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  • A forest ranger with the ability to visit the past by looking at photographs attempts to solve the mystery behind his father's sudden death.

  • 8 X 10 revolves around Jai, a man who has the power to see into the past. He uses this power to help people even though using it nearly kills him every time. When his father, Jatin, dies in a mysterious boating accident, Jai's suspicion is aroused by the appearance of an oddball detective, Happi. The only article that can help him in his investigation is an 8 X 10 photograph taken just minutes before the accident by his mother Savitri that shows Jatin surrounded by his best friend and lawyer, Anil, his adopted son, Adit and younger brother, Sundar. Jai decides to use this photograph to go into the past to unravel the mystery surrounding Jatin's death. As he discovers clues he realizes that his father was actually murdered and that everyone on the boat had a motive. Now on a mission to unmask the killer, he undertakes the dangerous journey of visiting the past repeatedly. A cat and mouse game ensues, with the killer outwitting Jai at every turn. As the bodies pile up and time begins to run out, Jai ventures into the photo one last time with the killer on his heels. Does Jai discover who the killer is? Will the killer get him before the truth is uncovered? Does he get out of the photo in time before it is destroyed?

  • Employed as an officer with the Environment Services in the U.S., Jai Puri, manages to visit the past by looking at photographs; lives common-law with Sheila; and is critical of his father's involvement in global pollution. Then he gets the news that his father has passed away in his yacht, which the police treat it as an accident. Then Jai gets a visit from a delusional Canadian, Habibullah Pasha, who impresses upon him that his father was killed. Jai, at first disbelieves Pasha, but decides to find out for himself by looking at his dad's very last photo taken abroad the yacht on that fateful day. This will set off a chain of events that will alienate him from his mother, Savitri, paternal uncle, Sundar Puri; their family's advocate Anil Sharma amongst others; endanger his life medically and also place him on the hit-list of the alleged unknown assailant.

  • An action-thriller revolving around Jai, a forest ranger who can enter a photo by looking at it, and view the captured moments from a person's point of view. When his father Jatin dies under mysterious circumstances and most evidences hint towards a natural death, a former detective believes it might be a murder. Initially reluctant but somehow convinced about the same, Jai decides to use his ability to enter the photo and solve the mystery but soon finds himself and his loved ones pursued by the killer.


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  • The movie starts with Jai Puri (Akshay Kumar), a police officer, chasing a poacher and repeat offender through the woods. When the poacher has nowhere else to go, he throws his trap against the commands of the police officers. "No evidence. No crime." Jai simply smiles and takes off in the other direction. He jumps from a 100-foot cliff into the sea. He is able to hold his breath for over 4 minutes and when he resurfaces, he has the trap in his hand.

    After returning to the police station, a woman with a missing husband is waiting on Jai. She took a picture with her phone right before he went missing. With this picture, Jai uses his powers to look into the past. But he only has a minute to stay in the past, or his life is in danger. By concentrating on the picture, he can see what happened in the time following the moment the picture was taken. With her husband's photo, he saw that had fallen into a ravine and was able to tell her the location. He is rescued.

    On his way home, his girlfriend, Sheila Patel (Ayesha Takia), tells him the news that his father has had an accident. While talking to him at the scene, Jai's father tries to tell Jai that he saw something on the boat, but dies of a heart attack before he can say anything. Everyone believes that Jai's father's death was an accident. His father leaves Jai nothing in his will, but leaves it all to his mother. Jai doesn't care, but his mother tells him that his father was planning on giving his wealth to Jai's environment organization.

    The next morning, Jai asks Sheila to marry him, and he happily agrees. Later, a detective named Happi (Javed Jaffrey) shows up. He tells Jai that he thinks his father was murdered and offers a theory, but Jai refuses to listen. Happi does not let up. He does research and discovers that Jai's mother did not allow an autopsy to be done on his father. When Jai finds out, he confronts his mother, who says she did so because of religious purposes, but Jai is skeptical. His mother tells him not to listen to Happi, that she knows him and he is totally crazy. So Jai tells Happi to stay away from his family, but he still doesn't know what to believe.

    So Jai uses his powers to put himself in his father's place. He sees that after talking to his Uncle Sundar, his father sat on a railing on the boat, which then snapped, he then fell in the water which caused his heart attack. However, Jai stays inside the picture too long and must be rushed to the hospital. There Jai tries to explain his powers to his good friend Adit (Rushad Rana), but Adit just calls him crazy.

    After leaving the hospital and while looking for clues, Jai spots Uncle Sundar and chases him down. Jai asks him if he killed his father, but Sundar does not answer. Jai vows to find the truth. Later, Jai agrees to listen to Happi's theory. Happi suggests that someone slipped Jai's father beta blocker pills because they knew he had a history of heart attacks, and if he fell in the cold water, his heart would surely stop after taking the pills. Jai insists that because his father always sat on that railing, someone had sawed broken it so he would fall. But they needed to know who did it and why. So Jai travels into the picture again as Sundar. He then discovers that Sundar did, indeed, put beta blockers in his dad's champagne. But Jai stayed too long again, and when he is rushed to the hospital Sheila is angry, so Jai tells her everything. They both then go together to Sundar's apartment to confront him, only to discover that he's hung himself.

