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  • Taking refuge in an isolated snow-covered fort, four criminals find secrets, dangers and three alluring sirens.

  • Four criminals are on the way to a hospital when their suburban breaks down. Trying to keep their comrade alive, they hike through the snow and stumble upon a fort. The fort's inhabitants, a trio of beautiful sisters, take them in and care for them. However, things are not all they seem to be in the fort once the lights go out. Now in a fight for all their lives, the quartet must find a way to escape alive before they become a sacrifice to a creature more terrifying than they could ever realize.


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  • Four men in a truck ride down a snowy country road. One man, Navarro, coughs loudly.

    "We really need to get Navarro to a hospital," says Lemmon, a young man sitting in the back of the cab. He then complains about the route the driver, Point, has chosen.

    "The last thing we want to do is attract attention," Point shoots back. "End up with some cop looking through our stuff." The men are clearly on the run from something.

    Suddenly, a BANG! The truck rolls to a stop. The engine dies. Point gets out, followed by Diego, a rough-looking man in an orange vest.

    What looks to be a railroad spike protrudes from the road. The underside of the truck is gutted.

    "We're screwed," Point says.

    Lemmon leans out the rear window. "Guys, Navarro's coughing up a lot of blood."

    Point walks to the side of the road. He notices smoke rising the distance. Some kind of house, maybe?

    "Let's get the gear out of the truck," he says.

    The men trudge through the snow towards the smoke, pulling Navarro across the frozen landscape in a small canoe. Someone watches them from afar.

    Opening credits! Welcome to "Fear Itself!"

    The men continue to trudge. Lemmon continues to argue with Point. The group eventually stops outside what appears to be the outer wall of a fort. The only way in is a wide double door with a cross hanging above it.

    They enter and walk through what looks to be a makeshift cemetery. Then they come upon a large house at the center of a square. Inside, Lemmon carefully lays Navarro on a couch, covering him with a blanket.

    "This place is nice and creepy," Lemmon quips.

    "Are you just here to annoy me?" Point asks.

    "No, I'm here cause I'm your brother and 'cause you love me," Lemmon responds. "And 'cause I made the deal."

    Point and Diego head to a primitive kitchen downstairs and hear voices. A radio. Point snaps it off. Diego notices black-and-white drawings of various people hanging on the walls.

    Then, from above, a scream!

    The men rush upstairs to find a young blonde woman kneeling over Navarro's body. She says she is only trying to help ... then pulls a rifle. Point points a revolver back at her.

    "Do us all a favor and drop it," he growls.

    She does. Just then, another blonde woman enters. Lemmon pulls his gun: "Freeze!"

    "Lemmon, relax," Point tells his little brother.

    The two are sisters: Chelsea and Virginia. The sisters lead the group outside. Points asks to use a phone. "No phone," Virginia says.

    "We do not care much for the bonds of modern society," Chelsea adds.

    They offer to put the men up for the night. Virginia then asks Diego for some help in the barn. Diego, intrigued, follows her.

    Inside the guest quarters, the men see another sick body. "The reverend was injured," Chelsea explains. The men lay Navarro down on a bed. They examine his injury -- a gaping chest wound (perhaps a gun shot). Lemmon, looking nervous, explains that it happened during as a result of a river boating accident. The sister, for good reason, doesn't believe it.

    Point explains that they are from California. The sister comments that she would like to "see the ocean someday" and that she has "never been outside these walls." She asks the men to leave and eat dinner.

    "The stew is best eaten hot," she insists.

    Point and Lemmon leave the room. The sister, meanwhile, sews Navarro's grisly wound. Then she pulls out a bigger needle ... and sews Navarro's lips shut!

    Back from commercial break, the compound is quiet. Eerily quiet. Virginia leads Diego into the barn. She leans over to pick up a blanket. Diego can't help but notice her ... ample assets.

    "Your boyfriend's a lucky guy," he quips.

    "No boyfriend," she says, smiling. "I don't get out much. It gets lonely at night."

    "It's a good thing I came along then, huh?" Diego says.

    "Yes ... very good thing," she says.

    The two kiss. She looks meaningfully at a blanket on the ground. "Get ready for the ride of your life," Diego says, unbuckling his belt. He moves over the blanket and FALLS THROUGH A TRAP DOOR! He hits the ground hard and screams for help. Virginia, emotionless, closes the trap door.

    Point and Lemmon come upon on a third blonde sister serving bowls of stew. She gives each of the men a bowl.

    "This is really good," says Lemmon. "What is the meat? Is it beef? Or lamb? Is it rabbit?"

    Chelsea enters. "Tara doesn't speak," she explains. Chelsea says that she believes Navarro will be fine. Point suspects something. He grabs a bowl of soup to take to Navarro -- despite the young woman's protests. Point then tells Lemmon to find Diego.

    Point approaches Navarro ... and finds that the man's lips have been sewn together. AND a wooden stake now protrudes from his chest. Point recoils in horror. Suddenly: a GROWL! The reverend sits up, muttering incoherently. His legs are chained to the bed. The growling continues. It is not the reverend but something ... else.

    Point grabs an ax and begins hacking at the chain, trying to free the disheveled man. "Nooo!" the reverend yells. The growling gets louder. Giving up on breaking the chain, Point picks the man up and carries him down the hall until the chain goes taut. Something YANKS the reverend back into the guest room. But what?!

