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You have only 60 seconds to make up your mind!
sol121821 January 2011
***SPOILERS*** Mike Kovac, Charles Bronson, uses both his photographic ,with a hidden camera in a cigarette lighter, and private investigative skills to track down his good friend's San Diago police detective Ed Kern's, Steve Brodie, missing wife Jill, Cece Williams, who unknowingly got involved in a diamond smugging ring when she took a trip south to Tijuana Mexico. It was there at Carl Ganza, Wendell Holmes,thrift shop that Jill after buying a pair of silver cuff-links had Ganza tape a shipment of $160,000.00 in diamonds under her car to smuggle across the US Mexican border!

Back in San Diago when Ganza and his fellow diamond smuggler the on the lamb, for murder and armed robbery, Jack Hawley, Harry Randolph, checked under Jill's car they found to their surprise that the diamonds were missing! Taking Jill hostage and threatening to murder her if the diamonds aren't found Jill's husband got in touch with Mike, back in New York City, to help track her down. Not knowing just what he's gotten himself into, in helping a friend, Mike ends up himself being kidnapped by Garnza and Hawley in them feeling that he knows where the missing diamonds are.

Having Ed cover him Mike together with Ganza & Hawley track down the last place where the diamonds, stuck under Jill's car, were at a local car wash in San Diago! It's there that Mike makes his move in not only finding the diamonds but getting Jill's kidnappers to face justice! That's if he can hold them off from murdering him until the calvary, Ed Kerns, arrives!

***SPOILERS*** Tension packed final with Mike using a powerful steam blower to fight off the two hoods who after getting the diamonds were planning to knock him off gangland style. It was in fact Ed who waited in the shadows, of the deserted car wash, until the very last moment to come to Mike's rescue. Blowing live steam in their faces Mike put the two hoods away with Ed gunning down Ganza as he, blinded by Mike's steam blower,tried to escape across the border! As for Jill she was later found safe and uninjured in a safe house that Ganza hide her in until she told him and Hawley were the diamonds, which Jill knew nothing about, were!

The biggest mystery in this whole episode was the silver cuff-links that had the initials double "R" on them which made her husband Ed Kerns suspect,in them not being his initials, that she was cheating on him! As it turned out the cuff-links were a birthday present for Jill's Brother Bob or Robert not any secret lover that Ed suspected her of having!
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