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Season 1

10 Jul. 2007
Keys to the Kingdom: Part 1
Lara Croft is at a presentation held by an archeology professor who claims he can prove that Egyptian ankh is actually a bridge between this and the spirit world. Just as he's about to bring an Osiris statue to life with it, he's shot.
11 Jul. 2007
Keys to the Kingdom: Part 2
A cabal of religious leaders from all over the world sees the ankh as a threat to them, so they send a deadly team of holy warriors to get it. Meanwhile, Lara, who now has the ankh, finds a way to enter the spirit world.
12 Jul. 2007
Keys to the Kingdom: Part 3
The fight between the holy warriors and Lara begins within the spirit world, but it turns out she's not welcomed there, which works just fine for her.
19 Jul. 2007
Revenge of the Aztec Mummy
A Looney Tunes inspired adventure in which Lara runs into a bumbling nincompoop of a tomb raider and his scheming sidekick who plan to rob the tomb of Aztec king Moctezuma. Hijinks ensue.
26 Jul. 2007
Angel Spit: Part 1
A professor asks Lara to go to Antarctica and find the source of a rare mysterious bio-substance dubbed "angel spit" that could be used to cure damaged cells. However, the expedition that discovered it in 19th century went mad and died.
31 Jul. 2007
Angel Spit: Part 2
After studying the journal of the leader of the expedition, Lara manages to find the location where the substance was originally found by his doomed team. However, some things are better left undisturbed.
2 Aug. 2007
Lara Croft: Legacy
In this adventure inspired by 60s cartoons, Lara locates a long-lost Tibetan monastery where a cult keeps a scepter that can turn people into beastmen. However, her biggest fan, miss Abigail Butterworth, followed her there.
9 Aug. 2007
Pre-Teen Raider
In this light adventure, 12-year-old Lara is attending the Croft Academy. When the headmistress scolds her one too many times for her raiding tendencies, annoyed Lara decides to steal a valuable dagger from the Academy's vault.
16 Aug. 2007
Raising Thaumoplois
Secretive gentleman, Anton Cooper, helps Lara locate Thaumoplois, a lost ancient sunken city legendary for its devastating futuristic weaponry. She runs into a US black ops team there. However passes three mystical tests, gets to go in.
13 Nov. 2007
A Complicated Woman
In this adventure inspired by motion comics, three villainous raiders find Lusitania and try to crack a safe that contains the mythical Perseus' treasure. To kill time, they discuss the last time each of them had to deal with Lara Croft.

 Season 1 

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