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A fun and quirky film... perfect for the open minded
beaucheri3325 February 2012
I'm a cliché artsy girl form NYC and often i look forward to films like these.. you know the little indie gems that not many people have heard of.. Dirty Girl was like a treat for me and i can watch it again and again.It's not a perfect film and definitely not mainstream, but absolutely entertaining. Juno Temple couldn't have played this part any better as a young promiscuous teenage girl who seems confident and unafraid to conquer the world but is actually quite vulnerable and easily broken.. Clark was so lovable as the fat gay best friend and hopeless romantic, even with all their flaws , the chemistry between them was outstanding, and me and mom couldn't help but to laugh at the different emotions from the bag of flour and to adore the cool soundtrack (she's an 80's chick so it was inevitable)..

The journey was so fun to watch that i didn't want it to end, part of me had wished that Danielle and Clark could have ran away and started a new life together.. that would have been epic, but by the end of the film it was easy to admire the writers for thinking outside the box and reminding me why i love films like these so much ~
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Embracing the dirty girl attitude
napierslogs18 January 2012
I liked "Dirty Girl" because it was unabashedly fun. It was pro-gay rights, pro-female independence, and anti-religious persecution without it being about any of that. On the surface it was an '80s throwback with the teen kids embracing the "anything goes" attitude while their parents clung to their conservative values. Pack a suitcase, pop in a mixed tape and run away.

Juno Temple stars as the titular dirty girl, Danielle. She assumed the role of the rebellious daughter and the inappropriate student who relished any opportunity to be the sex symbol. The whole-heartedness with which Temple became Danielle not only made this type of person acceptable but empathetic too.

This isn't to say that the film was perfect. One of the big drawbacks was that although the lead character did evolve, she did so with incongruent leaps. My other issue was that whenever Danielle and her companion Clarke had to stop and sing, the film stopped too. That could be on purpose though since they do seem to be trying to sell the soundtrack just as much as the movie itself.

It's the movie itself, though, that I liked. It was the passion that all of the characters had for life that just danced off the screen. The societal lessons that important movies try to teach and which we all probably already know, are just silly, feel-good bonuses here since they came up with new, more realistic, and more relatable endings. Wait for Clarke's reaction to his final circumstances if at any point you fear the monotonous drone of melodrama.

"Dirty Girl" does bring to mind similar better movies which walked parallel paths, most notably "Jolene". And although after watching this, I immediately came home and bought the latter, it should still be able to find its place among accepting fans. It moves along at a quick pace, keeping the lead characters delightful even when they're depressed, and keeping the tone light even when the supporting characters commit some pretty heinous acts. I've never had a problem enjoying those types of conflicting scenes, but it does account for the movie's poor reception.

Keep in mind that this is writer and director Abe Sylvia's first film and that the archetypal characters can actually belong to any decade then you should have no problem enjoying, and secretly wanting to be, the dirty girl.
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The dirty, pretty things films give us
Steve Pulaski26 January 2012
"Nobody likes a dirty girl," Principal Mulray (Grubbs) tells Danielle (Temple) early on. She is a promiscuous adolescent, full of life, spunk, attitude, and guts. But she comes from a background that isn't so full of life and gutsy. Her mother (Jovovich) was a tramp in high school and because of that Danielle has never heard of or met her real father. After discovering her father's real identity, she packs up and hits the road going across Oklahoma to find him. She also does it to avoid her mother's new Mormon fiancée (Macy) and his outlandish punishment of virtually abandoning one of their own to show how important family is. My guess anyone would abandon him at first chance.

Danielle takes the car of her chubby, homosexual friend from Sex Ed. class Clarke (played fantastically by Jeremy Dozier). Clarke's father (Yoakam) has been verbally and physically abusive to his son for many years and is only further outraged to find out of his sexual orientation. Thankfully, the film, mostly, doesn't play Clarke's sexuality for laughs. We have a strong sense that he can't help his feelings, and is dealing with them in the only way he knows how to. Guys and girls alike proclaim their love for the opposite sex, why can't Clarke? Danielle and Clarke also take a sack of flour (their "baby" from Sex Ed. class) along on the ride and boy does the kid get the journey of her life.

