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Dustin Milligan and Dave Franco tested for the part of Edward.
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When Carlisle bites Edward, Peter Facinelli (Carlisle) whispered something into Robert Pattinson's (Edward) ear. The first time it was, "I'm sorry," then, "My son." On about the fifth take, Facinelli said, "You're sexy."
Robert Pattinson actually plays the piano in the scene where Edward is playing "Bella's Lullaby."
In the scene where Bella goes to the Cullens house for the first time, when Nikki Reed's character had to break the bowl, she actually cut her hands. This is why she is wearing gloves for the scene in the film.
For a few weeks before filming began Robert Pattinson didn't talk to anyone to try and feel as isolated as Edward Cullen.
Nikki Reed was the one who got the producers to add Robert Pattinson's songs to the film. Reed secretly started recording him from her laptop, while he was singing, and playing his guitar. She then took it to the film producers, where they fell in love with his songs. The next day, they asked Rob if he could sing a few of his songs for the soundtrack, and he accepted.
When the 'evil vampires' make their first appearance, actors Cam Gigandet, Rachelle Lefevre and Edi Gathegi are all wearing little slippers painted like bare feet. In addition, director Catherine Hardwike painted herself.
Before casting, Robert Pattinson had never heard of the Twilight novel. He only attended casting because he liked Kristen Stewart's performance in Into the Wild (2007).
As soon as Robert Pattinson was cast, he moved to Oregon and began working on his character, both physically and mentally. He worked out five hours a day with a trainer: learning to fight, play baseball, and do stunts. He also had to learn to drive and get an Oregon driver's license.
Robert Pattinson stated in an interview that this is his first American role and he had no formal training to perfect his American accent.
Over 5,000 actors auditioned for the role of Edward.
Kristen Stewart has naturally green eyes. She wears brown contacts for filming to match Bella's eye color.
Stephenie Meyer wrote a parallel novel (unfinished) to "Twilight" called "Midnight Sun." It tells the story of the first book from Edward's point of view. In it, he comments that the arrival of Bella to the school has all of the boys "acting like they're in first grade and she's the shiny new toy." This thought is spoken aloud by Jessica during Bella's first lunch in the cafeteria.
Peter Facinelli was the second choice to play Carlisle Cullen. When he found out that he lost out on the final round of auditions, he wrote a note to Catherine Hardwicke, saying, "I hope to work with you sometime." At the last minute before shooting, the original actor withdrew due to shooting conflicts. Hardwicke then offered the role to Facinelli, who immediately took it up. He had to bleach his hair blond before starting work.
Bryce Dallas Howard was offered the role of Victoria but turned it down as she found the role too small. She later took the role when Summit Entertainment fired Rachelle Lefevre from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010).
When Bella is searching the internet and finds the link for the bookstore in Port Angeles, the link above it is for Little Brown. Little Brown is the publisher of the Twilight Saga.
All of the Cullens can be seen wearing jewelry with the same symbol on it. Edward, Jasper, and Emmett all had the same wristband, and Alice and Rosalie had similar necklaces with the symbol on it; Esme had a bracelet and Carlisle had a ring.
The movie was shot in 48 days.
Stephenie Meyer had her own personal cast before all the roles were officially cast. They including Emily Browning as Bella Swan, Henry Cavill as Edward Cullen, Charlie Hunnam as Carlisle Cullen, Mary-Louise Parker as Esme Cullen, Rachael Leigh Cook as Alice Cullen, Trent Ford as Jasper Hale, Tom Welling as Emmett Cullen and Olivia Wilde as Rosalie Hale.
For the role of Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson flew from England to director Catherine Hardwicke's house to audition. There, he and Kristen Stewart, who was already cast as Bella Swan, rehearsed the "Love Scene"/"Meadow Scene" on Hardwicke's own bed.
Kristen Stewart wore hair pieces so they didn't have to waste time doing her hair, and therefore had more time to shoot.
