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I Loved This Movie and Story
cream_bar26 December 2009
I have no clue why some of these unfair and off balance reviews. I was expecting this movie to be very simple and average, I was pleasantly surprised and found it very funny and to have a great story line and heart warming lesson or two. Perhaps some of the stereotyping offended some? I thought it was dead on and rather funny. The campy, just rolled outta bed, let's make some home made crafts and pudding Minnesota characters were dead on accurate from my experiences visiting Minnesota. Whoever did the research and background on Minnesota obviously spent some time there and put it all together in a nutshell just perfectly for what is a very funny and heart warming story. Where is your sense of humor people? The story itself for that matter was one of believing in the common good as we see the educated and professional city girl played by Rene Z learn a few good lessons about more every day people. She takes a bad situation and turns it into something very good, great in fact. By the end if you follow the story you are left with a tear in your eye. I loved her character, loved her, Harry Connick was great too and so for Rene and the people who worked hard on this movie, it was well worth the rental and I will watch it again today before I return it in fact. Don't listen to these snooty know it all critics here, especially if you are a Rene Z or Harry Connick Jr fan, you will love this movie and story, I promise.
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A heartwarming comedy
Gordon-1111 April 2009
This film is about a business woman from a big city who got transferred to a small town. She encounters much trouble adjusting to the small town life.

"New In Town" is another romantic comedy with Renee Zellweger as a person who achieves despite her mischievousness. She is already heavily typecast, but then she really is adorable and likable so it is OK. The plot is very predictable, but is enjoyable mainly due to the small town warmth. Seeing acquaintances and colleagues help each other out, and giving hand made gifts is refreshing. It enhances the positive spirit of the film, and makes the characters more engaging.

"New In Town" is a heartwarming comedy, I enjoyed watching it.
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So not worth the low rating!
riannelaros17 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is hilarious! I usually go by IMDb's rating and so the 5.3 average got me entering the movie theater reluctantly. Boy, was I surprised.

OK, I'm sure Minnesotans feel they're being made fun of. Even to my Dutch ears the Minnesotan accent sounds more French than anything. But movies never get a Dutch or German accent perfect either so I just accept it and don't let it spoil the fun.

Sure, the story is predictable, but it is a comedy. It has been ages since I laughed so hard in a movie theater (and I go almost weekly) during the scene where Renee's character has to pee in the woods.

If you want to have a good laugh, go see this movie!
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It's actually pretty damn funny
Ramascreen8 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
If Renee Zelweger were any cuter, I think world peace might be possible after all. But it's her character in this romantic comedy that… will get you hooked. NEW IN TOWN is surprisingly funny story of adjusting and falling in love with more than just a person. Anybody who's ever lived in small towns would find it nostalgic and dead on.

I like the story. Granted it's not Oscar worthy material but be that as it may, I didn't expect it to be so engaging and easy to relate to. It doesn't have any of those cheesy over the top jokes that only the filmmaker and the crew would enjoy but instead, it carries simple sense of humor that will get you at least to chuckle, funny things at the cost of the winter cold for example, or at the cost of getting lost in the accent, or the huge difference in ways of thinking and doing things between a city girl and a country girl.

Renee Zelweeger is radiant, full of energy, even when her character seems to get beat down, she manages to capture our attention only because she has the charm of a leading lady. She has excellent comedic timing which is not anything new, keeping in mind that she's tackled drama-comedy successfully in the past. Anytime that she tries to attempt something out of her comfort zone, that's when you can expect hilarity to show up. It's clear to see that everybody involved in this project did not have the desire to try too hard to make this movie more than what it is. The plot line tells Reneez's character dealing with the new place within the one year that she was there and I appreciate it's not done in a way that Sex and the City Movie had its one year story which felt a bit slow. Actor J.K. Simmons is under-appreciated, his performance as the wise-cracking Stu is proof that it's only a matter of time before this man gets nominated in the near future. NEW IN TOWN will arouse your curiosity to get out of your comfort zone and try new places, setting, and habits.

--Rama's SCREEN--
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Entertaining and full of "inside jokes" only those from the frozen tundra will get
traceylu2131 January 2009
My daughter and I really enjoyed this film. We weren't expecting much, but were pleasantly surprised by the humorous take on Minnesota life. Yes, the accents are overdone and no, it isn't really 10 degrees below zero from November thru April here in Minnesota, but those exaggerations aside, it did hit on many "traditions" like meatloaf, polka music, hunting, blizzards, and ice fishing. If you are from Minnesota, Wisconsin or North Dakota, you will most likely understand all of the one-liners and euphemisms. If you haven't experienced life in the frozen tundra of the upper Midwest, this movie will probably not make sense to you. Also, the actors in this film seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves. I can't recall ever noticing that in any other movie I've seen. It just seemed very genuine and sincere to me.
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I was a little leery
brockhombre28 February 2009
The IMDb ratings were low (5.2) and I was expecting to regret my decision to go to the movies. Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick, Jr., were certainly a draw but it was the low matinée price and the fact that I had plenty of time and nothing better to do that got me in the door. Sometimes preconceptions can spoil a good movie, but not in this case. For me the movie greatly exceeded the rating.

