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still love the characters
SnoopyStyle13 October 2021
Wednesday uses Uncle Fester in her experiment for a science fair run by Cyrus Strange. Morticia and Gomez take the family on a road trip and Wednesday is not too happy. Cyrus Strange now claims to be her biological father in a switched-at-birth accident. Gomez tries to stay ahead of Strange's lawyer and keep it secret from Wednesday.

I do love these characters but I also wonder if most of that love comes from the live action movies. I do wish that they use some of the live action actors for the voices. As for this story, it's good to center it on Wednesday but it does make the rest of the family more like supporting characters. The better drama is probably Wednesday being kidnapped and the family working together to rescue her. For this movie, the middle meanders around. Their stops are rather random. They go to Niagara Falls instead of Salem. It's not the best choice. I do like the fish-out-of-water aspect of going to Miami beach. This seems to be trying to be Vacation or something. It's not really that good but I still love these characters.
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Up and Addams
nogodnomasters6 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
This story centers on Wednesday as the family takes their version of a Winnebago across country. A scientist in California believes Wednesday is his biological daughter separated at birth when Uncle Fester played juggle the babies in the infirmary. The parents are attempting to keep this a secret from her, but Wednesday is too clever.

The cartoon was pun filled, too many to catch in one viewing. It brought a smile to my face.
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pretty much what I expected
lee_eisenberg13 October 2021
Outside of the main plot, "The Addams Family 2" is pretty much what I expected. No masterpiece, but nothing terrible. Worth mentioning that there are some jokes that only adults will understand.
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An enjoyable sequel...
paul_haakonsen2 October 2021
Well, if you enjoyed the 2019 animated movie "The Addams Family" then you will most certainly also enjoy this 2021 sequel titled "The Addams Family 2".

It was quite enjoyable to see that the animated movie kept the originality, humor and odd art style that was seen in the 2019 movie, which made for a great sense of familiarity and continuity.

The storyline told in "The Addams Family 2" is spooky and ooky - see what I did there? Yup, the storyline was one that was every bit as fun and enjoyable as it was something that certainly had that particular Addams Family magic to it. There is something for the entire family to be enjoyed here in this 2021 animated movie, kids and adults alike.

It should be said that the art style is quirky, but I found it to be rather enjoyable. And yeah, the art style definitely match the oddity that is the Addams Family, so it was spot on yet again. The animation is good and fluid, and there is an abundance of great details to be noticed in the scenes, which does make for an interesting second viewing of the movie.

There is a good amount of fun and laughs throughout the course of the entire movie.

With "The Addams Family 2" being an animated movie, of course having a good voice cast is crucial. And believe you me, they certianly had that with this one. The voice actors and actresses were so well-cast for the individual roles, and it was quite an impressive ensemble, with the likes of Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, Chloë Grace Moretz, Nick Kroll, Bette Midler, Bill Hader and Wallace Shawn.

"The Addams Family 2" is an animated movie that certainly is watchable for Halloween, just as it an animated movie that just as easily can be enjoyed the rest of the year. Me and my family were genuinely entertained by this 2021 animated movie.

