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Sex & Nudity

  • A teenage boy masturbates a teenage girl in bed while they kiss. No nudity is shown.
  • Scene with a bunch of high-school girls near a lake. Mostly all of them are in their bra and underwear.
  • An adult male is sleeping and has an erection shown through a sheet while sleeping. A teenage girl is about to touch it but he wakes up suddenly and tells her to leave. No nudity or sex.
  • Couples kiss several times throughout the series
  • Several adult couples have sex in different scenes but no nudity is shown. Some moaning and kissing is shown.
  • A teenage guy and teenage girl have sex. Bare backs and sides. Moaning and climaxing. No actual nudity.
  • A girl masturbates with a sex toy. Very graphic.
  • Graphic sex talk throughout the series.
  • Nude women are shown on porn magazines. Graphic.
  • Two teenage girls breasts are shown while they are naked in a pond or lake
  • Two teens have sex in the back of a car, there is thrusting and moaning.
  • A girl is asked by a group of boys to "show us your tits!". Her friend, an overweight male student, lifts his own shirt to reveal moobs and chest hair as a joke, and the boys leave.
  • A girl is told to wear a red dress, nicknamed "the boob dress" for its low cleavage effect.
  • A shy, nerdy girl is accused in a prank phone call of doing "anal" in the janitor's closet. The word "anal" is repeated numerous times. The girl argues that this is just a rumour.
  • A teen boy gets an erection through his jeans when a teen girl touches his chest, he quickly covers up with a blanket
  • A girl holds an inappropriate crush on her coach, an adult man. He does not reciprocate her feelings and is creeped out by her.
  • A man and his wife discuss how they once received strawberry-flavoured lube as a gag gift at Christmas.
  • A girl confesses to sneaking downstairs numerous times after her parents went to bed just so she could pause at a scene showing a man's exposed "wang" (penis) on a VHS tape.
  • A woman frightens her daughter by telling her that if a divorce happens, her father will be coming to her for dating advice, which she'll be good at answering since most of the women he brings home will be about his daughter's age.
  • A teenage girl is streaking naked full frontal and rear from distance but visible, a group of people force a man to strip naked full frontal male is nearly visible

Violence & Gore

  • A girl falls through a trap in the ground and is impaled on several spikes.
  • Animals get killed through out the series. Often violently and graphically.
  • A woman kills a rabbit from her garden. She skins it and guts it but the scene goes by quickly.
  • The opening shows a girl running through the woods and falling into a pit lined with spikes. We see her body impaled in multiple places and later her carcass being hoisted up by the ankles and her throat slit like an animal being dressed.
  • The aftermath of the plane crash shows several people dying violently. One is impaled through the neck with a piece of metal and another is caught on fire.
  • A girl's dead body is shown hanging from a tree with the throat slashed and body cut up badly. Very gruesome.
  • After a plane crash a man is seen with a spike through him and a leg is seen among the wreckage. The focus on detail is very graphic and the wounds are clearly seen.
  • A lot of bloodied and burned dead bodies are seen after a plane crash.
  • A woman is gorily burned alive after a plane crash.
  • A man's mangled and partly severed leg is seen in detail after a crash fairly graphically. The wound is shown in detail before being bandaged bloodily.
  • A female politician is accused of cannibalism in a smear ad from an opponent.
  • A girl watches a live rat in her swimming pool, padding as it tries not to drown. She makes no attempt to save the animal and merely watches it suffer (no on-screen death of the rat occurs).
  • A woman stabs another woman in the hand with a fork, causing her to scream loudly.
  • A man is slapped twice and threatened with an electric kitchen tool in a faux interrogation.
  • A woman holds a man at gunpoint and frightens him by graphically describing the hardships it takes to peel a human being's skin off.
  • A woman is killed with fentanyl-laced cigarettes (see 'Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking').
  • Numerous deceased birds fall and hit a log cabin at once, while a girl's nose simultaneously bleeds.
  • A group of girls begin having their periods and make graphic remarks about period blood, the stink of menstruation and the lack of tampons. They are seen boiling rags to clean them for use as makeshift pads.
  • A man's rotting corpse is dug up.
  • A man is stabbed in the stomach, after which his attacker thrusts the knife up further towards his chest. Blood spurts from his mouth, and he dies.
  • Graphic depictions of blood, internal organs and bones are all featured in the series.
  • A girl grabs a knife and jams it into a bear's collarbone, causing the animal to cry in pain as it bleeds to death. The bear is later butchered and eaten.
  • Animals, including a deer and a grouse, are shown being shot at.
  • A woman brags to her suburban family about having gutted a rabbit from "chin to anus".


