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Live Every Day as if it's Your Last...
Xstal10 October 2021
... and select every film you watch accordingly. Because you never know when you might get the chance to visit Fantasy Island (not the one in Skegness) and live your life like Ben Button, but a bit faster and in reverse. Not the worst film from the genre and would have been a cult classic if made as a 'B' Movie in the 1950s.
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Interesting, Different From Most Movies Being Made Today
cagebox1119 August 2021
A strange movie that certainly has many flaws but still one that makes you think. There is some cringy child acting and some of the horror (the broken bones lady) is over the top, but it's an original story that holds your interest for the runtime of the film. Not one of Shyamalan's best but it's a pretty good film and one that is at the very least different from the endless action flicks that are produced these days.
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Interesting premise, poorly executed.
mrjeffmoore25 July 2021
This movie will definitely be polarizing. I find myself on the "meh" side of this movie. It was interesting and somewhat original, but as it progressed I found myself giggling and sometimes donwright laughing instead of feeling scared or intrigued in any way. I'm not sure if he intended this movie to be funny, but some of it was just silly. Some of the acting was pretty bad and over the top, and the ending was a huge letdown. It was not horrible, but I wouldn't watch it again. I mean, I've even rewathed The Village and Signs, and lots of people hated those. This one is definitely a one and done.
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Help me, help ... others
kosmasp2 August 2021
It's funny that I read so much about a "return" of M. Night .. I thought his last movie had that covered. But then again, that was a few years ago, so maybe some already forgotten about that or he vanished again for them.

Having said that, you have to suspend your disbelief in many regards and there still may be things that you have to swallow and not liking them. One of the biggest things I had issues with is the wife of "Guy". It's not so much her accent (others have one too), it is that she does not convey most of the feelings her character is going through. I understand those things, but not because of her performance, rather despite it. You may see it differently and just because I didn't like her performance here, I am not alleging that she can't act. Maybe it is a fish out of water situation - no pun intended.

And then there are small things, like when the rapper uncovers ... I think it is in the trailer, but let's just say somethng truly horrific. M. Night should have taken a look at the behind the scenes material of Jaws. Spielberg had a similar scene where the boyfriend of the girl that goes skinny dipping, finds her the next morning with the Sheriff. His reaction to the finding was never satisfactory ... and the same can be said about the scene on hand here. So I am not blaming the actor - it is just a rather "impossible" thing to achieve. I almost started laughing at the scene - very inappropriate I know.

And yet still you will say, why a 7? Because through all those things that I might find disturbing and did not like, I was able to suspend my disbelief and was able to enjoy the idea this movie is based on. I personally am surprised there are so many Youtube videos "explaining" the "twist" ending ... I do think it could not be clearer ... and I dig it overall.

Of course there are themes of aging, about what our journey is, about family and other things. It's philosophical at its core - what you make of it, is totally up to you of course. But because it is Shyamalan you also will get scenes, that some may have problems with visually (shock effect wise). Think top model (I like her craziness, in the context of the movie, same is true about her husband and doctor) and you'll know what I mean by the end of ... it! Pun maybe intended.

Is this predictable? Yes. Dialog and performances sometimes cringe-worthy? Also yes ... fight through it and just enjoy this for what it is. A thriller with a "message" (or two)
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At least its original
dickchenny6 August 2021
What to watch? The new gi joe? How about f9? No I think we will settle for old.

This movie is unlike any movie I've ever seen, the acting is strange, the plot is strange, the camera work is nauseating at times. And some of the reveals are not done amazingly.

But at least its original, the plot makes sense, and when talking about it to my friends I found I always had the proper answer for peoples actions and decision making.

The best characters are midsized sidan and the crazy doctor and his wife.

The movie has many scenes of exposition that is not hid very well, but overall I think its a movie that begs being seen. I in no way regret watching it and in fact want to watch it again to solidify my opinion .

