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Whats the rush?
carinnalowther23 September 2022
GoT not only was beautifully shot. With wonderful acting and compelling characters but it was also complex. This show feels like its just trying to rush through some plot. GoT had multiple characters that you felt deeply for, both loving and hating. None of these characters have deep substance. Additionally we aren't following the grand and unique stories of several characters and anxiously awaiting to see how they collide. We are watching a single plot seem to race towards the end. This is visually beautiful but there is no emotional connection beyond hoping to see a glimpse of the connection to GoT.

I'm very disappointed and I hope that next time a spinoff is made they take their time crafting the characters and the plot and less time pandering to the perceived desires of the audience.
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A high budget glorified soap opera
kububeach21 September 2022
I lost my patience now after 5 episodes. I know this is not Game of Throne but does it have to be this bad? The pace is so slow that it feels that they just wanted to make sure there will be a second season. The first 5 episodes could have been packaged into 1 or 2 episodes.

The casts of GoT have increased the bar so high that I feel sorry for the actors in this show. But in all fairness, the acting is really subpar for the hype. There is no chemistry whatsoever.

I'm not sure where this is going. Maybe I'm not patient enough but the show has reached the mid season and I failed to see the direction of the storyline. For now, it feels like it's just a meaningless soap opera. I hope I'm wrong.
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angel-soha21 August 2022
Carrying the nostalgia of Game of thrones into this and comparing everything with the original...i would say this looks pretty awesome and you get the feel of watching original game of thrones... its the same but different characters...Hope we will fall in love with them as the season progresses.... A good ist episode..
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If GOT Wasn't Interesting
sunnyn-5868013 September 2022
The issue with House of the Dragon is that it just isn't interesting. Game of Thrones had so much political intrigue that the audience paid attention to every single detail. There was always a massive payoff with some seriously shocking events. The seasons (prior to 8) had interesting and complex story lines.

With House of the Dragon, this is not quite the case. Where is the political intrigue? Where is the conflict? A plot centered around a daughter's refusal to marry/being a female heir is not interesting enough to be the sole plot for four episodes. There needs to be additional conflict. I will keep watching and praying that it gets more interesting. If this is a slow burn, it is VERY slow.
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Boring, aimless, desperate for attention
drunken_munki17 September 2022
Casting was a disaster it seems, not confident to go with new actors, not bold enough to put money down for great known actors. It's a mixed bag, along with the delivery of lines and the scenes in general come across very flat and uninteresting.

Of course a big part of that is the script which is frankly disappointing, given all the time and learning from the complete unmitigated disaster of the last 2 seasons of 'Game of Thrones', it seems the HBO are part of the problem here and it wasn't just David Benioff and D. B. Weiss who were the issue with the script writing department and plot planning in the previous show.

In this case the desperation was obvious by the title cards, and the marketing stuff, that keep reminding the viewer that this show is ~150 years prior to Daenerys Targaryen. Not prior to the events of GoT., but prior to Dany. Specifically Dany. The character that they screwed up the most in the entire show. So let's go through this for a second, in GoT the Dany plotline was poorly handled, leading to a terrible ending and a waste of a character that annoyed most of the fans (especially the Dany fans).

Why is house of the dragon linked to GoT, and why Dany in particular? I thought it was obvious that people don't want to be reminded of that disaster any more, along with the disappointment of the waste of the other characters such as John (aka an actual true Targarian and heir and king).

But it gets worse. For some reason the show blows its load in the first minute by having a dragon fly around the place with a rider on it. Zoom in and play some of Dany's music from the previous show. Like seriously? Playing Dany's theme tune from another show... in this show, which has nothing to do with her or GoT. Frankly it was not only stupid but insulting to the audience.

I realise now they (HBO) still think they did a good job on the final season of GoT, and that they think the Daenerys character was well written. Mind you, it wasn't even the 'evil' Dany music they reused here, it was the benevolent one. The one they always did to uplift you and tell you how good and great she was. Hah. I get that this story is about a bunch of Targs who are going to fight and kill each other to be King/Queen, so did HBO get that? I don't think they understand what they are even doing here.

So back to the first episode, it is incredibly dull. Lots of boardroom talk, boilerplate speeches and dialogue. No character development, no characters that are relatable or likable. A palette of dull multi-colored faces that have no connection or coherence for the time period or the material at hand. Great for the actors, but with terrible application.

A waste of money to make, they should have remade the final season of GoT into 3+ more seasons and not chosen a poor spin off.