My rating of "The Addams Family 2", from directors Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon and Laura Brousseau lands on a six out of ten stars.
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Addam poor effort...
CinemaSerf8 October 2021
Whilst I didn't actually hate this film, I really left the cinema wondering just who it was made for? The youngsters at the screening were soon bored and though there are a few jokes hidden away for the adults, we were not long in following them down this path of colourfully animated, but really pretty lacklustre ennui. The story centres around "Wednesday" being lured by a mad scientist to share her body transfer formula with him. To achieve this end, he tries to convince her that she is not a true "Addams" and this tests all the family bonds and loyalties. The best scenes belong to "Lurch" - doing his best Gloria Gaynor on the piano in a bar full of maladjusted bikers, but otherwise it really is a pretty dull experience that shows off the animators art well, but much less so that of the screenwriters, the director or, particularly, the acting talents of Charlize Theron, Oscar Isaac or even the sparing appearances of "Grandma" (Bette Midler). I did quite like their motor-home though...
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More A Hoot Than A Horror
zardoz-138 November 2021
Warning: Spoilers
An animated feature-length cartoon catering primarily to children, "The Addams Family 2" qualifies as more of a hoot than a horror. The spooky cartoons the late Charles Addams drew for The New Yorker magazine between 1938 and his death in 1988 inspired this imaginative but bizarre, 93-minute, PG-rated chiller. Those vintage, single-panel, pen and ink sketches juggled horror and humor with clever sophistication. In 1964, the Addams Family stepped from those pages and trod across television screens in a weekly, 30-minute, black & white, ABC-TV series. Most of the show's humor emerged from the cultural clash between the eccentric Addams and the everyday citizens who accosted them. Sadly, "The Addams Family" withered on the airwaves after only two seasons, before resuming life as a Hanna Barbera cartoon series that few can recount. Indeed, television-the electronic fireplace--huddled families together happily in the warmth of hearth and home. Several classic television series hailed the virtues of family life, such as "The Waltons," "The Beverly Hillbillies," "The Brady Bunch," "Little House on the Prairie," "Bonanza," "The Jeffersons," and "The Flintstones." Inevitably, CBS-TV conjured up its own campy comedy "The Munsters." Like "The Addams Family," "The Munsters" fared no better, lasting from 1964 to 1966. Later, two live-action theatrical films "The Addams Family" (1991) and "Addams Family Values" (1993), co-starring Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia followed, but the franchise faded. "Sausage Party" co-directors Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon rebooted the franchise with their animated slapstick comedy "The Addams Family" (2019), and it succeeded in spawning a sequel. "The Addams Family 2" has scared up sufficient coin that the producers have announced another installment for October 2022. Gleefully, these two feature-length animated escapades have mixed the merry with the macabre. While some of the wit may puzzle younger minds, anybody who remembers "The Addams Family" fondly will smirk at this latest incarnation.

The precocious daughter of Morticia and Gomez, Wednesday Addams (Chloë Grace Moretz of "Carrie") is attending a National Science Fair with her peers when things unfold. She conducts an experiment to show she can isolate a personality trait in her pet octopus Socrates, which enables it to align three Rubik's Cubes at once, and implant said trait into her goofy relative, Uncle Fester (Nick Kroll), so he can align a Rubik's Cube just as swiftly. Compared to the other mundane science projects, Wednesday's is far advanced. Sadly, to her chagrin, the Strange Foundation Science Fair judges reward all participants. Dismayed by this "everybody's special, so everybody's a winner" credo, Wednesday is surprised when the Science Fair sponsor materializes before her eyes. Cyrus Strange (Bill Hader) appears in a hologram to congratulate her on her brilliant demonstration. Strange urges Wednesday to share her research. She refuses on the grounds they are "family secrets." Meantime, Wednesday abhors her hopelessly affectionate father's lavish attention. Gomez gushes where his daughter is concerned. Since she rebuffs him, Gomez (Oscar Isaac) schedules an Addams family road trip, with destinations--like Death Valley--, so the family can bond. Wednesday cringes at this prospect. Died-in-the-wool "Addams Family" aficionados will probably spot some similarities between the Hanna Barbera cartoons and this opus since both chronicle a cross-country excursion.

Just as they are to depart in their bizarre Gothic family camper, a shrimpy California lawyer, Mustela (Wallace Shawn) ,approaches Gomez for a sample of Wednesday's DNA. Mustela represents Mr. Strange who believes his daughter was switched at birth in the hospital. Strange will stop at nothing to convince Wednesday that she is his long-lost daughter. A hilarious scene ensues wherein creepy Uncle Fester reveals he visited Wednesday in the newborn nursery while the nurses were elsewhere. Gomez's lunatic brother woke up the soundly sleeping babies. Frantically, he juggled the hysterical infants like balls to lull them back to sleep. Afterward, Fester forgot if he put them back into the right cribs. Suddenly, Gomez and Morticia fear that Wednesday may not be their daughter. Later, when she arrives at Strange's house in Sausalito, Strange reveals the findings of their DNA match, and Wednesday wonders if she is indeed Strange's daughter.

