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  • Writer and creator Kurt Sutter has stated time and time again that the Pilot episode was partially structured after Hamlet. The reason being that it was easy to pitch to the network to give them a rough idea of what the plotline would be. However, Sutter has said the only real elements of Hamlet are that John Teller (the king) was murdered by his Vice President (Clay Morrow) and best friend (brother), and took the throne and the queen (Gemma) for himself, while becoming a father figure to Jax (the prince/Hamlet). Aside from those parallels, the show has little to no similarities to Hamlet. More recently, Sutter said The Hamlet archetypes will definitely influence the show, and I've talked about that quite a bit, but the show itself is not directly based on that narrative. But I think some of the archetypes are there, some of the relationships are there, and as the seasons progress you will see some parallels in terms of story and character arcs (as they) continue to play out. There is that awareness. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • SAMCRO is an acronym for Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Originals. Sam Crow is the personification of that acronym. It's how the club refers to themselves. Kinda the way Bob Dole called himself Bob Dole. Over time, the locals began calling them Sam Crow as well. In fact most of the members live in a part of Charming called "Sam Crow's Corner".

    Redwood Original refers to the Redwood Country, where they cruised the Northern California coast from Eureka to Big Sur -- Once they decided to settle in Charming CA, after Gemma became Pregnant with Jax, Charming was too cute for John Teller, so he named it the Redwood Originals instead. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • As of season 5, it was finally revealed that if you're physically incapable of riding a motorcycle, you are forced to step down from any leadership position you might have and you will lose your privilege of voting in club business. Piney mentioned at one point that he rode his minimum simply to keep his voting privileges and he was shown to only be able to ride a three-wheeler yet was still allowed to vote. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • An interview with Charlie Hunnam revealed that during his research he found that in certain prisons, long hair was frowned upon. So it may attract some unwanted hassle from guards and so on. Long hair is also a liability when fighting as it gives your opponent something to grab. Jax, at this point in his life is thinking about getting out of SAMCRO and starting a new life with his family. So in order to stay sort of under the radar and just do his time, Jax cut his hair to comply with any grooming standards a prison may have. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In Series 4, the term RICO is often used when discussing the jeopardy in which the club is found.

    This refers to "Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act" a US federal law that allows additional and often extensive penalties for crime perpetrated by "criminal organization". It was in part enacted to beat the Mafia. The RICO statute allows leaders of a criminal organization to be held accountable for crimes done by the organization over which they have authority or influence. It can also be used to limit convicted felons from participating in organizations such as those identified as potentially "criminal".

    Racketeering is using a group of people to run complex criminal activities, like gun-running, protection, etc. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Harley Davidson Dyna-Glide (Super Glide Sport) Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Jax carries a KA-BAR United States knife usually issued to the USMC but also issued to the US Army and US Navy. The knife's name is commonly pronounced as "K-Bar".

    It's possible it belonged to his father. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Air Force One by Nike Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It's clear the show's researchers have explored MC lore and use it to give the show an authentic feel as there are additional patches that signal violence, aggression and similar "antisocial" behaviour, and all are present in the SoA show, both on SoA members and others.

    In "Outlaw Motorcycle Gang" (OMG) lore, a Man of Mayhem is one who undertakes acts of "supreme violence" on behalf of the club. It will say Man of Mayhem or sometimes MoM.

    These include a small diamond shaped "1%" patch, which refers back to a statement by the American Motorcycle Association that "99% of motorcycle riders are law abiding citizens...". the 1% statement says "We're not one of those". The same is true of a small patch saying MC, meaning Motorcycle Club- a statement that the organization is not about social groups, or common interests, it's about motorcycles. Law enforcement bike clubs will often wear a 99% patch to make a statement.

    Another common OMG patch is "13". Interpretations of the meaning differ, but the 13th letter of the alphabet is M, which can be said to stand for "marijuana" or "methamphetamine" and thus indicate the wearer has these for sale, or that the member has committed murder for the club (M for Murder) or can be commissioned to commit murder. Others say it's the number of people on the Jury plus a judge- and so only a club member can pass judgement on another club member (as they are Judge and Jury).

    An Ace of Spades patch (a black spade with an A in the middle) that in some Outlaw lore means having done a contract killing.

    Military insignia is common, especially since many clubs were formed by GI's returning from WW2 and then Vietnam. Clay wears paratrooper wings.

    Wings with different colours have meanings in some ways like the "bandana code" used by certain groups of people: these are often sexually related conquests and some say they exist only to provoke disgust at those who try to read the meanings of patches. For example, purple wings are often said to represent Necrophilia.

    Some very popular patches use skulls, the Grim Reaper and Nazi symbols, such as swastikas or SS death head. These are more likely to mean either white supremacy or rejection of social norms, or again just for shock value.

    The presentation and style of the major patches on the back of the cut can give a lot of information. The colours (what the large patches that identify the club are called) can have one, two or three patches and rockers. Rockers are the curved patches at the top and often the bottom of the back of the cut.

    One large patch with the insignia and name of the club is a "one patch" club, meaning it is most probably full of members coming from the 99% portion of motorcycle riders. Many of these will wear an "AMA" patch to show as members of the law-promoting American Motorcycle Association, they are absolutely not 1%-ers.

    Some clubs have a top rocker above the club insignia giving the name of the club. These are rarely outlaw bikers, but can be support groups.

    Outlaw clubs tend to have the insignia and top rocker (giving name) but also a bottom rocker giving territory. Real clubs become very possessive over territories, and larger, stronger clubs will not allow others to wear a rocker with "their" territory- a way of saying "WE are the only club in this area....". For example, in Texas, the one OMG is so strong, even law enforcement motorcycle clubs have had to drop the "Texas" rocker. Some 3-patch clubs will have a bottom rocker that say something else- occassionally it may say "Provisional" meaning the member is full but in their provisional membership period, or it may have the name of a country (if outside the US). Members of OMG who have earned the right to wear the top rocker and insignia are called "patched" or "Full patched" members, or "patchholders". Only patched members have a right to call themselves members of the club, and only patched members can get Tattoos of the club insignia- however the insignia, and this thus the cut, remains the property of the club and if the member ceases to be in the club, they must leave behind their cut (and if they leave in poor standing, they must remove or disfigure any insignia tattoos). This is referred to in SoA when someone who left the club had a tattoo burned off.

