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  • In 1922 a nationwide coal mining strike occurs. David's family and the rest of Herrin, Illinois try to suffer through. But David's father is sick and he must find a way to help pay to take care of him. He does the unthinkable and crosses the picket line to take work as a scab at the local mine. But David soon discovers that his choice may have not been the safest one as the union and the rest of the town will stop at nothing to keep the mine from operating under scabs and breaking the strike. David has to decide what is stronger, loyalty or poverty? Based on actual events.

  • In 1922, in the midst of a nationwide coal miners' strike, one mine in southern Illinois defies the strike and hires scabs to continue operating. David Brown, a Union member, does the unthinkable and crosses the line to take work as a scab; he's forced to do so to help his ailing father. He finds himself torn between his loyalty to the union and his father's health. But he discovers his choice may not have been the safest as he's suddenly caught in a violent clash between the local union and the scabs. Based on actual events.



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  • A true story from 1922, reveals the cover-up of a small southern Ohio town, mostly union workers, who killed the men (scabs) who were trying to operate a non-union mine during hard times. The mass, unmarked grave still lies there to this day...

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