom and Porom both turned themselves into stone against the moving walls and then the walls stopped moving] 

    Cecil Harvey : Palom... Porom...

    Tellah : They turned themselves to stone? Hold on, now... Esuna!

    [Tellah casts his heal spell but Palom and Porom still remain stone statues. The spell has no effect as the two have become stone of their own will] 

    Tellah : Fools... If any of us had to die, it ought to have been me.

    Yang Fang Leiden : They were... only children.

    Cid Pollendina : I'll fire up the Enterprise! We'll venge them both!

    Cecil Harvey : You will answer for this Golbez.

  • Cecil Harvey : Kain.

    Kain Highwind : So, you did survive. Impressive.

    Cid Pollendina : Kain! What in the world's gotten into you?

    [Cecil holds Cid back] 

    Cecil Harvey : Where's Rosa? She's safe, I trust.

    Kain Highwind : Heh. Worried about her, are you? If you wish to see Rosa live, fetch me the Earth Crystal from the land of Troia.

    Cecil Harvey : What?

    Tellah : A craven play.

    Kain Highwind : I'll make contact once you have it. You'd do well to hurry. If you value Rosa's life.

    Yang Fang Leiden : How dare you?

    Cecil Harvey : Open your eyes to what you're doing, Kain!

    [Kain turns his back on Cecil and walks back to his airship] 

    Kain Highwind : This meeting... is over.

    Yang Fang Leiden : What do we do?

    Cid Pollendina : Blast that Kain...

    Cecil Harvey : We make for Troia. Cid, set us on a course for the northwest.

  • Cecil Harvey : Why... why now stay your hand?

    Golbez : You're-You... But-how? We will finish this... another time.

    Yang Fang Leiden : Cecil!

    Cid Pollendina : You all right?

    Cecil Harvey : Yes, I'm fine, But Tellah!

    [Cid and Yang run over to Tellah laying on the floor] 

    Tellah : Thinking I could best him...

    Cid Pollendina : You shouldn't talk!

    Tellah : I brought this... on myself. Letting hate consume me so... Please... Avenge... Anna.

    [Tellah dies and his body becomes lifeless] 

    Cecil Harvey : Tellah!

    Yang Fang Leiden : No!

    Cid Pollendina : Come on! Open your eyes, you old fool!

    Yang Fang Leiden : Oh, Tellah...

    Cid Pollendina : Rest, then... with that daughter of yours.

    Cecil Harvey : Tellah... We will avenge your death and Anna's. I swear it.

  • Edward 'Edge' Geraldine : [after Edges parents commit suicide]  Ungh... Gaaaaaaah!

    Rosa Farrell : Such cruelty... It's inhuman.

    [Then Rubicante teleports into the room] 

    Edward 'Edge' Geraldine : Rubicante! For this... for this you will pay!

    Rubicante : It was Lugae who made chimerae of your parents. I shared no hand in his perversities. They shame me, as they grieve you.

    Edward 'Edge' Geraldine : Don't speak of shame!

    Rubicante : I respect men like you. Men with... courage. But you are a slave to your emotions, and so will never know true strength. Such is the curse of Men.

    Edward 'Edge' Geraldine : You think our rage... a weakness? Then let me show you how wrong you are!

    [Then magical energy gathers around Edge. Edge's anger awakened his latent powers. Edge learned Flood and Blitz] 

    Rubicante : You are an interesting one indeed. Such powers, unleashed by anger alone! But they will not avail you. The frozen winds of hell's ninth circle could not penetrate this cloak of flame I wear. Come, I will heal your wounds. Face me at full strength!

    [Then the party is fully healed] 

  • Rubicante : [Cecil runs over and is surrounded by the 4 Fiends who teleport around him]  At last you've come.

    Barbariccia : The Giant cannot be stopped.

    Cagnazzo : But YOU can! Heh ha ha ha ha!

    Scarmiglione : This will be your tomb!

    Cecil Harvey : You again!

    Cagnazzo : Our master Zemus... gifted us with life...

    Barbariccia : To rob you of yours!

    Rubicante : How I yearned for this! When last we met, you taught me a great truth: that many are more powerful than one. I'll restore you to full strength. Now, show us what power you possess!

    [HP and MP restored, then the turn based battle begins] 

  • Edward 'Edge' Geraldine : [after Edge gets defeated in battle]  Damn... you!

    Rubicante : You've strength worthy enough of pride, but not nearly enough to think of challenging me. Hone your skills. I'll look forward to facing you again when you have.

    [Rubicante teleports away] 

    Edward 'Edge' Geraldine : Come... back here!

    Cecil Harvey : Are you all right?

    Edward 'Edge' Geraldine : I lost, and he got away. Of course I'm not all right!

    Rydia : We came to find Rubicante, too, and the Crystals he holds.

    Edward 'Edge' Geraldine : Rubicante's mine! You stay out of this! I'm going to put an end to him with... with my own hands!

    Kain Highwind : Your enemy is an elemental archfiend, Your Highness.

    Cecil Harvey : You've seen his strength for yourself.

    Edward 'Edge' Geraldine : Heh... Don't mistake me for some pampered prince. The Eblanese royal family is heir to the secrets of the ninja masters of old. I don't need help from lesser men!

    Rydia : Enough! I can't watch another person go off to die. First Tellah and Yang... And then Cid, too... All of them... all of them-!

    Edward 'Edge' Geraldine : H-hey, I didn't... I mean...

    Rosa Farrell : Rydia...

    [Rydia sniffles] 

    Cecil Harvey : Rubicante is the strongest of the four archfiends. Whether we can even hope to defeat him, I cannot say. But we have no choice. We must take back the Crystals he holds.!

    Edward 'Edge' Geraldine : ...It doesn't look like I have much choice. I can't leave a pretty girl crying. Let's do this together, then-just this once.

    Kain Highwind : Hmph. Too weak to stand, and still as arrogant as could be. It's nigh on comical. Rosa, do you think you could...?

    Rosa Farrell : Cura!

    [Rosa casts the Cura spell and heals Edge and he stands up] 

    Edward 'Edge' Geraldine : Thank you, my dear! You're not so rough on the eyes yourself! Right, then! time for us to break into the tower, now that we're all fast friends!

    Rydia : That was an awfully fast recovery.

    [the ninja Edge joined the party] 

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