    EDIT: The Blue Knights (tm), neither in TEXAS nor anywhere else in the world have removed their lower rockers because some outlaw motorcycle gang told them to. That is simply false. Look up Texas Blue Knights and you see that they proudly and prominently wear the lower state rockers. The day that happens, Hell will have frozen over.

    Some riders/ members use a bottom rocker that says "Nomad" (as in SoA) meaning although members of the organization, they move around a lot or have no home address and so have no home chapter. In real life, this has been used to circumvent RICO prosecutions.

    There are other patches as well - For example, Some of the Mayans had a patch that said MFFM- that would mean Mayans Forever- Forever Mayans. A reminder that the Mayans come first to that person, before anything else.

    A Prospect would wear only a rocker that says "Prospect", as only a full member can wear colours.

    Other rockers, such as SAMCRO worn on the under arm area, are used to signify special charters or groups within the organization. Women are not allowed to wear the cut, or versions of the logo- although they may have a patch or shirt that says "Property of.... " the club. Women are often seen as property, and have no authority or voice especially over brothers, in genuine motorcycle clubs. Clay refers to this when in Series 4 he says to Gemma "You're just an old lady- club business isn't your business" and when Jax says of Gemma "she's just the president's old lady".

    That all clubs in that 1% use similar language and patches means they can communicate with each other about their ferociousness, their willingness to use violence and the general aggression of key members.

    This information about biker lore can be easily verified by checking any outlaw biker resource material. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Season 1: The Mayans (lead by Marcus Alvarez), the Nordics (lead by Ernest Darby) and Agent Kohn.

    Season 2: The Mayans, the Nordics, and the League (led by Ethan Zobelle)

    Season 3: Jimmy O'Phelan of the IRA, Hector Salazar of the Calaveras, and Agent Stahl

    Season 4: Clay Morrow and the Lobos

    Season 5: Clay Morrow and Damon Pope of the Niners

    Season 6: Clay Morrow, Galen O'Shay of the IRA, and Lee Toric

    Season 7: Gemma Teller, the Triads (lead by Henry Lin), August Marks of the Niners, Charles Barosky, and the Irish Kings Edit (Coming Soon)


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • The Homeless Woman has appeared on Sons of Anarchy seven times. The first time is when Gemma approaches her and gives her some money during season 1. She appears again in the season 1 finale after Jax finds out that Tig and Clay were responsible for Donna's murder. Jax went on a bender and wound up falling asleep in the graveyard where his father is buried. When he wakes up, he gives the blanket he used back to the same homeless woman before going to Donna's funeral. In season 2, the homeless woman appears twice: once when Gemma was waiting for Unser outside of a church after Gemma had been raped. Gemma speaks to the homeless woman, asking if she knew her, to which the homeless woman replied, "Everyone knows me," and before that when Gemma is waiting outside the shrink's office, where the homeless woman is already there, as if waiting to see the shrink herself. When the shrink comes out to the waiting room, she calls Gemma, not even acknowledging that the homeless woman is there. In season 3, the homeless woman appears when Jax is in Belfast following the husband and wife who had adopted Abel. While Jax is following them, the husband is seen giving some money to a homeless person who is asleep on the ground. If one looks closely, it's the homeless woman from Charming. In season 4, the homeless woman appears once again when Jax, Tara and the boys are on a picnic trip quite a distance from Charming. Jax sees her right before an attempt is made to kidnap Tara. The homeless woman appears again in the finale of Season 5. Jax sees her "petting" a dog doll in a garbage bin and continues on his way with a confused look.

    In the sixth season, the Sons encounter a teenage girl named Brooke Putner. She approaches the ice cream parlor which the Sons have relocated to after the destruction of their clubhouse prompts them to give up gunrunning and become a legitimate business, and she begins hitting Tig's bike with a wrench before throwing the wrench at the window. Jax tracks her down and discovers that she hates the MC because her mother Emily was killed in the infamous pileup which caused John Teller's death. Jax visits Brooke's father Gary and discovers that they have recently lost their house. Jax sees a photo of Gary and Emily on their wedding day, and comments that she looks familiar. Jax later meets with Elliot Oswald and asks him to help Gary and Brooke keep their house. Oswald agrees as he is running for mayor and may need favors. Brooke later comes to the shop and thanks Jax for helping them keep the house, apologizing for her earlier behaviour. Jax gives her a job so that she can pay off the damages. As Brooke walks home, she passes the homeless woman who is rooting through a dumpster. The homeless woman looks up and stares longingly at Brooke as she goes, implying that she is in fact her mother Emily.

    In the penultimate episode, Gemma sees the homeless woman at a truck stop hours before her own death. In the finale, Jax runs into her outside a courthouse where she is eating bread and drinking wine. He is happy to see her, but when he asks her who she is she simply replies "It's time" and gives him her blanket. Jax hides under the blanket on the steps of the courthouse and ambushes August Marks when he emerges, killing him in retaliation for Bobby's murder. At the end of the episode, Jax dies in a similar manner to his father, and the last shot shows a puddle of his blood flowing towards a piece of bread similar to the one the homeless woman was eating.

    It is worth noting that the truck driver Milo approaches Gemma when she sees the homeless woman at the truck stop, and that he also drives the truck that Jax collides with when he dies.