Dirty Girl is an exciting, sort of refreshing gem that mimics not only the eighties style of rebellion, but bathes in a surprisingly dramatic bath of coming of age storytelling. Going into this expecting a solid comedy with laughs and humor galore, I was stunned to see how heavy the dramatic elements are. In many ways, this is a very sad view on one's adolescence and sometimes the laughs we get are because of insecurity and stem from the fact that their true feelings are hidden.

There's also a nice blend of wit and soul in the writing. In some ways this could be an account of writer/director Abe Sylvia's life. He grew up homosexual in Oklahoma and had been working on this story since around 2004. The film's bawdy nature is fast paced and entertaining, but Dirty Girl seems to stem from a world a lot more sentimental in emotions than we could've thought.

For an independent film, it certainly packs in some credible names. Milla Jovovich is a nice addition to the cast, Temple is very convincing, Dozier is the star of the entire film, Macy is about ten miles away from his character of Frank Gallagher in Shameless, and Tim McGraw and Dwight Yoakam are delightfully unexpected.

In many ways Dirty Girl is funny, charming, delightful, and satisfying. In many ways it's dark, sad, depressing, and begging to be loved. We have two insecure characters that go about their insecurity in totally different ways. One, giving herself up to anyone and everyone, and the other just sitting by idly in high school taking the hatred from his peers and probably his classmates. It's a sad world after all.

Starring: Juno Temple, Jeremy Dozier, Milla Jovovich, William H. Macy, and Dwight Yoakam. Directed by: Abe Sylvia.
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It starts so badly you wonder why keep going, but do keep going. It's great!
secondtake6 May 2013
Dirty Girl (2010)

The movie starts with such stupidity and what seems like terrible acting and movie-making you're going to want to quit. Unless you're a high school kid looking for cheap thrills (and there ain't anything wrong with that--it's just a style thing). But hang in there. This movie gets better and better and better. By the end all the hilarity crashes down to a weepy finale--more convincing than it has any right to be after all the zany stuff prior.

It's mostly about two high school kids who don't fit in. They seem like opposites and we all know how fun opposite are in movie comedies. One is slutty girl Danielle who has a dysfunctional home life and who is wild partly because she's bored by school and is (it turns out) smarter than the cliché would have it. The other is an overweight kid Clarke who knows he's gay and who is afraid of coming out but everyone knows already anyway. He also has a dysfunctional family, and the movie eventually also clashes the two sets of parents (and accessory kin).

The plot moves fast and turns into a crisis and then a road trip. All good stuff. And it's filmed with an openminded low-budget freedom that makes it fun and doesn't always worry about verisimilitude. (The two leads are in a family planning class, for example, and are given a bag of flour they have to treat as their new baby. The bag has a face drawn on it in magic marker, and the face changes depending on what's going on around it. Her--it's a girl.)

But mostly it's the acting of Danielle (Juno Temple), and Clarke (Jeremy Dozier), that makes it all stick. Temple in particular is just oozing and exploding with energy and dramatic screen presence, whether being saucy or sassy, fun or sad. She takes over every scene and you want her to. Danielle drives a red 1965 Mustang convertible (of course--what else?). She knows what matters and who's a jerk and doesn't put up with crap. She's troubled, but all along you know she's basically right, and you end up totally on her side. And on Clarke's side, too, as he tries to make sense of his world now that someone accepts him without even blinking.

Eventually there is a deliberate Hollywood ending, complete with tears and spotlights on the stars. It's a farce, I suppose, or a silly over the top romp, and there are going to be people who never let it click. Humor is fickle. But once I was a good half hour in (and it took that long, unfortunately), but once I was, there was no going back. It's worth sticking it out. Very worth it.
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So Fun!!!!
doug-james12 October 2011
Abe Sylvia wrote and directed a wonderful movie about growing up that makes the entire audience cheer, laugh and cry. He does this trough magical chemistry between both lead characters, great plot development and really smart humor. This is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. I highly recommend it to anyone that has a witty sense of humor! All I can say is that this movie is for those with a high IQ!

