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MPAA Rated R on appeal for strong graphic sexual content, language, and a beating

Sex & Nudity

  • A man is on top of a woman. She refuses to have sex, and he yells at her in response, putting pressure on her to give in. However, nothing happens.
  • Female is shown showering. Her breasts are shown.
  • A couple is having sex. He is shown thrusting from behind. He has jeans on, she is bottomless. She is then shown washing her vagina at the sink.
  • A man unbuttons his wife's blouse. He leans in to kiss her. She is a bit resistant, which irritates/upsets him. After roughly 30 seconds, they have a short argument interrupting the activity so nothing ever ends up happening
  • A woman is seen showering without nudity, and her husband attempts to enter the shower and kiss her but she pushes him away and tells him to leave.

Violence & Gore

  • A protagonist is beaten by someone else. He is punched in the stomach a few times, and across the face six times, leaving it rather bloodied and bruised. The facial blows are mostly offscreen, but we hear some yelling.
  • A man grasps/strangles another by the neck in a heated exchange, before punching him in the face after threatening to hit him.


  • 32 uses of "f**k", 13 uses of "sh*t", 8 uses of "asshole", 2 uses of "son of a bitch", Also 6 instances of "God", 5 uses of "Goddamn", 2 uses of "hell", and 1 use of "Jesus".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Cindy smokes a cigarette with Dean. Dean smokes in several scenes.
  • A main character is an alcoholic, but it's more informed than shown. There are still a few shots of him drinking straight spirits and beer, though. Cigarettes are used in a number of scenes, but not too frequently. One or two instances of social drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The ending will be very depressing and heartbreaking to many viewers
  • The beating and aftermath scenes are fairly unpleasant, even though the violence itself is not long-lasting.
  • The scene in which the couple have sex in a motel is rather uncomfortable. The woman is reluctant, mildly brushing the man off at times and leaving him angry/upset. He raises his voice and she sarcastically taunts him to hit her, and leaves the room in tears.
  • There is a scene where the missing family dog is located on the side of the road apparently hit by a car. It is later seen being buried,
  • A man jokingly threatens to jump off a road-bridge before his girlfriend tells him that she is pregnant, leading to an awkward exchange, after which she walks off and he punches the metal mesh sides of the bridge.
  • This film is very nihilistic about love and relationships. It is very emotionally intense.

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