    Kurt Sutter has received a ridiculous amount of fan questions during his WTFSutter video blog regarding the homeless woman. The first few times he answered the questions he simply said, "The homeless woman is who she is and represents what she represents." He further went on to say that he had no intention of explaining her for more than what the audience sees (so far at least) . He wants fans to make up their own interpretation of what she represents. Is she a guardian angel? Is she a ghost? Is she a mentally disturbed acquaintance of one of the characters? Is she just a homeless woman with a lot of frequent flier miles? To put it simply; the audience sees her for what she is. More recently Kurt Sutter has just started saying "The Homeless Woman is Jesus Christ," though he seems to be saying this sarcastically, likely because he is getting sick of answering the question. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It has never been said out loud on the show, but it's implied it means that a member has killed someone for the club. SAMCRO has voted on whether or not certain characters should "Meet Mr. Mayhem", the circumstances making that assumption likely. However, Tig, Chibs, Bobby and Happy have all been seen on screen killing people and the patch is absent from their cuts. Clay specifically gave Juice the "men of mayhem" patch for his cut (so called because it was historically a jacket with the sleeves "cut off") after Juice had helped the club ambush a group of Russians in a warehouse and then killed apparently in an attempt to catch a thief but in reality in self-defense to cover his own wrong doing. heavily suggesting that's how you earn the patch. Kurt Sutter has been quoted on twitter and other media saying that it means the member has done "Something important" for the club. But wouldn't be more specific. More recently, Kurt Sutter tweeted "The 'Men of Mayhem' patch signifies that a member has shed blood." Edit (Coming Soon)

  • This is revealed to be an "unwritten by-law" in the club. A rule that was instituted when the club was formed back in the 1960's. It's likely something the founding members agreed upon (or at least the majority, including Piney did). Keep in mind, during the 60's there was still a lot of prejudice and social segregation that went on in the United States. In season 4 this subject is discussed between a few of the characters and it was basically stated that SoA as a whole is not a racist organization as they allow Jewish members, such as Bobby and Latino members among other ethnicities to join the club. While the modern day members have no issues with black people (Clay himself says "We don't have any problem with colour...") the club can't change the rule as it stands. Chibs (who is married to a black woman) reasons this by saying "The rules have been around since day 1. It was a different time. I'm not saying I agree with them all. But if I start picking and choosing which ones to follow then the whole thing just falls apart.". As stated above, it's an unwritten rule, so it's likely that only a few key members of the club would need to abolish the rule. In the final season, Jax pulls some strings and gets T.O. and possibly some other members of The Grimm Bastards (an all-black MC) patched into SAMCRO. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • SAMCRO(Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Originals)

    John 'J.T.' Teller: Founder of the Sons of Anarchy. Husband of Gemma Teller, father of Jax and Thomas teller. A Vietnam war veteran. Part of the First 9. Died before the show. Killed in a motor accident. Jax learned that his father was looking to get out of guns. In season 4, rumors fly around that Clay sabotaged JT's bike. In the final season, Jax learns it was suicide.

    Jackson 'Jax' Teller: Son of SAMCRO founder John Teller and Gemma Teller. Tough but sensitive. He was Vice President at the beginning of the show. At the end of season 4, he strips Clay of his President Patch and takes his rightful place as the head of SAMCRO.

    Clarence 'Clay' Morrow: President of SAMCRO at the beginning of the show. Married to Gemma Teller, wife of the late JT. Part of the First 9. Took over the club after JT's death. Has issues with the Mayans and a strong hatred for Separatists and drug dealers. In season 4, he is stripped of his leadership after he is identified as JT's killer. In season 5, his ink is removed after being identified as a traitor.

    Piermont 'Piney' Winston: The oldest member of SAMCRO. Opie's Father. Carries an Oxygen tank because of his emphysema. Has little trust for Clay. Served in Vietnam. Part of the First 9.

    Alexander 'Tig' Trager: SAMCRO's Seargeant-at-Arms. Carries out SAMCRO's disciplines. Prone to be violent. Considered a sexual deviant. Has 2 daughters that he is distant of. Has pediaphobia, fear of dolls and shows a soft spots for dogs. He tends to act without thinking first.

    Harold 'Opie' Winston: Piney's son and Jax's childhood friend. He was released from Prison following a five year prison sentence for a failed arson attempt.

    Robert 'Bobby Elvis' Munson: SAMCRO's Treasurer. Known to get his hands dirty at times, usually caught between a disagreement between Clay and Jax. Impersonates Elvis.

    Filip 'Chibs' Telford: Born in Scotland, raised in Ireland. Loyal to Jax. Ex-IRA. His decision to leave the IRA came at a personal cost. Rode for the Belfast charter, but switched over to SAMCRO. Has a personal vendetta with Jimmy O'Phelan.

    Juan Carlos 'Juice' Ortiz: Hispanic member of SAMCRO. Has tattoos on his head around his hair. A closed book about his family history with the club. He hides that fact that his father is black since the Sons don't allows blacks in due to past issues. A bit independent from the club. Whenever he acts for himself, it ends badly.

    'Happy' Lowman: Rode for the Tacoma charter. Known to be violent. Gets a tattoo of a happy face every time he kills someone.

    'Filthy' Phil Russell: Appears in Season 3 as a prospect alongside Eric Miles. The big guy who is less violent. In Season 5, he becomes a full patched member.

    Kip 'Half-Sack' Epps: SAMCRO's prospect at the beginning of the show. Got his name after a war wound in Iraq. Lost half of his junk during a fight.

    George 'Ratboy' Skogstrom: Appears in Season 4 as a prospect. Avoids Happy. In season 6, he receives his patch..

    Otto 'Big Otto' Delaney: Imprisoned for nearly 2 decades. Blind in one eye. Has one weakness, his wife Luanne. Prone to be violent to the extreme. Brutal in his action, with no care for consequences.

    Herman Kozik: A member of the Tacoma chapter who is introduced to SAMCRO in season 2. Has a longstanding feud with Tig over the mysterious "Missy," for whom they both had great affection. Kozik's attempts to become more involved with the Charming club often run into resistance from Tig based on their history.

    Rane Quinn: Appears in Season 5. Recruited out of Indian Hills. Has long hair and tends to wear a bandana.

    Orlin West: Appears in Season 6. Recruited out of the Nevada Charter by Bobby. Tasked with guarding stolen goods.

    Eric Miles: Appears in Season 3 as a prospect alongside Filthy Phil. Takes the patch in Season 4.

    Allesandro Montez: Appears in Season 6, the other Hispanic member of SAMCRO.

    Chris 'V-Lin' Von Lin : Appears in Season 4 as a prospect. The Asian member of the club.

