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Dil Dosti Etc
deewana25 November 2007
"Relax. It's nothing" That's the line you take home after the curtains have come down on DIL DOSTI ETC. Prakash Jha, noted for his hard-hitting films, manages to send home the message loud and clear. That it's for the viewer to make his choices. Whether casual sex is nothing or whether betraying a friend means nothing, or whether adding conquests (read scoring in bed with girls) to your already swollen list means anything to you. Or finally, whether sticking by values instilled in you and standing by principles means anything? The choice is yours. This movie does not preach, it just bares the fact which, sadly cannot be ignored.

In that sense this is a good movie. I mean you can only explain the consequences of bad actions to a teenager; at the end you have to respect him/her to make his/her choices.

How many films do we see targeted explicitly at the youth/students/college kids? Prakash Jha has found his audience and in director Manish Tiwary manages to tell a decent tale. It's shocking at times yes; but so is reality.
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Great CASTING, new story of new India
Srinivas Iyer29 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is a great film i saw on DVD. Most original story of our country.

But the best things director gets it right is of side characters casting – there is that fat school teacher which is a classic. There is mom of school girl and the a working class guy who says i use it only to p*** now… when prostitute asks him to come with him. There are friends of Shreyas – blind guy, American dude, limping guy, guys from Bihar living out… i just know them all. Simply great casting. Gresat story and lines.

The only (and only thing) I did not like was movie was too short… I wanted to see more of each of this side characters… Next promise to see his film first day first show.
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an excellent film from a new film maker
anjumharshvardhan69-118 April 2008
Dil Dosti Etc was picked up by my two sons who were very enthusiastic about the film on seeing it. There was a guilt pleasure they took and I though this is a private joke between them. However, I decided to watch the film and see what my sons are up to… the only thing I had heard when the film got released was that it had Nasiruddin Shah's son and made by Prakash Jha with a new director.

I was greatly surprised to see the faces of my favorite Shreyas Talpade a small time actor who has got the talent and the incredibly talented Smriti Mishra who has apparently returned to the screen after eons.

The greatest feat is the casting and the credit goes to the producer and director for doing so. It is a novel story about young people in modern India. The story is around a challenge of a boy being challenged by his friend to have sex with three women in a day… it is difficult to pin point how but this challenge is able to put across the loss of direction the young people face today. It is one of the subtlest film I have seen on ambitions of youth, of cultural diversity we live, and the anxiety these young kids have away from their parental quarters.

Nasiruddin Shah's son Imaad Shah gives a very understate performance against more vocal character portrayed by Sheyas Talpade. A great delight is to see Smriti Mishra as the colourful prostitute in red light area of Delhi. Other characters have done a great job too – I'll always remember the schoolgirl, her lover, the loud school teacher and the setting of this film. This must have been a film on small budget and one looks forward what the film makers give us next.
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Good.......could have been Better
Himanshu Mishra29 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is good, could have been better given a binding and well paced script.This movie basically tries to show the different shades of a present day Indian youth.The movie grows in a Delhi college.It starts with ragging and moves around the election politics prevalant in colleges.Most of the time movie is close to reality.

I didn't know that Imam shah is Naseeruddin shah's son but few minutes into the movie any one could tell why this lad who barely seems to have crossed his teens has portrayed such a complex character with so much comfort.

The new girls are really cute and have played their part boldly.These are the faces of changing India, it depends on you how you take it!!! Smrirti Mishra and Shreyas Talpade have again proved their mettle as ACTORS.Shreyas did a really gud job as it is not at all an easy task for a maharashtrian to play a part of a bihari student politician.You have to be a bihari to say 'maar denge' as 'maare dengeeey'

During the movie you will certainly try to find the message director wants to convey here and you get the answer right in the end which makes you feel happy about the ending as many movies leave the onus on you.

The three equations as Imam puts summarize it all Sanjay( Shreyas who fell in love) is dead, I( Imam Shah who makes love with 3 girls in 1 day) survived & I am still looking for love.

So apart from all the funda that you can derive from this movie the bottom line is don't fall in love!!!
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A movie closed to reality
ronak_157 October 2007
The movie is well knit up to some extent and portrays the real life a student lives in modern Indian culture.

The best thing I liked about the movie is the end and the conclusions driven.

If you look into the acting perspective, Imam shah who is the son of naserrudin shah and ratna pathak shah has done a very good job and he really suites the character in the movie.

