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Season 5

15 Jul. 2012
The (Very) Big Bird Job
Nate and the team go after the CEO of a shipping company whose cost-cutting measures were the cause of a tragic plane crash.
22 Jul. 2012
The Blue Line Job
The Leverage crew helps the son of a veteran hockey player who thinks team management is not looking out for his father's health, but discover management's real intentions are far more ominous.
5 Aug. 2012
The First Contact Job
To take down a wealthy scientist who stole a colleague's work, Nate and the crew convinces him he's made contact with aliens.
12 Aug. 2012
The French Connection Job
Eliot goes undercover at a culinary arts school to take down an avaricious restaurateur.
19 Aug. 2012
The Gimme a K Street Job
To help students whose cheerleading school is putting them in danger, the team takes on its most corrupt adversary: Congress.
26 Aug. 2012
The D.B. Cooper Job
A flashback to the 1970s of an FBI agent's final regret, his failure to capture hijacker D.B. Cooper, becomes a mystery Nate must solve.
2 Sep. 2012
The Real Fake Car Job
Nate and the crew concoct a story about a vintage car to get a corrupt Wall Street businessman to break his immunity agreement with the government.
9 Sep. 2012
The Broken Wing Job
When a torn ACL leaves Parker behind on the crew's latest job, she spies on the Brew Pub's customers for fun and discovers a group of thieves planning a heist.
16 Sep. 2012
The Frame-Up Job
When Sophie is the chief suspect in the theft of a priceless work of art, Nate must not only clear Sophie's name but also work with his nemesis to find the real thief.
16 Sep. 2012
The Rundown Job
Eliot and the team assist his old partner, counter-terrorism specialist Colonel Michael Vance, in stopping a biological weapon from being released in Washington, D.C.
27 Nov. 2012
The Low Low Price Job
The crew takes on a big-box retail chain who is bribing the city to run local mom-and-pop stores out of business.
4 Dec. 2012
The White Rabbit Job
The team attempts one of the most difficult cons ever devised to stop a businessman from bankrupting his business and the town that depends on it.
11 Dec. 2012
The Corkscrew Job
Nate and the crew take on the greedy owner of a winery.
18 Dec. 2012
The Toy Job
The team goes after a CEO who is selling dangerous toys to the public.
25 Dec. 2012
The Long Good-bye Job
Nate takes the team on one of its most dangerous missions, a con related to the death of his son.

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