    Frankie Diamonds: A former member of the Nomad charter who patches over to SAMCRO at the beginning of season 5 along with Gogo and Greg the Peg. His motives and allegiances are murky. He is not very intelligent and prone to impulsive decisions that turn out badly.

    Gogo: A former member of the Nomad charter who patches over to SAMCRO at the beginning of season five along with Frankie Diamonds and Greg the Peg. He is easily manipulated and tries to look out for his own self-interest, but isn't very good at it.

    Greg the Peg: One of three Nomads introduced in season five who are patched over to SAMCRO, along with Frankie Diamonds and Gogo. Got the name because of his prosthetic leg.

    Lenny 'The Pimp' Janowitz: Part of the First 9. Connected to the Russians. Has vocal chord problems. Sentenced to life in prison for killing 3 ATF agents.

    Hopper: Recruited by Bobby out of the North Vegas charter. Backed away from the transfer after the clubhouse was bombed.

    Kyle: Former SAMCRO member. Kicked out for causing Opie's arrest. Still carries the ink, which violates the Sons rules.

    Shepard: A prospect for SAMCRO in season 3. Considered unreliable. Fled the club after failing to do a job.

    Other Sons(Nomads/etc.)

    Jury White: Ran a biker gang called the Devil's Tribe in Reno. Changed over to the Sons to help with the Mayan situation. Now President of the Indian Hills charter in Nevada. Has a history with Clay and JT. Has a distant son, but never talks about him.

    Keith McGee: President of the SAMBEL charter in Belfast. Part of the First 9. Has family members and connections with the IRA. Considered untrustful.

    Liam O'Neill: Sergeant-at-Arms at SAMBEL. Has connections with the IRA and its leader, Jimmy O'Phelan.

    Seamus Ryan: Vice President of SAMBEL charter. Currently president. Also a medic.

    Luther Barkwill: McGee's Vice President in the SAMBEL Charter. Originally from England. SAMBEL's mechanic.

    Scrum: Full name Kenny Burke. SAMBEL Secretary.

    Padraic Telford: SAMBEL member and Chibs nephew.

    Les Packer: President of the San Bernardino charter.

    Hench: President of the SOA Reno charter.

    Monroe: President of the SOA Rogue River charter.

    Gaines: Vice President of the Nevada charter. Became president after Juri Whites death, vowing to bring down Jax.

    Armando: President of SAMTAZ charter.

    Reggie: Former SAMTAZ member who was blackmailed into leaving the club. Employed at a pet store.

    Benny: Disgraced SAMTAZ member and meth cook.

    Huff: Disgraced SAMTAZ member and meth cook.

    Mayans, Calaveras, and Galindo Cartel

    Marcus Alvarez: The Mayans president out of Oakland. No-nonsense. Waged war with the Sons at the start of the show. Called a truce in season 3. Has a history with Nero Padilla. Married to Diana, has a son, Esai, and an infant daughter, Tessa.

    Romeo: Full name Romero Parada. Leader of the Galindo Cartel. Ex-military. Connected to Marcus Alvarez. Convinces Clay to help in transporting of cocaine.

    Hector Salazar: President of a low-level biker club known as the Calaveras. His actions are reckless. After losing his position in the club, he vows to kill Alvarez by any means.

    Oscar El Oso Ramos: Alvarez's second-in-command.

    Luis Torres: Romeos right hand man. Tough as nails.

    Rafi: Seasoned member of the Mayans. Guards the drug shipments.

    Pedro: Full-Patch Mayan. Aids Alvarez in the drug shipment.

    Elian Perez: Mayan biker who was framed for killing Opie's wife.

    Esai Alvarez: Son of Marcus Alvarez. A disgraced member of the Mayans.

    Edgar: Calavera Sgt. at Arms.

    Pozo: Calavera biker. Participated in the drive-by at Half-Sacks funeral.

    Roscoe: Calavera grunt. Made president after Salazar was excommuicated.

    Grim Bastards

    T.O. Cross: President of the Grim Bastards MC. Allied with SAMCRO. Known to pull favor for the Sons when needed.

    Sticky: VP of the Grim Bastards. Wears an orange bandana.

    Lander Jackson: Vice President of the Grim Bastards. A Heavy set man.

    The Triads

    Bohai Lin: Chinese crime boss who wants to run the guns business. Henry Lin's uncle.

    Henry Lin: Leads the Lin Triads, has a long relationship with the Sons. Ended Chuck Marstein's masturbating problem permanently. His alliance with the Sons came to a halt in Season 7.

    Ryu Tom: Henry Lin's right hand man.

    Chris Dun: Triad thug who is framed for Tara's murder.

    The One-Niners

    Damon Pope: Head of the One-Niners. Wealthy businessman and has connections beyond SAMCRO. Vows to destroy Tig after he killed his daughter. Kills anyone that fails him, Laroy, for starters, who is chopped up for allowing his daughter to be killed.

    August Marks: Pope's number 2. Carries out Damon Pope's orders like a true soldier. He becomes the new boss after Pope is killed by Tig.

    Laroy Wayne: Heads the One-niners at the beginning of the show. Has a close connection with SAMCRO. Has a disliking to the League. Answers to Damon Pope. Dating Pope's daughter, Veronica.

    Moses Cartwright: August Marks chief of security. Ex-military. Ex-Blackwater. Disciplined in his actions.

    Tyler: Laroy's replacement in the One-Niners dealings with the Sons. Has no loyalty to Pope or Marks.

    Gill: Laroy's Right Hand Man.

    Darnell: One-Niner gang banger. Resisted the idea of being in charge after seeing Laroy dead.

    Randy Hightower: One-Niner who is serving time in prison. Nearly 7 feet tall and big. Carries out Damon's orders, even in prison.

    Chester Kray: One-Niner underboss for August Marks. Has no loyalty to Marks and wears a suit.

    The League, Nordics, and other Supremacist Groups

    Ethan Zobelle: Head of the white separatist group League of American Nationalists, considered a respectable businessman, the owner of Impeccable Smokes cigar shop. Has one daughter, Polly. Backed by Mayor Hale. Has AJ Weston do his dirty work. He is also an informant with the FBI.