As for those posting about the hair/makeup/costumes, clearly you have no sense of humor and have never opened a 1987 Norman High School Yearbook. The movie is set in 1987 Norman Oklahoma not Los Angeles. Everyone looked like that, even if you don't want to remember yourself that way!
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The Real 'Juno'
zardoz-1310 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Freshman writer & director Abe Sylvia has created the memorable as well as entertaining road picture "Dirty Girl," about a teenage high school student who hit's the highway in search of the father that she never knew. Danielle (Juno Temple) gets herself in trouble when she opens her foul mouth in class and lands feet first in the principal's office. The time is 1987 and Danielle is the kind of girl who doesn't get picked up, but who picks up. She has her three D system: discriminate (choose), designate (make herself look sexy) and dump (get rid of them after the dirty deed). Naturally, she is considered the school slut and her amorous activities get her send to do time with the misfits at the school. Sylvia deals with dozens of relevant themes: parenthood, masculinity, love, courage, and abortion. Mrs. Hatcher, who teaches the outcasts' class comes up with a typical school exercise about parenting. She assigns couples and furnishes each with a five pound bag of flour that they are suppose to treat like their offspring. Mrs. Hatcher pairs a reclusive young man, Clarke (Jeremy Dozier) to share the parental duties with Danielle. Of course, Danielle displays nothing but disgust for her gay partner. Nevertheless, as time progresses, she comes to see him as a person rather than a sexual deviation. Meanwhile, Clarke's evil father Joseph (Dwight Yoakam of "Sling Blade") suspects that his portly son may be gay and sends him to chiropractor for analysis. Actually, Joseph is right; Clarke is a flamer with cause. Initially, Danielle and Clarke are at odds until she decides to stand up for him. Unfortunately, Clarke's mother Peggy (Mary Steenburgen of "Time After Time") discovers the truth when she is making up Clarke's bed and finds gay pornographic pin-up pictures.

By this time, Danielle has grown disgusted with her own mom, Sue-Ann (Milla Jovovich of "The Fourth Kind"), particularly when she plans to marry Ray (William H. Macy of "Fargo") and live with him and his daughter and son. Danielle refuses to have anything to do with Ray and company and Ray takes away the car keys to her Mustang and they leave her to starve for the weekend. Clarke shows up with plastic and the two dine on Chinese food. Danielle shows Clarke a picture of the man that she suspects is her long lost father and they hit the road in Clarke's father car to drive for Fresno. Juno Temple is a knock-out! This is neither a bad scene nor a bad performance in this celebration of life, love, and diversity. Sylvia never wears out his welcome and "Dirty Girl" ripples with energy and charisma. The story about two misfits who find strength in each other and dare to take on the world is inspirational. Some of the subject matter may not be the stuff of traditional romances. No, Danielle doesn't make a straight guy out of Clarke. Sylvia blends comedy with tragedy adeptly. One of the funniest scenes finds out protagonists afoot in the middle of nowhere after Joseph has recovered his car. Danielle hears about a strippers dance contest and decides that it is the only way for Clarke and her to get money so they can resume their trip. The site of the contest is a Southern Comfort style bar with a rebel flag and rednecks galore. Danielle starts her act while Clarke hangs out back by the bar and watches her. About half way into her act, Danielle realizes that her seductive charms aren't having their usual impact. Earlier, the bartender had warned her that Jade has never lost a strip contest. Clarke discovers that Jade is really a bare-chested guy and he warns Danielle that they are in a gay bar. Clarke climbs on stage, performs a strip tease and wins the $50 that Danielle and he need to continue their journey. "Dirty Girl" isn't really a dirty movie despite its questionable subject matter. The soundtrack thrives with several chartbusters from the 198os. A must see for the indie crowd.
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Great Movie
nab_2029 September 2010
I saw Dirty Girl at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2010 and it was amazing!!!

