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MPAA Rated PG for mild rude humor

Sex & Nudity

  • Before an animals wedding, a handsome deer asks the bride (Giselle, his ex- girlfriend) if she would want to call the wedding off and marry him instead of Elliot. She refuses.
  • A mans big buttocks stick out of his loose pants and he continuously pulls them up as they slide down.
  • There is a sexual reference to Big Rack but this will go over childrens heads.
  • Elliot dresses as an old woman, but this shouldnt worry anyone.
  • Mc Squizzy dresses as a little female pug and many dogs are attracted to him.
  • A male Dalmatian stares at Giselles long legs.
  • Elliot and Giselle are tied together and dogs are about to kill/ hurt them badly with electric zap- collars. Elliot wants to speak with Giselle about the wedding interruption and the dogs allowed that. But Elliot jumps to conclusions and the dogs get the impression that Elliot has had an affair with another deer. Something like that.
  • In the end a dog tries to kiss Mc Squizzy. Mc Squizzy says he wants to tell the dog a secret and screams in his ear, Im not a girl! throws of his female accessories, and the shocked dog runs off crying.
  • Elliot and Giselle kiss at their wedding.
  • NOTE: In this movie dogs sniff each others rear ends, but this is normal behaviour for a dog.

Violence & Gore

  • Mr. Weenies owner hugs him as he squirms about (she is obviously holding him too tight).
  • Fifi gets the tip of his tale burnt as he backs away from some wild animals (causing him to hate wild animals).
  • Fifi gets his head burnt (no blood, just a red patch where he was burnt).
  • A gas station is blown up.
  • A rabbit is shot by a gun (we see this from a distance no blood is seen).
  • Elliot and Giselle are tied together with zap- collars about to die or get really injured (Boog and Mr. Weenie come just in time to save them).
  • Fifi ends up with the zap- collars, but we see him alive later- furless (we see reddish-pink spots where he was burnt).
  • NOTE: If you are a rabbit/bunny lover, then this is not the movie for you. Rabbits are treated like objects in this movie and are killed, hurt, and treated badly by the other animals and humans for no reason at all. NOTE: In many scenes an animal/person is hit with an object (or bunny).


  • In one moment, McSquizzy yells out "That's crap!"
  • No swearing, but potty mouth.
  • One unfinished "son of a bitch" towards the end of the movie (pronounced "Oh, son of a-!")

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Wine is served in one scene, but no one is seen drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • When Fifi tells his experience about being in the wild (which was highly exaggerated) we see the story from his exaggerated point of view. He got lost in his tomato garden in his backyard and in it he saw scary animals like a rabbit and a bird, one second they're normal then they pop out scary looking.
  • A rabbit is thrown into the road and a second later a truck comes and kills it. This scene will upset children, but some might not notice.
  • Dogs threaten to kill/injure two deer with zap-collars. Older kids will find this exciting on the other hand younger children may be scared.
  • Camper tell stories of monster and ferocious bears that lurk in the forest, at that minute Boog (a bear) turns around growling, it is actually his stomach that is growling - this scene may frighten young children.

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