    Ernest Darby: Leaders of the Nordics white supremacist group, although he'll make deals with non-whites to further his work. Hates the Sons. Mistrusted by Weston and the League. He disbands the Nordics in Season 3 to turn his life around, in Season 6, he has a wife, a kid, and a business.

    Ron Tully: A true racist. Leader of the Aryan Brotherhood. Dislikes the Nordics and the League. Serving a long sentence in prison. Has a long, standing agreement with Jax.

    AJ Weston: Zobelle's enforcer. A true racist. Has ties to the Aryan Brotherhood. Sees Darby as a race traitor and dislikes him for it. Has 2 sons who he trained with firearms.

    Leland Gruen: Runs the Aryan Brotherhood while Tully is in jail. Paranoid and reckless.

    Otis: A boss in the Aryan Brotherhood. Took over after Leland got himself killed. Aided SAMCRO with the Niner situation.

    Polly Zobelle: Ethan Zobelle's daughter. Builds a relationship with Edmond Hayes. Does a little bit of her fathers work. Helped AJ in kidnapping Gemma.

    Johnny Yates: Convicted sex offender and Nordic thug. Now a saved, born-again Christian.

    Eddie Gerber: Aryan Boss who owns a ranch. Works for Ron Tully. Despises Ernest Darby.

    Ule: Soldier of the League. Has disagreements with AJ Weston.

    Squirrel: Soldier for the League, incarcerated. Carries out Zobelle's biddings while in jail. Butted heads with Otto.

    Izzy: Nordic meth dealer. Sold drugs to Wendy.

    Whistler: Ernest Darby's right hand man.

    Scoot: Skinhead under Leland Gruen.

    The IRA and Irish Kings

    Brendan Roarke: One of the Irish Kings. A head in the IRA council.

    Declan Brogan: One of the Irish Kings. A head in the IRA council.

    Jimmy O'Phelan: Head of the IRA. Sells guns to SAMCRO. Answers to the Irish Kings. Untrustworthy and ruthless. Ridiculed Chibs from Ireland, Stole his wife, and adopted his daughter.

    Galen O'Shay: IRA member in the gun running business. Deceiving and ruthless. Has full trust for Clay, little for Jax, none for the Sons.

    Cameron Hayes: Member of the IRA, resides in Charming. Aids SAMCRO in the gun running business alongside his son Edmond. Not trustworthy. He kidnaps Jax's son at the end of Season 2.

    Father Kellan Ashby: Priest in Belfast. Cousin of Cameron Hayes. Connected to SAMBEL and IRA. He finds himself in Jimmy O'Phelans crosshairs.

    Connor Malone: Galen's lieutenant. Cautious at times. Doesn't approve of Galen's methods, but plays along since he fears the consequences.

    Michael McKeavey: Cousin of Cameron Hayes. Sold guns to SAMCRO.

    Edmond Hayes: Cameron Hayes son. Aids his father in the gun running business. Develops a relationship with Polly Zobelle.

    Sean Casey: IRA member, works for Father Kellan, skilled in torture.

    Michael Casey: Sean Casey's brother, IRA, works for Father Kellan.

    Hugh: Former IRA who was excommunicated for selling guns without approval from the council. Works alongside Connor Malone.

    Luke Moran: Jimmy O'Phelan's right hand man. Carries out O'Phelans biddings.

    Declan: Roarke's enforcer.

    Donny: IRA loyalist and Jimmy O'Phelans' grunt.

    The Biz-Lats

    Nero Padilla: Pimp at the Diosa, and former leader of the Biz-Lats, which is run by Gomes and Fiasco. Gemma's new love. Becomes a new ally to the Sons. Treats his girls with respect.

    Fiasco: Gangbanger and Gomes's partner in Nero's old crew. Also Nero's connection to the crew.

    Gomes: Biz-Lats gang leader and associate of SAMCRO. Former associate of Nero's.

    Renaldo: Biz-Lat lieutenant who disapproves of Nero leaving Stockton.

    Arcadio Nerona: Latino thug under Fiasco. His KG9 was used in a school shooting. Currently dating Darvany Jennings.

    Lupe: Gangbanger under Renaldo's command.

    First Appearing in Season 1

    Gemma Teller: Maiden name Gemma Madock. Mother of Jax Teller. Widow of John Teller, now Clay Morrow's old lady. Tough as nails and very stern. A no-nonsense mother and grandmother. Very protective of her family. Not the type of person to be messed with.

    Wayne Unser: Chief of Police on Clay's Payroll. Diagnosed with cancer. Owns a shipping company.

    Tara Knowles: Jax's high school crush and a surgeon at St. Thomas. She hooks up with Jax after his divorce with Wendy. Loyal to the club. Tends to go in fisticuffs with Gemma. In Season 4, she gives birth to Thomas, in Season 5, she marries Jax.

    Chuck Marstein: SAMCRO's bartender, cleaner, lapdog, etc. Spent time in prison with Otto. Got in trouble with Henry Lin. Has a disorder that causes him to masturbate frequently. Henry Lin cuts his fingers off to rid him of his disorder.

    Wendy Teller: Jax's ex-wife. Recovering junkie after nearly killing Abel in childbirth because of her drug habits. She returns in Season 4 sober, relapses later in the show.

    David Hale: Unser's deputy in the Charming PD. Intent on taking down the Sons. The Mayors brother.

    Abel: Jax's First son. Birth mother Wendy. Born with a heart defect, nearly died. Jax protected him from the truth about his real mother. In Season 7, Jax tells Abel about his mother.

    Candy Eglee: A member of the Charming PD.

    Agent June Stahl: ATF agent called in by David Hale to help bring down the Sons. Tends to bend the rules a bit. Can be manipulative and rogue.

    Luanne Delaney: Otto's old lady. Runs a porn studio in Charming. Friends with Gemma Teller. Develops a relationship with Bobby after Otto is arrested. Her business is threatened by Georgie Caruso.

    Donna Lerner: Opie's old lady. Condemns Opie's actions in returning to SAMCRO after he was released.

    Joshua Kohn: ATF Agent out of Chicago. Had a relationship with Tara Knowles that ended badly. Had a restraining order place on him by her.