4/10 a boring soap opera for people who really don't like fantasy, and a far cry from season 1 to 4 of 'Game of Thrones'; but not as offensive as the later ones.
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And then a Disaster happens at EP6.
blackpearl-0760326 September 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I was really hooked by the show and really attached to the characters from the first episode. Story was slowly building up with the characters and let us to enter into their world. Till episode 5 it was good because of the actress who played princess and queen. A slow growth of clash building up and made us to feel their rage and made us to wait for what's next. Episode 5 literally did that impact of Wow.

And then Episode 6 staterd, just like that the excitement of the series broken like that. Changing the best chaterters was definitely not a good move at all. The attachment with the characters just disappeared like that. Deamon and the princess had a excellent wave between then.

But now the excitement for the series has lowered drastically. A very very very bad decision to change the lead characters. Disappointed hugely.
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Trashy romance novel in GOT packaging
jewellz4813 September 2022
And not a very good one. Gave it 4 episodes, but the writing was so trite, the plot so predictable, and the characterizations were all over the place. Just soaked in boring mediocrity, despite half-hearted efforts to shock with sex and violence. Tries to put a shoddy girl power veneer on the same old tired middle aged man/teen girl medieval relationship. I genuinely wanted to like this, but I veered between zoning out in boredom and being mildly irritated by its insipid banality. I don't know how this is rated so highly; the quality just isn't there. None of the actors are particularly charismatic and none of the story lines are especially compelling. Very disappointing effort.
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Meh, a soap opera with good production value, but lacks compelling plot
schlomo-jones12 September 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I'm four episodes in and I can say I don't feel strongly about this show. I was huge fan of GoT, but disappointed with the way it ended, so I was not really excited when they announced this show.

So far, it hasn't been that great. This takes place about 170ish years before the events of GoT, so we see what a Targaryean ruled Westeros is like. The plot so far heavily revolves around a looming war of succession between multiple Targaryeans. It's basically a soap opera, with a lot of double dealing and backstabbing going on.

One thing that really annoyed me was that they try to link it the original series by connecting the Targaryean rule to the prophecy in GoT. This makes little sense, and was clearly done as a cheap tie-in with little thought behind it. The worst part is, it's just a painful reminder of the way GoT ended, and how disappointing the whole "prophecy" thing was (not to mention a red herring) and how underwhelming the white walker invasion was after years of build up.

That brings me to my final complaint, in that there's no real compelling antagonists or protagonists here. We have a bunch of unlikeable characters vying for the throne, but all of them are pretty horrible. There's no Jon Snow or Tyrion Lannister, and after episode 4, it looks like Rhaenrys has more in common to Cersei than Daenerys. There is no one to root for, and no existential threat beyond the wall or from anywhere else. It's just palace intrigues and plots within plots.

Enjoyable for those like soap operas, with a little T&A and some brutal violence, with the occassional dragon thrown in. High production value for sure, and the end of episode three had a pretty cool battle scene. But this isn't the type of show you get obsessed with like GoT was.
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What a downer.
lawrencelawrence8621 September 2022
I am very surprised at the positive reviews and can only think they are fake or misguided. Not a single part of this programme is enjoyable not he actors ( some of whom are fantastic in other stuff) the writing, the action or the sets. Nothing is right, it should be a good enough show but ir doesn't excel anywhere. Being a latecomer to the original series and having the luxury of binge watching episode after episode due to the amazing story and quality was brilliant. But this slow pile of boring pointlessness that's slowly filling up my tv box and forcing me to watch it out of nothing but memories of the original series is painful.
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5 episodes in. Doubt I'll watch any more
Bobbysoxxx21 September 2022
Boring, solem and dull. After the 5th episode I think I'm done. I have zero interest in any of these characters. The last big battle sucked. The grit and excitement of GOT is gone. Terrible cgi. But most of all its just boring. Even the parts that should be exciting seem so limp. I had high hopes and gave it a chance but 5 hours in there should be something there to keep me invested but nah.

My review is over now im simply padding out the required characters. Man this is so stupid huh? Is that lord of the rings show good? Probably not. Um 56 to go. No wait 35. So.... close. ALMOST! Woo! Done..
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If Asylum did GOT it would look like this.
doorsscorpywag13 September 2022
GOT succeeded because it had great characters and equally great stories as to why they were there. Brilliantly sharp dialogue for even minor characters showed how much effort went into that show.

Over the opening series #1 you became invested in these characters because they were interesting and you wanted to know more about them.

