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TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews26 November 2011
This is the making-of featurette on the DVD of Fahrenheit 451 from 1966, obviously about said film. It consists of interviews with surviving(R.I.P., you talented artists) cast and crew, clips of the movie, behind the scenes photographs(not particularly footage thereof), and has a running time of 44 minutes. They go into just about anything you'd care to know about it. The themes explored(emotions and the suppression thereof, narcissism, totalitarianism, the loss of humanity, etc.) are covered with examples(this is a great aid if you feel like you missed or did not completely understand something in the adaptation itself), we find out about the production process(the trouble of editing it), the situation between Francois Truffaut and Oskar Werner(it worsened as it went along, and got quite bad), the experimentation that they went through, the approach to the science fiction novel(by Ray Bradbury, no less, etc. It is well worth your time. There is disturbing content in this, mostly in what we see of the motion picture itself(which it does spoil, so please do not watch this first). I recommend this to any fan of the subject of this or any of the people involved in putting it up on the silver screen. 7/10
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