The first scenes filmed for the movie were the ballet room showdown and the baseball scene as Cam Gigandet had to leave the set to shoot another movie.
Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale) and Jackson Rathbone (Jasper Hale) learned how to play baseball left-handed for the famous baseball scene.
The book was originally named "Forks" before it was published. The publisher insisted that Stephenie Meyer could find another name for it, and the word "Twilight" was chosen.
Lily Collins was considered for the role of Bella Swan.
At the cafeteria salad bar, Bella drops an apple which Edward picks back up and then cradles in his hands, copying the cover image of the Twilight novel. On one of the DVD's special features Catherine Hardwicke said that took them 13 takes to get it right.
When Edward enters the cafeteria, Robert Pattinson's sister, Lizzy Pattinson, can be heard singing vocals on the soundtrack.
It took 36 hours to turn Nikki Reed's naturally brunette hair to blonde.
When Bella and Edward are lying in the meadow, the sun coming through the trees makes a heart between them.
The script was finished in 6 weeks.
The apple on the cover of the book is not only a symbol for the forbidden; in Scandinavian mythology the apple is a symbol for eternal youth and beauty. However, on her official website Stephenie Meyer states that she used the apple on the book cover because of the past literary connections (causing trouble every time) like in Snow White and the Golden Apple Paris gives to Aphrodite in Greek Mythology and because to her apple represents choice.
In a 2011 interview with "The A. V. Club," Anna Kendrick said that Jessica, her character in the Twilight films, is an idiot.
The original release date for Twilight (2008) was December 12, 2008. When the release date for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) was moved from November 21, 2008, to July 17, 2009, Twilight's release date was moved forward to November 21 in an attempt to fill the Harry Potter gap.
Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Trachtenberg and Sara Paxton were considered for the role of Bella Swan.
The character of Waylon Forge does not appear in the novel. He was created for the film.
Henry Cavill was Stephenie Meyer's first choice to play Edward. However, by the time production was to begin, he was 25 years old, and no longer looked the part of a 17-year old. He was then offered the part of Carlisle Cullen but turned it down due to his commitment with The Tudors (2007).
When Edward and Bella are standing in the doorway of the Cullens' kitchen, there is a chess set on the dining room table behind them with red and white pieces, like the cover of 'Breaking Dawn', the final novel in Stephenie Meyer's 'Twilight' saga.
Kellan Lutz intended on keeping his natural curly hair for the role of Emmett Cullen. However, his previous role in Generation Kill (2008) required a buzz cut and his hair didn't grow fast enough for the filming of Twilight (2008).
Kristen Stewart turned eighteen while filming the movie and was rewarded with a birthday cake - and a full night of shooting.
Jessica in the movie is a combination of the characters Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory from the book.
Kristen Stewart initially turned down the chance to audition for the part of Bella Swan and later changed her mind.
The Cullen family crest (seen worn by all the Cullens) is a lion with a hand over its head, and a downward pointing chevron with 3 clovers. The lion was added because of the famous line "And so the Lion fell in love with the Lamb", but the other portions (chevron, clovers, and hand) are from the actual Cullen Coat of Arms, although there are fewer clovers (2), more hands (3), and a sheaf of wheat on the real one.
The red contacts worn by Laurent, Victoria, and James were hand-painted by the director, Catherine Hardwicke.
Cam Gigandet was originally cast as Emmett Cullen, but asked director Catherine Hardwicke if he could play the role of James instead. She agreed.
Paramore's lead singer, Hayley Williams, was a huge fan of the books, she wrote a song just for the movie, which Catherine Hardwicke loved.
Kristen Stewart's stunt double, Katie Powers, also plays a waitress at the diner.
"Kristen Stewart (I)" bought a truck off the set of _Twilight (2008/I)_ that is featured briefly in the film and still drives it years later.
Eric in the movie is a combination of the characters Eric Yorkie and Ben Cheney from the book.
The jacket worn by Solomon Trimble in the La Push beach scene was handmade by his mother from a Pendleton blanket.
