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Illegal Immigration . . . What the Politicians don't want you to see
kinghq117 October 2020
This is a VERY powerful look at Immigration. Not just here in the US, but what it takes to get TO the US. Director Namrata Singh Gujral looks at this issue like none other. This is NOT a Political statement, but a REAL, unfiltered, look at Immigration.
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Truthful, Revealing and Empathetic - Triple Threat
madamannam18 October 2020
This movie sheds light on the honest truth and corruption of illegal immigration but instead of leading with fear it's enveloped in compassion for both the illegal immigrants and American citizens. A revealing and honest perspective. It's the conversation we should all have. And unlike many documentaries these days, it even has some real suggestions and opinions on how to handle the situation, encouraging us to open up and discuss the topic.

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A Compassionate Documentary Giving Insight Into Illegal Immigration
cacram8117 October 2020
This was a powerful film and important for all to see. Americans need to open their eyes to look past all the propaganda and seek truth. This movie was very informative and shows the huge disservice illegal immigration does not only to Americans, but the illegal immigrants themselves. In order to fix problems we need to be informed, and can no longer tolerate the censorship and propaganda of the mainstream media and big tech. I applaud Namrata Singh Gujral and others working on this project for the courage to see it through. I really like how you showed the history to the work visa system in America, that unfortunately was terminated decades ago. While this film was made by Democrats, and I am a Republican. This shouldn't be a divisive issue. Leaders need to stop playing politics and pass laws updating our immigration system. It's about not allowing coyotes and cartels to take advantage of the vulnerable. It's about protecting lives. It's about doing right by immigrants and Americans.
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Aspects Of Immigration
yoninahthecat18 October 2020
The problem with all documentaries that have to be edited into a length accessible to the viewer is that you only have a limited time-frame in which to deal with the subject matter.

The Director/Writer does a great job here, dealing with four (I think) specific 'lives' in order to draw together a series of warnings about the current state of the American Immigration System.

What I found lacking, unfortunately, was the counterpoint, the deeper pry into those lives that were being presented to the Viewer as representative of the whole.

The seemingly endless rows of homeless along the side the roads frequently filmed was played alongside the homeless Vet and his wife with the implied suggestion that they were somehow representative of most of those who find themselves 'on the streets'.

The couple's story was important to cover - but with the necessarily limited time available, the thrust of the film must take on a narrow storyline that guides the narrative in one direction.

This is no bad thing - it's just that it becomes a necessity.

However, as the Media today take their listeners in a totally different route, this film is refreshing, challenging and worth watching. It stands alongside, for example, Simon Reeve's footage of his travels either side of the US-Mexico Border that was broadcast as part of the BBC Documentary series on America.

This is not a pleasant film - but it's a necessary one.
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America's Forgotten is truly a gripping and brilliant movie
platinum-3630117 October 2020
While I knew the issues surrounding the immigration debate, this substance-rich movie - an incredibly moving piece of art - brought such a level of depth and nuance that I recommend this movie to folks of all political persuasions.

Namrata - Thank you for doing this amazing movie. You are brave! The big tech platforms that are trying to embargo this movie are really showing how weak their values-system is against the power of your message.
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Not a well-made documentary
SmudgeSmill3 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I don't have an issue with the message, but I do with the way it was evidenced.

Spending 90 minutes laying out a handful of anecdotes is not sufficient to make a substantial and coherent argument.

One of the anecdotes is simply a case of someone being accidentally killed in a car crash -- but the driver of the car was an "illegal alien". The argument that's rammed down our throats is that 'this never would have happened if there weren't any illegal aliens', which is as useful an argument as saying we would never have anyone killed by guns if we just rename guns as 'bullet propellers'. If an anecdote of an illegal immigrant causing someone's death is evidence of how bad illegal immigration is, then an anecdote of an illegal immigrant saving someone's life is evidence of how good illegal immigration is.

One of the other anecdotes is about a homeless veteran and his wife. As far as I can tell, this has absolutely nothing to do with illegal immigration other than the curious and baseless assertion that these people wouldn't be homeless if it weren't for "illegal aliens".

In summary: even if this is an important message for Americans to hear, this documentary is not the way it should be heard.
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The uncomfortable truth
cadimum30 December 2020
This documentary is very eye opening. Investigative journalism is all but dead. This movie however gives me hope and made me think. The only reason I didn't want to switch from Dem to republican was because of immigration. I did research and had to follow my heart and morals and switched after realizing much of what is in this documentary is blatantly true. Highly recommend!
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Naturalragman19 October 2020
"Due to possible political backlash, ALL crew have voluntarily withheld their credits, from the film."

I'm going to call BS on that... BS. It's simply a ploy to make a Documentary relevant. Not that it isn't somewhat. But...Get Real!
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What a bunch of lies.
creykdal-5951111 November 2020
This is not a documentary it's total lies put out my the Republicans. Good bye Trump. No more lies.
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