I thought it had a good blend of drama and comedy therefore when things got heavy or sad I didn't get depressed or too down because a few scenes later I would be laughing.

I thought it was the best portrayal of the beauty of a relationship between a gay man and a straight woman since Will & Grace. It also had a great soundtrack. I can't wait to have a movie night at my house with this movie. It was just a fun movie with depth. No academy award worthy performances in my opinion but the acting is definitely good but no mind blowing performances.

My fav film of TIFF 2010
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Deserves better from the critics
valinvancouver9 February 2013
This movie was rated 37% on Metacritic and 27% on Rotten tomatoes and honestly I think this is wrong, wrong, wrong. I expect this is because the title is misleading...the movie is not about a "dirty girl" at all, it's about a journey of discovery and maturation and the transformative power of friendship. The writing is not particularly sophisticated so in lesser hands the movie could easily have sucked. However the two lead actors were so engaging (and the supporting cast were also excellent) that what could have felt like a flat, unconvincing story was, in my opinion, extremely touching. I confess toward the end I was crying in sympathy for the loss experienced by the main characters. Thankfully, the final scenes in the movie turned this into a positive (and even mildly cathartic) experience. I had become invested in the characters (so you see, I cannot possibly trash this movie the way so many others have).
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Must see movie
keziahspafa11 January 2012
Everything about this movie is great. The story, the soundtrack, the characters, the way it was filmed, literally everything. When I choose to watch this movie I didn't know what to expect since I didn't read summaries or watch a trailer. The reason I choose to watch this movie is because of the actress Juno Temple, who by the way did a good job. I loved her connection with Clarke, their strong friendship made the movie very interesting and their adventure and road trip made the movie enjoyable. The movie isn't all happy though, there are some sad moments. It is definitely a tear jerker especially if you can relate to the story. However, the ending is quite satisfying and I wouldn't have it another way. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has a good sense of humor and anyone who enjoys a good story line with a great lesson.
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A very surprising and good movie that deals with some heavy subjects. A movie that deserves to be watched I say A-
Tony Heck14 January 2012
"If it's a man's world God wouldn't have made me." Danielle (Temple) lives life on her own terms. When her mouth gets her in trouble at school she is sent to the "special" classroom. After an assignment pairs her up with a school loser her life is forever changed. The saying goes don't judge a book by it's cover, that could not be more true for this movie. The first ten minutes is what you would expect but from then on it becomes an emotional movie that deals with some pretty heavy subjects. The acting is great in this and there is an all-star cast along with some surprising cameos. If I keep talking I am afraid I will give something away and that would do the movie an injustice. Much like the movie "Good Old Fashioned Orgy" I think that the movie would get a better audience if the title was different. Do yourself a favor and watch this movie. Overall, a very surprising movie that was much much better then I expected. I give it an A-.
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In a word: FABULOUS!
john-schaefer18 October 2011
Singer/Songwriter Melissa Manchester was the musical guide through my lonely days as a scared, closeted preacher's kid in Porterville, CA in the late 70s and early 80s. It is thrilling to see a movie that celebrates not only her music, but the particular way she made life easier for untold numbers of gay kids like me. I went to see this movie for her music, but it's also a terrific film! The cast is fantastic and the performances are genuine. It's an engaging story with humor, wit and depth. In lesser hands, heartfelt films like this can easily be lost. Rest assured, this is a triumph at every level. THANK YOU, Abe Sylvia and all involved with this film! I left smiling and will see it again and again.
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Don't let the title fool you.
cyrus_im27 April 2012
When I first came across the movie name I thought this is another stupid nude movie with dirty jokes, but when i saw everyone in the internet recommending people to watch it, I decided to give me a shot. To my surprise, the title didn't match the plot at all. The whole story is about true friendship and family relationships, and though it did have a lot of swears and strip dances, it is quite touching to me and it has a great meaning behind this movie.