Isabella "Bella" was the name that the writer of "Twilight", Stephenie Meyer, saved for her daughter. Stephenie never had a daughter, her 3 kids are all boys.
Michael Welch's part of Mike Newton was originally intended to be portrayed by Michael Angarano, Kristen Stewart's boyfriend at the time.
With its $69.6 million opening weekend gross the movie had the biggest opening ever for a film directed by a woman, and also for a film starring a woman.
This movie is the only film in the "Twilight" franchise to not receive any Razzie Award nominations.
Stephenie Meyer cited the band Muse as her source of inspiration to write her books, and another of her favorite groups is 'Linkin Park'. Both bands contributed a song to the movie's soundtrack.
Catherine Hardwicke has said that she filmed a scene with Robert Pattinson taken directly out of "Midnight Sun", the unfinished novel by Stephenie Meyer telling the story of Twilight through Edward's perspective. According to her, this scene will be on the DVD.
In addition to Robert Pattinson and Jackson Rathbone among the 4 finalists for the role of Edward, the other two, according to Catherine Hardwicke were Ben Barnes and Shiloh Fernandez. Rathbone was eventually offered the other role of Jasper instead.
Matt Bellamy of Muse gave Carter Burwell music for Bella's Lullaby, but it wasn't used.
The beer that Charlie drinks in the movie is "Rainier Beer", a brewing company originally based out of Seattle, Washington. Charlie refers to it as "vitamin R", which is a common nickname for Rainier Beer.
Frances Bean Cobain turned down the chance to audition for the role of Bella Swan because she did not like the script.
While doing location scouting work in La Push, Catherine Hardwicke and the crew saw people surfing and suggested to screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg to add beach surfing scene. Rosenberg agreed and added it but the scene had to be scrapped because of budget constraints.
MTV Films & Maverick Films were the original owners of the rights to produce the film. Paramount was set as the distributor. Eventually MTV Films wasn't able to get a script they felt was good enough for the film and Summit Entertainment ended up getting the rights and actually producing and distributing the film.
According to a July interview between network.nationalpost.com and director Catherine Hardwicke, Kristen Stewart was recommended for the role of Bella Swan by Emile Hirsch, her co-star from Into the Wild (2007) and whom Hardwicke directed in Lords of Dogtown (2005).
Taylor Lautner had to wear a wig for his role as Jacob Black.
Jake Abel auditioned for the role of Edward Cullen. Though he didn't get the part, he would later star in The Host, another film based on a Stephanie Meyer novel.
Edward's car is a Volvo C30.
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner became good friends.
Prior to the release of the soundtrack featuring Carter Burwell's scored theme of "Bella's Lullaby", Yiruma's piano composition, "River Flows in You", was largely and erroneously believed by many fans to be featured in the movie as the lullaby. This was due to a popular fan site including the piece by Yiruma on a playlist of songs that served as their personal soundtrack for the Twilight book. While this song was how the fan site imagined the lullaby to sound (and subsequently thousands of fans online), it was never a part of the movie.
Before getting into magic, Dynamo auditioned for the role of Edward.
In the book the restaurant Edward and Bella visit in Port Angeles is called La Bella Italia. In the movie they go to the Bloated Toad.
Stephenie Meyer claims these authors partially inspired her: Jane Austen, Orson Scott Card, William Shakespeare, and Charlotte Brontë.
Even though there is a song by Radiohead in the movie, it never made it to the official soundtrack album.
In the kissing scene Bella is wearing one of director Catherine Hardwicke's shirts.
Kristen Stewart smiles over 35 times during the course of the movie.
Christian Serratos wore her own glasses for her part as Angela Weber.
The playing cards used during the prom were from Rio, a Las Vegas casino.
Melissa Rosenberg wrote the screenplay for this film and had been hired to write for its four sequels.
Ben Barnes was among the 4 finalists for the role of Edward Cullen.
