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RinoBortone914 April 2020
Parkway Drive, once again, prove to do things right. This movie is moving, compelling, mind-blowing and incredibily compacted; for those who don't know the band, it will definitely be a stir. Film directed as if it was an action film based on real life; the four Australian knights, carrying sufferings and sacrifices, friendship and decication, find their way through the crowds all over the world, conquering everything that passes on their path and defining a new type of band, so a new type of sound. Film that leaves tears in your eyes, that leaves you speechless, that foments musicians and creates new ones. Simply a masterpiece.
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Different subject and Captivating story
ToddRee14 July 2020
Metal music is an underground music genre. Not everyone really knows about it. This documentary is definitely one of the great music-related documentary. It takes us through the journey of the musicians and the highlights of their career. The way the film is directed is like a full-length dramatic film. It shows friendship, success, sacrifices, emotional turns and struggle. It does makes the viewer emotional but its its own musical way. The background music is theme related and carries the mood of the documentary till the end. With zero knowledge about Metal music, I still enjoyed the film till the end. A great delight to watch.
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