Shreyas talpade, is an awesome actor, no doubt about it. The new comer girls have done a good job up to some extent since they did not have a wholesome role in the movie but they supported the movie and it would not have been as good as it is with them.

Nikita Anand, Miss India Universe 2003 I think is casted in a bollywood movie for the first time ...also provides an added feature of the real life situation and overall everybody fit into their characters.

But finally I would like to tell you that Imam Shah has enough potential as his father has....and would succeed in winning the audience .....may be not in this movie but his movies to come.

The only negative point about this movie would be the this is not a family movie or a movie that can be watched by an age group older than 30 but certainly the young chaps of India....especially the college students will like this movie and appreciate it. There is some vulgar language in the movie(not much a few) but i think that was needed because that would only portray the trueness of the young Indian society.

Overall something to learn from this movie. So watch once so that you wont regret .....:)
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very good indeed
bogomips-015 January 2010
True, its pure reality. This movie shows the exacts things in today's teen life / college. It has mixed feelings, sex, violence, politics, prostitution ETC. The college life, for rich students its about exploring life and girls for the poor ones its about trying to establish the power, taste the power. Two characters in the movie follow this motive, Apurva is rich and polished, he smokes bidi, visit prostitutes on daily basis, try to make out with girls, try to get laid with anyone, He has less attention towards the college, study, leadership. On the other hand, Sanjay is more focused an middle class from Bihar, tries to be popular among boys, shows & grabs the power like a gangster in college. He has no interest towards girls, sex or prostitution.

Two has different emotional sensitivity. Apurv is not emotionally attached to family or anyone. Doesn't show sensitivity towards any of it. On the contrary Sanjay show family values and attachment towards family, friends and girlfriend. Also he is sensitive about it.

Watch it for Indian college youngster's situation. Nice detailing of Delhi's life, if you are familiar with that city you would more enjoy.
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Little Dil, Some Dosti, Lot of Etc...
scorpiofrenz2 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Dil, Dosti Etc...the story involves little dil, some dosti and lot of etc!!

The film focuses mainly on a college campus in Delhi, and the lives of our protagonists:

Apurv, a rich "dude", smooth talker,charmer, and a happy-go-lucky guy who thinks LOVE is nothing but a 4 lettered word;

Sanjay Mishra, an ambitious and budding politician,going to any extent for his dreams, possessive about his love and his beliefs in true love and dedication;

Prerna, a filthy rich aspiring super model, who doesn't know why exactly she is in love with Sanjay!

Kintu, a 16 year old school girl, who loves to go out with guys, but is apprehensive about a hug, kiss, or much more!

Vaishali, a sharp spoken prostitute, afraid of falling in love!

The film basically showcases the life of Apurv, his search for love, his quest for 3 women to fulfill the challenge put forward by his friend; Sanjay's struggle to win the college elections and keep his girlfriend the way he wants her to be; Prerna's struggle to get into modeling, and understanding Sanjay's point of view; Kintu's journey from a naive school girl to a mature woman; Vaishali's turmoil of falling in love without meaning to.

All in all, a decent film, that paints a good picture of the current situation! Performance wise Shreyas Talpade excels, Imaad Shah is OK but lacks in dialog delivery, Smriti Mishra is good, Nikita Anand and Ishita Sharma support ably. The other supporting cast is also good and well suited.

In conclusion, I would say that the movie is good, but could have been better!
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Dil Dosti Etc juxtapositions many oddities together
amitj878810 August 2010
Set in modern Delhi(Delhi university to be precise), the movie juxtapositions many oddities together. To begin with, the character Sanjay Mishra(Shreyas Talpade), is your quintessential hinterland hero, emotional, with his earthy middle class values, providing a background for his (very ruthless) ambitions. Quite a contrast to this is the aimless Apurv, spectacularly portrayed by Imad Shah...He's cold, aimless, aloof and his mind operates in a space which is distinctly gray, but at the same time colorful. He exemplifies the new liberal man, who's defining character is his ability to negotiate in that ethical never land...Although I should add that though Apurv comes across as cold, he never appears calculating or Machiavellian....Sanjay's girlfriend Prerna is what I would call a perfect example of misplaced western-ism in the garb of modernity, the kind you encounter most in the metros...Ishita Sharma, who plays Kintu, symbolizing the next-gen teens...at the verge of sexual liberation, but still consider it important to cloak their expletives in a hogwash of codes(if you remember Juno, and the scene where her friend goes 'Phuket Thailand'...)....

