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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody violence, language throughout and some sexual references

Sex & Nudity

  • There are multiple sexual kisses.
  • A boy can be seen getting undressed as he gets into the shower. No nudity.
  • A girl mentions that a couple isn't having sex yet

Violence & Gore

  • Lots of graphic sequences of violence that include characters getting stabbed for about 25 times in a row in the torso during a single sequence, knives are seen going through faces and hands in a very gory way, and throats are slit.
  • A girl has her stomach slashed with a knife leaving a bloody gash. She is then stabbed once in her gut before having her leg stomped on (we hear a loud crunch) she is then stabbed directly through the hand and then 2'more times. It's brutal and hard to watch.
  • The killer sneaks up on a man and quickly stabs him in his throat. Blood pours everywhere and the man crawls away with blood leaking out of his neck and squirting all over his face. He dies with blood all over his face.
  • A woman is bloodily stabbed numerous times in the chest and stomach, with blood spurting all over her. Blood spurts from her wounds and mouth, leaving blood all over her face.
  • A boy is bloodily stabbed through the side of his neck all the way through. There is a graphic and prolonged close up of the knife going through the front of his neck, and then slowly piercing the skin and protruding out on the other side of his neck. Graphically depicted along with blood pouring out of his mouth and neck.
  • A man is found with his neck slit. Blood is pumping from his neck and there is blood everywhere. He gurgles blood and chokes as he dies in a pool of his own blood.
  • A man is stabbed in the chest with a knife. He is then stabbed in the back. Blood sprays from his chest and mouth onto the ground. The killer than rips the knives upward, sawing through his back and chest. Brutal sound effects accompany this scene. Blood spills all over the floor. He is then kicked over on to the ground and dies in a pool of blood. Blood is then shown in close up all over his mouth, cheeks, and face. Very graphic and brutal, as well as quite emotional.
  • A girl attempts to escape a killer in a wheelchair. Her injured hand presses down on her right side wheel causing the wound of her hand to open up, blood rolls around her wheel and saturated her hand bandaging.
  • A boy is stabbed directly into the artery of his right leg, we see him hobble away before a close up of blood pouring down his leg is shown, he runs but is caught up with a stabbed 3 times in the side repeatedly, we see him laying down and gurgling his own blood.
  • A girl is stabbed in the shoulder offscreen with a knife. She is discovered with the wound bleeding fending off the bloody knife being directed at her face which is now smeared in her blood. She eventually passes out due to blood loss.
  • A girl is graphically shot through the head with a huge amount of blood spraying the wall behind her, she instantly drops dead after this. Very sudden and bloody.
  • A guy has his arm slashed with a knife. A bloody gash is seen.
  • A woman is stabbed numerous times in the stomach.
  • A girl is shot twice in the chest (bloody bullet holes seen) and then set on fire and screams in pain as she flails around. She falls to the ground and her burnt flesh is seen. She later springs out with a knife, her charred left side of her head bearing an exposed left eye due to burns. She is then shot in the head with a bunch of blood spraying out. Overall very graphic and somewhat ridiculous.
  • A woman is choked violently with the sound of her neck tightening under a grip.
  • Many non fatal wounds are shown from knives, guns, blunt objects, and fists. Some wounds are pretty bloody. There is also a lot of brutal hand to hand fights, with people spitting blood and getting bloody noses.
  • A bloody ghost is seen multiple times.


  • 94 uses of "fuck". Other frequent uses of "shit", "ass" and "damn".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alcohol use among teenagers
  • A girl takes unnamed pills throughout the movie.
  • A girl mentions she's going to quote, "Smoke some weed."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Characters are chased and murdered by Ghostface after creepy phone calls in a very scary way. Several jump scares and just an overall scary character.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A young Tara in the opening scene is brutally stabbed. In one scene ghostface stabs her straight through the hand. Very Bloody
  • Gale is unfatally shot in the stomach.
  • A woman is stabbed in the chest. She survives but bleeds mostly covered by her hand.
  • A guy is stabbed violently with a knife numerous times causing blood to spray from his mouth.
  • The most brutal scene in the film is when Sam stabs Richie through the mouth. The blade goes through one cheek and comes out the other and blood goes everywhere. She then violently stabs him countless times causing blood to spray everywhere, with disgusting sound effects. Blood sprays all over her. Richie is seen crying and begging for his life, with blood pouring from his wounds and mouth. He is then finished off with a close up shot of his throat being slit, with blood squirting and pumping out, very graphic and hard to watch. Finally, Sam shoots him twice in the chest, bullet holes seen. Then she shoots him in the head and blood sprays everywhere. Overall, an incredibly brutal and graphic scene.
  • Billy Loomis, Sam's dad, from the first Scream (1996) is seen covered in blood in a flashback.
  • Wes's death is very graphic and bloody. Ghostface kills wes when he stabs his throat and goes more in the throat, very frightening.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Dewey's death is very bloody and brutal, also quite emotional for people who have seen all the past movies. Gales reaction is also very emotional and hard to watch.
  • Amber Freeman's death is very frightening and graphic as Gale finds out she's Ghostface and she shoots her in the heart a few times and burns her. (Noted she is a villain so it's also a bit satisfying.)
  • Richie's death is incredibly brutal and graphic.

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