Dragonball Evolution (2009) Poster

Randall Duk Kim: Gohan


  • Goku : Teach me, how to talk to a girl. I mean, I'm different, and everyone at school can see that, teach me how to get a girl, how to be smooth... how to be normal!

    Grandpa Gohan : Normal is also overrated. You must have faith in who you are.

  • Grandpa Gohan : [battling Mai]  Hah! Come on!

    [Piccolo enters] 

    Grandpa Gohan : Piccolo...

  • [presenting the Four-Star Dragon Ball] 

    Grandpa Gohan : There are only six others in the world, each with stars of one to seven. Besides you, Goku, this is my greatest treasure.

  • Grandpa Gohan : Always have faith in who you are.

  • [first lines] 

    Grandpa Gohan : In a time before many can remember, our planet faced its greatest challenge. A warlord named Piccolo camed from beyond the stars, bringing darkness and chaos to our once peaceful world. Aided by his disciple Oozaru, the evil pair brought the human race to the brink of annihilation. Cities and countries crumbled beneath them. Countless lives were lost. But... finally, a group of brave warriors created the Mu Fu Ba, a powerful enchantment that imprisoned Piccolo deep within the Earth. With his master captured, Oozaru disappeared, and balance was slowly returned to our world. And so it has remained for thousands of years, until now.

  • Grandpa Gohan : The first rule is... there are no rules.

  • Grandpa Gohan : You rely too much on your senses. Eyes, ears, these are overrated. You must see with your heart.

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