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Good, but still misses a mark....
PerryAtTheMovies22 July 2022

While "Nope" is a visual spectacle I found that it didn't sit as well as I would've hoped when it came to the story. However, it still manages to reach its goal of entertaining on some level.

The film felt slightly long due to the first and third acts feeling fast and somewhat stuffed with a lot of goings ons while the second act felt very slow and drawn out. The long parts put me into a state of boredom, and even further than that, once the reveal of the antagonist happened, the magic and tension disappeared. Before that tension disappeared I found there was some good tension built up due to the soundtrack, but again, things fell short.

As for the horror parts, I assumed there would be more than just the ones shown in the commercial, and while there was, again a lot of the horror/magic disappeared once the antagonist was shown.

I did find the acting to be very engaging. Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer each brought great energy to their roles, and the supporting actors were equally enjoyable.

Overall, a decent film, but if I could go back I would wait to see it on a cheap night. Acting was enjoyable, the cinematography was spectacular, but the story, the length of the film, and the antagonist weren't up to the par I was expecting.

Thank you for reading my review. Until next time.... Enjoy the show!
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Seriously disappointing.
Dodge-Zombie25 August 2022
There is no easy way to put this subtly. This movie is boring. It's about 40 minutes too long. The first hour i was wondering when something was going to happen. The swcond hour I was wondering when it would end.

Any attempts at humour fell flat. The acting was just wooden for the most part. The story could of been good but it was just dragged along.

I really struggle to find anything good to say about it. In retrospect I'd of been better of watching "Get Out" or "Us" again. They are great movies. This is not even close to those standards.

Seriously not recommended. Not even just to watch once. It's over 2 hours and could of been covered in an hour or less.
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Too bad...
dogonlion30 August 2022
I know Jordan Peele wants to write, direct and produce his own movies and appear like a genius but the writing is horrible here. If he keeps doing this he will end up like Spike Lee, making long movies with lame dialogs that go nowhere.

Some of it is just so over the top and some too unrealistic, like the guy they bought the security system from. He was the only cashier in the store and ends up taking a van to do the install at the ranch himself, then he shows pictures of his girlfriend and talks about his life to the customer. Oh and the same guy also remotely monitors the cameras. WHAT?

Keke Palmer over acts every scene she's in. It was annoying. Daniel Kaluuya has this look on his face like he smelled somebody's fart at all times. Oh and there is zero siblings chemistry between the two of them and they do not look like siblings, not even by a thousand miles.

The acting in this movie is really bad except Steven Yeun, and even the blood looks fake. The attempts at creating tension fail, the attempts at providing humor fail.

I was a big fan of Get Out and Us, but Jordan Peele needs to take a break and think about his movie making.
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Not Sure Where Jordan Was Going
seansoulo7325 July 2022
I hope we are not about to see the Shyamalan effect with Jordan Peele, where the debut film is amazing and everything that follows leaves you scratching your head. I feel like I'm on that road with Peele's body of silver screen work. "Get Out" was a masterpiece, while "Us" jus didn't do it for me and now "Nope!"

Keke Palmer did her thing in the role she played (she is the star of this movie for sure) and Daniel kept up with a good performance in his own right, but the film itself was something outta the Twilight Zone. More of a sci-fi thriller than a horror flick, it had too many holes and unanswered questions for my liking. Peele's approach to filmmaking is amazing, much like Shyamalan, but the stories, like Shyamalan's are starting to fall short of being good films.

Jordan may have dreamt this story and woke up at 5am and jotted down every detail he could remember. And like our weird dreams, they never make any sense and we forget a lot of the details by the time we wake up! Nope was like one of those weird a... dreams!
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compared to is other work this one was real bad
kaefab7 August 2022
Its not the actors because they are all excellent. I guess its the plot of the movie and how slow it is to start or get going.

From the first 10 minutes i thought it would be a good movie but after 30 minutes it went downhill fast and the ending was even worst.
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Symbolism is flying over all of your heads
cardsrock17 August 2022
The amount of reviews calling this pointless and terrible clearly didn't read much into what happens here. Peele is pointing a mirror up to you and the most ironic part is a lot of don't even seem to notice. No, this isn't a typical horror movie. It's more of a Spielbergian blockbuster satire with some amusing moments sprinkled throughout. The "entity" is creative and can be quite terrifying. The cinematography is top notch and probably the standout feature of the film, while Kaluuya can say an immense amount without even speaking a word. The screenplay is odd to say the least, but it hits more than it misses.

