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Watchable Polish horror flick
the_real_smile22 November 2020
This movie revolves around a little group of youngsters who have to camp in the woods to overcome their childhood trauma's and electronic devices addiction. This adventure goes sour very fast when they encounter the local monsters. The monsters are very well made, the costumes and prostheses are very convincing and very funny. For a country that has no worthwhile movie industry whatsoever this is a very good accomplishment.
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Too much hate.
bartmanb517 August 2020
Yes it's predictable. Yes it's full of clichés, but it's still fun. There is plenty of comedy moments mixed with gore and likeable characters. Enjoy beautiful Polish forest.
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Evil twins VS. the world
berenikadaley27 September 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This film caused quite an outrage in Poland mostly due to it's clear link to a film "The 2 who stole the moon" starring 2 twin kids who later became the president and prime minister of Poland. The two monsters, two evil twins clearly link to that very film on top of other hidden political pokes.

Overall it's an entertaining and fun picture which doesn't reinvent the genre wheel but is a lot more of an homage to the 80s. In a country that produced like 5 genre films over the last 50 years, I consider it a first, successful step in the right direction. So don't be fooled by haters, who keep saying that Polish cinema is not allowed to make silly, commercial horror films. Especially commercial films that criticize their own country.

I'm actually surprised the film wasn't burned at stake in a country like Poland. On mediakrytyk website (which is pretty much a Polish version of rotten tomatoes) the film scores 68% positive out of 74 reviews from pretty much all Polish newspapers/websites.

Anyhow, if you like classic slashers, this one is a fun watch. A cool flick, full stop.
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Impressive and very entertaining Backwoods Horror like it should be!
gmn130 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Saw this movie on Netflix yesterday and thought at first that it is some comedy movie (because of the title and cover) but it turned out to be a perfectly well dont horror movie. I was even more excited after knowing it was shot in poland (i am from germany) because there are not many horrormovies made in the EU in the last decades.

the actors are professional troughout the movie. i dont see a difference to any hollywood or big budget independent movie at all.

The writing is - especially in the first third of the movie - very original. You think about some clichè but the writing goes in another direction just at the right moment. for example, in every american slasher movie, the muscular dude is a bully. hes not a bully in this one. in fact hes a virgin and he dies first (clichè would be that virgins die last). There are many more examples like this where i thought that it seems that the writer intentionally broke clichè and i likethat very much about the movie.

color grading, sfx, music, camera and so on, are all top level. Creature design, too and i really liked it. Music has ben done very well and i wonder which track they used sometimes throughout the movie that seems uplifting and joyful, really like this melody.

As for comparisons, i would put this movie higher than any friday the 13th movie. this movie could easily be in the same row as the hills have eyes remake or wrong turn (the first part) which i really really like, but it has a few (and really only a few) downsides....

Once you let the horror start, never let it stop again! This is something, every horror director has to learn (including myself, i made 2 movies up to now (FPS : First Person Shooter and Hellstone). I appreciate the background story of the two mutants but thought it was a bit too detailed. Regarding the alien "infection" this reminded me of the x-files or venom (the black stuff) and i think it would have been way better if the asteroid had just glowed or maybe released some radiation or dust. After all, pace is everything and there are 2 ways to pin people to their seats. 1. slow and steady suspension (like in shining or high tension from alexandre aja 2. a explosion of horror that does not stop til the movie is over like in evil dead. Those are just some suggestions to the writer, though he really did a great job on the movie.

All in all, i was really happy that i found this movie on netflix and i think that mr. kowalski (and the team involved) has got great talent and i hope that he will pursue filmmaking further and i look forward to future movies of him and the team.