    Lowell Harland Jr.: Mechanic at the Teller-Morrow garage. Drug Addict. His father was a Son. He learns his father was a traitor to the club.

    Elliot Oswald: Respected businessman in Charming. Intends to run for mayor. SAMCRO helps him out after his daughter was raped.

    Agent Estevez: ATF agent under June Stahl.

    Ellie Winston: Opie's daughter.

    Kenny Winston: Opie's son.

    Mary Winston: Opie's mother. Piney's ex-wife.

    Cherry: A barmaid from Nevada, hooks up with Hack-Sack. Butts heads with Gemma after an altercation with Clay. Relocates to Ireland to lay low from the ATF. Dating Liam O'Neill in Season 3.

    Floyd: Town Barber and friend to Unser.

    Vic Trammel: Sheriff of Charming Heights on SAMCRO's payroll.

    Eviqua Michaels: The young woman who witnessed Bobby kill Brenan. SAMCRO gave her the choice to flee California or die.

    Agent Smith: Agent Stahl's partner in Season 1.

    Brenan Hefner: The Oakland Port Commissioner who deals with the Sons and IRA.

    Nate Meineke: Piney's war buddy. Buys guns from the Sons to stage a prison van assault.

    Russell Meineke: Nate Meineke's son who was being transported in a prison van. Now a wanted escapee.

    Officer Saunders: Trammels partner.

    Rosen: SAMCRO's first lawyer in the show.

    Tristin Oswald: Elliot Oswalds daughter. Sexually assaulted at the fair.

    Skeeter: Runs the Funeral Home in Charming. SAMCRO's cleaner.

    Jimmy Cacuzza: Heads the Cacuzza Crime Family. Buys guns from SAMCRO.

    First Appearing in Season 2

    Margaret Murphy: An administrator at St. Thomas Hospital, and Tara's boss. Has a dislike for Jax and the Sons and makes it known. Tends to cause problems for Tara when she tries to bend the rules to benefit club members. Her relationship with Tara improves in Season 3. Has a troubled past, which explains the tattoo on her back.

    Lyla: Porn star who works for Luanne. Hooks up with Opie. Single mother. She runs the porn studio after Luanne is murdered. She marries Opie in Season 4.

    Jacob Hale: Mayor of Charming and David Hale's brother. Partners himself with Zobelle. Known to be a bit corrupt.

    Ima: One of Luanne's porn stars. Has a liking for Jax and Opie. Considered to be a bitch to some of the other girls.

    Georgie Caruso: Luanne's Rival in the Porn Industry. Harasses Luanne's girls and faces consequences with SAMCRO.

    Fiona Larkin: Chibs ex-wife. Now married to Jimmy O'Phelan. Has a daughter, Kerrianne.

    First Appearing in Season 3

    Maureen Ashby: Kellan Ashby's sister. Old lady to Keith McGee. Took Cherry under her wing when she fled the States.

    Trinity Ashby: Maureen Ashby's daughter. Builds a connection with Jax.

    Luisa: Hector Salazar's old lady.

    Agent Amy Tyler: ATF agent who has an intimate connection with Agent Stahl.

    Ally Lowen: SAMCRO's new lawyer. Replaced Rosen in Season 3.

    Nate Madock: Gemma's father. Suffering from Alzheimer's and memory loss.

    Kerrianne Telford: Chibs and Fiona's daughter.

    Amelia Dominguez: Caretaker for Gemma's father. Soon discovers that Gemma is wanted and becomes a hostage.

    Viktor Putlova: Russian mobster based in California.

    Diana Alvarez: Marcus Alvarez's wife.

    Lumpy Feldstein: Owns the Boxing Gym. Holocaust Survivor. Friend to SAMCRO.

    First Appearing in Season 4

    Eli Roosevelt: No-nonsense head of the San Joaquin county sheriffs department in Charming. Has a distaste for gangs. Refuses to take bribes. Declares that parolees cannot run around in gang cuts (clothing, gear, etc).

    Deputy Cane: Deputy under Eli Roosevelt. Partnered with Deputy Martinez.

    Rita Roosevelt: Wife of Eli Roosevelt.

    Lincoln Potter: US Attorney brought in to bring down SAMCRO. Built a RICO case with the FBI and ATF. Tends to ride a motorcycle.

    Agent Grad Nicholas: FBI agent on Lincoln's RICO case looking to take down the Sons and their collaborators.

    Agent Ronald Zwersky: Undercover FBI agent who infiltrated the Russian Mafia.

    Thomas Teller: Jax's newborn son, named after his late brother, born to Tara Knowles. Abel's brother.

    Dawn Trager: Distant daughter of Tig's. Has a bad drug habit.

    Charlie Horse: Chief of the Wahewa Tribe. Friend of SAMCRO. Makes ammo for the club.

    Deputy Martinez: Deputy under Eli Roosevelt. Partnered with Deputy Cain.

    Ivo Alexei: Russian thug in prison. Made enemies with the Sons during their incarceration.

    Veronica Pope: Daughter of Damon Pope. Dating Laroy Wayne.

    First Appearing in Season 5

    Lee Toric: Ex-US Marshal. Ex-Spec Op. Declared War on the Sons and their loved ones after his sister was murdered.

    Venus Van Dam: Transgender, once named Vincent Noore. Molested by her mother as a child just to end her feminacy. Develops a romantic relationship with Tig.

    Carla: Nero's half-sister and partner in his escort service. Ruthless and wicked. Has a bit of a temper tantrum. Hates being stabbed in the back.

    Emma Jean: Escort who works for Nero. A thorn in Carla side. Rumored to have hooked up with Clay, causing strife between her and Gemma.

    Lucius Padilla: Nero's handicapped son.

    Detective Goodman: Dirty cop on Pope's payroll.

    Sergeant Macky: Dirty Prison Guard on Pope's payroll.

    Nurse Pamela Toric: Prison nurse at Stockton Penitentiary. Lee Toric's sister.

    Leo Pirelli: Italian crime boss. Known to help people disappear. Connected with SAMCRO. Hates being screwed with.

    Fawn Trager: Tigs distant daughter. Currently dating a gangbanger.

