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Punching you in the face with suck
Heislegend23 February 2010 I don't even know where to start with this movie. It was just so, so bad. Have you even sat down and thought to yourself "I like the idea of slasher movies, but can't they make one that impossibly boring and pointless?". If you have, this is your lucky day. Then again, you also might consider professional help.

Nothing about this movie stands out as good. The acting is fine, but that's about it. Stalker movies are a dime a dozen so to make yours stand out you should probably add something at least slightly original to it. Or at least make the kills cool. Or do keep me from nodding off during it. Alas, Red Hook does not do any of these things. The story is horribly put together and boring and there's nothing original going on. Hell, even the kills are extremely lame. Also, I know it's not the movie's fault, but why in the world does IMDb have this listed as a comedy first and a horror second? It's not really either, but definitely not a comedy. It's just plain awful.
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Slow, so very very slow
paul_haakonsen22 February 2010
Don't let the nice cover of the movie fool you! This movie is somewhat of a disappointment.

The story is slow moving, but will get you there eventually. There are times where the story becomes stale and brings down the flow of the movie. The plot is somewhat interesting, but it fails to shine through given the slow speed and lack of thrills throughout the movie.

Some of the good things in the movie were some of the killing scenes, that they were actually adequate to look at. Also, despite having a super predictable story, there is a brief moment of interest when the reason for what is happening becomes revealed. But nothing to get you choked on your popcorn.

I found most of the acting to be adequate, which helped me actually sit through the entire movie. But this movie is definitely not a movie that you will watch again once seen it. I do not recommend that you pick up this movie if you are looking for a good horror or thriller.
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Red Hook
Scarecrow-8821 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
A scavenger hunt is concocted by an annoying guidance counselor, and it's only when her beau ends up supposedly kidnapped and in danger that a paranoid, Jenny(Christina Brucato), who saw her sister stabbed repeatedly by a killer posing as a cop, will join in on the festivities, looking for clues in New York City with other participants who reluctantly join in the hopes of winning a pair of White Stripes tickets. What seems like a harmless game turns deadly as a psychopath starts plunging his knife into the bodies of the college kids, with Jenny not only worried for her own life, but of Gavin(Tate Ellington)and her fellow students as well. The scavenger hunt itself seems like a novel idea, but it takes so long to set up the scenario that I imagine many slasher fans will find it intolerable and frustrating. So much of the film is dedicated to the Gavin and Jenny romance, and the scavenger hunt itself doesn't get particularly bloody until well over and hour. I think the film's plus is that the cast isn't too bad. Brucato and her new lesbian friend Deena(Frankie Shaw)actually have good chemistry together(..the film seems to flirt with the idea of a possible intimacy, but, sadly, nothing ever comes of it, although Deena does attempt to kiss Jenny, interrupted by Paula(Karla Mosley), concerned about her boyfriend Higginbotham(Decargo Sanyal)). Bryan Fenkart is the insufferable Tim, who is so pleased with how he designed the hunt, yet has a really hard time getting others to partake. Hollis Scarborough is a wannabe drama actress, AnGela(she really stresses the "GEL" in her name), whose love for her craft tends to make her a bit of off-putting. Other characters include Roy(Alex Brightman), Chappy(Brian J Smith), and blond hottie slut Camille(Karissa Staples)..they service the plot as extra fodder for the psycho in a hoody. The movie has those scenes where cell phones don't work and characters get out of the car when a suspicious sound is heard on the outside. To the film's credit, there are moments of potent ultra-violence through the vicious use of the knife, such as when the killer guts one victim like a fish, and plants it in the mouth of another who attempts to cry out(not to mention the murder sequence where the knife goes through the victim's head and out her throat). Ultimately, "Red Hook" is simply just another slasher which will eventually find itself darkening the back of a rental store on some DVD shelf with all the others collecting dust. The identity of the killer will come as no surprise to anyone, I imagine, unless you are totally clueless, and the reasoning behind such heinous acts leaves much to be desired. Bottom line, "Red Hook" is bland, mediocre, and forgettable.
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Not what I expected, but a fun ride.
sdawk19806 June 2010
I liked this low-budget film, but it wasn't what I expected. From the package, you're expecting a slasher, but this is more like Scream. I'm a New Yorker, and they really got the feel of the city, from the mundane to the scary (beware: there are lots of "in jokes" for the New Yorkers). The story is a bit uneven, but some of the acting is really good. Brucato plays that strange creepy introverted "girl with a past" with grating accuracy. What's crazy is that I think lots of the actors are really musical theater types - I mean Terrence Mann is on Broadway in the Addams Family right now. Not your typical horror cast. I guess you don't often see horror films directed by women, but that surely accounts for some of what makes the vibe of this film unique. Not gross scary. More like go-on-a-date scary. If you're willing to take it on its own terms, I'd recommend it. Bring your girl friend.
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You did this?
lastliberal-853-25370825 February 2011
This film takes a whole lot of time to get started. There is a lot of talking, and nothing else in the first hour.

It isn't until the end that we see the slasher. Anyone looking for displays of flesh that is typical of slasher films in the past are going to be sorely disappointed. Despite numerous opportunities, the film is as chaste as a nunnery.

Lots of blood and a predictable ending.