Great work !!!
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Predictable but quite gripping
tomilipin22 March 2020
This film has nothing new to offer in terms of the horror genre. It's really predictable and full of clichés, which is even pointed out by one the characters in the plot of the film. Actually, it's really similar to Wrong Turn and some themes are literally taken straight out of The Ritual and The Cabin. It's like you're watching horror movies that you already know, so the whole thing is hardly surprising and definitely not creative. What is surprising, though, is the soundtrack - suffice it to say that it's weird... Reminds me of The Goonies from 1985. And the 'monsters' were created quite well. I was really glad to see a lot of new faces on the screen. Surely, this wasn't the debut for some of the young actors, but still it was entertaining to see new talents. I quite enjoyed it, although there were two or three moments when I couldn't help laughing out loud since the scene was so predictable or out of common sense. Watching this film you really need to stop analysing and thinking - just enjoy what you're served. The movie was about to have its premiere on March 13, 2020 but one day prior to that all the cinemas (and many other places) in Poland were shut down due to the coronavirus spread, so the film premiered on Netflix instead.
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Okay horror movie.
MikeWindgren28 October 2020
It's Polish, and I tried watching it in German, with subs, and the original language as well, but turned to English eventually.

It resembled a lot of familiar horror movies, like f.i. Wrong Turn, as mentioned.

But it's not bad. It does have it's gory moments, and I liked it.

It's not great, but also not bad.
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Two bros and tons of gore!
baehr_adam2 November 2020
Let's just get it out of the way now. The movie is cliché in every way possible, so what! The story takes place in a camp in the woods of Poland while trying to rehabilitate technology addicted teens. Simple premise. The acting is good IMO. The standout being Julia Wieniawa as Zosia. A few others on top of being cliché were just downright annoying, but not enough to deter my score. The music cues were a nice touch. The cinematography was splendid tbh. Great shots and angles. The violence was wonderful with awesome kills and genuinely creepy, but dope monster/creature designs that I haven't seen in a few years. I definitely recommend giving it a try and watch it in its nature language; don't go right to English if you're fine with reading subtitles. The immersion is far better, but that's me! Solid addition to Netflix.
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Archetypes + politics
trrkovac2 June 2020
Under the layer of an archetypical slasher movies there's a strong political statement that some people fail to recognize. The story of two twin brothers is a clear link to "The Two Who Stole The Moon" and that's just a start. Among thrills, chills, blood and boobs almost every dialogue scene criticizes the nowadays Poland; the lack of tollerance, the pathologies within the catholic Church etc. But at the end of the day it's a well crafted, well acted, fun film.
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amazing gore ...
ops-525351 November 2020
For them who like that , but there are stories within the story that strains out in nothingness, like where or what happened to the rest of the camp kids filling up a bus in the start of the film...

well its a typical rural polish horror drama with archtypes of the polish wood farmer and friends, that lives in close connection to the wilderness, and unfortunate hits from an abroadcoming asteroid, and what frights may come out of addiction to digital media etc.

the plot could have been a gold mine of opportunities, you just get small portions of gutsy action here and there, the acting are quite good, and as always in horror slasher movies sticks to the 6 golden rules-what they are youll learn if watching..

productionwise its a colourenhanced and pretty strong filmproduct, that may entertain many, but keep it away from the minors, because the swordblades have two sides, and it usually cuts things apart, so glory gory halleluwah to you all with a recommend from his jubilleing review nr 1000 by the grumpy old man
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There's dumb, dumber and then there's this. 😭
PaceLumina8729 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Say what you want about the political and/or religious statements but sacrificing yourself to fight that "pizza-faced bleep bleep" will always be 🤦‍♀️ and unacceptable. You were THE GUIDE, the only one who knows the terrain. How do you suppose those frightened kids would know the way back to camp?! And how is it justifiable to trespass in that creature's house? Seriously, ain't the smell of death enough to send you running?
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Typical horror movie stupidity but decent beyond that
arittenberry30 October 2020
Good start, characters, and dialogue but I couldn't stop yelling at the IDIOTIC decisions that kept happening after things got going. So, decent movie but another horror movie that depends on constant stupidity instead of semi-intelligent people stuck in a bad situation. If that's something that doesn't bother you, I do recommend this movie though. It's just hard for me to get past.
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Do not trust the high reviews
elliotte230 October 2020
Those reviews are obviously by friends and family of the filmmaker.