While I still think this is a lesser film than Get Out or Us and it ran a little too long, you have to commend its originality in a summer sea of IP-based films. Peele attempts something profound and unique here, which should be respected regardless of your thoughts on the film.
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Captivating but going to be a divisive experience
tachiiderp23 July 2022
The biggest praise I can give is the cinematography and camera work. I really enjoy looking at wide shots of landscapes and the slow or sudden movements of the camera pushing the tension and anxiety of the scene without having to rely on dialogue or even any acting.

I think the film will be divisive among its audience though. I think this is due to a couple of reasons. First, the story progression feels confusing at times to what we are used to seeing in a thriller or horror. I think labelling it as horror will automatically steer away some people while those that enjoys horror may be disappointed that it lacks enough scares to be called a horror. The trailer I feel also gives away too much and puts the film in a box that might detract viewers. Ultimately, you really have to be open-minded going to this movie. In respect to the genre, Nope really isn't a horror, but more of a blend of some sci-fi, some mystery, some comedy, and luckily, no romance.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the film. I think for movie lovers this will generally be a good experience. Peele seem to focus more on our shared love for films more than sticking to a particular formula of a single genre. There are many small things you'll enjoy if you already love movies, but it will probably have a visibly different experience to a casual movie goer.

The themes of the film is also a good one, I feel. It feels like a cautionary modern fairy tale and the somewhat real dangers of chasing fame and disrespecting nature.

Jordan Peele is shaping out to be a director whose name alone will generate an audience and I would put Nope as a more captivating experience than Us, and around the same level as Get Out despite being two very different stories. His vision and creativity continues to remain highly interesting and I'm so curious to find out what he goes to work on next!
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gbill-7487726 August 2022
If you don't respect the boundaries and ways of other creatures, you'll end up getting hurt. That's one of the obvious things Jordan Peele is telling us in Nope, and I loved how gradual he was in doing that through what seemed to be disparate story lines in the horses and chimp. He was also wise in not fully explaining the alien, which I thought made it scarier, and scenes like the one where it swoops down on Daniel Kaluuya riding his horse were brilliantly rendered. Along the way he touches on the insatiable desire of humans to capture things on film, starting from Muybridge's earliest work, as well as the crass ways they commercialize things, including the cheesy tv show with its applause sign, the mad magazine and SNL spoofs of a horrifying event, and the outdoor show which proved that Steven Yeun's character didn't learn his lesson. The only drawback for me was in the film's length; I thought it could have been tightened up and shorter. Otherwise, brilliantly conceived, great cast, layered meaning, and a fun ride.
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Very ambitious and original, with some great metaphors, but ultimately could've been so much better.
Top_Dawg_Critic26 August 2022
It's Peele's best entry to date - imo, but it tries - as usual, to be too sophisticated, a conversation piece, moreso than an enjoyable thrilling ride. It felt too long, too slow, muddled, with a convoluted and disjointed narrative that was all over the place. Any character or plot development was merely metaphorical and lacked depth and cohesion. The cinematography and visual effects were excellent, as were the performances, although I'm getting tired of Kaluuya's monotonic and drab demeanor. His character could've been better cast with someone who'd be excited to star in this film, just like Palmer was.
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Nope, it doesn't flow like the others, but still has that Peele twist
rgkarim23 July 2022

The Comedy At Times: Peele knows how to put comedy into his work and often to maximize the laughs. He does this very well again, using so little to accomplish so much without trying. His skits with Keele showed putting a lot of energy, but for Nope, the comedy is much more controlled, dropped in at the right times to try and offset the tension. Peele manages to put a lot of fun into the writing from the blunt delivery of Kaluuya's lines to the energetic come get some of Palmer's character Em, it just comes off natural and is not too wedged in to get in the way of the movie. It's also sprinkled nicely throughout the movie, and finding the right time to spice up the moment.

The Pace Mostly: For a movie that promised to be elevated horror and potentially very deep, the pacing was decent for this writer. Nope starts out the same style of Peele's work, taking lots of time set up the pieces and give you inklings of how everyone will be connected. Then as the events start to happen, he manages to ramp things up and start focusing on uncovering elements, all while still focusing on that character development. It's the intrigue that pulled me in, trying to see what the next the level to the story was all while trying to discover the twist he had in store. The pace continued to be like that for much of the film, until right about the end where things changed, but for about 75% of the movie, the pace was thrilling for this horror movie.