Overall the film portrays precisely the kind of societal changes going on in India...An urban elite who are too cocksure about their 'modern' values, a small town guy who holds on to his imagined traditional values, ambitious but often confused by big city people and their elitist habits...And in the end of it all, the intellectually ambiguous Apurv reducing everything to 'Sanjay is dead, and I survived'...So at the end it all boils down to cold facts, and nothing else....
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my favorite Indian movie
deven malhotra12 November 2007
this is the best Indian movie i have seen, i left India when i was 11. I imagine going to college like this movie says. This movie has a nice look to it, no flashy actors, everyone in the movie did a good job. This is a one of a kind movie, i love the soundtrack of this movie also. i wish i could have seen this movie in the theater (i don't believe this will be shown in American Indian cinemas)

the movie actors speak mostly Hindi which i like, i do not want the movie to be in English. There is a hooker in the movie also, there is the guy who keeps hitting on the girls and never gets a yes, guy going to the whore house every night (even when he has a lot of lady friends). Fighting a little, a serious/funny movie.

dum laga is a great song from the movie. this movie should win the noble prize. Please go this movie, rent it.

please watch my favorite movie A+ 100 marks
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Clearly A Case Of A Half-Full Glass!
Vishboy10 October 2007
Modern Day India, Young characters, Delhi University, plenty of crude satires-it might have wanted to be somewhere along the shades of "Rang De Basanti", but this movie very much sits on a half-baked plot throughout. The intentions of the director are clear-to connect with the youth but what lets him down is a below-average screenplay. Imad Shah (who plays Apoorva) is one rich and confused guy who wants to know the simplicities as well as the complexities of life through love. And his idea is to bed as many women as he can to understand what love's all about! Day time he's flirting with a school girl (Ishita Sharma) and come night, he finds comfort with a prostitute (Smriti Mishra). All this in the quest to find and define life and love and its finer points. On the other hand, Shreyas Talpade (who plays Sanjay Mishra) is a student politician who has his middle class Bihari values intact. While actively campaigning in the University, he meets Nikita Anand-a rich and ambitious girl. The basic flaw with the movie is that it has plenty of 'neither here nor there' kinds of moments, leading to a plot that never really becomes engrossing. It shows student politics but the deepness of it is clearly missing like that we saw in "Haasil". The friendship and bonding between Shreyas and Imad doesn't look too convincing, basically everything runs out of steam before it actually wants to grip you.

So what you come across is a collage of moments-from University politics to socialite parties, from estranged parents and their confused kid to down-market prostitutes and their view of life. The climax is good (the best part of the movie) but by that time I am sure, one as a viewer wouldn't be too thrilled.

Coming to the Performances, well Shreyas gets my vote hands-down! He really gives a real feel to his character. The problem with Imad is that he plays a character which people would assume him to play in every movie-it just matches his very very understated on-screen personality!! He might just get stereotyped now in a few more meaningless college flicks. He plays his character well but then, one would expect him to be just like that in real life too!!!!! The girls are OK, Ishita Sharma is a treat to eyes in her school girl look. All in all, not a very good product from the stable of Prakash Jha. Watch it if you just want to feel what one call the DU atmosphere!!
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Simply a great film to be seen on Indian Screen
abhinav sekawari4 October 2007
Simply a great film seen on Indian Screen. Thoroughly enjoyed the film even if it needs the patience to see what the story teller is trying to show case… he very deftly builds up several characters who go to university in delhi… they come from different background and want different things in life. The two hero are from two mentalities one is small towner and wants to be a politician in college other is this characters who rummages through life and just wants to fulfill one basic need – sex! A great creation of environment, and subtle drama… that is so missing on Indian cinema. what is amazing about your film is that many many things you don't see if you don't bother things behind actors & lines said by people - . what I love and thank you is you don't have to give a message there is a distinct feeling when movie ends that you want to go back and see it again. We discussed why did sanjay die, and would happened if sanjay had actually lived? Highly recommended guys! (and girls! – you will see girls here who are making their own minds on romance, sex and career….) - Abhinav Sekawariv
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Horrible screenplay
Prady D8 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Horrible screenplay, under defined characters and wasted talent..

Ishitta and Nikita look cute but thats probably not something that wud compell a person to watch the movie...

Shreyas Talpade is wasted in the role...

Until the last 10 min of movie, he comes across as a Power Hungry politician and as soon as his girl-friend sleeps with his friend, he starts claiming the importance of his principles...

Totally pointless !!

I am having second thoughts about the one star... But its too much trouble to make it a zero now...

