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  • Tyler Davidson invites his college buddy Chase home for the summer holidays and a secret is revealed that threatens to tear his perfect family apart. When Tyler's mother, Stacey discovers her husband Nathan in an unspeakable affair, the Davidson family's world begins to collapse. The summer is ripe with adventure, revelations, and betrayal as this family learns how to laugh, cry and love again.

  • Tyler, who comes from a perfect family, invites his best college buddy Chase to stay over for summer break, who otherwise would not have a nice family to go home to. However, Tyler's efforts to set Chase in pursuit of one-night-stands cause Chase to set the record straight that he's gay. While Tyler needs awhile to fully settle in with this revelation - one that both "changes nothing...and everything" - it unknowingly encourages his father Nathan (an unawarely closeted homosexual) not only to come out of the closet but to come onto Chase as well, with reciprocal interest. It's an unforeseen development, setting everyone to reevaluate their relationships.

  • Nathan Davidson is trying to trade in his uptight life for a more relaxed one by spending more time playing golf. His wife, Stacey Davidson, wants to create the perfect home life for Nathan and their two children, which is manifested in having a somewhat controlling behavior. Their eldest, Tyler Davidson, a guy's guy who is always chasing girls, is away at college. And their youngest, eight year old Birdie Davidson, is at a stage in her life where she wants to emulate those she admires. Summer is approaching, and the family has decided to spend it at their recreational home by the lake. Tyler is coming home from college for the summer, this year bringing his best friend from college, Chase Rousseau, an art student who himself does not have a happy home life like the Davidsons seem to have. As usual, Tyler has a summer job working at the golf course, where he has also managed to get Chase a job, Chase who, regardless, doesn't play the game. After Tyler, who is spending much of his free time with his casual girlfriend Bre, tries several times to set Chase up with Christy so that Chase won't be alone while he and Bre are together, Chase decides to come out to Tyler, news which surprises Tyler. This news, which makes its way to all the Davidsons, Birdie who only understands partially what being gay means, changes what was largely the cordial dynamic they all had with Chase, Tyler in particular who has to figure out how now to act around and toward his best friend. But more fundamental issues within the Davidson family arise based on Chase's news.

  • Two college friends take a journey home. One of them makes a mistake that may tear a family apart. Sometimes there are no second chances, sometimes there are no mulligans.


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  • When Tyler Davidson brings his college buddy Chase home for the summer holidays a secret is revealed that threatens to tear his perfect family apart. This summer two young men discover the importance of friendship and second chances.

    The Davidson family appears practically perfect in every way. Chase arrives in the quaint cottage town of Prospect Lake and is faced with the challenge of controlling his attraction for Tylers father, Nathan. But Chase isnt the only one with a wandering eye

    Nathan struggles to resist his feelings for his son's best friend while safeguarding his life long secret to protect his family. What would you do if the one thing you wanted could ruin your life?

    The Davidson family's world is set to collapse as the affair is discovered. Can a man keep his family and still hold onto himself?

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