The Twist: Peele has always found a way to put his shocking imagination to the works and really keep you guessing as to what the spin to the story will be. Once again, he does not fail to deliver, bringing with it elevated levels of viewing the world and clever symbolism to show the state of the world. His use famous verses and quotes, mixed with subtle signs and visual aids, all work to be that level of poetic disposition he does so well, allowing one to interpret the message to their liking. And yet, for those who just want straight gimmicks and entertainment, Peele is there to give you an odd change to formula that may or may not be impressive to you. For me, he again uses it well and gives the science fiction genre a nice refresh that has plenty to offer the horror element, some shots he used very well to display it. That thrill part really makes the story take a new element and the way he integrates in the odd manner at the end.

The Horror Elements/Tension: Now we are getting to the stuff most care about for the genre, and in this film the horror elements are certainly creative and well done at times. Nope works on several levels to give you the chills experience, starting with the odd and offset, where just enough hints are given to bait you, but have not given everything away. They then start adding tension to the mix, using elements to build up the moment with use of shadows, the feeling of abandonment and the use of shadows. Soon, crazy things start getting immersed into the movie, and the sickening elements bleed in, nods to the classic horror movies, as the disturbing visuals get their moment creep you out. Finally, the tension at the end as the whole finale hits, gives you that intensity to help maintain the edge, but drops the horror element for something else. Again, there is a wicked nature to the whole thing that darker beings will love to watch.

The Acting: You've heard it from many, but no surprise, Nope has an A game of cast to bring this movie to life. Once more, all the cast hits their shining moment and brings that intricacy that the film needs to make sure it comes off creepy. For the big three though we have a few more words to say. Perea is the guy who is the blend of both characters, the sort of comedic support a film needs to help offset the horror. He's a fun character to dive into and certainly makes for an entertaining lead with plenty of jokes to throw into the fire. However, the two leads are the brother and sister duo of OJ and Em, and the group who portray them. Palmer is energetic, bringing sass and fire that is trying to bring the ranch to modern times and challenge the threat at hand. She's the visionary of the group, and her energy livens up the rather serious tone without shattering the believability or elements of the story. It really works and she executes it so well that you can't help but get pulled into all the traits she brings. As for Kaluuya, he transitions well into the modern cowboy roles and I was very impressed with how much he was able to do with so few words spoken. There is just something in his performance and mannerisms that works so well, and I was very happy to see how Peele used his talents to really make the simplistic character layered in comedy, story, and just plain laughs.

The Cinematography: By far, my favorite was the cinematography and the sound that went with it. Nope is all about the right shot to get the moment perfectly terrifying and Peele's team did it beautifully in bringing the odd encounter to life. Shadows as mentioned earlier are deceptive and haunting, leaving you feeling isolated, but yet watched. The angles of the saucer attack grip you into the experience and find a way to make the whole ordeal as gruesome and terrifying as you expect. Even the emotional moments has all the right direction to them and I felt the presence of every moment in the presentation they brought us. Thrown in great sound elements to back it up, or lack of it some cases, and Nope's technical aspect achieves great thing for this reviewer to make it worthwhile to visit in theaters.


Plot Holes/Underused Elements: I agree with other reviewers that Peele's plot seemed a little less put together as some of his other works. Nope holds a lot of elements to it, but in terms of complete character story, full on challenges, and even answers to some brimming questions the movie does not quite wrap things up as neatly as he does. The random film element tie in for one character is certainly interesting, but is this awkward tangent that is more a symbolic poke at something and could have been left out. A legendary camera man seems to have a lot prowess and logic, but then things happen to counter that, subtle hints being seen that don't quite make sense and seem a bit hurried. Even Angel's background is sort of like a stoner secondary character that would have been nice to flesh out. All in all, these elements are present enough to get you thinking and serve as the sword slash to modern day culture, but don't quite fit as nicely together like other parts of his movies.

Cross the Line a Little On One my elements: I can't really say much without ruining a twist, but there is a bit of animal cruelty in this movie that is not my particular taste. As human as many productions are, there are some portrayals that I'm just not a fan of watching and Peele sometimes cross the line for me. I have to give him props for keeping it relevant, but there were other moments I would have preferred not to see.