"The Addams Family 2" abounds with amusing PG-rated sight gags, one-liners, and scary movie references. When the Addams prepare for their three-week road trip, Uncle Fester examines the engine of their hulking camper. "Oh, it's a hybrid," he exclaims, "half car, half eyesore!" Later, when Wednesday and Lurch flee from the Addams, so Wednesday can satisfy her curiosity about whether or not the villainous Mr. Strange is her blood kin, they reach a crossroads. The sign bristles with the names of several destinations. Haddonfield from "Halloween" (1978), Crystal Lake from "Friday the 13th" (1980), the Overlook Hotel from "The Shining" (1980), Amityville from "The Amityville Horror" (1979), Elm Street (from "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (1984), and The Light House from "The Lighthouse" (2019) are among those names that refer to the settings of R-rated horror movie classics. When she must dance in the Lil' Miss Jalapeno Pepper Pageant in Texas, Wednesday exacts her vengeance on the other dancers and drenches them in blood in a callback to the two Stephen King "Carrie" movies. Gomez reads himself to sleep with King's novel "The Shining." Mr. Strange emerges as a clone of the infamous Dr. Moreau from the H. G. Wells horror novel "The Island of Dr. Moreau." Strange has created his daughter from a pig and transformed a screeching flamingo into his wife. The best play on words occurs when Uncle Fester changes into an octopus. Gomez warns his brother that his 'tenacles' are showing. You cannot sit through "The Addams Family 2" once and hope to catch all the fractious humor that lurks beneath the surface of its horrific hilarity.
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The Addams Family didn't need an animated version
view_and_review5 October 2021
The animated version of The Addams Family got a sequel--as if there were any doubt it would. I think the word animation is synonymous with sequel because every one of them gets one.

After fighting off Margaux Needler and winning over the town of Assimilation in the first one, The Addams Family has another crisis and Wednesday is at the center of it. A mad scientist from Sausalito is claiming that Wednesday (voiced by Chole Grace Moretz) is his daughter and she begins to believe that she just may have been switched at birth. This is a serious blow to Gomez (voiced by Oscar Isaac) and Morticia (voiced by Charlize Theron), but how can they fight scientific facts?

I saw this one in the movie theater just to get out and do something with the kids. In that sense it was worth it. I don't think I make the same move pre-pandemic. "The Addams Family 2" was OK. I didn't think they needed to make an animated version in the first place, so naturally I believe a sequel is superfluous.
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cruise0126 October 2021
2 out of 5 stars.

No improvements over the last movie. An animated sequel that has yet to find any humor or memorable story. The adults may find the film boring.
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This picture captures the Addams universe perfectly and is a must see for fans of the horror family
kevin_robbins20 October 2021
The Addams Family Values (2021) is a movie my daughter and I recently watched together at the movies. The storyline follows Wednesday becoming a teenager and getting sick of her parents, especially her over zealous dad. She starts to question if she's really an Addams at all. Dad tries to offset her concern by planning a family road trip hoping to rebuild their relationship. This movie is codirected by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon, who worked together on Sausage Party, and contains the voices of Oscar Isaac (Star Wars: Last Jedi), Charlize Theron (Monster), Chloë Grace Moretz (Tom & Jerry), Bette Midler (Hocus Pocus) and Martin Short (Three Amigos). The animation in this remains outstanding and the storyline and circumstances were way better than the first film. The voices are well selected and the soundtrack was excellent too. Cousin It's guest appearance is brilliant as always. This picture captures the Addams universe perfectly and is a must see for fans of the horror family. I'd score this an 8/10 and strongly recommend it.
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DA DA DA snap snap
DarkVulcan2918 October 2021
The Addams family goes on vacation, only because a scientist is trying to capture Wednesday, and of course a fun series of misadventures follows along the way.

A pretty good animated that goes a little edger cause it's an Addams Family movie. Actors Charlize Theron, Oscar Isaac, Chole Grace Moretz, all seem to fit there voices for there characters perfectly. Also manages to let other characters shine. Also surprises when you think it's gonna go one way but goes in another.
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Family Vacation
stevendbeard3 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I saw "The Addams Family 2", starring the voices of Oscar Isaac-the Star Wars movies, All About the Benjamins; Charlize Theron-the Fast & Furious movies, The Legend of Bagger Vance; Chloe Grace Moretz-Shadow in the Cloud, The Equalizer and Bill Hader-Barry_tv, Trainwreck.

