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deeannratcliff24 April 2021
So maybe not an 8 but a definite 7! Gotta make up for the 1 star who probably shouldn't have watched it in the first place! I will agree the lead looks a bit like Tom Green and he seems to be channeling Nicolas Cage. The female lead I hope to see more of. It's obviously not meant to be more than it is, a fun ride! I'm usually bummed I spent $5.99 on a flick while bored but I was pleasantly surprised!
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For genre fans---Saulnier, Winding Refn, Jim Mickle and the like.
MK_Ultra_30 April 2021
There is plenty here for the genre fan, though the film is pretty minimalist---it packs a wallop in tension and violence, and surely not the implied type. Its streamlined to focus on one storyline arch and what almost seems "end boss" fight sequences that keep coming.

Fun, bloody and violent, as the title surely reveals.

If you like Gareth Edward's style, you'll like this one.
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Middle of the road kinda film
livin_the_weekend10 June 2021

This starts out pretty fast with not much back story before we get our teeths into the gritty story, which is fine as the back story comes to light in due course.

The film itself suffers from a rare thing called over-acting, and this was by Chris Smyth. Now I don't blame him for it as it's clearly the direction they wanted to take and he's doing as he's asked, but the amount of different face pulling that goes on, regardless of his character's reasoning is simply just overkill. It's every single scene his mouth is gurning all over the place, it gets very tedious very quickly.

The storyline itself and how it's portrayed is more than unbelievable for sure. It needed more thought and subtlety rather than going gung-ho with the trauma and gore.

I thought Lora Burke was great btw. Average watch, nothing special.
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you will have plenty of opportunities to jump of this...
ops-5253521 April 2021
Unchained bull of hell-o-ween mayhem, and if you have a mickey probe connected to your guts, or have reduced your ventrikkuly size to become a slimmer and nicer person it maybe a competitive enhancement for you, because this is a very violent gore and with blood up to your ears kind of horrific violence that seems to never end, all because of mistaken identity from a man that wants revenge over his beloved daughter that were kidnapped and killed 5 years earlier.

So now all laymen out there you have the chance to switching on this film, youre warned, this is not an innocent teenage sprawl halloween flick, its murders and decapitative behavioural issues en masse'.

But by all means, with a revengeful story comes usually a good rewarding feeling , my feeling though is bland and the plot is drawn to the limits of what my countrys censorship board would allow at the movie theater. This said ive come to the conclusion that the film aint bad at all, all that blood and stunning visual violence needs good planning and extremely good make up artists. The fights in very small living spaces is just jawbreaking, and its no wonder the hammerhead hits something it shouldnt when living life like sardines in a box.

When So said its not a screenplay that will enhance the actor, rather the opposite, they do a sadistic sosiopathic impression to me and if it hadnt been for the relatively calm serendipitously placed woman that tries to phatom what the heck is happening in her home at this halloween evening this would have been far from the number 7( a number that is pretty symbolical for this film, 7 deaths, 7 blows etc...). So lora burke does her job as an actor, and does handle the situation as a proffesional nurse at all levels(im a nurse myself...).

So if you can stand the visuals of a bloody ordeal, or how to let your kids paint the kitchen red with non other tools than a gun , a dagger, and a clawhammer, then have a look for the sake of visciousity, its starts in a halloweenistic way but ends as shocking as ''class of 1984'' did.

The grumpy old man didnt have any erotic moments, had a few giggles though due to the maddening behaviour by the intruding occupants, there are some sound issues, and very low dialouge sound vs score and sound effects that will wake up your better half if sneak peeking the laptop under your bed blankets. I give this a recommend for what it is, instantanious violence at all parts and never a moment of relaxation, im still numb...
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Compelling and gory
sg-622-21397224 October 2020
"For the Sake of Vicious" is like Blue Ruin dialled up to eleventy-stupid; tense, compelling and gory.
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skinzilla13 June 2021
The dumb behavior and choices ruin what could have been a good flick. Not to mention the gaping potholes. Multiple gunshots and no neighbours call the cops? Halloween night and no trick or treaters or cars driving by, despite being in a residential neighborhood? Better writers are sorely needed in the world right now. This is a weak flick, watchable only for the low budget gore.
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A gory ride it is...
ezgolucky17 May 2021
Have to admit the first part of the movie is pretty slow but it's to set up a roller coaster ride of gore and brutality. I love horror movies and didn't expect much from this film; however, it delivers-with many weapons of choice...
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It is vicious
TuesdayThe17th5 May 2021
This is a great b horror film. I could tell the reviews for this movie were mostly from friends or family but I still decided to trust them and im glad i did. This is mainly a character driven piece of low budget horror but the character development is done well and so is the tension and violence. There are some great gory scenes and there is lots of blood. The story unfolds in a familiar yet unconventional way and it makes for a very immersive experience. I couldn't wait to see how things played out. Overall this was a great blu ray buy. Support indie cinema.
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Oh geez that's a lot of painful piercings.
hometuff30 April 2021
Another story about revenge. But, then it gets weird and a little bit better.

If you're squeamish about blood and people getting hurt then this film is not for you. Lots of close action fight scenes with nowhere for the knives to go except into the people type of movie.

Various characters get introduced later on in the film which (for me) made it watchable again and regained my interest. 4.9 - 5.0 for me.
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