  • Frequent uses of Fuck, Shit, Bitch, Asshole, Dick, and other typical profanities. Some uses of Cunt.
  • A few of the background soundtracks have explicit lyrics, including uses of "fuck" and other expletives, but the songs are faint and secondary to the story dialogue.
  • Uses of lesser expletives and crude terms including "wang", "cock", "lube" (lubricant), "poop", "burp", "buttmunch" and similar phrases.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A scene of a woman snorting drugs.
  • Some teen drinking & drug use.
  • Teenagers take drugs at a party including weed and pill popping.
  • A teen girl takes LSD, not shown on camera and it's not apparent she is high
  • One of the main characters is an addict.
  • A woman threatens a political opponent by saying that she'll use his eighteen-year-old daughter in a smear campaign against him because the daughter was in drug rehab 3 times as a minor and it was covered up. We later see the woman browsing Facebook pictures of the daughter. She makes a threatening phone call about the daughter's alleged drug usage.
  • A woman is given cigarettes laced with fentanyl , causing her to overdose and die.
  • A woman withholds morphine from an aging patient in an act of elder abuse.
  • A boy burps crudely after chugging an entire beer, dedicating the act to a nearby girl, which disgusts her.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A bear's bloodied dead body is found with all of its organs spilled out.
  • A man is shown hanging from the neck.
  • "the man with no eyes" is mentioned or shown in a few scenes
  • The usage of eerie soundtrack, including choral moaning and other vocalized noises. can be quite unsettling at times. Uses of VHS tape aesthetic edits in a later intro can be somewhat jarring and unpleasant, as they also feature quick shots of gore and violence.
  • A woman's minivan is rear-ended.
  • Some intense scenes of child rebellion; a teenage girl is addicted to her smartphone and never stops texting, while a young boy tapes disturbing drawings over his window to block out a reputed "lady in the tree" who watches him at night, frightening his mother.
  • A woman does shadow puppets to entertain her son. While doing a dog, she becomes frightened by a violent image popping into her head of a wolf growing and preparing to attack.
  • The Misty character can be quite unsettling and bizarre. She is featured engaged in scenes of animal torture (watching a rat drown in a swimming pool) and elder abuse at the nursing home she works at, where she swears at an old lady and withholds pain medication from her as punishment for dropping a food tray and defecating in bed.
  • A girl recites a disturbing monologue from the movie Steel Magnolias, in which she sobs painfully and discusses the untimely death of a child, causing her audience to go silent in shock.
  • A schizophrenic girl has frightening visions and as a child predicts a car crash.
  • Laura Lee and Lottie attempt a makeshift baptism in the lake. Lottie has frightening visions while underwater and begins to violently scream, after which the two girls hug.
  • A brief verbal reference is made to the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crash of 1972, a real-life case in which a rugby team survived the crash by cannibalizing the remains of dead survivors.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A group of drugged girls try to have an orgy with a teenage boy as part of their hallucination. They all kiss him while moaning and try to undress him. He runs away. No nudity.
  • Two teen girls are seen nude and kissing. Their exposed breasts are shown very briefly. This occurs a couple times throughout the series.
  • Travises nickname is Flex. He is called this because a bully thought he needed surgery to suck himself.
  • Taissa and Van have a sex scene in the woods. It is dark but you can see both girls breasts.
  • A character watches as a couple have sex, we hear giggling and see the woman push the man onto the bed before jumping on top of him.
  • A man is stripped naked by a group of people in masks before being buried alive. We see his penis very briefly.
  • Two gay men kiss passionately and flirt; this is more sad than erotic in its presentation, as it is revealed to be a flashback from a man traumatized after watching the cannibalism of a young girl at the hands of his students.

