The Ides of March (2011) Poster

Paul Giamatti: Tom Duffy



  • Tom Duffy : Do yourself a favor. Get out, now. While you still can. Go into entertainment or business, go open a fucking restaurant in Costa Rica. Anything. Do something that's gonna make you happy, okay? Cause you stay in this business long enough, you're going to get jaded and cynical.

    Stephen Meyers : Like you?

    Tom Duffy : Yeah, just like me!

  • Tom Duffy : [to Stephen]  You exude something. You draw people in. All the reporters love you. Even the ones that hate you love you. 'Cause you play them like the pieces on a chessboard and make it look effortless. And we both know how hard it is constantly being on guard, weighing every word, every move. But from the outside, you make it look easy. People are scared of you. 'Cause they don't understand how you do it, and they love you for it. And that is the most valuable thing in this business. The ability to win people's respect by making them mistake their fear for love.

  • Tom Duffy : You know, I'm trying to remember if the Democrats have ever nominated an atheist before.

    Paul Zara : Well, we know they've nominated a jackass before.

  • Tom Duffy : All the reporters love you. Even the ones that hate you love you.

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