HOTD has none of this. 4 episodes in it is a dull as dishwater amateur night wannabee which should not be mentioned in the same breath as GOT.

They use the same music but the opening sequence looks a cheap and nasty Asylum knockoff.

It is not as well filmed and has none of the panoramic scope GOT had.

We have seen a couple of locations mainly Kings Landing but nothing like the breadth the first series of GOT had.

The main characters are uninteresting and bland whilst the dialogue is about as incisive as a feather duster.

It only has two characters anything remotely interesting in Daemon and Rhaenyra and they are nothing to brag about.

GOT had people who appeared for one or two episodes that were fuller rounded characters than any of this lot.

The plot is pretty sparse and is jumping forward at a pace without any sense to it.

The biggest crime it is guilty of is that after 4 episodes it is as boring as hell.

I will stick with it for a bit more but if this is the best they can come up with I doubt I will make it to the end.
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Nothing but a slow soap opera
DocHolmberg14 September 2022
So, how much patience should we have with this?

Four episodes and it's nothing but a slow and boooooring soap opera with some soft porn, the traditional GOT-violence and a moronic dialogue. People are just talking to each other in different sceneries with disturbed faces.

Everything that was so great with the original GOT is totally lost here. No strong villains, no strong heroes, no mystery and nothing interesting that takes the story forward.

And the insane total rating (8,8!?) must come from die hard GOT-fans who have not watched this nonsense at all.

I just hope that the dragons kill everyone very soon so we will be done with this.
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Like watching paint dry
FilmBuff040929 August 2022
The characters are one dimensional and there is no chemistry between any of them on screen. The special effects are laughable compared to what GOT was able to pull off even in it's first season. There is no sense of excitement or magic that game of thrones had. It is not immersive in the slightest, just boring conversation after boring conversation. Yes this is more political than game of thrones, but it is not a fun watch at all, which it very well could be. I've had to take breaks every 20 minutes to go do something else before I can finish an episode. Hopefully this gets better. I won't be recommending this to anybody.
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GOT this is not, boooring
phelectric13 September 2022
Waiting all week for one episode is such a let down in the days of Netflix. Then to wait all 7days for such a boring episode. All the episodes besides the first have been such a snooze fest.

And if we wanted to see porn... we'll we'd rather just watch regular porn, rather than 5min of soft core filling up a show we've been waiting 7days for.

It's the age of internet and porn, you are wasting out time with trying to be Larry Flyntt, just quit it. And no you don't need to rachet it up a notch by making it insest. NO ONE IS WATCHING THIS SHOW FOR YOUR SORRY ATTEMPT TO DIRECT PORN, we want to see a good show, serious action, deep and witty dialogue, we'll developed characters, an amazing plot.

Damon has been the best part of the show same with the King, daughter/princess is doing all right.

But let's get moving along already is all I can say while sitting through an entire episode. A show like this on a Sunday night should be at least pretty good, this just ain't it guys and gals.

GOT was top 3 all time shows for me. This I'm about ready to walk away from. Even when GOT had a slow episode it at least had really good dialogue and interesting characters that you cared about.

This crap is just weird and boring. Straight cheeks.
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Not exciting (Edited after 6th episode)
akhil0277 September 2022
House of the Dragon is capable matching the technical quality of Game of Thrones. But sadly, it is not capable of providing the excitement which was there while watching GOT.

The first episode looked promising. But the show didn't get any better. The casting went so wrong. Neither the characters, nor the actors are likeable. They don't have the charm like the cast of GOT. Remember how we felt when Bran was pushed out the window and the credits started rolling in the very first episode of GOT? That feeling is missing from this. And the sudden jumps in time disrupts the flow of the story.

There's no one to root for. I hope it gets better.

Edit(E5): Finally! It gave me the GOT vibe. It's funny how Westeros has the most intense weddings. Alicent's entry was so good.

Edit(E6) : Ruined it again. The jumps in time are too much. The casting problem still remains. No one is likeable. They come too quickly, they dies too quickly. It's not an engaging story either. The conversations aren't intriguing either.
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Very, very promising.
lmahesa21 August 2022
Last week, I binged seasons 1-7 of GoT so those episodes are still very fresh in my mind and I am unaffected by rose tinted nostalgia.

I've just watched episode 1 of House of the Dragon.

How can I sum it up? So far, so good.

The music is sufficiently different to be fresh while remaining recognizable. The production quality and cinematography are as expected - fantastic, epic and awe inspiring, aside from a couple of excessively dark scenes that were over and done with very quickly.