Skip the movie and avoid wasting couple of hours of ur life!
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Cult film - no stars acting, no big publicity just pure reality
aksha nanda29 November 2007
Dil Dosti Etc means Love Friendship and Everything else. This is a new type of film that has come out here – with no stars acting, no big publicity just pure reality and some great music (see the music when Imad is with Vaishali). The film is about a college kid Apurv played brilliantly by Nasirudin Shahs son, Imad Shah who to get away from his boredom takes up challenge from his friend that he will sleep with three girls in day. The great things is sex is only part there is so much more…about the challenges of growing up, city life and what value friendship and love has today. The film shows how much aggressive boys and girls are now in getting what they want – the film poster rightly says when you are young you think the possibilities are endless for you (how true!).

When I first saw the film, I came out with mixed feeling. When I heard hosteler boys dialogues on "holes" girls have, I wanted to slap the duologue writer. I went back confused by this film. I know people who had gone with me enjoyed it greatly. Guffaws and grunts if you know what I mean!!! Second day the film had not left me and I kept thinking why? And I could tell what I hated was not the dialogues but I have heard myself and that memory kept coming, The film was just trying to be true. This is not a regular film in any way… the best thing is a wholesome feeling you are left with that of youth life in India/ or Delhi at least.

Dil Dosti Etc may be a uneven in acting by some characters (not Imad), and some scenes but the response I get I think there is a making of cult film here. Now, I wait to see what next idea the director of the film, Manish Tiwary is going to come up with. I give it 9 out of 10.

(you can visit passionforcinema.com for more articles by the director on his film)
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Pseudo Intellectual movie that ends up being about sex
Anubhav Kumar14 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Anything Delhi to me is worth watching. Whether it was Chashme Buddoor or Dev D or Khosla Ka Ghosla. I am a born and brought up Delhiite so to me I feel something special about Delhi based flicks.

Dil Dosti Etc starts off with a promise. Imaad's character Apurv talking to himself ala Tadpole. And within minutes these sequences of him talking to himself become meaningless. And you realize you are dealing with a screenplay that is half baked and rushed. Some people are great at art... but don't have the ability to come up with interesting ideas. Thats what the problem is with this movie's screenplay.

Imaad's acting skills need polish. If his personality and lifestyle is of this off center 'alternative' pseudo intellectual skinny rock n roller who listens to a few alternative indie bands... then this isn't a role for him. You see him flirting in a silly way and in the movie he beds multiple women. At one point a character says to Kintu (his schoolkid girlfriend) that he can get any girl. I doubt that. This guy can barely get up in the morning. And he doesn't seem like a playboy who is a 'haraami' (bastard). And thats the dilemma. His characterization is half baked... and the sleepwalking act doesn't help.

Shreyas Talpade might have signed this movie thinking it will be another 'Haasil'. Sadly his character is equally half baked. At one point he seems like a good doer.. at another point he seems like a crazy jealous maniac who will kill his girlfriend (who is a model) that she cant wear a bikini... and at the end he seems like a heartbroken kid who was betrayed.

The characters of women are hardly explored. Kintu (Ishita Sharma) wants to fall in love/lose her virginity... Prerna (Nikita Anand) wants to be a super model (has awkward conversations with dad about it) and betrays her relationship with Sanjay (Shreyas) coz he refused to sleep with her 'once'. And then there's the talented Smriti Mishra who plays a prostitute and gives what she can to another half baked role about a prostitute who falls for Shreyas.

All in all... the story and screenplay are the biggest culprits. Then there's the direction and poor editing which neither gets intellectual, nor dramatic, nor funny/crass. Imaad's acting (as he is the central character) doesn't help either.

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Celebrates boundless whims of youthful age
vjrobs17 June 2013
Dil Dosti Etc made under the banner of Prakash Jha explores vice and virtues of youthful life as it rightly proclaims, "when you are young, the possibilities are endless''. The movie has Shreyas Talpade(Sanjay Mishra) and Imaad Shah(Apoorv) in the male leads supported by Smriti Mishra (a prostitute in the movie), Ishitta Sharma(school girl, Kintu) and Nikita Anand (a rich model Prerna).

The movie rests against a facetious bet between Apoorv and Snjay that former would manage to have sex with three girls in a day and the latter would win the college election. Shot extremely in the north campus of Delhi University, the movie touches the social and cultural issues which we face in recent times, like:-

1. Difference of thinking between people of different strata of society (Sanjay vs Prerna)- A girl's preference to career rather than settling down.

