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Resplendently amazing. Proves that Bollywood movies still can be illuminating as ever.
wwe_pk27 May 2010
Pankh tackles with many issues whether it be of ones fall from fame or the struggles to attain it again, self conflict-ion, illicit drug use, psychological trauma and physical abuse as a child or rather it be the workings of the backstage and it's so called "solicit process of casting". It certainly gives it all with a vary of illustrious style which kinda remained me of the movie "Flexing with Monty". The direction and story both very good and I'll be looking forward to a Sudipto Chattopadhyay film for sure.

A fine cast assembled. Lillete Dubey (Mary) one of the best performances in the movie. Maradona Rebello (Jerry) had to fill quite the shoes when portraying such a confound protagonist and does a commendable job doing so, the same could be said for his child counterpart, thanks to great make-up i suppose. Bipasha Basu the perfect peach to pick as the neurotic fantasy of Jerry. Amit Purohit and Sanjeeda Sheikh both were very truthful to their roles. Others add a good presences to the environment of it all.

At the end of it all. This is one of those movies which isn't for anyone who get's baffled with convoluted plots or characters but for those who enjoy such a compendium would mostly love it. May be one day Pankh could be referred to as a cult classic.

For those who are new to such a visual language, should just watch it with an open mind and for what it is. Don't make assumptions halfway through or you will be saying something like "Did Bipasha Basu walk on the set straight out of a fashion show or something".
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A worthy and sensible effort but director fails to implement the idea and subject.
pravinsingh8087 June 2010
The movie has a very strong subject which rotates around a boy who is being forced by her mother to play a girl in movies.The director who tries to play with the sexual identity of the human race, suffers a great jolt as ends up confusing everyone. The protagonist is besotted by a stunning looking actress and even fantasizes about her. The problem in the movie lies in the script and screenplay. The movie which could have been used to revoke the back dated and anti human thoughts of the society fails miserably. It starts on a high note but ones it goes down it could not move up again int the 2 hours movie. But the real power of the movie is its acting. maradona impresses in the 1st movies only, but at some plays he is expressionless but that is for a very short time, other characters are also good. yet the powerhouse of the movie is hot Bengali babes who at every instant enjoys her role. she is so natural and performs her job with ease.So at the end of the movie u are satisfied.
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A story tormented between art and commercial cinema!!
J D4 July 2010
Writer director Chattopadhyay made an earlier attempt writing a subtle story in 'Dus Kahaniya - Rice plate'. This time he made a bold attempt in touching the darker side of glamorous cinema.

Story goes something like this, a young boy, Jerry (Johnny Bakshi) forced by his mother (Lillete Dubey) to dresses and act in movie as a girl child, Baby Kusum. Jerry grows up to become confused, schizophrenic, drug addict, etc. This movie is an attempt to depict agony of this boy through possibly a true story of baby Kusum.

Solid plot, strong characters and above average acting from leads are plus points. On the other side, over-abstract scenes, unnecessary use of bad language and glamor could have been surely avoided. At times, dialogs sounds are so vulgar instead of feeling pity for the boy, felt like laughing at the writer for adding abusive slangs in the movie just for hack of it. Lillete Dubey is the most convincing character here, she played the bad mother to perfection. Bipasa Basu played Jerry's hallucination and she is definitely not cut out for this kind of roles.

Take away –A wasted opportunity to make a big impact
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Not a pleasant watch but an eye-opening film
AishFan4 June 2010
This film is the, I believe, true story of award-winning child artist Jerry (aka Baby Kusum), who was a boy forced to play girls' characters by his mother. The movie has been presented in such an abstract fashion, that it had me as confused as the protagonist for the majority of the time. However, looking at it from a bigger perspective, it is a very shocking and eye-opening exposition of how dark, tragic, and mortifying the life of Jerry and numerous other child artists victim to this practice must have become in regards to their sexual identity and orientation as they grew into adolescence. A well-made and intended film, but a bit too abstract, ghastly, and vulgar for me.
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Sherazade22 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Even as a Bipasha Basu fan, I cannot close my eyes and say that this is a good film. It makes a mockery of art films while calling out commercial films therefore making no sense in the long run. Fifteen minutes into watching this, I had to come online to read about the casting and making process of the film because I could not believe what my eyes were seeing.

Years ago, I had watched an episode of Koffee with Karan (a popular TV show hosted by Indian director Karan Johar) with guests Lara Dutta and Bipasha Basu. During the show, Johar asked both actresses something to the effect of how long they thought their acting careers would last and Basu was quick to respond that she didn't see herself acting for life (I think Dutta said the same thing too) and I have to say when you see this film, you would understand why that was Basu's response. For the most part, I don't think she believes in herself as an actress, I think she sees herself as a sex symbol (which is pretty much what she has played her whole career long, this film included) and does not expect her looks to last forever(which is rational thinking if you asked me). She is definitely no Tabu, Kajol or even a Rani for that matter, all true actresses who have proved their worth and seem to be in it for the long haul.

Thirty minutes into the film and I felt like switching off the DVD player altogether. Aside from the seemingly sad tale of a damaged child force to act as a girl in movies when he was secretly a boy (who has now grown up to be a confused bi-sexual being) there is nothing to see here. If the moral of this story is to sound a warning to film-makers who take part in casting couch controversies and overbearing mothers/fathers who force their kids into show business then they should have concentrated on that instead of all the religious undertones, mythical characters, fake artistry & vulgarity. If I wanted to see a Bipasha Basu fashion show, I would wait for some designer to sign her on as their showstopper(as they usually do) during the many Indian fashion weeks each year.
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sharp cinema: twisted plot: Commendable directorial effort:wow performances.
Sanju722 December 2010
~ Innovative script, i kept wondering while watching movie what must have been going on in the cru's minds when they were filming all much each character and staff on sets would have understood the plot,and kudos to director for bringing out performances from the cast irrespective of degree and extent of their comprehension towards character. I shall say nicely done.., i have especially no words for brilliant performance by Mahesh Manjarekar in such a small but probably his best role.Ronit Roy is such a good but wasted actor.., recently saw "udaan", he shines there too. Once upon a time a Hindi movie freak,I have noticed that since over 6 years now, i am not able to comfortably see the so predictable and almost repetitive or non amusing Hindi cinema.since Mukul S an-and died and Rajiv rai stopped making films, as if there is nothing to see now, except Rajkumar santoshi,Anurag kashyap,a few genuines by RGV, & handful of other makers who pop-up with some good cinema in between:Most of the time we are made to eat the sheer non or half talented arrogant and self propagandizing work of likes of Aamir khan,Karen johar, etc. in the name of good cinema.

Nice to see more players are coming up to "do their own thing".
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