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Spies r'us
jotix10011 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
"Eva" is a rare curiosity. Its nationality indicates it is Romanian, but judging by the all English cast, one would have sworn it is nothing but a British film. We caught with it recently, when it was shown by a cable network. It is basically a love story set in the years preceding, and during WWII.

Eva, the beautiful young woman is seen reading in a idyllic country setting as the story begins. Tudor, the wealthy owner of a mill in the vicinity, happens to pass by; he is taken with Eva, whose radiance attracts him. He tells her that he will make her fall in love with him, no matter what if they ever meet again. Eva, an impoverished girl, together with her mother and sister, have been living with their uncle Alphonse. This man has forced himself on Eva's sister. Not wanting to suffer the same fate, she runs away and becomes Tudor's lover.

The plot thickens. Tudor must leave for America, where he has been called to go to an ailing mother. Alphonse discovers Tudor has sold his estate as he probably will not be returning. Thinking he can now has his own way with Eva, he tries to force her into having sex with him, but Eva proves she can handle him, beating him to a pulp and rendering him invalid for life! At this point, another figure enters Eva's life. It is Oswald, a rich noble man. He marries Eva and gives her a luxurious life. One day, while riding together, Eva spots Tudor on his horse. She follows him to another idyllic place where they resume their torrid love affair.

Unfortunately, Tudor is never around for much. He will keep turning on, and disappearing after he gets satisfaction in the bedroom. To make matters worse, Tudor is wounded on his left arm, after an assassination attempt. He might lose his arm, but thanks to German technology, he gets to keep it. What's more, later on, on one of his reappearances, we see him without a shirt, and lo and behold, his arm is perfect, as though a miracle had occurred after his crying like a baby because of the possibility of the amputation. For all practical purposes it is as though nothing ever happened to that arm!

Directed by Adrian Popovici, a Romanian director, and written for the screen by Steve Attridge and Radu Petrescu-Aneste, this is a film that defies credibility. Evidently, some 21 contributors to this forum have deemed it worthy of a 10 rating, which does not sound right. What does not make sense is to find actors of the stature of Vanessa and Corin Redgrave, Michael Ironside and Patrick Bergin involved in this movie.

Watch it at your own risk!
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kia_girl9 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Eva is a movie that is very different from other Romanian films. Yes, it has some flaws but the image is beautiful, the music is also beautiful and I'm happy that it has music because most of the Romanian movies don't have music and most of them have an ugly image in which you can see the poverty in our country. I respect this movie because it's different.

The actors have done a great job. Congrats to Amy Hayes because,even if she wasn't in a movie before, she managed to be great in this cause this was a hard role. Emily Hamilton, who portrays Eva's sister who was obsessed with the idea that she wants to get married so she can leave the house, was so great in the moments of despair after her father died. And of course, Michael Ironside who was absolutely brilliant in the role of the fierce uncle!

I recommend you should see this movie. Maybe you will like it, maybe you won't. But you should so you can see that not everybody does movies about Ceausescu and poverty and minimalistic films in general.
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A Dreadful Third-rate Soap Opera
Alis2 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I've just seen this movie on cable and couldn't believe how cheap a soap opera may become. It is simply awful: a most conventional story, poor performances (what is Patrick Bergin doing in this mishap?), a squeamish, boring violin music all the way through, a commonplace direction proper of a TV saga (sometimes I had the feeling that commercials were coming) and a gallery of stereotyped characters that seem to have been taken out from an old magazine for spinsters and love dreamers make this movie an unendurable experience. Everything is over-cooked and over seen; there's no surprise in any one of the dramatic incidents; sometimes you may wonder whether some sequences were cut out since there's no clear explanation about the dramatic evolution of the characters and the development of different events. The conclusion you get by the end is that Eva is and has always been quite silly. Why didn't she do a thing after suspecting that Tudor was hiding something? The way she decides to leave her husband is also so absurd, almost funny. Was her husband a congenital imbecile? And that Tudor lover, coming and going, absent when most needed...How boring! Unless you feel pleasure reading Danielle Steel or Corin Tellado's pink novels, avoid this. It's like watching an after-lunch, cheap melodrama (it reminded me of The other side of midnight, that horrendous soap- opera masterpiece)in which there's nothing interesting to discover.
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A totally waste of time
KDavid29 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is going into my ever growing list of completely worthless, mentally frustrating movies to watch. No offences to the main actors, as I believe a failed drama is often the fault of the director/producers/writers -- those people whose faces you may never see.

The story was severely disjointed, and the acting was nauseating at times and laughable at others. I had so many moments of, Huh? Say what? and You've got to be kidding me, while watching this.

Not worth the couple of hours I will never get back. If only I would learn to make this judgement at the beginning and not convince myself to sit through the whole thing, hoping desperately that the miserable story and acting at some obscure and never attainable point will be redeemed.
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Cry for your money-not even material for MST3K
alecu-19 November 2010
There are certain trash movies that have achieved cult status,even Adrian Popovici who directs this movie made one : Dracula the Impaler (2002).Unintentional fun just like : William Girdler's "The Manitou"(1978) or : Chiodo's "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" (1988)but in this case the film lacks any of this qualities,no self-spoof or any sign of visual aesthetic instead it has wooden acting,2d characters and ridiculous subplots.Could have been a "contre-emploi" comeback on the big screen for Jean Claude Van Damme ,even "Legionnaire" has a more convincing romantic approach or Steven Seagal's last "Born to raise hell".Bergin and Ironside are totally miscast ,it's also a shame that excellent romanian actors like Morgenstern or Bleont are part of this farce,i guess they got the script before signing the contract.... I felt like dreaming when i saw it,who could finance the movie knowing what disasters Adrian Popovici has directed and produced in the past,he should stick to DTV zombie flicks .I've read comments earlier about Ujica's "Autobiografia lui Nicolae Ceausescu" (2010)an excellent documentary,impartial and with artistical integrity,go and watch it instead of spending money and time on "Eva".
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andreea_zlatea21 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The movie screenplay is written based on the Radu Tudoran book The prodigal son (fiul risipitor - in Romanian). The book is a beautiful love story. The love of Eva for Tudor, an unriliable guy, who comes and lives as he likes. Eva is a strong woman who can't control her unhealthy love, he is her weakness, her impossible love, her dream and her nightmare. She takes him back every time and in the end of the book she is loosing her mind when he dies in the bombing incident and she looks for him everywhere keep on saying at every corner "maybe he is here". The movie has such a hollywodian approach, "he is a spy and that way he disappear / reappear with no explanation, everybody goes to America and presumably live happy ever after. No. The guy is just a pric and she can't control her addiction. Although I consider is difficult to translate into a movie a book like this, the ending chose for the movie only made it worst. The book is beautiful, I read it twice, once when I was in my 20s and the second time in my 30s, and I would like to read it again because I discovered different things at different age. Unfortunately the book was not translated in English.
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The violinist
luiza alcatel27 March 2012
I have to say that the beautiful music is written by Mihai Nenita. He is the biggest violinist and the composer of the main themes of the movie. I had to wait for the end of the movie to search for the one who's really play the violin and to find later that the music is composed by him: Mihai Nenita. He was born in Chisinev,R.P.Moldova, and he studied violin since he was 4 years old. He studied violin in Moldova and in Germany. He is born in 1977, and all his family studied music. He is very talented and I fell so sorry that no one mentioned his name. The. Beautiful theme, Tudor's theme is made by him. I wish him all the best and hope that he is going to surprise us again. Thank you, Mihai Nenita.
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