    Afterwards, while Sheila and Jai are riding bikes, a huge truck almost runs them off the road. Sheila is furious and accuses Jai of risking their lives for over something that's probably a delusion. He agrees and promises not to enter the pictures again. Jai goes to his mother's house to move in, but sees her and his father's friend, Anil (Girish Karnad), together. Anil admits that he loves her, and Jai gets upset and storms out. Later, Jai is drinking with Adit at a bar. He flat out asks if Adit murdered his father, since they were business partners that may have had a disagreement, but Adit denies it and tells Jai to chill.

    When Jai meets up with Happi again, Happi tells Jai go meet with Bibiji (Uttara Baokar) for help with his powers. He goes, and Bibiji tells him that his powers must have been brought on by something that happened in his past. She also tells him that he must be careful, because if a picture is torn or destroyed while Jai is inside it, he will be trapped inside forever. After Jai leaves, someone comes into Bibiji's home and kills her.

    Later, Jai and Happi are at the hospital. Jai wants to go into the picture for the last time to see who else was working with Sundar, but will be in there long so he needs medical staff standing by. So Happi asks his bitter ex-lover Sally (Pia Shah) for help. Happi had stood Sally up for their wedding long ago, but Sally reluctantly agrees anyway. Before going into the picture, Jai tells them to be ready to transfuse the blood. He goes in as Anil this time, but discovers that Anil did nothing to hurt his father. He almost dies, so Happi calls Sheila there. She reluctantly agrees to let Jai go in as the last person in the picture, Adit. When he does this, he discovers that Adit was the one who put the pills by the champagne for Sundar.

    As he is coming back, Jai's heart stops. He is revived, but can barely move. Also, Sheila has to leave for work, so she's called Adit to drive Jai home. Adit threatens Jai to keep his mouth shut, but Jai texts Happi the identity of the killer. Happi tries to go after Adit, but he gets away. Skipping town. So Jai goes to Anil for answers as to who wanted his father dead and why. Anil tells Jai that Jai's father announced to Anil, Adit, Sundar, himself, and Jai's mother that he was going to transfer the company wealth to Jai's organization. But since they were all shareholders, they would lose a fortune from this decision. However, he gave the paperwork to Jai's mother to sign, so his last wish could be carried out. Jai panics, realizing that the killer would go after his mother next.

    Jai speeds to his house to warn his mother, calling her, but she's already welcomed the killer into her house as she is signing the papers and is not answering the phone. Just as she's finally about to pick up, the killer stabs her. Jai arrives and runs after the killer, but he gets away. Before sending his mother off to the hospital, she tells Jai to look in the attic for clues of the identity of the killer. He does so and decides to go into the picture as his father for the last time to see what he was trying to tell Jai he saw before he died. He gets an adrenaline shot from Sally who says that if he presses it, he will regain consciousness immediately, but warns Jai that it could kill him.

    At the climax of the film, Jai is in the picture once more, but the killer is in his house and has the unconscious Jai at gunpoint. But, instead of shooting him, the killer decides to burn the picture, which Jai is unaware of. He is still seeing the murder in his father's eyes, and as he is falling off the boat, he sees himself, watching him die. The picture burns almost completely as Jai presses the adrenaline shot. He does not regain consciousness, but his twin is looking him in the face, taunting him.

    It is shown that Jai had a twin brother named Jeet, who fell off of a cliff when they were little boys and Jai tried to save him. After the accident, they both live but Jai has repressed the memories of the accident. So the doctor advises Jai's parents to get rid of anything that could remind Jai of Jeet, especially pictures. They even lock Jeet away in a shed. So Jeet has come back to take Jai's place, and have ownership of their father's inheritance, and get the life back that Jai stole from him.

    Jeet and his lover, Sheila, celebrate how easily they've killed Jai, until they notice that Jai is awake -- and he has a gun. Jai is heartbroken by Sheila's betrayal, but suddenly they hear Happi at the door. Jeet wrestles Jai to the ground with his feet around Jai's throat so he can't scream. Sheila rushes to the door and tries to assure Happi that everything is alright, but Jai manages to fire the gun, Happi hears it, and forces himself in. He does not know which man is the real Jai. He asks Sheila for help, but Sheila, of course, rushes to Jeet's side. Happi begins to arrest Jai, but Jai tells Happi not to fool Sally again -- exactly what he told him before going into the picture for the last time.

    Happi realizes that he IS the real Jai, and starts towards the real criminals, but when he raises up Sheila plunges an ax into his chest. Jeet and Sheila chain Jai and Happy up and take them out on the boat. Jeet explains his plan. How he got Adit into the planned and killed Sundar because he was afraid he would talk. Then how he got Jai to fall in love with Sheila so Jeet could learn everything about Jai to be just like him. But he had to kill their father by sawing the railing so he wouldn't give his fortune away. He also had to kill their mother so she wouldn't sign the papers.

    They then push the chained Jai and Happi into the ocean and begin celebrating again. But Jai remembers that Happi always keeps a gun in his sock, and with Jai's amazing ability to hold his breath underwater, he retrieves the gun and shoots the lock to the chain off. He gets back on the boat and holds Sheila at gunpoint. But Jai doesn't want anyone to die. He puts the gun down, even though Jeet has a gun on him, and offers Jeet another chance at a family. At brotherhood. Sheila screams at Jeet to just shoot Jai, but Jeet remembers the good times they had when they were younger and starts to lower his gun, but shoots it. He's shot Sheila, who had tried to shoot Jai with Happi's gun. Sheila dies, but not before shooting Jeet. Jai runs over to Jeet, and watches his long lost brother die in his arms with tears in his eyes.

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