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People Ruin Everything
solojere7 October 2021
"Social media was a good idea, but people ruin everything," That pretty much sums up this documentary that looks into the dark side of social media and social shaming online. I think that this documentary is really important at our current moment in time where social media is such a huge part of our society. And honestly, it is scary because it seems like this public shaming could happen to anyone at any time, and it doesn't solve anything. It just furthers the current political divide. With that said, I think people should watch this and consider the effects of what we post online.
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Not as thought provoking as I expected
Real_Mrs_JonSnow17 October 2021
I was looking forward to watching this. But as another reviewer said, it started out great then became uninteresting halfway in. I am not a republican, I'm definitely more liberal than anything. However, I too am tired of everything in the media having a far left view. This documentary wasn't any different. The experts were all so similar it became monotonous. I enjoy hearing different opinions, but unfortunately, no one is allowed to disagree anymore. No one is allowed to grow and learn from their mistakes, or even make mistakes in the first place. Once someone makes a remark that isn't liberal, they are unjustly punished by strangers and sometimes public figures on the internet. I was hoping we would hear more from the people who were unfairly cancelled and less repetitive points of view from the experts. I felt sympathy for the people who actually went through mass shaming online, and would have preferred to hear from more of them. There's plenty of them out there, our online society has become deplorable. Everyone is so angry and defensive, I wish they had tapped more into that aspect of it. There were some informative moments, but the rest was too dull to save it. This topic needs more than an hour and a half, it should have been a doc-series with more experts who have different thoughts and more interesting research and facts on the topic. They missed a great opportunity with this one.
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Well Done but Suffers from its own Ambitions
mekjd31 January 2022
I stayed away from this film, thinking (wrongly) that its focus would be on its producer.

Not so. The film attempts to encompass all of the issues that impact the use and misuse of online media, and how lives are affected by online behavior. My sense is that it would have been a better product had each facet of the online world been presented separately, in a series, with a wrap up at the end.

Nonetheless, this was very well done and I will take away the names of resources featured.

Notwithstanding that this documentary was in many respects a pleasant surprise, the none-too-subtle imagery attempting to link undesirable groups to a former president detracted from the film's overall theme.
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Strong Beginning But Fizzles Out
siesta-508457 October 2021
This doc had a lot of potential and had engaging subjects who were interviewed. But the overwhelming focus on "experts" - some of whom were nothing more than far-left grievance studies academics - really undermined what is an important discussion. The doc really loses its focus (cancel culture) towards the end and devolves into SJW pandering. Too bad. This could've been great.
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The dark side of internet and toxic culture
Internet has many usage, looking for information, meeting new people across the world and it's great.....at first. Over time the internet has become an ugly place. People saying mean things, trolling and threats. This documentary explore how "the tool" that was started great corrupt us and how those in power exploited the powerless in their greed.
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A good motivation to stop with all social networks.
the_real_smile29 April 2022
Personally, I stopped using all social networks about 10 years ago, even then I already thought wtf, but couldn't just quit get what is was.

Till I saw this docu, and the sad realization then things became to complex came over me. People indeed think they do good by reposting something somebody did wrong, or do it just to insult someone, whatever the reason, bot and the social network algorithms make sure the news is shared to as many people as is can, just for the advertising income. People's suffering has become big business, just see this docu.

I still do not think I miss 1 thing about social networks.
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Could have been great
laurazell22 October 2021
It started out strong with examples of internet shaming that are both recognizable and more nuanced than Twitter outrage allows us to explore. Remember the guy who bought all the hand sanitizer in early 2020? There are even some cultural psychologists who weigh in on human tendencies and behaviors and offered insightful commentary.

Then, they brought in the gender studies experts. It all went downhill from there when they started explaining how women who get internet-shamed are victims of the patriarchy. Roxanne Gay weighed in to tell us it's not "cancel culture," but is actually "consequence culture." Unless, of course you're a woman of color, then it's just racism.

It's really too bad that it took the turn it did because it had such great potential to be objective and reflective.
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Since when are film reviews a place for personal attacks?
jocelyn_211920 November 2021
The people posting negative reviews with personal attacks on the creators are only validating the message of the documentary. I seriously doubt they watched this documentary or at the very least watched it and didn't want to hear it. This is, objectively, a well-done documentary with food for thought no matter your political stance.
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Downside of Public Shaming
chaitanyamaheshwari22 November 2021
Although made with good intentions, the documentary can't seem to find out what it wants to be. There are individual sections, addressing different aspects of online shaming, but all scattered and thus, it makes one see all of it through one eyeglass. It definitely could have been better.
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What Nonsense Is This?
helenahandbasket-9373424 October 2021
Chrissakes it completely figures this is the creation of Lewinski and the Catfish show recording guy- you can't disagree with a lot of what's presented but it's the manner in which it's presented.

Media created this deep division and cancel culture and we just keep right on buying into it and helping them drive the divisive narrative.

When you're reduced to having a GENDER STUDIES PROFESSOR as an 'expert', you've lost every ounce of credibility and employed someone whose only worthwhile achievement was getting a degree but the actual degree isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

Someone needs to explore this topic with real experts who will do their due diligence without ridiculous confirmation bias clouding judgment.
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Both depressing or completely hilarious.
plau_chi11 October 2021
Great fodder for misanthropes to further believe the human race is a joke. This movie is actually about how most people are insignificant in life and get some sense of strength or confidence when they can feel above someone else for one dumb move.

40 minutes into the film that point is finally made (more eloquently) but not before annoying you with some bad analysts. One woman who adds "doctor" to her name says 'social media is good but but people ruin things'... uhh ok well, then that's exactly why social media is bad. When were people NOT going to be involved in social media?

Of course it wouldn't be an HBO film without a liberal lean, as they focus on this one woman canceled for anti-Trump remarks, which was ridiculous to happen to her but also ignores the fact that it's mostly the woke mob canceling right-wingers these days. The network's own flagship liberal Bill Maher even says this regularly.

The part with Tristan Harris is awesome but I've heard it all before from him elsewhere: we're all guinea pigs getting played and pitted against each other by big tech. Yep. There are also interviews from wise folks talking about the short sightedness of cancel culture, so points for that.

Then you have some Kristen whoever, defending cancel culture because, sometimes, predators got busted, which is fine if that were all that happens but she's missing the point that it's mostly panicky nonsense harming otherwise fine people: such as the Latino man they interview who was fired because a photo caught him mid-flick of his fingers and morons thought it was a racist gesture. Are we serious, people?

And not to victim blame but the montage of "canceled" people apologizing was equally embarrassing, and shows you how this nonsense persists: our society rewards weak whiny people who are making other people weak by apologizing for mostly non-issues whatsoever.
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"People are still mean to me because I alone wasted multi millions of tax payer dollars in the 90s" The Movie
secrective12 October 2021
Theres an important issue with online hatred and harassment but this isnt the documentary to explore that issue. Monica selling herself over and over and over again. And over and over and over again. How many books? How many films now? Playing the victim while cashing the check.
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Max built his fame on public shaming
lharper136-264-51948928 December 2021
Max wouldn't be interesting enough if he hadn't built his whole career on public shaming. Why would he direct anything that highlights public shame in a negative way as if his own public shaming behavior didn't actually happen.
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Hard to take seriously
tamfiorella12 December 2021
This could have been important content if it wasn't pushing a woman who saved a stained dress as a victim. I just couldn't get past that. She was an adult who knew exactly what she was doing. The internet is a mean place but she's no victim.
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