In a time with a lot of movies that you have already seen I guarantee that love it or hate it, you haven't seen anything like it.
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I really wish I could give negative stars...
gonzalezarria25 July 2021
One of the worst films I have watched in recent years. It has a very good concept, but it was just overwhelming overshadowed by horrible acting and a very lousy script.

I usually never write reviews, but this film forced me to write this as a warning message: please don't watch it.
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What the hell M. Night?
AdrenalinDragon23 July 2021
Is Old a Comedy? Am I supposed to take this seriously? The performances are usually either weird or terrible, and it has some of the worst dialogue and line delivery I've ever heard. None of the Aging gimmick makes sense and just ends up delivering unintentionally funny moments. There's no good reason to care about any character here. It's all done so poorly.

The camerawork is terrible in places where the shots are out of focus and many faces and objects are poorly positioned, plus M. Night kept doing long spinning camera shots over and over again. Why? No idea felt pretentious to me. Simply awful, and there was me hoping M. Night was making his big comeback, but this was more on The Happening side of things.

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An often profound, sometimes stupid, but ultimately original thriller.
benjaminskylerhill23 July 2021
If you knew you were to die today, what would you wish to change about the way you lived your life?

This is one of the themes Shyamalan explores in this astutely-directed, mostly tense, high-concept thriller, and it does result in some genuinely intelligent, emotionally resonant character beats that I did not expect.

Unfortunately, some clunky dialogue, a couple bad actors, and too many repetitive scenes that seem to only stretch the runtime prevent this from being the great film that it could have been.
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Gets old really quick
macshrikemobile27 July 2021
Ironic fact, if you choose to see it, you will have aged considerably watching this.

If it had been a short 15 minute movie. It would have been great. The premise is good but there's nothing to see.

They just make you sit through this meaningless cliché for, perhaps, making you feel the loss of time.

But that's all it is a funny idea that wastes your time.
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M. Night Shyamalan strikes out again...
paul_haakonsen16 September 2021
Wow. Just wow.

This movie was laughably bad. There were so insanely many plot holes and things that made absolutely no sense in this movie, that it got more and more progressively difficult to take the movie seriously, much less enjoy the narrative, as the movie trotted on. I just ended up shaking my head in disbelieve throughout the course of this atrocity of a movie, and you can't help but roll your eyes at this attempt of making a mystery thriller.

The storyline told in "Old", while it certainly had an interesting concept, just fell short of being entertaining, and it was increasingly becoming more and more of a struggle to sit through the ordeal that is "Old". And believe you me, this is definitely not a movie that I would recommend you rush out to spend your time, money or effort on.

Sure, the acting performances in the movie were adequate, and there were some talented performers on the cast list. But they had precious little to work with in terms of a proper script, and it was restricting their performances.

The character gallery in "Old" was interesting enough, but again, too many things just made no sense, which ended up reflecting poorly on the characters, due to some seriously inferior writing.

I was lured in to watch "Old", given the movie's poster and its interesting enough synopsis. But with it being an M. Night Shyamalan movie, I can't really claim that I was thrilled or having much of any expectations, as I haven't exactly been a fan of his movies.

"Old" was a dud, another swing and a miss in the track record of Mr. M. Night Shyamalan.

I am rating this heap of a laughable attempt at writing a mystery thriller a generous three out of ten stars. Sure, the movie was nicely produced and edited, but in terms of script, story and entertainment, this was just not cutting it.
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Interesting Concept, Uninteresting Execution
CinemaClown10 October 2021
The latest madcap offering from the filmmaker who has made a career out of coming up with truly insane & ambitious ideas over the years (whether he is able to make them work or not in execution being a whole another debate), Old finds the (in)famous writer-director once again experimenting with a crazy concept but the end result is a mixed bag as the film fails to make the most of what was up for grabs.

Written & directed by M. Night Shyamalan (Signs, The Village & The Visit), the story follows a group of tourists who find themselves ageing rapidly on a mysterious & secluded beach. With a lifetime passing in the matter of a single day for all the involved characters, the possibilities worth exploring are endless. However, Shyamalan's erratic direction & bland characterisation prevent the key events to blossom to their full capacity.