A Few Random Elements That Seemed Jammed In: This has to do with the ending where a lot of things happen very quickly in the climactic finale. Particularly the introduction of a random character whose name holds the symbolic nature, the smoothness of the final moment is mediocre for this reviewer. These elements may have held more shine in the poke fun at modern times role, however story wise seemed out of place and less useful than just adding more to the other characters we were already invested in. Sure, Peele does have some set up to help out and throw real world logic into it, but it just did not seem useful given what was about to happen.

The Pacing: As mentioned, the pace is definitely interesting for about 70-75% of the film, but that other part is a little up and down for me. Watching it unfold at times, the movie drags a bit, going down this element that is supposed to mean something big, but again barely fits into the ordeal they are crafting. Meanwhile, the ending seems very rushed, with things happening that just don't make sense nor have the tie ups I like to see in his work. There are "changes" that happen to the characters, but they are so sudden with only tidbits of dialogue to support them that you wonder a bit more why they did what they did. Watching breakdowns from the artistic point works, but as for story elements it's a bit disappointing for the average viewer.

The Verdict:

Nope is a movie with an interesting name, and like most of Peele's work an interesting premise for both artistic sakes and horror sakes. He finds a way to merge the three worlds of mystery, horror, and sci-fi into this layered film, that is pretentious, but still holds entertaining elements that we like to see. Great acting, a deep story, horror elements that take advantage of so many things, alongside supreme visuals are the keys to what makes this movie hold a lot of bite. It's weird, it's convoluted, and yet it works if you can get onboard with his trippy thriller work from the past. However, the movie is not my favorite of the bunch and does not quite get the smoothness that I've seen in the past of this film. It's rushed at times, boring at others, with a story element running tangent that does not quite mesh as well as other origin elements of previous works. Still, it's a fun movie with a few moments worth rewatching, and for those enjoying symbolic takes of the times, worth even more views to dissect all Peele has crammed into the film. Definitely worth a trip to the movies for this one, and I encourage you to take a moment and view it where you can.

My scores are:

Horror/Mystery/Sci-Fi: 8.0 Movie Overall: 7.0.
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Calicodreamin12 August 2022
I have no idea what tf this movie was supposed to be about, the story was so random and moved slowly. The acting was decent but there was no substance to the characters. I got nothing.
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Jordan Peele is the modern day M. Night Shyamalan
zorba-3627123 July 2022
Jordan's movies are hit or miss. Get Out was good. US was meh. This was terrible. Go in knowing it'll be hit or miss. This was a miss. Good story idea, horrific execution. The leads were good but the action was meandering. A story needs to have a reason to be told. This one had mo reason. Zero. Next time I will wait until his movies are on HBO MAX.
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A drastically different Jordan Peele film from feel and scope
nscoby9321 July 2022
Jordan Peele's return to the big screen is a tremendous, refreshing change of pace to the recent Hollywood flops and disappointments the recent MCU films have been.

Jordan Peele is in top form with his recent film Nope. I am very pleasantly surprised with how well done this was and how much I enjoyed this film. I had no doubt with Jordan Peele he would do something good but he has set a new bar in the psychological, thriller, horror genre.

I don't know where to start as I have so many thoughts racing through my brain, so I'll start simple. Great cinematography this film was beautiful and looked great on the IMAX screen. Great writing and I have to stop to say the writing in this film is superior to the writing in Get Out and Us. Jordan Peele's writing talent has come a long way since those films. The dialogue and chemistry between actors and characters was so organic, it just felt so natural and nothing feeling forced. Speaking of things not feeling forced the comedy and jokes, all do so well and don't detract from the serious tone of the film.

Which will lead me to great acting. Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Brandon Perea, and Steven Yeun (just to name a few of the films stars) all give tremendous performances. It was so great to see Steven Yeun as I haven't seen him in anything since he starred as Glenn Rhee in The Walking Dead. Amazing sound design and sound effects, it truly brought the tension and horror to tremendous heights it had me on the edge of my sit.

Now I want to discuss the viewing experience as it has been a long time since a horror film truly had an impact on me. Some genuinely terrifying moments that like I said had me on the edge of my seat. I am not easily scared and jump scares I find them to be cheap and weak but there were some scares here that genuinely made me jump. At one moment I found myself saying "nope, not today Satan" I'm sure there will be a lot of "nope" remarks from audience members. But is this worth the IMAX screen? To that question I'd say yes and no. This film did not make much use of IMAX cameras which throughout the film made me question why is it in IMAX? But I have to say when the IMAX sequences finally came along it was great. The utilization of the IMAX cameras in certain scenes made for a great pay off and of course coupled with the great IMAX sound it heightened the viewing experience. But I can't say it was a must watch in IMAX. To steer away from spoilers I will simply say a teaser trailer for a certain upcoming film from my favorite director made watching it in IMAX well worth it.