There is gore aplenty. Nudity, vomit, sex and depravity. Incidental background humor. A promise of things to come.

The casting seems to be on point - I saw no issue with any of the characters, and the leads were well chosen for their roles.

The writing seems to be up to par. As an introduction, this episode was written and directed well. I want to see and know more - a good sign.

So far I'm pleased with this return to the land of Westeros. Valar morghulis!
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bellab197222 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
It's obvious what the writers wanted in the first episode, a death, sex scenes, betrayal by a close relative, a joust with violence, and a girl who is a tom boy and a mind of her own but from a powerful family.. sound familiar? The cast is not great but the worst choice is the kings daughter. Her acting is beyond terrible! Alcocks accent changes all of the time and the last scene of ep 1 says it all.. she has just been named the successor to the king which she wanted, takes a deep breath and what, I have absolutely no idea what's she's feeling or thinking. Is she happy, relieved, vindicated as a strong intelligent woman.. I don't know because her acting absolutely sucks! So far I'm not taken with the main characters, the King is so so.. I don't hate him but I don't like him either. Nobody really stands out, even the kings brother is boring and he is supposed to be the biggest threat to the crown so far!

I'm afraid the writers think by adding popular scenes and scenarios of GOT they will have a hit but it's far too obvious.. The joust is a copy of the joust in GOT where the mountain cuts his horses head off and wants to kill Tyrell.. but this joust scene was absolutely ridiculous having the protagonist killing random people who beat him in the joust. Honestly, it was stupid! Is this the crazy Targaryen trait we heard about so often.. are we to expect random craziness because the Targaryen's are insane!

I was so disappointed with so much.. We briefly saw Ned Starks great grandfather who should have been cast much better and been a powerful unforgettable man who looks honourable, instead we saw a fat pathetic older man with no personality!

The stories we heard of the Targaryen's in GOT especially by Shereen Baratheon and briefly by Arya talking to Tywin, described the female Targaryen's as influential powerful women but apparently they had to add woke garbage in The House of the Dragon and infer women are not respected blah blah blah.. and the last scene where she is named the successor, because the king has no sons, is supposed to make feminists happy but it just annoyed me because the story is wrong and disjointed. I honestly don't want to see causes being rammed down our throats and just want to watch dragons.

I'm hoping we see dragons, dragons being born, raised and trained!

Oh, when the kings wife was being cremated the daughter used the term 'dracaris' which Danaerys used! Danaerys didn't know anything about dragons, absolutely nothing.. so it makes no sense she used the same term as her ancestors used to make the dragons burn things, a term which supposedly means dragon fire. I wish they used a different term, maybe just 'fire' so Danaerys was close but not the exact word. That would have given the show more credibility and I would have thought 'wow'!

It's so obvious they are desperately trying to emulate GOT and failing miserably especially with the poor cast choices! They did change some things from GOT, no handsome characters like Jaimie, no sensational actors who are dynamic and too many to mention in GOT, no likeable characters yet, but we do have annoying characters like the daughter who can't act!

We will see but I'm not holding my breath! I wish viewers weren't so distracted with dragons and so desperate for another GOT and actually watched the show so their reviews were more considered because how can shows improve if we are blind to the faults!

I just hope we don't see more GOT scenarios which attempt to conjure up our memory and love of GOT and we do get creative new storyline's!

Ok, I'm up to ep 5 and it's getting worse! The blatant attempt to fool GOT fans and add obvious scenarios that were in GOT so we get reminded of our love for GOT is insulting! Having the princess dress as a boy and rebel is akin to Arya Stark dressing as a boy.. even the guard calling her 'boy' was annoying because it was an obvious attempt to remind us of GOT. The pre wedding dinner had to have a brutal death of course but the writers knew they could never out do the Red WEDDING because that was perfection. The backstabbing Kings HAND and the lacklustre storyline is all over the place.

The princess has the audience of possible suitors and she is so useless she can't even control the suitors and leaves when they fight. A true heir to any throne would never accept such disrespect but she does! Her character is all over the place going from a nasty, self reliant young woman to one that makes excuses when confronted by her step mother when questioned about her virtue. She is neither strong nor likeable!

Damon is pathetic and can apparently control horses because he gestures for his wife's horse to rear up and it does and crushes her. Then Damon gets a rock and we assume bashes her head in and again, we don't see what happens exactly the same as the crab king, who we assume he killed but didn't see!