This film is bad, really bad. It tries to be a horror/comedy, but never really horrors and is NEVER funny. It is almost a high school play's version of 'Hills Have Eyes'. It manages to hit every single horror cliché, but instead of being clever and witty like 'Cabin in the Woods' it comes off as just stupid plot devices. There is nothing to praise about this movie, even the gore is second rate.
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Excellent horror movie!
volstar-0920028 October 2020
Well worth your time! I was never bored with this movie, it moved along at a good pace. There are plenty of gory scenes and the killings were absolutely brutal. They did a good job of building up the suspense and the characters were well developed. The storyline might remind you of Wrong Turn but was original enough to keep you guessing. I highly recommend this movie if you want to see a good horror movie!
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Intense but predictable
priscillaliu-4176229 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I like how the film pays homage to the horror genre. As one of the main characters Julek points out, there are many clichés throughout. There are stereotypical representations of the teens. You can easily guess that they, along with their camp guide, are going to die one by one except for Zosia who has a deeper backstory. Some of the characters do evolve, but they lack depth.

Also, there are some plot holes/inconsistencies that I felt make the movie rather complete. My questions:

1. What happened to the twins' father? I see a picture of him and his wife, but there is no mention of him. 2. How does the postman make it out alive? 3. What is the context of the meteorite, and what about the black goo coming out of it? 4. How does Barket survive that deformed monster? 5. What becomes of Zosia? 6. What about the suspicious priest? 7. What happened to the rest of the camp participants?

I'm not a big fan of gore and killings, but I feel like they should make a sequel to answer all these questions. My take to stream it or skip it: if you have nothing better to do on a quiet night and just want to kick back and relax (or perhaps get a few laughs), stream it. Skip the popcorn though, because there's a lot of red in it.
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Predictable movie with a lot of clichés
monika-radecki2 April 2020
This movie was dissappointing. It was like someone mixed wrong turn, hills have eyes and scream together and said, okay, this is good enough, let's make a movie out of it. It looks like the director doesn't even tried to do the best. Very predictable and very boring.
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Soooooooooo bad 👎
duckboy-9417129 October 2020
I was looking forward to seeing this movie and now that I've watched it I feel that much dumber, I think they ripped off at least a half a dozen other horror movie scenes. It's like the old jokes when we were kids "how many pollacks does it take........ lol
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Good low budget horror
acedj2 December 2020
I found this on Netflix and since it has been a while since I last saw a decent horror, I decided to give it a go. The story is centralized on five teens and their counselor at a camp where parents send their tech addicted kids for a forced detox. On the first night of them camping in the woods away from the larger group they are besieged by a pair of unnaturally large and deformed men that are driven by the need to kill.

This is described as a slasher film, but it is more along the lines of Wrong Turn or The Hills Have Eyes.

So the positives; First the gore factor is pretty high for a newer movie and the effects are all definitely practical. This being the first Polish produced film I have ever seen, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the acting. Over all the effects are good, though there were some issues with a severed head and the prosthetics that the killers wear.

The negatives; The movie is like every other horror that has come before, the groups is slowly killed until there is but one lone survivor, and you can tell who that will be pretty much from the beginning. The only other negative I could see was the afore mentioned issues with the effects, up and until the ending. There is a scene at the end after you think the movie is done. I would say that you should skip watching that scene as it detracts from the rest of the movie

All in all this was an enjoyable entry into the horror franchise.
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You have Seen this movie already
lars-viebrock31 October 2020
I was looking for a classic-style horror movie for halloween and got this recommended on Netflix. It certainly is a classic style Horror Movie, so if you are after that and have seen pretty much everything else, might as well watch this one, too.

The movie does a few things well, and many things poorly. Pros:
  • no religion bs, that I have seen one too many times recently. (It has very little in there, but it doesn't drive the story).
  • a few fast members play their roles quite well
  • the Movie is not boring and only 100 minutes long

  • it is just one horror movie stereotype after the next. I don't think there was a single thing I hadn't seen a billion times before. While the movie has moments of self-consciousness, it isn't funny and therefore just super predictable and not scary.
  • most of the acting is pretty awful
  • one plot hole after the next and there is no real continuity
  • basically nothing happens at night, so the title is kind of misleading.
  • you can watch The hills have eyes instead, that has about the same plot, yet is executed a lot better.
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The Polish attempt at making an American Horror. If imitation was the aim of the game, they should have copied the Japanese format
James_Denton4 November 2020
I can only assume the person who came up with this film idolises American cliché 'horror' movies, as it's not only predictable but hovers close to the realms of dreadful.