I'll start wrapping this up as I'm sure some people who saw the amount of text in this review thought "nope, I'm not reading all that" no pun intended. The only real downside of this film for me was it did lose a little steam in the conclusion and I didn't feel satisfied nor unsatisfied. I still have a lot of questions and would like some more information but perhaps these questions are answered in the film and I missed them. I definitely plan on multiple viewings of this film.

This is my new favorite Jordan Peele film, better than his recent film Us and right up there with Get Out while surpassing it. I would rate this film between a 8.5 or 8.9 but because I don't like half scores I'm going to give it the full 9 because of how this film at moments genuinely had me jumping. It was a fun, exciting, thrill ride from start to finish. I look forward to whatever comes next from Jordan Peele.

IMDb: 9/10 Letterboxd: 4/5

Watched in IMAX Theater.
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8 stars for direction and acting, but only 6 stars for the story, that (again) looses momentum during the second hour.
imseeg13 August 2022
Jordan Peele (director, producer AND writer) suffers from one specific problem with all of his movies: he, as a director, is at excellent at building up suspense, but he is only average in writing a believable story that STAYS supsenful AFTER the plot is revealed. This time's no different.

The good; excellent photography work and really good acting performances. The build up in suspense during the first hour is magnificent, but...

The bad; in the second hour of the movie the UFO's become visible and the suspense and thrill deteriorate quite badly. Such a pity.

The INvisibility of the UFO"s in the first hour is much more thrilling and spooky, because it makes me wonder WHAT THE HECK is going on. The spookiness level of the first hour is great, but when I get to see the UFO"s up close in the second hour I was disappointed by the silly visuals. It looked like cheap CGI. Was this the best visual of an UFO they could come up with?

Still an enjoyable watch, because this is still a quality made movie, although with some better UFO visuals it could have been a lot more thrilling and scarier.

NOT a horror movie, but it is contineous spooky and dark.

NOT a scifi movie, but it has got some silly looking scifi visuals.

NOT a standard western movie, but it has got the spirit of one!

Interesting mix of different movie genres. Only let down by lack of supsense in the second hour...
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d_penn26 November 2022
Conceptually and visually compelling, the next installment in Jordan Pele's growing Arsenal 'Nope" is both dissapointing and unique at the same time. Here's the gist, if you're entering this movie expecting to be mind blown by heavy handed subtle themes that we saw in previous Pele films and new logistics in the Sci-Fi genre then prepare to be dissapointed. Nope changes our cliched perception and superstitions on UFOs and how they always appeared to us as aliens into something abit more realistic and savage. The thematic level of the movie lets the audience brainstorm inorder to connect certain things and themes so it is fairly complex, but not as strong or hard hitting. The movie focuses on the grief of our two main characters which I found one of the good things about the movie, but never really takes it to its end or establishes a well-coherent character study like "Get out" or "Us", it's evident that Pele doesn't want to restrict his movie to one thing as he wants to try alot of different things and ideas in this movie which is really creative but never actually pays off any of the ideas he is playing with or fully explore them, there is really only one idea which I found worked which is how we as humans are always concious about organisms that inhabit our world as if it only belongs to us alone, and are more concerned with fame than with integrity and safety and staying away from the strange and unknown. The movie excels in creativity but I still found the movie overly long and slow paced, even in action sequences when things start happening, it sometimes feels confusing when the camera just stops for stairing at certain scenes, Pele runs out of ideas specially in the third act as I found the intonation of the resolution, solution and ending dissapointing. However, the spectacle was awe-inspiring, Pele gets you up and close with that thing whenever he wants to and shows you what he wants you to see in specific times.

A movie that can leave you at times diasappointed and questioning the intentions of its creator but nonetheless never a bad or a too good of a movie, admirable for its originality but alot more was needed to be done to make this feature on the other levels of Peele's previous artforms and for Pele's target audience who prefer abit more thought provoking themes over spectacle that is brilliant visually but at times disappointing creatively and intellectualy.
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New Gold-Standard In The 'Alien Encounter' Genre
BijeshNagesh29 August 2022
In the extensive realm of SciFi-Horror, "Nope" breathed a sliver of originality that felt at once captivating, intriguing, immersive, and terrifying.

