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(2007 Video Game)

John Snyder: Cid Pollendina


  • Cagnazzo : [Cecil, Tellah, Yang, Cid, Palom, Porom run into the hallway room and the doors seal themselves shut trapping them in the room. The spirit of Cagnazzo talks]  Ha ha ha ha ha! The Drowned King, Cagnazzo, deposed! But the wicked are not won't to fall alone. Ha ha ha ha ha! In life, I was terrible-in death. steeped in terror greater still. Drink long and deep of it ere you die! I'll save a briny pit for you in hell. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

    Tellah : [Then the room shakes and the 2 walls close in on the 6 party members]  The walls!

    Cid Pollendina : It's barred!

    [Cid and Tellah tries to open the doors which are locked] 

    Tellah : This one, too!

    [the party members try to push their bodies against the moving walls closing in on them] 

    Cecil Harvey : Palom! Porom?

    [Palom and Porom run up to the closing walls] 

    Palom : Cecil... We'll miss you!

    Porom : It was almost like we'd gained an older brother.

    Tellah : What's gotten into you two?

    Palom : We won't let you all die like this!

    Porom : Tellah, look after Cecil for us!

    Palom : Together! Now!

    Porom : Right!

    Palom , Porom : Break!

    [Palom and Porom both turned themselves into stone against the moving walls and then the walls stopped moving] 

    Cecil Harvey : Palom... Porom...

    Tellah : They turned themselves to stone? Hold on, now... Esuna!

    [Tellah casts his heal spell but Palom and Porom still remain stone statues. The spell has no effect as the two have become stone of their own will] 

    Tellah : Fools... If any of us had to die, it ought to have been me.

    Yang Fang Leiden : They were... only children.

    Cid Pollendina : I'll fire up the Enterprise! We'll venge them both!

    Cecil Harvey : You will answer for this Golbez.

  • Cecil Harvey : Kain.

    Kain Highwind : So, you did survive. Impressive.

    Cid Pollendina : Kain! What in the world's gotten into you?

    [Cecil holds Cid back] 

    Cecil Harvey : Where's Rosa? She's safe, I trust.

    Kain Highwind : Heh. Worried about her, are you? If you wish to see Rosa live, fetch me the Earth Crystal from the land of Troia.

    Cecil Harvey : What?

    Tellah : A craven play.

    Kain Highwind : I'll make contact once you have it. You'd do well to hurry. If you value Rosa's life.

    Yang Fang Leiden : How dare you?

    Cecil Harvey : Open your eyes to what you're doing, Kain!

    [Kain turns his back on Cecil and walks back to his airship] 

    Kain Highwind : This meeting... is over.

    Yang Fang Leiden : What do we do?

    Cid Pollendina : Blast that Kain...

    Cecil Harvey : We make for Troia. Cid, set us on a course for the northwest.

  • Cecil Harvey : Why... why now stay your hand?

    Golbez : You're-You... But-how? We will finish this... another time.

    Yang Fang Leiden : Cecil!

    Cid Pollendina : You all right?

    Cecil Harvey : Yes, I'm fine, But Tellah!

    [Cid and Yang run over to Tellah laying on the floor] 

    Tellah : Thinking I could best him...

    Cid Pollendina : You shouldn't talk!

    Tellah : I brought this... on myself. Letting hate consume me so... Please... Avenge... Anna.

    [Tellah dies and his body becomes lifeless] 

    Cecil Harvey : Tellah!

    Yang Fang Leiden : No!

    Cid Pollendina : Come on! Open your eyes, you old fool!

    Yang Fang Leiden : Oh, Tellah...

    Cid Pollendina : Rest, then... with that daughter of yours.

    Cecil Harvey : Tellah... We will avenge your death and Anna's. I swear it.

  • Rydia : [the party members Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Rosa, Cid on the airship is being chased by an enemy airship]  They're closing on us!

    Cid Pollendina : Come on, Enterprise!

    [Then the propeller explodes but stays intact] 

    Cid Pollendina : The engines can't take this! Cecil, take over!

    [Cecil drives the airship and Cid runs over to the edge of the airship] 

    Rosa Farrell : Cid!

    Cecil Harvey : What are you doing?

    [Cid holds out a time bomb detonator in his hand] 

    Cid Pollendina : Once you breach the surface, I'll seal off that hole for good- with this!

    Rosa Farrell : No! Not you, too!

    [Cecil flies the airship up to the surface hole] 

    Cid Pollendina : I was hoping I'd get to see your kids someday, but, well- someone's got to keep Yang company! You get yourselves back to Baron. Talk to my boys there!

    Cecil Harvey : But, Cid!

    Rydia : You'll die!

    Cid Pollendina : And so young, too!

    [Cid leaps off the airship] 

    Cid Pollendina : Bombs away! Try stopping this, Golbez! My once-in-a-lifetime unaided flight!

    [Then the bomb explodes in Cids hand, the party gets the airship out of the hole in the upperworld right as the volcano erupts and seals off the underground world area] 

    Rosa Farrell : Cid...

    Rydia : One after another...

    Kain Highwind : Rushing to die like fools!

    Cecil Harvey : We go to Baron-for Cid.

  • Porom : [Then the cutscene with the Mysidia Tower shows up with the Elder and the party members at the top of the tower. A crystal sparkles in midair]  Elder!

    Palom : Cecil and the others!

    Palom : Indeed. Now is the time we pray for them. No. for the entire world! Palom! Porom! We must see that all the prayers made here reach Cecil and his friends on the moon!

    [the Elder, Palom, Porom, Yang, Edward, Cid and the other people begins to pray] 

    Yang Fang Leiden : Cecil, my friend!

    Edward Chris von Muir : This is your chance. Please have courage!

    Cid Pollendina : We'll all be waiting for you!

    Cid's Assistants : Return safe!

    Giott : For the sake of the whole earth!

    Luca : Rise up!

    Women of Troia : Our prayers are with you!

    Palom : Come on! You can do it!

    Porom : Cecil! Everyone!

    Elder of Mysidia : Great moon! Please... hear our prayers!

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