Although my English sucks and the movie is shown two years before, and I expect no one to see my comment, I just hope that people who loves comedies won't miss this one out.
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Film Festival Indie Drama
jfgibson7323 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Dirty Girl is about two high schoolers going on a road trip to find the title character's biological father. It was every indie drama you've ever seen. That's about all I really want to say about this movie.

I did start to enjoy how the two characters got along after starting out disliking each other. However, the road trip portion of the movie felt too stilted--it was over before enough things happened. Pretty much everyone in it was unexceptional, but the script doesn't give them a whole lot to do. I think the marketing for this movie was misleading--if I had a better idea of what it was like, I would have skipped it. Calling it "Dirty Girl" was the major offense--the movie never gives you a reason why Danielle should be labeled as such.
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An amazingly bad movie
jm107019 May 2014
This is an amazingly stupid and sloppily produced movie. I'm astonished that the Weinstein brothers put their name on it.

Every character is obnoxious (especially Clark, whose weight is the very least of his defects), every actor is terrible (even ones who have been great in other movies), the story is completely unbelievable, the dialog consistently phony and contrived, the photography extremely clunky (with light coming from impossible sources), and the direction like a very bad soap opera, with not the tiniest bit of subtlety or credibility.

This movie is about as realistic as Pee-wee's Playhouse, but a whole lot less entertaining. I can't imagine what sort of people they are who've given this piece of garbage such great reviews. I hated it.
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Fell good....feel great!
Mark Jordan28 July 2012
Unsure why this film is scoring so low on IMDb, from my view point this flick made me smile, smile, smile.

Its schmultzy & twee, yes...normally this style of flick I would not watch but this flick is super ace, a great film which I can only recommend.

Dozier is simply captivatating! The casting is sumptuous as is the entire film.

The story lacks a little but for-going this minor, and it is a monior complaint (wouldnt normally be in a film) this is a sub-RADAR, Hairspray, Shop of Horros, etc.

Watch & enjoy my IMDb friends, watch and enjoy it for what it is mean to be!
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The most fun film i've seen in a long time, long live Juno Temple.
Jimmy Collins16 January 2012
Dirty Girl is a lot of things, it's a terrific 80's film, it's a terrific acting ensemble, it's a wonderful story of friendship, but above all it's just a really fun time, a really entertaining and fun film. Juno Temple is a great young actress, she has been consistently impressive throughout her career, from dramatic roles to small indie roles to comic gold roles such as this she always makes an impression and is always memorable. Her performance is Dirty Girl is in my opinion her finest so far, she is certainly very well suited to comedic roles and I hope she does a lot more of this kind of thing.

There's not a bad performance throughout, newcomer Jeremy Dozier gives an extremely brave performance, his character is put into some rather awkward situations and he acts his way through them all with such pizazz, you're instantly fascinated with his character, I loved him a lot, and the supporting cast are just as exceptional, Milla Jovovich is her usual awesome self and Mary Steenburgen is lovely as the supportive mother, weak at first but supportive all the way of her gay son. The soundtrack is amazing, a film such as this would be nowhere near as great as it is without the wonderful array of 80's songs, half the time I felt like busting a groove. The storyline is really such a nice story and one I haven't seen told in this way, the two leads are almost like the odd couple but have such great chemistry, the friendship that blossoms between them is very sincere and sweet.

Fabulous, times ten, with a swell cast, a truly excellent soundtrack and a lovely story, I would highly recommend seeing Dirty Girl, it's an exceptionally fun time. Loved it. Loved it.
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I think I get this... John Waters as an influence?
seven-johnson18 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
OK, so this is an inspiring tale of youth discovering their true-selves and coming-of-age. It's an off-kilter (indy) movie, it's got a bitchin' 80s soundtrack, guys that are cowards, yet discovery their bravery, girls that end up shitty because of bad-parenting, yet become good role-models.