This is a sequel to the 2019 animated version of the Addams Family saga. Oscar is still Gomez, Charlize is Morticia and Chloe is Wednesday-there is a different actor voicing Pugsley because Finn Wolfhard's voice changed . Oscar & Charlize are feeling that the kids are growing up and need a family vacation to reconnect so most of the time is spent traveling the USA in an RV-not just a regular RV, but an Addams family version. In a side plot, Bill plays a scientist that makes some accusations about one of the members of the Addams family's true heritage. Other celebrity voices doing cameos include Wallace Shawn, Nick Kroll, Snoop Dogg & Bette Midler.

It's rated "PG" for rude humor, violence and language and has a running time of 1 hour & 33 minutes.

If you liked the first one then you should enjoy this one. It's not one that I would buy-except for the grandkids-but it would be a good rental.
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Almost every boy (and even some gals) have done the . . .
pixrox113 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
. . . elementary school science fair project involving an erupting volcano. Pugsley Addams serves as a consultant for such an academic exercise early during ADDAMS FAMILY 2, and winds up destroying most of his school building. Later on he somehow manages to blow up most of the Grand Canyon, earning him eight consecutive life terms at Ft. Leavenworth for vandalizing a national park. Real Life rangers there have been predicting for years that such park features as Phantom Ranch and the two foot bridges crossing the Colorado River would be wiped out by the inevitable failure of the leaking Glen Canyon Dam. However, the water level in Lake Powell (a reservoir created by the dam in the 1960's) is now so low that IF the dam were to be destroyed by Pugsley Addams (or anyone else) its loss might not even be noticed by hikers and/or rafters downstream.
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Really, Really Embarrassing Sequel. NO ONE LAUGHED, not even the kids.
lukem-5276029 October 2021
So disappointed with this horrendous mess.

No one Laughed. Not once.

The first film was such good fun with a nice story & lots of funny bits & plenty of charm but part 2 has one of the worst Scripts ever for an Animated movie.

Instead of a fun-filled family vacation film (Similar to a "Griswolds" fun vacation film i thought but for kids) we get a big really false mess about Wednesday not being a real Addams & a silly & ridiculously unfunny side bit about Uncle Fester gradually turning into a massive octopus creature!!! Totally stupid & embarrassing unfunny. Not even the little kids Laughed at all.

I found it so hard to sit through it as each embarrassing forced situation happened with no funnny bits at all.

So annoying because it could've been such a fun vacation movie about the Addams Family getting into all types of mischief whilst visiting different places on a fun road trip but NO!!! We get a silly story about missing identity & a big damp squid.

No character gets anything funny to do or say at all, I'm not joking. Uncle fester who was hilarious in the first film spends the whole time playing off of his tentacle arms as he's changing & it's embarrassing.

Seriously one of the worst sequels ever & one of the worst Animated films ever in my opinion.
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Good fun
Pairic12 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
The Addams Family 2: The animated Addams are back! They go on a road trip around the US, starting with Niagra Falls which they traverse in barrels after Wednesday plays her voodoo doll tricks on Pugsley. But worse danger to family unity is afoot as a lawyer claims Wednesday was wrongly switched with another child at the maternity hospital. The road trip turns into a chase. Plenty of film references, Ma, Jaws, Carrie. Also song and dance numbers the best being Lurch playing the piano and singing I Will Survive. Wednesday splices octopus genes into Uncle Fester and he develops tentacles. There's a lot of gene-splicing going on in this film. Again, don't over analyse this feature, just enjoy it. 7/10.
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Not as good as the original but cute
ShelbyTMItchell2 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Not as good as the original. But still cute as Wednesday is the main character as Morticia and Gomez take a backseat a bet as well as Fester and Pugsley there.

As the family is being followed by a scientist hiring a lawyer and strongman throughout the movie there. To see if the scientist is Wednesday's biological father.

And being smart and reading minds, the unusually stoic older Addams child is curious to see if the Addams family is her real family or that the scientist is using her for his own gain.

In order to get away from them and spending time as the kids are becoming teens there, to go in a camper for three weeks on a road trip. Knowing it could be one of the few last times.

