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Morven Christie: Jane Bennet


  • Lady Catherine de Bourgh : Well? What do you have to say for yourself?

    Mrs. Bennet : I say this. You are a prig, Madam, a pander and a common bully. And you cheat at cards! Do you suppose you may enter my house and brandish your hat at me thus? I have a mind to turn you upside down and use you to scrape out Ambrosia's sty.

    Lady Catherine de Bourgh : Madam, I take my leave of you.

    Mrs. Bennet : Do! Or I shall take you out and set to scraping! Scrape, scrape, scrape, I shall go!

    Mr. Bennet : Tally-ho, wife!

    Mr. Collins : Mrs. Bennet, you must desist!

    Jane Bennet : Oh be quiet, you silly man. Do you suppose Mama would permit her daughters to be married to your brothers when before her very eyes is the specimen of you?

    Mr. Bennet : [after Lady Catherine and Mr. Collins leave]  Tonight Mrs. Bennet, with your permission, I think I shall sleep in our bedroom.

  • Jane Bennet : He is in love with you.

    Amanda Price : No, he can't be! That... doesn't make sense at all. That's crazy. Darcy, okay, and Elizabeth Bennet of Longbourne, not Darcy and Amanda Price of W6!

    Jane Bennet : Lizzie did not come to my wedding. She has detached herself from the fortunes of this family. It is the thing that she has chosen. You must acknowledge this, Miss Price, of your own choosing. I think you are a good person and you deserve happiness!

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