The acting is pretty good throughout, so it will keep you interested enough to stay the course and find out who the killer is, if you haven't guessed before.
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Modern Slasher film can't hold a candle to the 1980's Slasher movies
loomis78-815-9890345 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
An effective opening scene shows 10 year old Jenny see her sister murdered. Jump to Jenny (Brucato) in college where she is afraid to leave her dorm room. She becomes involved with Gavin (Ellington) and reluctantly agrees to a college scavenger hunt around New York City. A killer is using the game to track and kill the contestants. In what amounts to a modern slasher film, the set up and premise is a good one for a slasher film. Too bad it's 2009 and not 1980, because this movie misses every opportunity to be scary, fun and entertaining. Elizabeth Lucas directs like she is shooting a modern sitcom not a horror film. There is a little gore thrown in at the final minute but the lame acting and boring characters will make you lose your interest way before the killer can even get started.
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Kinda Boring, Not Much Horror, But Could Be Worse
gavin694211 October 2012
An agoraphobic freshman in New York City must join a scavenger hunt to save her boyfriend from a murderous game master.

Right now (October 2012) this film is sitting on a rating of 3.2, which is among the lowest ratings possible (you rarely see anything under a 2.7). Can this film really be so bad? I mean, yeah, it is kind of bad, but not that bad.

I actually liked the concept of a college scavenger hunt. The actual hunt did not start until 34 minutes into the film (the first half hour had mostly annoying character development of characters I had no interest in being developed). But, once it got going, it seemed cool and I really loved the scavenger map with the strings and pins.

Ultimately, though, too little action and not enough reason for me to care.
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Weak and barely passable horror effort
kannibalcorpsegrinder30 January 2014
Agreeing to participate in a scavenger-hunt game for her college, a troubled woman learns that her and her friends are being targeted by a vicious maniac who may or may not be responsible for her past and try to figure out his connection to the game to save the others.

This is an incredibly bland and uninteresting slasher, if it really could be called one as this one is just a rather dull and agonizingly slow thriller masquerading as a horror film. By making the kills all pop up in the last half-hour, that forces us into the boring game for the first hour, and it's not in the slightest bit interesting to watch as this one just tends to wander around to each of the contestants not doing anything to hold our interest, as there's no unfurling mystery to be found in the clues, they just so happen to get along with the game and overall it just comes off as weak, uninteresting and even misses several prime moments of excitement (messing up a couple screwing in the woods being the prime example) before it gets to a rather lame, bland finale that's imminently predictable and not in the least bit interesting. The kills are bloodier than expected (yet don't deviate from a brandished knife as the weapon) and the central premise has some legs, but this one just isn't worth it.

Rated R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.
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Cannot top even a free TV show episode
charlytully13 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
There was an episode on "CSI--New York" during the past month with a very similar plot to RED HOOK. Despite having just an ad-shortened 38 minutes or so to work with, CSI-NY's Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) and his crew got about five times as much accomplished entertainment-wise as the bumbling New York City police detective Lt. Tom Fox (Terrence Mann) and the rest of the RED HOOK cast managed to provide in 85 minutes. It's a sad commentary when an "unrated" feature film--where presumably anything goes--comes off as duller and less sexy than a prime-time network TV offering on a similar subject. While RED HOOK is billed as a horror flick, it's a sure fire bet to put the viewer to sleep more quickly than a CBS police procedural aimed as bed-time fare for the 60- to 90-year-old demographic. Gavin (Tate Ellington), the perverter of a lame Welcome Week scavenger hunt for the RED HOOK collegians, offs about half the campus, with less a sense of plausible threat than that created in just a few seconds of screen time by the twisted frat pledge master in the CSI episode, whose game playing is intended to kill no one. RED HOOK may spray a little crimson fake blood, but it offers little to hook the horror buff's attention.
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Game of Death
sol-kay25 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** Over the top slasher flick that besides it's deep red as well as other garish color photography also skillfully juxtaposes the action in the film on a New York City Subway map much like the 1979 inner city cult classic "The Warriors".

Jenny has never gotten over the brutal murder of her big sister back in North Carolina when she was 10 years old and developed a serious case of agoraphobia because of it. It's now ten years later when Jenny is now about to attend New York University she's obligated to go on a scavenger hunt with her fellow classmates as some kind of collage initiation rite. Being text-ed and e-mailed by her student instructor Tim on clues that would lead Jenny and her fellow collage classmate to the pot of gold, or free White Stripe concert tickets, at the end of the rainbow that as it turns out happens to be the Red Hook section of Brooklyn.

What at first looked like a fun walk in the park or city later turned out to be fatal for almost all the students participating in this scavenger hunt. The fact is that the students who participate in this scavenger hunt will not end up winning any of its prizes but end up becoming victims of it! Victims of a deranged psycho who has it in for anyone who didn't go through the sufferings in life that he did. And to even the score he's to make sure that everyone participating in this hunt will not come out of it not only with the free White Strip concert tickets but with their lives as well!

It's not until well into the movie that Jenny & Co. finally realize that their being targeted for murder by very probably the person who's giving them the clues, by cell phone text massages and photos, that leading them straight to their own murders not to the free concert tickets! The blood letting never lets up with almost all the students ending up butchered by the faceless psycho killer with Jenny for some strange reason seemingly immune to his wild and murderous rampages! That's until Det.Fox from back in North Carolina who's been hired by Jenny's parents to look after her safety uncovers who the killer is just before he adds Jenny to his long list of murder victims.
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