Pretty much, I think you get this movie or not, it's left-field, it's like John Waters post-modern Dada(GaGa) painting, it's impressionist and blurry. Hell, it's bad, clunky and poorly delivered, but I think it was meant to be. Without being all gushy and twee, when it's bad it's almost purposely so, it doesn't do a massive emotional punch, it just sucks the air out of you sometimes, I think that's different and not something I've seen done in a lot of movies.

Really quite touching.

Also, upbeat bonus points for the bitchin' soundtrack - again.
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A Clean Sweep
thesar-217 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
What a find. I hated the title Dirty Girl (10/10 Stars) so much, I didn't want to see it. And even following this viewing, I still felt it needed a better name so that more people would see it.

But, I read a little about it, and even 'like'd the star's, Jeremy Dozier, page on Facebook following my research and prior to seeing the movie. Then, I dove into what I will proudly say: this was one of the best movie's I've seen. (This…coming from one of the pickiest critics I know.)

I'm guessing Dirty Girl is supposed to be an "indie" film, but heavens, it feels a lot larger than that. I mean, for one, look at the cast: Milla Jovovich, Mary Steenburgen, Dwight Yoakam, William H. Macy (as a gasp!... Mormon), Nicolas D'Agosto, Tim McGraw, and a few other minor surprises. Even for an indie, you're lucky to get one big name to help promote your movie; this has at least half a dozen. And beyond the actors, the grand production value and direction screams a budget 10x the size of most independent films.

Okay, past the stars and professional filmmaking, we have first-timer Dozier, who was fantastic and equally great: a seemingly younger-version, but far sexier, of Christina Applegate, Juno Temple. They both, apparently, are great friends beyond the camera and despite Temple's character, thee dirty girl, Danielle treating him fairly awful throughout the movie, they had excellent chemistry.

The story's fresh, original and fun. The jokes are laugh-out-loud – my favorite running-gag was the bag of child with her facial expressions. And the emotions run deep. Oh, and soundtrack was a great homage to the 1980s.

Sure, there are plenty of 1980s renditions out there, i.e. the wildly inferior Take Me Home Tonight, but this one not only put be back to the future (of the time), it didn't over do it. No need. It's set in the 1980s, so be it. (Sorry, that was a 1990 reference of Pump up the Volume…but still…) It was a very nice backdrop, such as the hair and the incredible music.

Basically, the movie boils down to mean-slut Danielle who forced into a partnership with fellow high school student, Clarke, who happens to be gay. Allow me to stop the synopsis right there…just for those who don't know, being an out teen in the 1980s was NOT the accepted preference as it is today, or even in the early 1990s. So, I can completely empathize with this character dancing around his sexuality, even though, for the most part he's a free spirit.

I digress. After a hilarious series of events, Danielle learns her long-since abandoned father lives a mere couple of states over in California and she and Clarke team up to go and meet him.

Road Trip Movie? Not really. This is much more brilliant than that. There are just so many more layers to this as a whole to reduce it to that level.

While hardly any movie's perfect – Clarke's enormously homophobic ass of a father finding them on their journey a couple of times was a little too much of a stretch – this one comes very close. I can't wait to see it again. This only happens in my viewing experiences when I see sincerity in both the writers and especially the actors on screen. I need to see someone put their heart in a project and I need to see originality as well as people that believe in their product. You'll find that here. I give it my highest recommendation…and I have already passed the word onto my friends so more people will see this hidden treasure.

Side Note: Sure, I understand the simple title; it's stated throughout the movie as "no one wants to be a 'dirty girl.'" But, I still think the movie would've been best served with a more deserving title that wouldn't typically be proceeded with: "National Lampoon's."
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Heart Stirring
ravs0526 February 2018
What an absolute gem this film is... with a title like that I was prepared for another teenage-bad-decisions movie but in fact, this was soo much more. The film shows how bad decisions made by parents affects children. Parenting is really no-joke and the fact that you need to support your offspring through thick and thin is what it is all about.

