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Sex & Nudity

  • A teenage boy masturbates a teenage girl in bed while they kiss. No nudity is shown.
  • Scene with a bunch of high-school girls near a lake. Mostly all of them are in their bra and underwear.
  • Two teenage girls have a relationship and kiss a few times, sometimes while wearing underwear.
  • An adult male is sleeping and has an erection shown through a sheet while sleeping. A teenage girl is about to touch it but he wakes up suddenly and tells her to leave. No nudity or sex.
  • Couples kiss several times throughout the series
  • Several adult couples have sex in different scenes but no nudity is shown. Some moaning and kissing is shown.
  • A teenage guy and teenage girl have sex. Bare backs and sides. Moaning and climaxing. No actual nudity.
  • A girl masturbates with a sex toy. Very graphic.
  • Graphic sex talk throughout the series.
  • Nude women are shown on porn magazines. Graphic.

Violence & Gore

  • A girl falls through a trap in the ground and is impaled on several spikes.
  • Animals get killed through out the series. Often violently and graphically.
  • A woman kills a rabbit from her garden. She skins it and guts it but the scene goes by quickly. It might be disturbing to some people.
  • The flight in this show is based off a real life disaster wherein a group of travelers crashed into the mountains and had to survive for 72 days. This led to cannibalism, starvation, frostbite and other serious survival themes that some viewers may find disturbing.
  • The opening shows a girl running through the woods and falling into a pit lined with spikes. We see her body impaled in multiple places and later her carcass being hoisted up by the ankles and her throat slit like an animal being dressed.
  • The aftermath of the plane crash shows several people dying violently. One is impaled through the neck with a piece of metal and another is caught on fire.
  • A man slaps his wife and knocks her to the ground. His daughter points a gun at him. He takes it from her and he is then accidentally shot in the face when he charges angrily at her. His blown off face is seen a couple of times in a hallucination.
  • A girl's dead body is shown hanging from a tree with the throat slashed and body cut up badly. Very gruesome.
  • After a plane crash a man is seen with a spike through him and a leg is seen among the wreckage. The focus on detail is very graphic and the wounds are clearly seen.
  • A lot of bloodied and burned dead bodies are seen after a plane crash.
  • A woman kills and skins a dead rabidly. Graphic gore.
  • A woman is gorily burned alive after a plane crash.
  • A man's mangled and partly severed leg is seen in detail after a crash fairly graphically. The wound is shown in detail before being bandaged bloodily.


  • Frequent uses of Fuck, Shit, Bitch, Asshole, Dick, and other typical profanities. Some uses of Cunt.
  • Frequent use of fuck, shit, bitch, asshole and dick. Cunt is used but not as much.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A funny scene is shown of a woman snorting another woman's drugs.
  • Some teen drinking & drug use.
  • Teenagers take drugs at a party including weed and pill popping.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The whole show revolves around a group of women who survived a plane crash that left them stranded in the woods for months, forcing them to do unspeakable things. Every flashback scene is meant to be tense and unsettling.
  • A bear's bloodied dead body is found with all of its organs spilled out. Very scary.
  • A man is shown hanging from the neck. This entire scene is terrifying.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A group of drugged girls try to have an orgy with a teenage boy as part of their hallucination. They all kiss him while moaning and try to undress him. He runs away. No nudity.

Violence & Gore

  • A nude body is strung up and the throat is cut. Blood splatters on the ground. The scene is brief.
  • One scene during the first episode, the girls are playing a scrimmage soccer game, one of the girls trips another one cause her leg to brake. Bone and blood is shown. Very graphic and shown in close-up.
  • The girls are attacked by wolves and one girl is mauled on the face. Part of her face is chewed off showing her teeth through her cheek. Later on, the other girls sew her face back without meds. She screams while her face is sewn. Might be disturbing to some.
  • It's implied that the girls killed and ate one of their own. A body hangs naked and people in masks cut and eat big chunks of meat after. It's not clear but some people might find it disturbing.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The girls have a seance invoking the spirit of a dead man in the abandone house. One of the girls gets possessed and hits her forehead on the window breaking it and getting a bad cut on her forehead. Might be disturbing to some people.
  • A deer gets killed. When the girls opened it up to gut it a lot of worms and something rotten falls out of it.
  • A woman finds her dog's head and heart offered in an altar hiding inside the wall and she screams.
  • A young woman is shown frozen to death, leaving you feeling very uncomfortable. The scene is shocking and sad.
  • A woman attempts to perform an abortion using a hot wire. She cries and breaks down when she can't go through with it.

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