There are nonetheless hints of brilliance scattered throughout the picture. It just never unifies into a satisfying whole. The rapid ageing & its debilitating effects is rather unsettling to watch but then the dialogues & performances are so idiotic & over-the-top that we aren't really sure what tone Shyamalan was going for. The film is silly yet serious, fun yet terrifying, thrilling yet amusing, ludicrous yet genius, and is often a cinematic ride of sharp contrasts.

Overall, Old features a premise that not only exhibits promise & potential on paper but is also instantly appealing & downright ambitious. Still, Shyamalan is unable to explore his zany idea to its fullest by failing to weave a compelling narrative around it, thus resulting in a frustrating & confusing experience. He tries to do too much yet only ends up doing too little. All in all, Old has its merits & moments but the ride as a whole feels more or less underwhelming in the end.
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Different concept but executed average..!!
kamalbeeee19 September 2021
People get older very quickly in a mysterious island..few scientists make a experiment by using tourists who are visited to that island.. Finally 2 siblings find out truth and reveals to all... Very good concept but excuted in poor way.. Good photography... Once watchable..!!
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Creepy and as usual bit disappointing
antoniotierno16 August 2021
As always, Shyamalan excels in creating and pushing an unsettling atmosphere, filled with tension, suspense, dread and lot of fear. However, Old could lack an motional introspection about human mortality, save for a fleeting moment of reconciliation between Bernal and Krieps.

The gallery of disposable characters are also about as fully realised as those in a B-grade story, so we are never fully invested in their eventual fate. All in all it works but it's not the best story ever seen and told by the director.
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Better than expected
adam_jordgubbe8 August 2021
Reading the plot beforehand, me and my gf went in with low expectations.

Think its a worthy cinema movie especially with what is out there atm.
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Decent, not great
dlmiley1 August 2021
Decent picture with an ending that made sense of it all. The script was somewhat weak and the adult actors' delivery was sub-par in my opinion. The kids did a better job in IMHO. Cinematography was very but the direction was merely competent rather than outstanding. Definitely not a masterpiece but not as horrible as some are saying here.
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"Old" isn't bad overall! But has some Problems....
ruckmaninoff1 August 2021
I was looking forward to this flick. M. Night has made a bit of a comeback in recent years. His film The Visit (2015) made back like 20x its budget. And I think Split (2017) made back nearly 30x its budget. That is almost unheard of. "Glass" was a decent flick but maybe not as great as I'd hoped. But overall things were looking hopeful...

I thought the concept of this movie was great. That's the strongest part of the film. It's a good idea. It's an interesting idea. This island shore is beneficial for some folks, and horrible for others. Huge medical breakthroughs for some, but the opposite for others. That's interesting. Lots of places you could take it.

The two biggest problems: The acting was bad. I'm sorry. It just was. And the dialogue. Baddddd.

M. Night usually has a few good/great actors to assist in many of his films... whether it's Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg (movie was still bad though, lol), Adrien Brody, William Hurt, James McAvoy, Anya-Taylor Joy... This movie had nothing resembling that echelon of actor or actress. Sometimes the acting was really bad, then sometimes it was decent or good. It was all over the place

I'm kind of torn on this. I was hoping it would be better. But parts of it I did like. I liked the ideas. The potential. The concept. Even the ending was decent! But it got bogged down by nonsense...

I still did enjoy it, but it's nowhere near Night's best work. The always great Rufus Sewell was pretty bad in this, which I can't believe I'm saying. It did have "Miles" from "Lost" in it though, haha, which oddly made sense, casting wise. He was decent. Lol!

There was definitely a slight "The Village" feel (Nature Preserve), "The Cube" and "Cabin in the Woods".