2. Goals of life of people from different backgrounds. (Sanjay vs Apoorv)- Shreyas(from rural area in Bihar) is focused and want to win the college's president election while apoorv (cosmopilton guy) whiles his time in college trying to find the meaning of life.

3. Viewing the girls mainly as a Sex Object- Apoorv's incessant in bedding every beautiful he see.

Barring a few cons of the movie like lackadaisical performance of Imaad, forced bihari accent of Shreyas and poor editing, the movie is a decent watch. Thanks to its shocking treatment of its climax, which may raise many eyebrows, the movie may not be a disappointing watch!!
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Honest undertones
Prateek Sharma23 October 2007
Coldness of the lead actor (Imaad) really makes up for this movie who perfectly lays the foundation of undertones and implicit scenarios woven by this script. Each character whether its schoolgirl (Ishiita) or the prostitute (Vaishali)or even aspiring model (Nikita) is a built-up for the single question raised and rediscovered in the end of the movie. Provocative yet to the ground reality are the high features, but as usual tapping the best out of Shreyas Talpade would have lead to an archetype(...bollywood cinema...did I say that correctly??). This movie gives you a breathing space but the question remains.... Are you aware of it and seek that space?? I was and I liked the movie till the end.
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When you are young you believe the possibilities are endless...
holicowpictures8 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
A young college fresher, Apu – bored with his life in college in Delhi – takes on his best friend's challenge - can he have sex with 3 women in a day? The women that Apu finds himself attracted to range from a prostitute, to a virgin, to a rich model. As our protagonist searches for women he can love, what is explored are the very nature of friendship, male bonding, voyeurism, sexual perversion and love.

The film is set around students in Delhi University. Through two university hostelers, Apurv, a rich cosmopolitan guy and, Sanjay, an old-fashioned Bihari guy, the film juxtaposes the 'new' and the 'old' in Indian society. Sanjay represents the romantic and the idealist who has steadfastly pursued goals using conservative means. On the other hand, Apurv's life is directionless.

He is a modern day skeptic who between the two ways to know love – emotional and carnal - chooses the latter. The three female leads, that of a prostitute, a school girl and a rich model are intricately used not only as love interests of our heroes but also to have the viewers chart a range of emotions. This film uses a rich ensemble of characters, stories and themes to aptly reflect the mood of urban India.

Apurv has just started his college life in Delhi. To avoid the harsh hostel ragging, he spends a few nights in the city's red-light area. Here, he is introduced to Vaisali, an attractive but sharp-tongued prostitute. Apurv joins the hostel residents in a grand yet eerie celebration of the final day of ragging. He is introduced to the hostel's band-of-boys: Sanjay, a popular presidential candidate in the upcoming college elections, Sonu, an energetic loafer and a Sanjay loyalist, Deepak a visually-impaired hosteler with homosexual leanings, and Mark, an indophile American.

Apurv, more relaxed now, begins to discover life in the hostel, college and neighbourhood. However, lectures in the college have little exciting to offer. He remains bored and pensive, and looks for a challenge that could make his life more exciting and meaningful. In the neighbourhood Apurv meets a school-going girl, Kintu whom he wants to befriend while she coquettishly remains noncommittal. He also continues his visits to Vaisali at the kotha. Apurv's major preoccupation is trying to find women he can love.

In the background, rages the politics of college election complete with student gang wars and Sanjay's maneuvers for the presidential slot. Here enters Prerna Heerjawahar: a hot and rich girl with beauty crown aspirations. Sanjay's charismatic performance in a loud street fight ensures Prerna's fascination for Sanjay. Soon the ambitious duo becomes the odd pair on the campus.

Meanwhile, Apurv has made a limited headway with Kintu – she will allow him to come along for a movie, share a cigarette and an odd kiss. Kintu's ex-boyfriend, Rajesh finds this unpalatable and beats Apurv up. Sanjay's gang avenges this. The same evening, Rajesh is dragged out of his house and brutally pulverized. Apurv can now deal with the 16-year old Kintu at peace. However, Kintu's mother with middle-class values intact ensures that the progress remains slow. Apurv's other interest, Vaisali has proved to be more than a handful. She remains brazen and offensive. Apurv decides to try seducing her into submission – taking it as a sign for a prostitute falling in love.