Violence & Gore

  • A nude body is strung up and the throat is cut. Blood splatters on the ground. The scene is brief.
  • One scene during the first episode, the girls are playing a scrimmage soccer game, one of the girls trips another one cause her leg to break. Bone and blood is shown. Very graphic and shown in close-up.
  • The girls are attacked by wolves and one girl is mauled on the face. Part of her face is chewed off showing her teeth through her cheek. Later on, the other girls sew her face back without meds. She screams while her face is sewn.
  • It's implied that the girls killed and ate one of their own. A body hangs naked and people in masks cut and eat big chunks of meat after. It's not clear.
  • A man slaps his wife and knocks her to the ground. His daughter points a gun at him. He takes it from her and he is then accidentally shot in the face when he charges angrily at her. His blown off face is seen a couple of times in a hallucination.
  • Laura Lee attempts to fly the plane. She is successful at first but while in the air her teddy bear catches on fire and the plane explodes. We don't see her body blood or anything.
  • The bloodied face of one of the pilots is seen. His skull is cracked. Very brief, but quite upsetting. It is implied that neither pilot survived, leaving the passengers stranded.
  • A girl stuck in her seat is left behind, and an explosion occurs, leaving viewers to assume her death. We later see her alive, badly burned on her forehead but having escaped the plane.
  • A woman is seen severely bleeding and in a hospital bed after her wife gets into a car crash with her.
  • A very disturbing scene is featured in which a beloved friend freezes to death. Her friends attempt to cremate the frozen corpse two months later, but the smell of the body burning entices them to begin eating her. Shots of them using their teeth to pull chunks of flesh from her face and body are shown while their soccer coach shuts himself in the cabin in horror, refusing to join them.
  • A woman opens bee hives to discover her bees all killed and the hives full of blood, causing her to sob. This is revealed to be a vision; the bees are all okay.
  • A girl at a Christian summer camp hits her head while diving in a swimming pool, and heavy bleeding is seen.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A "doomcoming party" involves the usage of magic mushrooms sneaked in by Misty. Disturbing hallucinations and the attempted rape of a young boy are seen.
  • Misty steals bleach and various prescription drugs from the nursing home she works at, hoarding large amounts of them.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The girls have a seance invoking the spirit of a dead man in the abandone house. One of the girls gets possessed and hits her forehead on the window breaking it and getting a bad cut on her forehead.
  • A deer gets killed. When the girls opened it up to gut it a lot of worms and something rotten falls out of it.
  • A woman finds her dog's head and heart offered in an altar hiding inside the wall and she screams.
  • A young woman is shown frozen to death
  • A woman attempts to perform an abortion using a hot wire. She cries and breaks down when she can't go through with it.
  • A girl attempts to fly a plane. She's successful until her teddy bear catches on fire causing the plane to explode. She died in the explosion. Pieces of the plane fly off into the lake and around.
  • A makeshift funeral is held for two pilots, a flight attendant and Coach Martinez, as well as for a girl impaled to death during a crash. Very sad and intense scene.
  • The plane crash scene is extremely intense and disturbing. Girls are seen panicking, while another girl is briefly seen struggling to keep her footing, only to be thrown to the back of the aircraft where she slips and hurts her back. The two pilots panic and try to save the plane. As the crash occurs, a girl watches a woman burn to death from the spillage of fuel in the plane, and her best friend, Van, is nearly left to burn as well.
  • A girl aids her amputee soccer coach in defecating by leaning against a tree to support himself. He is seen with his pants pulled down. The girl sings the song "Breakfast At Tiffany's" by Deep Blue Something to him, claiming that it will help him "move his bowels". The whole scene is deeply uncomfortable and intense, and the coach expresses anger and humiliation over it and is nearly brought to tears.
  • A girl borrows her mom's old soccer uniform and dresses up as a zombie for Halloween, only to discover that the uniform she borrowed in fact belonged to a girl who froze to death during the plane crash.

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