Still not as good but cute nonetheless the sequel.
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Addam Fun Film. But Still Limited In Plot Execution
rgkarim2 October 2021

Animation is Good: It's no Pixar or Walt Disney Studios, but the MGM studios has prepared a delightful adventure that moves fluidly, has that same quirky design, and is just a fun adventure to say the least. Despite the gruesome nature of the ghouls of this family, the animation is welcoming for all ages, dark enough to be enjoyed by fans of upper years, but still appropriate for the children of the group. The caricature nature of it has a certain charm to it, and the fact the fluid nature adds whimsy to it and does it so clean and fluid makes for a nice alternative to the bigger studios.

Voice Acting: Much like the first film, I think the vocal performances are fine for the most part in this movie, still living true to the characters without coming off too stiff or one dimensional. Isaac's lead as Gomez is a nice mimicry of the classic roles, loud, boisterous, but still concerning and touching when called for. Charlize Theron is ready to bring the same poise and prim nature of Morticia that oozes the finesse of the lead female role, but again adds a slight layer of touching warmth that this installment calls for in the deeper lessons. Chloe Grace Moretz does a fantastic job with the monotone, depressed voice of Wednesday, delivering the sort of desolate and cold performance that was made famous year ago. It's that dark sass and grim outlook that sells the character's darker comedy, and she continues to pull it off quite well. Nick Kroll as well gets a nod for the imbecile of Fester. Though not the spirited performances of the past, he still captures the naïve idiocy of the Uncle, with that same charm and fun that all renditions have held long ago. I liked the expanded performance he brought in this film, that still kept to the roots, but also allowed new territory to be explored with this particular installment.

The Better Character Utilization: Again, it's not the show or the Family Values we got long ago, but this second installment for this reboot did a much better job using most of its characters in a deep manor. Gomez's approach to new avenues of parenthood were better designed to show the care for his family's well-being. Morticia still took a large amount of the show, but again held elements that were charming, fun, and still true to the character's usual elegance. Wednesday got a much larger role, and past the typical bullying of Pugsley, actually had a little more sentiment behind it despite what the girl normally does. She was certainly the centerpiece, but it worked super well with the elements and I liked seeing the story take a closer look at what lies beneath the shell. Fester, Pugsley, Thing, and even Lurch were all given some expansion as well, and though still not taking the center stage, held a purpose and some great scenes that I think wins a nod of approval from me. As for Cousin It, much better use in this film, which though primarily laugh factor and merchandizing... still was enjoyable for me.

The Comedy Mixture: True, this Addams family is geared to a much younger audience in humor with farting, slapstick, and plenty of stupid moments that they will want to watch again and again. However, there is still plenty of clever wit to the film if you keep your eyes open, including references to several quirks and tropes in the modern day. Pokes at the internet, the obsession with texting, insurance commercials, and even how nonsensical plots can get are just some of the jokes I particularly enjoyed. This mixture of both simple and complex jokes kept things interesting and fun, avoiding the traps of lazy writing that movies sometimes fall into and skirting the excessive territory quite well. Again, it is all in good fun and spirit, which I believe kids can handle with ease and grown-ups can stomach.

The Deeper Morals: Hands down I enjoyed the story taking a stab at some more grown up story arcs for the movie. The main story is all about finding oneself and what it means to be a part of a family, something many of us have had to face in a lifetime. Wednesday's search for herself ends up bleeding into just about every character, and it was nice to see the chemistry of the family challenged past the typical ghouls in a human world motif. Pugsley's story may have been more for comedic purposes, but even there they scratched into a young boy trying to push past his awkwardness and dive into a new, yet familiar, stage of life. His work with Uncle Fester continues the plot from the first movie, and again expands in both laughs and emotional moments between them.

DISLIKES: Incomplete Story Elements Still: Though I enjoyed the new story, and much of the expansion past the static tale of the first rendition, I still kind of felt this sequel did not touch on everything they could have. Pugsley's connection with his own parents is a bit limited for my tastes, and it seems like this time he was the afterthought of the family. Fester's comedic relief was fun, but his estrangement is still a bit isolating and not nearly as fleshed out as the live action movies we got back in the 90s. Yet the worst tale was the Grandmother's side hustle at home, which gets alluded to a few times but stops the roll before the snowball gets too big. Having those tangents set up a lot of fun jokes to use Bette Midler's voice talents, but that potential was dropped too quickly and seemed forgotten. Again, I'm all for creativity and fun, but execute the ordeal if you are going to make it a big point or don't include it.

