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Apocalypse Harley
Charlie injects himself with himself and dies.
11 Jul. 2011
Three Dog Night
A dog thief gets trapped in a large pen with a pitbull.
31 Oct. 2011
Breaking News
Self-serving local reporter Joseph gets more than he bargained for when he takes on covering news of national interest about a hurricane.
8 Feb. 2012
Chug a lug
An attractive but aggressive female executive dies of water intoxication while on a canyon "power hike".
19 Mar. 2012
Stench of Death
A yoga teacher farts and teaches military-style. The whole classroom is filled with the stench. The students leave in disgust.
Apr. 2012
A Tore Is Born
A drug smuggler uses her womanly assets to hide the goods; a celebrity seeker pulls a bunny out of her rabbit hole; an ex-con cleans up the streets; a henpecked hubby winds up wishing he was dead.