    First Appearing in Season 6

    Tyne Patterson: DA in San Joaquin County. Tends to wear a whig.

    Charles Barosky: Crime boss and racketeer, associated with SAMCRO. Owns a bakery as a front for his business. A very stern and to-the-point man.

    Colette Jane: Madam and manager of the Diosa.

    Brooke Putner: Troubled teenager in Charming. Vandalized SAMCRO's ice cream parlor.

    Kiki: Hostess at the Diosa. Not too bright in the head.

    Erin Byrne: Escort working for Nero.

    Darvany Jennings: Mother of Matthew Jennings, the boy who shot up his school.

    Matthew Jennings: Troubled boy who stole Arcadio's gun and shot up his school.

    Alice Noone: Venus Van Dam's abusive mother. Claims to do what's best for her family.

    Amir Ghaneezi: Iranian criminal who runs a torture porn studio with his brother, Kia.

    Kia Ghaneezi: Iranian criminal who runs a torture porn studio with his brother, Amir.

    Felipe: Grieving father who lost his son in the school shooting. Lashed out at Nero's old gang as retaliation.

    First Appearing in Season 7

    Althea Jarry: Sheriff of San Joaquin County. Brought in to investigate Tara and Eli's murder. Becomes acquainted with Chibs.

    Milo: Truck driver Gemma hitches a ride with to Oregon.

    Greensleeves: Real name is Adam Greenblatt. Pimp/Drug Addict. Very abusive to his ladies. Evasive of the Sons.

    Gib O'Leary: Jury White estranged son. Ex-military. Aids SAMCRO in a job.

    Renny: Gib's friend. Aids SAMCRO in a job.

    Desmond Harnigan: Stockton cop and store owner who pays Barosky for protection. Timid and useless.

    Pastor Haddem: Church Pastor who is known to be a bit of a sex addict. Known to film his pornos with prostitutes and other church members. A client of Venus Van Dams.

    Loutreesha Haddem: Pastor Haddems estranged wife. Has a health conditions. Refuses to make a deal with August Marks.

    Grant McQueen: Pastor Haddems son. Takes care of his mother.

    Sandy Haas: Escort at the Diosa. Mistreated by her father.

    Ken Haas: Sandy's abusive father. Reckless and ignorant.

    Dulain: Leader of the East Dubs. Responsible for the attacks on the Grim Bastards. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Note: This is in order from first death to last.

    Before the series

    John Teller dies long before the show begins in a fatal motorcycle accident. Gemma tells Jax that she thinks that JT was conflicted about the club life and let the road take him (i.e. suicide). We also learn early on that Gemma and Clay plotted JT's death.

    Season 1:

    Whistler shoots Jax in the back, but is killed from a return-fire.

    Michael McKeavey gets his neck broken by Brenan Hefner.

    The Carney Clown is grabbed by SAMCRO after a fight with the other clowns, and brought to Elliot Oswald to be killed. Oswald throws the knife down and walks away so Clay castrates him and he bleeds out, as punishment for raping Oswald's daughter. Clay kept the knife as collateral against Oswald since his prints were on it.

    Officer Saunders is gunned down by Meineke's crew after the prison van was hit.

    Nate Meineke and Russell Meineke are blown up along with their crew in a car bombing by Opie.

    Agent Joshua Kohn is wounded in the stomach by Tara, and given a headshot by Jax.

    Brenan Hefner is murdered outside his hotel room by Bobby as part of a debt with the IRA.

    Esai Alvarez is stabbed in the neck by Happy as part of a peace agreement Clay and Marcus agreed upon.

    Donna Winston is killed in Opie's truck in a drive-by shooting by Tig, after being mistaken for Opie.

    Season 2:

    Elian Perez is framed for killing Donna, resulting in Opie gunning him down.

    Luanne Delaney is beaten to death and dumped outside town, in season 4, we learned Georgie Caruso was responsible for her death.

    Sheriff Vic Trammel is gunned down by a transvestite he had pull over to the side of the road and intended to set up.

    Ule is gunned down along with the female workers by AJ Weston.

    Squirrel gets a shiv driven through his neck by Otto.

    AJ Weston is gunned down in a bathroom stall by Jax.

    Edmond Hayes is shot by Agent Stahl, who then framed Gemma for his death.

    Polly Zobelle is shot down by Gemma in Edmond's house.

    Half-sack is stabbed in the stomach by Cameron Hayes, while trying to save Jax's son.

    Season 3:

    David Hale gets run over by a Calavera van in the wake of a drive-by shooting at Half-sacks funeral.

    Cameron Hayes receives his last rites from Father Ashby and is garroted by Michael Casey.

    Amelia Dominguez is slammed into a wall by Gemma, and impaled by her own knife.

    Lander Jackson is shot dead and had a knife jammed in the back of his skull by Edgar.

    Edgar is shot in the head by T.O. Cross as retribution for Lander Jackson.

    Pozo is dosed with cyanide by Tig.

    Michael Casey is shot down by Jimmy O'Phelan.

    Scrum and Padraic Telford are killed in an explosion caused by Liam O'Neill.

    Liam O'Neill is tortured by Sean Casey, then executed by Jax.

    Keith McGee is shoved off a building by Clay and falls to his death.

    Lumpy Feldstein suffers from internal bleeding due to being attacked by Hector Salazar.

    Sean Casey is tortured for Abel's location, then shot in the head by Jimmy O'Phelan.

    Luisa gets her throat slit with a broken mirror by Tara during an escape attempt.

    Father Kellan Ashby is traded to O'Phelan for Abel. He rode off in O'Phelans car. Killed Off-screen. In season 5, we learned he's dead.

    Hector Salazar is stabbed in the gut by Jax, who then cut his own arm with an axe, making it look like a struggle.

    Agent Amy Tyler is shot in the neck with a revolver by Agent Stahl, who then fired another weapon in the air, and made it look like a gang shooting.

    Donny is murdered by the Russians who intended to take O'Phelan alive.

    Jimmy O'Phelan gets his face slashed and both sides and his neck stabbed with a pair of knives by Chibs.

    Agent June Stahl begs for her life, instead, Opie shoots her in the back of the head with an SMG in her own vehicle.