The Bad Guy: While he certainly brings that Addams family quality of disturbing bad guys with that twist that is really weird, it still needs some work. Part of it was trying to make a twist for them to surprise us with, which kind of failed, so I can understand. However, the movie's villain needed more screen time and shadowy behavior then what we got with him. There is a great joke to comment about how little the villain is used, but I for one really wanted to see more planning in his use and the same meticulous infiltration into the family's gullibility than what we got, which was mainly at the end of the movie. This would have included some tertiary and secondary characters getting more opportunity to shine and elude the mystery, and offer a chance for some interactions between Fester, Pugsley, and practically anybody else.

The Ending: It's not how the tale finished that I disliked, but more so just how fast the ending hit. The second installment takes it's time and detours to help lay out the story and build up the obstacles to the family, only to have it all hit the ending too quickly. As I said in the villain section, there was not enough time or challenge by the antagonist to engage us in his threat, or even allow the Addams spirit to push their buttons. The whole conflict itself is rather simplistic and one sided, lacking the dark charm and finesse the live action movie had for solving the problem. Ture, it did bring a Fester plot point full circle to which I enjoyed several times, but still there was so much more that could have been done to extend on the fun at hand. Even the Bette Milder story seems like a tacked on add on, missing a really good closing number to put in a hasty end credits art piece.

The VERDICT: Addams Family 2 turned into a better movie for me than the first attempt at rebooting this series. I liked how the movie moved so to speak, with fun animation and spirit to help liven up the fun and keep the tale from becoming stagnant. With better character utilization, mostly, clever jokes for all ages, and a deeper moral themed narrative, it's got a lot of strengths in the family movie night department, so long as you can take an alternative to Disney. Still, the movie does have some limitations that still need to be worked out for this reviewer. Side stories need to be eliminated or utilized better, alongside working on ironing out all creases in the family story line. I'd have liked to see the villain get more time and involvement with the plot, to help capture the dark and haunting charm this family always has with them. And more importantly not rush the ending and hastily tie up the tale they are working hard to tell. Still, this one was fun to watch at home, and if you had a group, could be a fun trip to the theaters. I encourage everyone giving this a look at in the future. My scores are:

Animation/Adventure/Comedy: 7.5 Movie Overall: 6.5.
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A Fantastic Storyline, Characters And Animation As Well As Strong Themes.
rannynm30 September 2021
Get ready to take an action-packed road trip across America when the Addams family comes back for another wild adventure! The Addams Family 2 has a fantastic storyline, characters and animation as well as strong themes. Families of all ages should be super pumped for this relatable and fun new film.

The Addams Family 2 has a fantastic storyline that is focused on Wednesday (Chloe Grace Moretz), who is stuck between two families, not sure which one she actually shares her DNA. She uses her impressive chemistry and scientific abilities to try to determine her destiny. Is her real father Gomez Addams (Oscar Isaac), who raised her, or the one who gives seemingly incontrovertible proof, Cyrus (Bill Hader). The battle is a constant inner conflict within Wednesday as she faces decisions that could change her life forever. Along with this main plotline, there are other problems and situations, like how Uncle Fester (Nick Kroll) is showing strange symptoms or how Grandma (Bette Midler) is throwing a party when she's supposed to be taking care of the house while the Addams are on vacation.