Juno Temple is excellent as the lead character and equally impressive is Jeremy Dozier as "Clarke". The interaction as Joan, the sack of flour (given as a class assignment to the lead characters) is simply heart stirring. I liked it soo much that I contributed the missing dialogue to the "Quotes" section on IMDB.

This movie is far better than the current "Lady Bird" film which Hollywood is going ga-ga over! It's unfortunate that such a brilliant movie did not get the credit it deserved. Please do not miss this gem of a flick!
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Great Little Indy Film
mbatchelor-2209525 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I went into this movie with relatively low expectations; looking around on Netflix for something to watch to kill a bit of time, and left thinking it was the best movie I've seen in a long time. I laughed, I cried; I emphasized with the characters.

Juno Temple gives a great performance as the girl with the bad reputation of being the "dirty girl" at her school, who gets thrown into a class of misfits after her misbehavior, which included Clarke, who was struggling with coming out of the closet; wonderfully portrayed by Jeremy Dozier. The two get paired up on a project unwillingly to raise a flower sack "baby," who ends up being a cute little part of the movie as its expressions change throughout.

Dwight Yoakam as always did a great job of playing a mean and nasty guy as Clarke's homophobic father. Mary Steenbrugen gave a laudable performance as his mother; Juno Temple was as cute as a bug in the movie, the 80s soundtrack is great; lots of laughs throughout, plenty of scenes where you could feel especially for Clarke. At the end I wondered if her character would have went on to have any relationship with her father, who despite not wanting her to live with him, turned out to be a really good man; and the experience of meeting him, coupled with finding out the truth that her father thought she was aborted, but that her mother chose to keep her made her see her mom in a whole different light, and made her reform herself from being the "dirty girl." I'm sure I will watch this movie may more times over the years. It has all the charm of an 80s John Hughes film.
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Great Cast, Great Music, Great Times!......
MovieHoliks22 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
1987 Oklahoma: Danielle Edmondston (Juno Temple) is a troubled and promiscuous high school student. She argues with her mother, Sue-Ann (Milla Jovovich), who is about to marry a Mormon, Ray (William H. Macy), and amidst the chaos she befriends Clarke Walters (Jeremy Dozier), a shy, overweight, gay classmate. Together, they flee in a car owned by Clarke's homophobic father, Joseph (Dwight Yoakam), and embark on a road trip to Fresno, where Danielle expects to find her birth father, Danny Briggs. Meanwhile, Sue-Ann and Clarke's mother, Peggy (Mary Steenburgen), chase after them.

I just loved this movie- in fact, just watched it again recently. Juno Temple is great in the lead role, and I was also really impressed with Dozier's performance. He doesn't play Clarke as the stereotypical "flaming" Hollywood gay character, but instead gives a more subtle performance as a young man learning about life, love and sex no different from any other homo- or heterosexual character would be doing at that age.