I could pick this show to bits because it's so bad and I am disappointed GOT fans are so gullible they can't see the obvious attempts to copy GOT with the same type of scenarios which proves they can't come up with anything original yet.

I can't believe people are warming to any character because none of them are likeable and at this stage they could all get murdered and I wouldn't care! In fact, I wish they all did die and they started again with a better storyline and more dragons which we don't see much, the occasional dragon flying around and that's it.

For a family that love dragons they certainly don't do anything with them, they don't even feed or train them, or use them.. Damon didn't even fly to the Vale to kill his wife.. so what's up with that.. who would walk or ride a horse when they had dragons.. apparently people in this show, that's who!

Ok, I will be back when more episodes drop!

We will see, we will see!
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Seriously I don't even know what that (Ep 4) was!
Ghenghy15 September 2022
This show just keeps getting worse, and after 4 episodes I no longer care. Although these fake ratings are pretty entertaining, looks like HBO employees are blitzing this board to keep the ratings aloft. Thank the lord for all these negative reviews for the reality check, its that bad.

Casting could not be worse top to bottom, the brooding prince was the only cast member they got right, the king is a pantywaist sissy, he ain't scaring anybody and he sure as hell isn't inspiring any loyalty. The scene with the buck is guaranteed to make you sick, is this how liberals hunt?

Bad scriptwriting and lower standards of CGI make for a certified snoozefest. And BTW I cancelled my HBO subscription on Monday, they have nothing left.
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Tedious, boring, failing.
Spocks_Brain28 August 2022
After all the hype they present us with long, very boring discussions and dreary exposition. No action, no excitement, just talk, talk, talk. Soft focus, dim lighting and even JJ Abrams lens flare! Pouting teenagers that have ideas above their station and drone on and on with boring teenage conversations. Young Milly struggles to enunciate her lines. I gave up rewinding trying to figure out what she's saying. Dragons are so yesterday and these are not the best CGI we've seen by any means. Matt Smith is totally unconvincing as a villain. I keep expecting him to pull out a sonic screwdriver and crack a corny joke. This is looking very poor and an insult to the quality of GoT. Just another lame show with a men bad, women good agenda to push. The tired old storyline about an unhappy princess refusing to marry has been done to death and I don't think unrealistic portrayals of female history are empowering at all. Disrespectful really.
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The red wedding?
eivindtoft14 September 2022
Warning: Spoilers
So your'e telling me that 3 seasons of characterbuilding involving Robb Stark, Catelyn Stark, Robbs wife and their tragic deaths at the hand of Walder Frey in Rains of Castamere deserves the same rating and comparising as "light our way" in HOD? Im really trying to find out if this is real or just trolling...

Over the course of 45 minutes ( episode-time) Criston Cole has a ons with Rhanerys, which evolves into some small soap-opera jealousy, and eventually results in Cole killing a gay dude we have seen for about 2 minutes in the series. So SHOCKING. Well, maybe Coles in for some Joffrey-treatment since he disgraced a royal wedding? Nah. He was sent out in the garden for some thinking time.. Seriously?

Rains of castamere vibes? You got to be kidding me..
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Why does this have an 8.8/10? Super disappointed.
AdmiralAnxiety13 September 2022
I love GoT with all of my heart, and was so excited to finally watch this, especially with its high IMDb score. But, as it happens, this is one of those times where the quality of the show doesn't match its IMDb score. :( All I could feel, while watching, was that this show felt hollow, and I thought for sure I had to be mistaken; but after going through reviews, it confirmed to me that my feelings were right - House of the Dragon is an absolutely mediocre show. I have no feelings towards any character. Whatever they say, not interested. Whatever they express, not interested. The characters feel depthless, the story feels uncompelling. It doesn't GRIP you. It doesn't even need to be compared with GoT, it's just a super weak show, bottom line. Bummer.
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Illogical reviews
chris_rowe-881-16882023 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
You knew most reviews were going to be 10 or 1 just because of it being a GOT linked show, people will either automatically love it because their a fan or give it no real chance and complain about every little thing.

I know it's easy to compare but I just tried to watch it as a new show whilst enjoying things that are familiar and also new.

One argument I've seen is the "woke" casting, I understand that logic so many times in so many shows, however I only see it as an issue if the person playing the role is bad, if they do a good job then I don't think it matters at all. If it's bad performance and also cast for the wrong reason then it creates the new age arguments, for me I thought he was good and also the white hair with the skin tone for me looked class.