    More screaming! Then a commercial.

    Back from break, we can hear Diego screaming for help from the bottom of the pit. Inside, he flips open his lighter and discovers a human skull.

    Gun drawn, Point heads back to the kitchen. He finds Chelsea calmly washing the dishes.

    "Killing me will not save you," she says. "I am sorry. It is too late."

    "What's out there?" Point demands. She only shakes her head. Disgusted, Point leaves to find Lemmon.

    Lemmon, meanwhile, is outside searching for Diego. He spies a hooded figure entering the barn. Lemmon follows. Inside, Virginia removes her hooded coat and looks seductively at the young man. She approaches him.

    "I think Lemmon is sexy," she whispers.

    Then she WHACKS the young man upside the head with an ax handle. He goes down in a heap of Lemmon.

    One commercial break later, Lemmon awakens. The only problem: He is hanging upside down while blood from his head wound drips into a saucer. Animal furs hang all around him.

    Meanwhile, Chelsea closes the reverend's dead eyes. His body is strangely unharmed. Crying, she clutches a cross and says a prayer. Behind her, the reverend STANDS UP. He -- or "it" at this point -- inches closer. The young woman takes a deep breath and grabs an ax. She turns, swinging, and lops off the dead man's head.

    Point enters a room decorated with license plates from all over the country. Understanding begins to dawn.

    Diego claws his way up the pit, but falls at the last moment. Suddenly: POUNDING above him. The lid on his stone prison slowly lifts. What Diego sees horrifies him. A growling figure comes to the edge of the pit. Diego lets out a blood-curdling SCREAM.

    Lemmon also screams for help. Tara enters. She unfurls a black-and-white drawing of Lemmon. The implication: She has drawn all of the creature's victims. Suddenly: GROWLING. Tara slowly backs out of the room, quite literally leaving Lemmon hanging.

    Point yells for his brother. He enters the taxidermy shack to find a horrible, humanoid creature having Lemmon for lunch. The thing GROWLS, SNARLS and LEAPS onto a ceiling rafter. It bares huge teeth from its bleached white face. Point SHOOTS, emptying his hand gun. The creature disappears.

    Point reloads and cuts down his brother. Tara comes SCREAMING into the room, waving a giant ax at Lemmon. Point shoves her hard against the wall and Tara is impaled on an iron spike.

    Carrying his brother, Point rushes across the snowy ground into the living room. He lays Lemmon on the same couch that Navarro had laid on earlier. Point then opens the men's bags to reveal a massive stash of guns and ammo. The weapons must be part of the deal that the men were running from.

    Virginia and Chelsea enter. "What have you done?" Chelsea asks. Virginia suddenly goes for another ax -- the tools seem to be hanging in every room -- in an attempt to kill Lemmon, but Point stops her. Meanwhile, Lemmon has gone deathly pale.

    "Your brother was bitten," Chelea says. "You have no choice but to kill him before he turns. He will become like the creature unless dies by fire, a stake through the heart, or ..."

    " ... We chop off his head, Virginia finishes.

    "You saying my brother is a vampire!?" Point demands.

    "Not yet," Virginia says.

    Chelsea explains that when her people came from Romania, the creature hid among them. They built the fort to keep the creature away from others. As long as they provide food, it will stay with them. The sisters are the last of their people. The reverend was their father. He was allowing the creature to feed off of him until fresh blood arrived.

    "We have dedicated our lives to saving a world we have never even seen," Chelsea says. "We know what we do is wrong, but what choice do we have?"

    Point makes the rather obvious suggestion: "Kill the sonofabitch!"

    Lemmon, meanwhile, is dying. He fades and is still. After a few beats his eyelids SPRING open, revealing nothing but white. Lemmon leaps at his brother, who wrestles him to the ground. Lemmon then leaps off Point and onto Virginia. He sinks his newly grown fangs into her neck.

    Thinking fast, Point grabs a fireplace poker and jams it through his brother's heart. Point watches Lemmon die ... again.

    BANGING ... at the door ... at the window ... on the roof ... everywhere! Point grabs the bag of guns, the girls and charges outside.

    The creature lurks on the rooftops. Point, holding a mini machine gun in each hand, opens fire. He seems to the hit the creature, or has at least bought the trio some time by winging it. They run into the barn and head for the trap door. Chelsea opens the lid and lowers her bitten sister into the darkness. Virginia cries, but knows this is the only way.

    "Chelsea, we need to go!" Point screams.

    The two rush outside and huddle. The creature enters the barn and heads for the pit, staring down at Virginia. Chelsea can hear her sister whimpering in terror. Point rushes back inside, pushing the creature into the pit. Chelsea slams the lid shut!

    Point grabs an ax, using the spiked backside of its blade to punch holes in the metal. Chelsea pours gasoline through the holes and into the pit. She nods at Point, who throws a kerosene lamp against the lid. It bursts into flames!

    Later, Point and Chelsea watch as the entire barn burns to the ground. They join hands and walk away.

    It is daybreak. Chelsea opens the double doors to the fort, readying to take her first steps into the outside world. Point pauses. He pulls back his coat to reveal three bite marks on his shoulder. Crying, Chelsea shuts the door, locking them both in.

    She turns to Point, cold murder in her eyes.

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