    Season 4:

    Ivo is stabbed through the ear with a scalpel by Otto.

    Viktor Putlova is stabbed in the gut by Jax, after his boys were massacred and his guns were stolen.

    Agent Ronald Zwersky is gunned down while undercover in a double cross by SAMCRO.

    The Head Russian is buried up to his neck, swarmed by fire ants, then strangled by Clay with a handkerchief, despite Charlie Horse demanding a slow and painful death.

    Armando is killed off-screen by the Lobos. His headless body is seen in the back of a truck.

    Georgie Caruso gets tossed in the back of a trunk of a car and gunned down by Tig and Opie.

    Eric Miles is murdered by Juice after seeing him with a stolen brick, then framed for stealing the brick.

    Pedro is stabbed to death by Luis Torres.

    Piney is killed with his own shotgun by Clay in his cabin.

    Rafi gets a bullet to the head by a Niner after being mistaken for a Lobo.

    Gill is shot in the head by Marcus Alvarez as retribution for Rafi.

    Herman Kozik is blown up after stepping on a land mine.

    Veronica Pope gets run over by Tig, who meant to kill Laroy.

    Season 5:

    Laroy Wayne gets chopped up by orders of Damon Pope after letting his daughter get run over by Tig.

    Darnell is shot in the head by August Marks after being tricked into pulling an empty gun on Jax.

    Dawn Trager is burned alive in front of Tig by Pope.

    Detective Goodman is strangled with a pair of handcuffs by Tig.

    The Cleaner is shot down by Tig in the burn pit.

    Opie takes a lead pipe to the back of the head, and is beaten to death by the 4 inmates, by orders of Pope, who wanted a dead son.

    Rita Roosevelt is shot by the 3 intruders, who turned out to be SAMCRO's new members who secretly work for Clay.

    Carla shoots herself in front of Nero.

    Sergeant Macky gets his head bashed in with a snow globe by Jax after seeing Tig shoot his wife.

    Greg the Peg is shot down by Clay while breaking into Unser's trailer.

    Gogo is shot down by Unser while breaking into his trailer.

    Frankie Diamond gets shot in head by Leo Pirelli, after seeing his boy dead.

    Randy Hightower is shot with a silenced pistol in the back of the head by Chibs as retribution for killing Opie.

    Nurse Pamela Toric is stabbed repeatedly in the throat with a crucifix by Otto.

    Lupe is blasted in the chest with a shotgun by Nero Padilla after being accused of kidnapping Jax.

    Renaldo gets his head blown off by Nero Padilla.

    Damon Pope is shot with Clay's gun by Tig.

    Season 6:

    Kia Ghaneezi has his head submerged in a urine tub in a torture porn studio by Tig, causing him to drown. Then tossed in a cage, and into the Pacific.

    Matthew Jennings was shot off-screen by a security guard after shooting up his school with a KG9, which belonged to Arcadio.

    Arcadio Nerona is shot by Nero while attempting to flee with Darvany.

    Darvany Jennings is strangled with a pillow by Juice.

    Erin Byrne is gunned down accidently with a silenced weapon by a startled Toric.

    Filthy Phil is shot in the head by Galen, then has his hands cut off.

    V-Lin is shot in the head by Connor Malone, the has his hands cut off.

    Eddie Gerber gets shot up along with his crew at his ranch with SMG's by SAMCRO.

    Lee Toric gets his throat slit with a shiv by Otto.

    Otto Delaney is gunned down by the prison guards after killing Toric.

    Alice Noone is shot in the head by Jax in her portrait studio.

    Gomes is brutally run over by Felipe.

    Felipe jams a knife through his throat out of grief, after revealing he lost his son in the school shooting.

    Galen O'Shay is shot down by Jax, along with his crew.

    Clay Morrow is shot in the neck then shot down by Jax.

    Bohai Lin is shot by Happy as retribution for being his hostage.

    Tara Knowles gets her head submerged in a sink, and is stabbed in the back of the head with a carving fork by Gemma.

    Eli Roosevelt is gunned down in the back by Juice.

    Season 7:

    Pastor Haddem is shot down by Jax along with his church associates after being mistaken for the drive-by shooter.

    Chris Dun is brutally tortured and stabbed in the head by Jax.

    Gib White is shot in the head by Chibs and set up to take the fall for hitting Lins crew.

    Renny gets blown away with a sawed off shotgun on his sofa by Bobby and set up to take the fall for hitting Lins crew.

    Chester Kray is gunned down in a double-cross along with his crew at the Mayans warehouse by SAMCRO.

    Deputy Cane is struck in the head with a bullet from an AK by an Aryan Brother.

    Orlin West is gunned down off-screen in the warehouse by Lin's crew.

    Colette Jane, Kiki, and many other patrons and hostesses are killed in a massacre at the Diosa by Lin's crew.

    Desmond Harnigan is shot in the head by Barosky.

    Dulain is shot in the head by T.O. Cross after his boys were killed.

    Greensleeves is thrown into a window by Jax, and impaled by a window shard.

    Jury White gets knocked to the ground, he pulls his gun out, and gets shot in the face by Jax.

    Bobby Munson is shot in the back of the head by August Marks.

    Scoot gets shot in the crotch and in the chest by Tig.

    Leland Gruen is gunned down by Unser when attempting to murder Eglee.

    Moses Cartwright gets his eye gouged out, four fingers cut off, and shot in the head by Jax.

    Henry Lin is cuffed to a pipe, forced to talk, and shanked repeatedly in the throat by Juice.

    Juice is stabbed repeatedly in the neck with a scalpel by Ron Tully.

    Wayne Unser is shot down by Jax.

    Gemma Teller encourages Jax to end her life. He obliges by shooting her in the back of the head.

    Declan is shot down along with a bodyguard by Tig and Chibs.

    Brendan Roarke is shot in the head along with his guards by SAMCRO.

    Charles Barosky is shot in the head by Jax.

    August Marks gets ambushed and gunned down outside the courthouse by Jax.

    Jax Teller crashes his bike into Milo's semi on purpose. Edit (Coming Soon)

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