The good and the bad:
  • Very cliché. Group of teens in a wood with gruesome killers.
  • Predictable. You know exactly what's coming up, what will happen and it will attempt to have a twist at the end.
  • While it hovers close to the realms of dreadful, its doesn't go into Them. Despite the cliché and predictable outcomes, I watched it to the end.

Horror standards are all in this movie, including: The pretty girl, the 'fat kid', attempts at recognising the 'already done genre', "don't split up, people always die when they split up", a cabin in the wood and the classic 'policeman is killed'.

The film feels like a Polish attempt at trying to make a horror and wrongly using the American format. Had they focused on how the Japanese make horrors they would have stood a vastly better chance at improving on this.
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kathmummybear28 October 2020
Very predictable with absolutely no originality but what really kills it is the awlful music. The younger members of the casts acting wasn't bad but that's the only positive
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The most boring slasher in history
nekochanexe3 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The movie was supposed to be good and instead a * slasher * came out which is not scary but boring and when watching it the viewer does not feel fear but is bored. In my case I turned off the movie after 50 minutes because it was so boring that I was close to falling asleep. , great hopes, bad results.
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Anti polish propaganda, weak horror in general
nerexis28 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Part of anti polish propaganda, especially the last scene of movie portraying polish patriots as drunk Hitler supporters, which relates to real event which was provocation by one of mainstream polish media. Beside that the level of this movie is weak, its rated 18+, but young kids wouldn't be scared.
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Previews can be so deceiving!!!
ipfreely-4257531 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Basically it the Polish version of The Hills Have Eyes.
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Entertaining and fun
JJkop2K4 April 2020
The film is not for everyone but is definitely a great piece of entertainment.
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Ill-conceived story with multiple genre tropes and plotholes
wyrzykowskikajetan23 May 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Bartosz Kowalski's W Lesie Dzis Nic Zasnie Nikt (2020) works neither as a proper homage to the vintage, nor an inventive satire on its themes. Sadly, it's not even remotely entertaining either.

Admittedly, horror has been the domain of American and Asian cinema. Indeed, the argument could be made that European moviegoers were spoiled by the foreign influx. That, however, shouldn't mean that in-house productions are all trash. Thanks to people such as Robert Eggers, Ari Aster, Julia Ducournau and Ben Wheatley, horror fans in Europe begin to get choosy too. So, in order to make the headlines, you really have to push the envelope. Polish director Bartosz Kowalski couldn't stray further away from that goal.

Kowalski's anchor is an almost mute character Zosia. She's played by Polish juvenile celebrity Julia Wieniawa-Narkiewicz, whose bland, uninterested face speaks volumes about the whole film. Furthermore, it's also her poorly developed arch, which doesn't help the inexperienced actress build a role worth investing in. And since that's the only emotional leverage up Bartosz Kowalski's sleeve, you get the picture.

Let's be honest - nobody watches slashers for agitated debates on the meaning of life or character development. If anything, it's the bloodshed that counts.

The gore and scares in W Lesie Dzis Nic Zasnie Nikt (2020) are stylistically close to the Wrong Turn movies. It's largely over-the-top, with bodies cut in two, beaten up against a tree and minced. So, the blood's there, but style isn't.

That too leaves W Lesie Dzis Nic Zasnie Nikt (2020) far from modern masterpieces. Thee visible budget constraints play their part here, yet a few horrors succeeded despite facing similar issues. Look at Creep (2015), and the legendary The Blair Witch project (1999) to grasp what I'm getting there. These films were brilliant in avoiding the formulaic paths. For Bartosz Kowalski, sticking his head out means leaving his comfort zone. And the director is clearly not ready for that kind of commitment.

Eventually, this entire effort is just as fruitless as this camp that tries to convert kids from online to offline. One tedious slasher won't change the European horror game. But in the of W Lesie Dzis Nic Zasnie Nikt (2020) case, that actually may be a good thing.
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