At a party (-turned-orgy) at Prerna's farmhouse, Apurv hits it off with a new girl. The smooth seduction makes Sanjay admire the easy charm Apurv has with girls. The next day, sitting in an old monument, Sanjay challenges him, if he can have sex with 2 women on a single day. The quiet of the place and his own confidence prompts Apurv to say, "Yes, I can". Sanjay throws another bait, "Can you do 3 women in a day?" Apurv answers in negative, but now he has finally got a challenge he wants to live up to. The task carries both a visceral and a symbolic meaning for him. Apurv spends the rest of the film pursuing this goal. For Sanjay, the race for the college elections too has heated up. He is the top seeded candidate but has got two popular and powerful rivals to beat. The film now moves towards a volatile climax. For all the indulgence and decadence that Apurv thinks he can afford, someone now needs to pay a price.

Love Story explores the very nature of friendship, male bonding, voyeurism, sexual perversion and love. This original screenplay full with realism and black humour shows the coming of age of not only a young man but also the social codes & mores of Delhi.
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An "Indian Pie" with a social message.
irisstrings29 August 2008
Not always a title will blend in everything to a discussion/monologue. The title above may not be suitable to other viewers. But I think Dil Dost Etc does have a social message which is targeted on an individual basis. This film portrays college days of Apurv (Imaan Shah) and Sanjay (Shreyas Talpade). Sanjay is a student from a middle class family in Bihar who is trying to run election and also win it by all the means he can. Apurv is his fellow mate who is born with a silver spoon. These two students have a totally different background but currently they face almost same situations in the college and they have almost opposite perspective on moral/ethics background. These two students bet to each other and that initiates a series of events which connect them together in the end.

I must say that this film is a great blend of psychology and philosophy of college students who are religious towards timely pop culture and matured audience who perhaps are competitive enough to exercise any and every means towards their goal. Debutant Manish Tiwary has written a clever script that from the first minute ("River of White Water") till the end of the film initiates and propagates various thought processes and live it open to individual comprehension. With humor as a positive ingredient his protagonists speak a language which is definitely thought for. The educational institute seems to be a perfect place to place two characters with different backgrounds and mentality. Though I have seen Sanjay at other occasions but Apurv shocks me. Not only his philosophies and self-ethics bother me but when he talks he seem to have understood a much about his surroundings. He does not apologise for a failed kissing attempt to a school girl (Ishita Sharma) and he survives a great deal of endeavor in the end. "A glimpse of the goal clears away some paths" as he utters this line I wondered where is this movie going to end. Manish Tiwary has ended this film with a social message which has to be self realised and self applied.

Imaan and Shreyas both have acted well. Shreyas as usual is very natural. It was good to see him in a matured serious role. I have never seen Imaan before but I wonder about his courage. Whether I should appreciate his ability to focus on the goal or the goal itself is a mystery. Smriti Mishra as the prostitute is also a great portrayal. The direction and screenplay are running at the same pace. For a debut this is a remarkable film. This is perhaps the best college flick since Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander (1992) though I doubt I would watch it as many times as I watched Sanjaylal Sharma and the cycle race.

My rating: 8/10.
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time pass movie for youth.
kjcreativeeye2021 October 2010
the good point about this movie is that it totally based on real life and no Indian spices will added to this movie. about acting department all are good. new shah are impressive. but i think the direction department is not good i can't understand what actually movie about , what kind of message actually it gave. if the film based on real life then it should contain clear message.location was good. it used real life location. no modification will be used.Songs was not impressive.Casting was good. watching movie. cinematography is good.watchable movie watchable movie time pass movie. hot scene is not well picked. ending of this films is not good.
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A masterpiece
bultu cool (tarun-bultu)18 October 2009
this is a kind of a movie that the today youth wants....

its not like that every body not knows what they want but in the end will they get it? its is about how the youth of India reacts....some will want to change the country but not knowing that their morals r right or wrong..

if u r a youth or a sensible person then watch this...other wise u will only enjoy the utter common dialogs...which totally like u speaks with your friend... film is about the delhi university politics....and the work by the directer is awesome..

i think its a masterpiece....
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What is such a big deal with this movie?
Arnab Das28 January 2009
I watched it a couple of times over, and no matter how much I try to look "deep" into the "thoughtful" aspects of this flick, no answer came up to me.

This seems to be an utterly confusing movie from an equally confused director! Seriously, what does this try to depict? Does it wanna depict true love? Conflict between love and sex? Yes to some extent, but it jumbles up the plot so irreparably that it's utterly impossible to get the "message".

In short, watch this stuff if you wanna get a taste of how a director blows up what could possibly have been an awesome movie!
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