There are so many wonderful aspects that make The Addams Family 2 a must-see. The story is well-written with a conflict for each character and many strong subplots. The only slight weak point is that the story is a bit slow in starting. However, once the rising action begins, the film flies by in a flurry of adventure and humor. The funniness of this film is truly incredible. It is an action-based film, but still incorporates so much humor into every part. The locations are very accurate, despite being animated. For people who have visited some of these places, it is so cool to be able to see an animated representation of them. Some of the places include Niagara Falls, Miami beaches, Death Valley, Texas deserts and the Grand Canyon. Besides the strong story and fun locations, the family-based conflicts are so relatable for real families. Everyday things such as siblings arguing, parent-child relationships, struggles to belong and not feeling like yourself are common within the Addams family. Wednesday and Pugsley Addams (Javon Walton) are constantly fighting; Gomez Addams feels as if he falls short in including Wednesday in things and Morticia Addams (Charlize Theron) tries her best to comfort everyone. The animation for all of the characters is outstanding. The voice acting is one of the more positive aspects of the film; all the actors sound exactly like their character and we can imagine what the character is feeling or thinking. Bill Hader, as Cyrus, makes a wonderfully mysterious character. Chloe Grace Moretz's Wednesday is a seemingly cold character who opens up as the film progresses; her voice acting really is superb.

The theme of The Addams Family 2 is to be yourself and to not force someone to be who they're not. It also emphasizes being careful about who you trust with important things. There are some very mild insulting comments and, of course, some creepy science scenes.

The Addams Family 2 gets 4.5 out of 5 stars from me and I recommend it for ages 6 to 18 plus adults. Addams Family 2 releases in theaters October 1, 2021, so check it out! By Kyla C., KIDS FIRST!
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Great Family Fun
martimusross9 October 2021
The Addams Family 2

Some mean reviews on here and not sure why!

I really enjoyed this movie, it got of to a slow start establishing the story, however 30 mins in it moved up a gear.

The movie reached its very best when Lurch sang "I will survive" with a biker gang, truly inspired.

This was all round family fun, I'm giving this a hard 7 outta 10, meaning you won't be disappointed.
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Addams Family trip
legobuilderpro2 October 2021
I didn't know that much about the plot except that it was about them going on a family road trip, after watching it I got more then I expected.

I still like the The Addams and the voice actors playing them, I found it pretty funny and the animation was nice looking and pretty.

The villain wasn't anything that big but the 3rd act was really weird and strange, I enjoyed this a bit more than the first but I still liked both of them.

I won't give away anything, but if you get a chance I suggest giving it a watch.
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Fun but not like the first
colewaters17 October 2021
So this movie was fun and funny and all, but it was not as good as the first one was. I barely heard anyone laugh including myself. It was like if they were trying too hard to be funny.
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The Addams family 2
rnixon-1566316 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
2021 PG director: Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon.

Starring: Charleze Theron, Oscar Isaac, Chloe Grace Moretz, Bill Hader, Javon Walton, Nick Kroll, Snoop Dogg, Bette Midler, Wallace Shawn etc

Everyone's favourite spooky family is back in the animated comedy sequel, The Addams Family 2. In this all-new movie, we find Morticia and Gomez distraught that their children are growing up, skipping family dinners, and totally consumed with "scream time." To reclaim their bond, they decide to cram Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, and the crew into their haunted camper and hit the road for one last miserable family vacation. Their adventure across America takes them out of their element and into hilarious run-ins with their iconic cousin, It, as well as many new kooky characters. What could possibly go wrong? For me this was a pleasant surprise!

My first few positives would be the great animation and humour. As well as the fun strange tone, great family dynamic and voice cast. With a great soundtrack. This film's animation was very impressive. It expanded the universe, and it went bolder and brighter. And was really a visual treat for the eyes embracing the weirdness of the world. I also thought the humour was stronger along with the strange tone this time around. This film really dialled up the strange interactions between the family and how they communicate with each other, I felt like they played it safe the first time around but this time they embraced the kooky and dark nature of the characters, with some clever and funny jokes that will go over a lot of children's heads. What helped with the humour was the more focused family dynamic. Each character got their opportunity to shine whilst also having the conflict and themes around the family as the focus. I also thought the voice cast was amazing as always. They bought the characters to life excellently, with charismatic and fun voice performances that gave so much life to the characters. And the soundtrack was delightfully spooky and fun and added a lot of entertainment value to particular scenes. With the iconic Addams family theme always being a bonus.