Jordan Peele's direction and screenplay was nothing short of excellent. He gave the script an admirable Goldilocks-style 'just right' balance.

Michael Abels's musical scoring was outstanding. Hoyte Van Hoytema's cinematography was stellar. Nicholas Monsour's editing was praiseworthy. Ruth De Jong's production design was great. Gene Serdena's set decoration and Samantha Englender's art direction were also great. Alex Bovaird's costume design was notable. The sound effects and VFX teams did exceptional work. The stunts and hair-makeup crews were amazing.

OJ Haywood, played by Daniel Kaluuya, was unforgettable. Where some artists might have played within the lines, Kaluuya gave a deep performance - minimal yet impactful - that stretched the scope of his character.

Emerald Haywood, played by Keke Palmer, was quite good. Angel Torres, played by Brandon Perea, was noteworthy. Ricky "Jupe" Park, played by Steven Yeun, was great. Antlers Holst, played by Michael Wincott, was amazing. Keith David gave a memorable cameo as Otis Haywood Sr.

All other cast and crew did great work in "Nope", now streaming via Amazon Prime VOD.

I lost what little sleep I had after starting this movie. Not only because it was scary - it certainly was - but also because I simply had to know how the story was going to end. Only a rare few would've been able to pre-guess the way the plot panned out.

Get ready for more than a few "please tell me you saw that!" moments in this movie. This was the only title in 2022 that made me regret streaming it. I quietly wished I could observe how everyone else in the cinema hall may have reacted to some of the sequences that played out.

Though "Nope" had a runtime that exceeded the two-hour mark, every minute was a lesson in good filmmaking. Peele has the power to break storytelling boundaries and rebuild them into something new. He showed so much without telling anything at all. This was one of the most gripping alien-encounter movies I have seen in years.
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xiaoli737722 July 2022
"Nope" was enthralling. I see it as a social commentary on people stunting and doing wild stuff for social media clout. I still prefer Peele's first film "Get Out", and I haven't seen "Us" but I'm probably gonna check it out now.

I also see a lot of it as a smart twist on the horror genre. Whereas a lot of filmmakers create horror movies where the main characters survive despite their stupidity, this one plays on the main characters actually being clever enough to "nope out." Finally, our years of yelling "don't go in the closet/basement/outside, you idiot!" at the movie screen have been answered.

Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya are terrific as the stars. The cinematography is on point. This whole movie is beautifully shot with a lot of subplots and recurring themes that will leave a lot of room for interpretation and after-movie discussion.

Definitely one of the best of 2022 so far. It drags just a bit in the middle but I found it very fun and interesting.
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Nope is right!
scootm1622 July 2022
Wow this movie is bad! I have 'Get Out' at an 8 and Us a generous '7', but THIS is just bad. Nothing is connected in the very bland ending, all the characters are unlikable except for Kuluyaa's essentially mute character OJ (character literally has 10 lines of dialogue). Also, not sure why it's being called a horror movie, there is little to no suspense, let alone horror. The most "horror" part ends up not even being real. Skip this, it's just bad and boring. Not even a crazy twisty psychological ending, one thing that Peele is known and (was) praised for. Not sure what the hell happened in the writer's room with this one. A true shame. Damn.

I have been a part of IMdb since 2011 and I have not written a single review until 'Nope'. That's how bad this movie is.


EDIT (10/25/2022): I am in complete shock to say that there have been so many more films that are somehow FAR worse than 'Nope' ('Pearl', 'Bodies, Bodies, Bodies', 'Don't Worry Darling', 'Halloween Ends'). Whatever you do, never watch any of those. I'll tear my eyes out before I suffer through one of those again.

Lastly, I'd like to thank all the fans and haters who have voted on this review. It's the 1st review I've ever submitted, so to see it get this much attention means a lot to me. Also, I have reviewed the movies I listed worse than 'Nope' and I dumpsterd all over those too.
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Leaves a Mark, Will You?...
Xstal29 August 2022
What would you do, to get the world to notice you, to make an imprint clearly seen, so people know just where you've been; what lengths would you go to, put your mind and body through, just to get the recognition, for your life's work and submissions; would you take your life and flirt, with the chance of getting hurt, staring danger in the eye, down below and from up high; place your head between the jaws, of a beast with hidden claws, as you're battered, beaten, floored, just to get, a large reward.