Gil Birmingham had a role in the Season 2 episode "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Inca Mummy Girl (#2.4)" (1997) of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1996). This season primarily deals about the romance between Buffy (a teenage girl) and Angel (a vampire).
Despite the fact that Edward Cullen is by far his most famous role, Robert Pattinson admitted later that he hates both the Twilight films and novels.
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Colton Haynes auditioned for the role of Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson was cast instead.
Xavier Dolan did the voice of Jacob Black in the French Candian dubs of The Twilight Saga films.
The theatrical poster is similar to the poster for the 1987 vampire film The Lost Boys.
This is the only film in the Twilight series to prominently use previously released music in the film and on its soundtrack. Every subsequent film only used original songs written specifically for the film, or occasionally re-recorded versions of previously released songs exclusive to the film.
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Three actors of twilight were in Season 3 Episode 15 : The Heavy Lifting of The OC with semi reoccurring roles. Nikki Reed (Rosalie) as Sadie Campbell, Cam Gigandet (James) as Kevin volchok, Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) as Justin.
Fans wanted Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance to play Edward Cullen.
In the Ballet scene in the end of the movie the video that James played to get Bella's attention was dated in the year 1998 and the girl in the video looks about 10 but Bella is only 17 which makes the year and age off.
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When Charlie Swan (Billy Burke) was in the movie "Fracture" as hostage negotiator Lieutenant Nunally he introduces himself to Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins), Crawford opens the dialogue with "Lots of vampires out there".
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In the classroom scene where Edward and Bella are seated and share a desk, Edward is on the left and Bella is on the right; in the novel, Bella sits on the left and Edward sits on the right.
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Stephenie Meyer: The author of the original books can be seen next to a laptop ordering a vegetarian sandwich in the diner at the beginning of the scene where Charlie asks Bella if she likes the boys in town.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The dress Bella wears in the prom scene was only twenty dollars. The suit Edward wore was the most expensive item of clothing from the entire shoot.
Robert Pattinson unknowingly contributed two songs to this film. Apparently, he didn't know that "a mysterious third party" had given the director a copy of music he had recorded years ago. She decided to use two of the songs, and he was surprised to hear them when viewing early film footage. The songs are: "Never Think" [playing during the restaurant scene] and "Let Me Sign" (plays during the scene where Edward has to drink Bella's blood to save her). Pattinson said he was overwhelmed by how well "Let Me Sign" fit into the film.
Kristen Stewart suggested the prom dance song "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron & Wine for the film and the director decided to use it. The song made it onto the official soundtrack and is the song most associated with the Twilight films. Iron & Wine recorded a "wedding version" of the song for Edward and Bella's wedding in a later movie.
In almost every scene involving a television (including the scene of Bella and Renee in the hospital near the end), the ending ballet studio scene is being played.
While entering the building at the prom, Victoria can be seen at a slot machine to the right of Bella, her hair in a bun, fur, and dress.
In the script, the climatic Bella's "limbo" scene was intended to be an underwater sequence but budget constraints will not allow the scene to be filmed. As the alternative, outtakes from other scenes of Bella and Edward together were used, albeit digitally modified.
In the hospital scene at the end with Edward and Bella there is a drawing of the ballet studio.
When the high school students are getting ready for prom, Eric tells Bella he'll need to borrow her iPod for dance music. Kristen Stewart (Bella) actually suggested the song "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron & Wine to play during the dance scene Bella shares with Edward at prom.
There are many similarities, to the 1987 vampire film The Lost Boys. The film opens with a dolly zooming shot. Bella Swan is originally from Phoenix Arizona. Bella meets and falls in love with Edward, a century year old vampire. In The Lost Boys, Michael meets and falls in love with Star a half-human vampire. The final confrontation between Edward and James, mirrors the final confrontation between Michael and David. At the end of the series, Bella becomes a vampire and the end of The Lost Boys Michael and Star and Laddie all become human.
Cam Gigandet, Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed were con the same episode of the tv show "The OC" (S3 E15). Allthough their caracters don't interact.
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