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Season 1

15 Jul. 2008
William Banks tries to rescue a high school boy whose mother denies his problem, and his best friend begins to struggle with his sobriety.
22 Jul. 2008
Rag Dolls
Melissa and William are called to Lula's school for an unusual problem, and the team takes on a case where the client's daughter is not an addict, but something is very wrong.
29 Jul. 2008
Meet the Joneses
Banks tries to connect with Ben, who resents him for trying to make him take Mickey's place, and the works with a husband whose wife is involved in a community drug ring.
5 Aug. 2008
Chaos Theory
The team tries to save a mathematics professor, and Akani's attempt to train Darnell causes problems with a rescue. At home, William deals with accusations when Ben finds rig after a party.
19 Aug. 2008
Here Comes the Boom
Swenton and Banks must face their own addictions when an intervention gets dangerous; Ben begins to act out as he continues to challenge his dad.
26 Aug. 2008
To Catch a Fed
William is forced to rescue an FBI agent when his partner threatens one of the team, Melissa tries to patch things up with William and Ben so he'll come back home.
2 Sep. 2008
House of Pain
The team uses extreme measures to jolt a father into action when a principal friend asks for help with one of her students, and Ben stands firm in his decision.
9 Sep. 2008
Let It Ride
William is asked to help jockey Jimmy Alvarez, who has more than his share of addictions, before an important race.
16 Sep. 2008
The Eleventh Hour
After a botched intervention on real estate agent Kate Gibbons addiction counselor Keith Bowen questions William's methods. Meanwhile, William and Ben sit down and re-negotiate their relationship. Elsewhere, Akani is certain that Swinton is doing drugs again and assigns herself as his bodyguard and Jeannie breaks up with Darnell because of his job.
23 Sep. 2008
William is called in by Gary Smith to help his piano prodigy daughter Rebecca kick her addiction to meth. But the biggest hurdle may be Rebecca's control-freak mother Erica. Elsewhere, Swenton goes back on the drugs.
30 Sep. 2008
Back to One
The brother of an striving actress discovers his sister cocaine addiction and tries to get William's crew to help, Akani races to find Sweton after he mysteriously goes missing.
7 Oct. 2008
Five Little Words
After being clean for two years, two months and five days Swenton succumbed to his old habits and eventually uttered the five most used little words of a junkie "I wish I were dead". William takes him under his own wing to get him clean. Gaza, a known drug dealer, calls in a favor to William but being unavailable because of Swenton Akani and Darnell (against his wishes) take the case to follow Gaza's daughter Nika and see if she is doing drugs at college & her sorority house. Akani tells Darnell to follow Nika but he deliberately loses her and plans to get his revenge...
14 Oct. 2008
Lie with Me
Jonus Mullins approaches William for help for his alcoholic son Neil and his daughter-in-law Shelly. Their alcoholism is affecting their daughter Maggie so William and his team take her and leave her in the guardianship of her grandfather. Whilst Neil is determined to succeed in his battle with alcohol it is a monumental battle for Shelly. Meanwhile, Arnie begs William and Akani to let him out of rehab and Melissa is not happy that William turns up at her first house sale.

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