The young girl is awesome! Although I couldn't tell if the friendship with the other girl is plutonic or a little more but I actually don't have an issue with stuff as long as it's done well, she for me is a star, saw her in that tim minchin show and she's just brilliant. The rest on the whole were decent at the worst, my one thing is, I don't love established actors in roles in these kinda shows, new actors or up and comers, I didn't even recognise Rhys for ages. I'm not a Matt smith fan, don't enjoy him at all, his voice irritates and his look for me just isn't something that appeals for me. However I actually thought he was alright. Just wish that kinda role could showcase a new actor.

The story was slow but was always going to be, it had to introduce a lot, I actually felt it rushed through the heir bit to get that angle going but it all worked ok, seen complaints about the pregnancy scene, unsure why, with technology and lack of medical stuff they had then, I can't see that as anything other than realistic, i don't agree marking stuff down because you don't want to see something and not because it was done badly.

The dragons didn't look far different from memory but I didn't notice anything aesthetically that stood out as bad, it didn't feel as polished as later in GOT but I'm unsure of budget. If I compared it to early GOT it looks better so it's 50/50.

It did enough to intrigue me, It's very easy to forget a lot of shows don't get going for a couple of episodes when they have a lot to establish but I don't think this was a bad episode 1, my only kinda thing was not having a bit more side plots with other characters but there's not the most time in one episode.

I'm interested to see where it goes, the king doesn't have the best presence on screen and I don't foresee him lasting that long with the heir being the big plot point. I did get similar vibes of Robert from him as in dying early. And princess gave me Arya vibes to.

Overall not too bad, it had a tough act to follow but if you didn't see GOT and watched the first episodes of each I'd say this one was probably better looking but the content is vastly different and for me not comparable.

Only thing I felt it lacked which I can't really moan about as it was a GOT thing, I miss the comic relief of Tyrian style character.
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Just As Good As The Original
mtthwyoungs21 August 2022
House of The Dragon contains the same exact thrill that Game Of Thrones captured for so many seasons. It is gorey, violent, brutal, and very well written. HBO rebounds very well.
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The glimmer of GoT is there, but not the depth of it
kemkomacar1 September 2022
After two episodes, I gave up watching this one. It's a decent tv series that fails miserably reaching to the level of GoT.

The thing that bothers me most is the reliance only on a single storyline. For instance, we already have a possibly interesting character called "crabfeeder" but there hasn't been told anything about him. GoT has multiple interesting storylines in the same episode that sometimes converge and diverge into other stories.

If you want to relive the epicness of GoT, then watch it again. This one is like a food similar to your favorite from outside but it tastes foul after one bite.
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With every episode I dropped my rating...
ecsecs-9122522 September 2022
As many critics and fans alike would agree, the original GOT seasons 1-6, and elements of 7 was some of the best television ever produced. Yet so far House of the Dragon is a mere shell of GOT's prior greatness.

It all starts with the casting. I myself am a person of color and I can't stress enough that forced diversity is ruining this show. Contrary to the popular narrative that the original GOT was devoid of diversity, people of color were cast in large numbers (no need to take my word for it, simply go back a rewatch any season). But more importantly in the original the best actor/actress fitting the character as written got cast. I mean how often do you watch a series where each character, whether they're good bad rich poor kind or insufferable, we found them all relatable. Now House of the dragon does have several characters that cast appropriately (Daemon/Matt Smith being one, I think he's doing a great job), but from a general sense the casting just feels off.

Outside of the casting, the style of story telling used here for House Of The Dragon is not that entertaining. Without the GOT labels behind this, it's merely a documentary of re-enacted medieval history at selected points in time. I'm ok with the time jumps and fewer battles as this series, so far, takes place during an era of general peace. But the original GOT constantly gave you detailed character arcs, multiple perspectives, both fast and slow paced drama, cleaver conversation, immersive scenery, charisma, empathy, and the all important musical score! Every GOT fan I've ever interacted with always commented on how great the score was throughout and how the different themes were used to perfection (Warrior of light, Son Of The Harpy, Mother of Dragons, The Rains Of Castamere!) With The House Of The Dragon we get very little and in the few moments where it's included in the scene, it's mostly dull and forgettable. That said I'm left wondering wonder why this doesn't get brought up more often.

Ultimately I'm going to hold out hope for this show. Great potential here and no doubt the Targaryen blood line and the complexities of this house is a big draw. Hope is that future episodes/season get back to their original brand of GOT story telling.
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