However, the film was far from perfect and still flawed. My few negatives for the film would be the underdeveloped and rushed set up. The lazy and unneeded plot points. As well as the generic elements and lapses in the logic with some characters. I thought that the film didn't lay enough groundwork for the setup, due to the frantic pacing. They didn't really reintroduce us as the audience to the characters again or with clear villains or reasoning behind their travels beyond the one dimensional. I also felt like the film had some lazy and unneeded plot points. The film did sometimes feel very incoherent and messy and was stuffing as much as they could in such short amount of time, it was hard to keep up. And certain elements added to characters such as Pugsley felt forced and didn't really hold much of a purpose to the plot. I also felt like the film did fall into a lot more genre tropes then the first instalment. Especially with the jokes aimed at pop culture that felt jarring and often out of place. And the film did fall into more of a safe and generic animation which impacted my score for it. Finally, there was some lapses in the logic where it was obvious something was wrong with Uncle Fester and the movie made the characters seem dumb, and the film didn't link the plot point or really include it until later on so it felt messy.

My final few positives would be the fun scenes and development to the plot. As well as the more focused conflict with the family and the good development between them. Whilst also having great pacing and villain plus strong themes. The film had a lot of fun scenes that allowed the characters to shine in their delightful strangeness, playing around with their powers and added to the films more focused tone. I also thought the plot development was strong, the film did a good job at balancing the fun scenes establishing the family dynamic and adding more layers to the plot with the villain and connecting them as the film transitioned into the final act. I also appreciated that the film had more focused conflict between the family and stronger themes. The first film felt unfocused with its themes and the specific conflict. But this time they chose a specific character aka Wednesday and built the conflict around her character, focusing on parenting and feeling out of place within the family. For me it was a more clear and better developed source of conflict for the family, and it worked a lot better, raising some heart-warming themes on family and acceptance. Finally, I thought the pacing and the villain was strong. The film didn't overstay its welcome, moving at a fast pace whilst still including a good amount of plot, I was consistently entertained and there was never a dull moment. I also think the villain was a lot stronger this time around. His reasoning and connection with Wednesday was fascinating, and he was a lot more campy and over the top which fitted much better with the characters and the tone of the film then the villain in the first film.

Overall, Addams family 2 still suffers from some weak writing and being slightly too chaotic. But this for me was an improvement over the first film. It felt more focused and embraced the strangeness of the characters and it just worker better for me. This is a great Halloween film for the family and I had a good time with it.

Overall score 77/100.
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The second Addams Family seems a bit too simple made
movieman6-413-9295106 October 2021
The Addams Family on an Adventure is the sequel to The Addams Family from 2019. This sequel is directed by Greg Tiemand and Conrad Vernon, who also directed the first film together.

In the film, the Addams family goes on vacation to improve their family ties. During their adventures, they lack many things that put their family bond to the test.

This sequel feels a bit rushed and seems to copy many elements from the first part and further uses elements from the third Hotel Transylvania movie. For young viewers, some elements such as the feeling of being an outsider may not really appeal to them yet, because they are still too young for this. Because the film jumps from place to place with a new storyline at every new place, younger viewers can lose their concentration.

The comedy is largely intended for younger viewers, because most comedy moves quickly and is not really developed. For mature viewers, there are a few moments of laughter in it, but they aren't that strong. Most humor consists of simple jokes, which can be easily predictable for older viewers.

The animation looks appropriate, but otherwise it doesn't come across as special in the film. This is the same with the voice acting of the movie cast. Most characters are voiced again by the same actors, but because of the simple script they don't really get the chance to do anything special with their roles.
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Some funny moments but overall pretty poor
coombsstephen16 October 2021
I must admit I didn't hold out high hopes for this film and sadly this proved right. I didn't find it that good as an adult and I doubt children would find it much better.

There were some funny moments in it, which saved it a bit, and the film did rattler through at a reasonable pace. Overall though it was disappointing.
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Storyline is so so
ilovefoodcoma1 October 2021
Family night out. I asked my kids how was the movie. They didn't like it.... The storyline wasn't that interesting. They didn't laugh at any of the humor. Nowadays, so many animation movies, they have to have a good script to get kids attention.
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Not that good.
Gubby-Allen5 November 2021
There are a few amusing scenes but that is all the film really is. A few good ideas for scenes, mainly in the first 30 minutes and last ten, but little else and some cobbled together story to stretch it out to 90 minutes.
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