And I must mention the music! If you like '80s music like I do- this is the movie for you- loved the music AND how it was used. In fact, for "guilty pleasure" fans of a 1970s icon- Melissa Manchester- her music is used in this movie (being the main characters are big fans of hers) big time. In fact, I "think" she may even have a cameo role in this-?? A great cast, great performances, great music- make this a MUST-SEE- now streaming on Netflix!
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Wildly Enjoyable Camp Trip with youthful Heart
Mattydee7421 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Imperfect gems are the joy of the Hollywood mine, this one I found by accident on cable during a flu ridden autumn day home from work. It certainly made me feel better, reminding me of the old youthful heart which yearned for connections and answers desperately, which the two central characters Danielle and Clark, beautifully struck by Juno Temple and Jeremy Dozier, embody in a film rollicking somewhere between John Waters Polyester, John Cameron Mitchell's Hedwig and The Angry Inch and Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. A relatively simple framework of a road trip movie set in 1987 sees two high school outsiders embark on an escape from the trials of teenage struggles towards adult life and answers only to find they come with their own pain. It's a fun ride with lots of great 1980s stylings and a popping soundtrack with great tracks like Strut by Sheena Easton and more from the likes of Melissa Manchester, Pat Bentar, Rita Coolidge, Belinda Carlisle and Nu Shooz.The support cast is fun with Mary Steenburgen and Milla Jovovich in fine form. It's a very 1980s film and while it's imperfect it's so much fun it transcends it's own limitations to be a delight.
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An amazing movie that touches on SO many subjects!
Nichole Valentine31 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this movie on netflix out of boredom and I was hooked from the opening quote. I have never laughed and cried so much from one movie. Outstanding performance by Juno & Jeremy alike. If you're anything like me you will find something in common with both of these main characters. If you're a lot like me you'll find that it feels as if these characters were based off of you. The supporting cast is phenomenal for the small parts they have and you may eve find yourself relating to them in sorts. The movie is a roller coaster ride of emotions and you'll love every moment. Honestly, amazing amazing amazing.
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If I was a bit younger...
MrGKB22 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
...I'd officially be a Juno "Atonement" Temple groupie, and "Dirty Girl" pretty much sealed that deal for me after having recently enjoyed her work in "Cracks" and "Killer Joe," wherein I first encountered her. If she keeps up the pace, she's bound to be a mega-star by her 30s, and even if she doesn't make those lofty heights, she'll still be one of the finest actors of her generation. I can't emphasize enough just how good I think this young lady is; without question, she lifts "Dirty Girl" from the ranks of the almost ho-hum into the realm of remarkably watchable.

Admittedly, the supporting cast is strong, too, ranging from the likes of Dwight "Panic Room" Yoakum, Milla "The Fifth Element" Jovovich (cast against type), and a wonderfully nuanced Mary "Ragtime" Steenburgen to brief appearances from William H. "Is there anything I can't do?" Macy and a surprisingly effective Tim "Friday Night Lights" McGraw. As well, Temple's co-star, Jeremy "This is my calling card!" Dozier really impresses as Temple's conflicted fellow traveler; I'll be looking for his next venture, "Rock, Paper, Scissors," on video release with great interest.

All that said, "Dirty Girl" will admittedly not appeal to those viewers with various hangups, mostly concerning homosexuality, promiscuity, parental malfeasance, and the ofttimes grating nature of 80s music. I do not recommend this film to those folks. But if your social mores tend toward the liberal, you could do worse than enjoy a picaresque road movie that careens merrily along, veering from modern fairy tale (pun not intended) to almost comic-booky satire, much along the lines of films like "Freeway" with Reese Witherspoon, without the darker edges. It's bawdy fun with a soft heart, and besides, how could you not like a flour-sack baby with an expressive face? This maiden effort from writer/director Abe "Nurse Jackie" Sylvia certainly ought to lead to greater things if there's any justice in the world.
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Wild high school girl with soon to be Mormon daddy sets out to find her real father when she recruits the help of bullied gay classmate.
pc-renteria24 June 2013
So if your lying on the couch with your Kindle on a lazy rainy day this movie could be a good choice. I wasn't expecting much but it turned out to be such a good movie! I don't look to see who's in movies if I can help it but there were many surprises by some of my favorite actors. Anyway, The movie starts out with this really cute teen aged girl back 1987. She's the schools floozy..Who seems to really need the boys attention. (she has a beautiful red 1964 Mustang that even in 1987 would have cost a fortune..I can't figure that out) She acts up in class and gets sent to the "troubled, nerdy, slow class". From there her own "friends" start referring to her as the girl in "retard class" or whatever..In all this time she really wants to find her real old man. Her mother (as cute as her daughter) does not want her finding out about him..So she meets this kinda fat, gay outcast from class and they develop a friendship. This sweet kid is brow-beaten and physically abused by his old man on a regular basis. So in a nice story, these two break out and travel to find her real dad..There's good music in this movie and I was surprised by how well these two kids carried the film despite some heavy weight actors..check it out..I liked it
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