Overall score (normally) 6.5/10. But due to the ending: 7/10.
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This movie got OLD really quickly
acasillas-8669824 July 2021
This was the first time I ever wanted to walk out of the movie theater, but the only thing stopping me was the fact I was with a group. The acting and storyline were hysterical. Each member of the family had different accents. The characters were incapable of making any emotional connection with the audience and the "big reveal" at the end fell way short. I am curious to hear some of Midsize Sedans's tracks though!
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Don't waste your money
roberteleenyc-5361223 July 2021
Worst script and acting in recent memory. Sounds like a workshop for new actors showcase.
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Contrived plot
devinderbonding21 September 2021
Interesting premise with a contrived letdown of a finale. The film does keep you engaged--just that I was expecting so much more from Shyamalan.
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Although movie has many flaws, I enjoyed watching it!
gitu_p2p23 September 2021
My first advise to everyone, watch the movie with a empty mind without thinking how logical & reasonable the movie is.

The acting is pretty bad but the plot is impressive. I watched it without thinking how practical & logical various scenes in the movie, and enjoyed it.

  • Few scenes were completely unnecessary in the movie e.g. The creepy horror kinda scene towards the end.

  • The VFX used is very lame and cheap.

Verdict: Good for an one-time watch with an empty brain.
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Very disappointing
larsgoerigk-1113723 July 2021
Wooden dialogues, bad acting, and disappointing camera work/editing that made it look like a B-movie. Was very disappointed by that one. While the idea was good, the script and direction let the story down.
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I'm a scifi fan, and this is one of the worst movies i've ever seen.
davidfnz24 July 2021
I looked forward to this movie, having seen a lot of the director's movies before. I love scifi and movies with unusual plots. In 45 years of watching movies I can honestly say that this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It's so appallingly bad I seriously wondered if the director was making a very twisted comedy. We considered walking out of the movie partway through, but decided to stay to the end in morbid fascination. The dialogue is cringe-worthy, as if written by a child. The acting is terrible, just awful. The plot is terrible, there's no flow and things just happen at random.

This movie deserves to win the year's razzie award hands-dowh, and the director should retire..his career is over. It's mind-blowingly awful.
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sara-d9523 July 2021
Dont waste your time I beg you.

I'm currently at the cinema and it's not even finished but I just wanna leave, I regret watching this already.
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Didn't expect much but still a lot worse then I thought
burnzyburns24 July 2021
If this was a B movie for a first time director I would applaud the effort (key word: effort), but this is a movie directed by a well known Hollywood director and we get this: something that barely qualifies on a national level.

The only good thing to come out of Old was a clever synopsis and a conclusion that was somewhat satisfying. But that's where the line draws. The execution was piss poor and it felt awfully generic that eventually it doesn't seem all that original not long into watching the movie. I also couldn't stand how one plot point doesn't connect to anything and all these random occurrences happen to basically fill in the movies time.

The acting was decent at times but the writing was terrible and no one character is likeable. They try to hit you with these backstories to give the characters some life but it only makes the movie worse.

The movies run time isn't very long but it feels like you're on the island with them forever with how the pacing goes. I think I had crows eyes at the end of my viewing "experience".

A movie like this could've worked with much better writing and likeable characters and the whole "old" island setting could've been further explored, which I feel it might have brought more intensity to the movie, especially if there was more of backstory to the island and it's condition itself.

This movie felt long with little intrigue and ultimately this movie was boring. If a thriller movie is boring, that often spells trouble.
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Not sure what movie these 1 star reviewers saw...
mnholmes-992727 August 2021
But it wasn't the movie I just watched. Was it my favorite movie from M Night? Probably not, but it definitely isn't the worst film ever made like these reviews make it out to be. I thought the acting was very good, especially considering that each actor is playing someone with a specific condition at so many different stages in their life. It was thought provoking and had lots of twists, exactly what people can expect from a typical M Night film. I found several of the characters incredibly interesting, especially the child that everyone keeps calling "annoying." He made me laugh constantly during his scenes! If people really wanted to walk out of the movie theater at this movie, maybe they should stop spending money at the movie theater, because they must apparently not stay for much of anything. Nothing about this movie ever made me consider leaving. I enjoyed every moment of it.
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