Another multifaceted exploration of what it is to be human, a little longer than required and not the paciest piece of cinema you've encountered, but enough to get you thinking and, at the end of the day, that's what great film making is all about.
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A breath of fresh air in evermore stale big Hollywood
paul-allaer27 July 2022
As "Nope" (2022 release; 135 min.) opens, we are on the Haywood Hollywood Horses farm, the only black-owned horses training camp for movies and TV. One day, small things start falling out of the sky and Otis Sr., who runs the farm, is struck and killed. His kids OJ and EM try to carry on the farm... At this pint we are 10 min into the film.

Couple of comments: this is the 3rd film from writer-producer-director Jordan Peele, after the brilliant "Get Out" and the okay but uneven "Us". With "Nope", Peele goes on a much bigger scale and along the way brings us a sci-fi mystery movie. The lesser said about the plot, the better so as not to spoil anything. Just watch! In the bigger picture. Big Hollywood has become so extremely risk adverse that if a movie isn't Marvel or DC Comic-related, or otherwise a sequel or prequel or spin-off or other franchise-related property, chances are the movie won't be made. In other words, big Hollywood as much as possible avoids an ORIGINAL idea, and as a result truly original amazing movies like Christopher Nolan's "Tenet" become ever rarer. This makes "Nope" truly a breath of fresh air in today's stale Hollywood climate. Big budget, big idea, above all, ORIGINAL. Does that make it a perfect movie? Nope, it does not. But at least Peele tries. Daniel Kaluuya as OJ is tops, yet again. Apparently there is already talk of a sequel. To which I say, NOPE! I am crossing my fingers that Peel's next film will be something completely different altogether from what he has done to date, as long as it's original. No sequel, please!

"Nope" opened in theaters last weekend and I saw it here in Cincinnati just the other night. The Tuesday evening discount screening was pretty much a sell-out. If you are in the mood for an original sci-fi mystery, I'd readily suggest you check this out, and draw your own conclusion.
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Eight things I love about Nope
RebelPanda2 August 2022
1. Commentary on exploitative social media accounts that strive for the most clicks regardless of who they negatively impact.

2. Keke Palmer's eccentric performance as Emerald. She should be in way more movies.

3. Daniel Kaluuya's deadpan one liners.

4. Rewatch value, there is build up to each twist and shocking moment. Mysterious and ambiguous scenes become scarier after learning context.

5. Foreshadowing: it is absolutely everywhere. Sometimes done subtly, other times obviously.

6. Subtle details; highly detailed set, script, and outfits, down to the logo on one of the main character's shirt.

7. Sound effects. It goes beyond typical horror noise cues, using unique sounds to build-up scares. The blood curdling screams loudly echoing as the creature flies by are terrifying.

8. Akira motorcycle shot. Thank you Jordan.
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Fun, Terrifying, Original
SenethavilayCasey22 July 2022
There is so much going on here and ultimately that is the films biggest weakness. It doesn't really commit to any certain genre. It's genre blending to the max! Still, it's a total blast that will have you laughing in one moment and screaming in the next. The horror elements are my favorite. At this point Peele has proven himself to be a horror master. But this is not really a horror film per say. It's got horror elements as well as comedy, thriller, action, and western. Probably the most unique film to come out in the Covid era. It was a total blast.
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Why do critics love this dud?
A dumb story, a couple of interesting characters and no fun. There is so much wrong with this movie, you wonder how it got made. The writing would not get one star on any of the screenwriting sites. So why do critics love it? You tell me.
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Peele does it again
Rainbowbeany21 July 2022
Don't want to give away anything. I had a good time. It's not as scary as Get Out or Us. But the further you get into the film the more you will understand. I'm going to need to watch a YouTube break down because I have a lot of questions. Great direction, acting, and cinematography! Another great Jordan Peele film!
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penofinspiratin27 August 2022
Peele is like the Wachowskis, you sit & ask yourself, how did this guy manage to have a production like getting OUT & end up with this crap?

The only thing I saw in this movie was floating Chinese noodle bowls & kids with pork bunheads. & I figured it's jordans favorite takeaway that influenced this mess.

This is a movie that you play in your living room if you're tired of having a pic slideshow on your tv or you want something to encourage phone browsing during a movie.

I somehow think it would have been a nice anime series given the nature of the whole premise other than that it's Absolute garbage which I have no idea how it made it into the blockbuster catalogue.

Peele should even pay people to pirate this.
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