I enjoyed the movie and while it was fairly predictive and was what another commenter described as a sweet story, I don't think you will find a better movie for this 2009 winter of dismal news. Predictive, in these times, is a much desired thing and a little sweetness certainly doesn't hurt. I was not disappointed by Zellweger or Connick; I enjoyed their performances (but I always do). The supporting cast is strong. The rural Minnesota accents may have been a little strong, but if so, at least for me, the accent treatment added to the enjoyment of the movie. Just so you know, I can be critical, but I don't look for things to criticize. I really liked the movie.
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sillyhat2 January 2010
I think this film, while not a classic by any means, is being underrated at its current score. Admittedly, I came close to turning off the DVD ten minutes in, when it appeared to be little more than a cheesy send-up of life in the country. Yes, there are a few slapstick moments. And yes, the plot and its various "twists" are predictable. But if you suspend your cynicism and just take it in, it's not that bad of a way to spend an hour and a half. The film is somewhat unconventional in the sense that, unlike so many recent films set in small-town America, it does not portray residents as narrow-minded people in need of enlightenment. As the film progresses, the residents of New Ulm are increasingly shown as three-dimensional human beings. Their strong sense of family and communal ties is embraced, and in fact, portrayed favorably compared to the stark individualism celebrated by our mass culture. In its own way, the film suggests to the urban, "sophisticated" viewer that perhaps there is something to be learned from such people, or at least, that their cultural traditions should not be dismissed out of hand. A little sappy, yes, and predictable, but also heartwarming and a nice little glimpse into a slice of Americana we don't see portrayed that often on the big screen nowadays.
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Zellweger Shines in entertaining formula romantic comedy
lor_25 January 2009
Though its payoff scenes are as predictable as could be, this entertaining romantic comedy is an effective vehicle sure to please Renee Zelweger fans. Well-timed to a winter release (the film's heartwarming Xmas scene occurs early in the story as an intended anticlimax preceding the plot complications to come), this modern fable set in a small town in frozen Minnesota is well-photographed on atmospheric Manitoba locations. Zellweger top lines as the fish out of water, volunteering in her high-profile Miami based conglomerate to head north to makeover a tiny food plant, cut its workforce by half and retool for an automated new product launch. She's the typical jargon-laden, fast-track advancement type, dreaming of CEO-hood and sorely lacking in empathy or any recognizable people-to-people skills. Strutting around in inappropriate high heels (closeups of which are a bit overdone by Danish director Jonas Elmer making his Hollywood debut), she quickly alienates every Minnesotan in sight and looks to be headed for disaster in a hopeless hatchet-woman assignment. Led by a warm & funny supporting turn by Siobhan Fallon Hogan (who channels the local persona even better than Frances McDormand's Oscar-winning stint in Fargo), as her local assistant, a tapioca pudding whiz who spends equal time on scrapping (making scrapbooks) and religiosity, the very cute cast of hayseeds play off hard-bitten Zellweger quite well in a time-honored clash of city smarts vs. folksy wisdom. Sure it's very, very corny, but fun all the same. Harry Connick Jr. plays the area union chief who is always in view as Renee's romantic interest, and there is also a dynamite turn by J.K. Simmons (fresh from his triumph in Juno) as the plant foreman who runs afoul of Renee's plans. New in Town is not in the league of the great old movies of Riskin and Capra, but is genuinely amusing and a fine platform for Zellweger to display both physical & romantic comedy skills. The spectre of layoffs and disappearing companies we are currently living through was probably not in mind when this light feature was scripted and shot, but it resonates as a timely, escapist treatment of all-too-painful realities.
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zagsrus1 June 2009
As a single independent female i look forward to these types of movies. Some deliver and some do not. If i can come away feeling hopeful and positive then it did its job. And i can assure you this movie did just that for me. It was cute and entertaining. The locations were complete opposites. Hot and humid in Miami and freezing in Minnesota. To see a character adapt to the cold after living in Florida and then also to adapt to the conservative lifestyles portrayed in this particular small northern Minnesota town, challenging. Renee always delivers. Harry Connick Jr. stole the show with his comedic timing. And the Actress playing Blanche and actor playing Stu also very funny. And did i mention the soundtrack ROCKS!
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New in Town, Old in Theatres
j-willums28 February 2009
Although a personal Zellweger fan myself, I did not feel that this was one of her shining moments.

The movie was predictable-one of many romantic comedy plots that have graced the screens of theatres. The characters were rather stale and unoriginal, and the jokes were old enough to have multiple colonies of mould growing on them.

Haivng said that, there were some bright spots in the film (though admittedly not enough to power a small light bulb), they did save the film from making my "Worst Movies of 2009" list. The jokes and quips were cute, and the exaggerations on small town life were amusing.

Both Harry Connick Jr. and Renee Zellweger were just about average in this film; not bad enough to avoid like the plague for the rest of their movie careers, yet not good enough to stand out from a crowd of actors.

Special mention, however, must be given to Siobhan Fallen, who happened to be one of the "bright spots". Her accent and mannerisms were hilarious; one of the few things that saved this movie.

My suggestion? Don't waste your money watching it in theatres when you can do so in the comfort of your own home.
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Now this was FUNNY!
native-vermont29 January 2015
I don't get why this movie is rated so low. Maybe it's funnier if you grew up in a small town?

It's got a good premise, it was well written, and the acting was pretty good, too. Some of the characters are just FUNNY! For me, Blanche and Harv provided the most laughs. The chemistry between Renee Zelweger and Harry Connick, Jr. built slowly and you could definitely see it coming from their first scene, but this is one of those movies where the supporting actors were the real stars. But I must say that Renee Zelweger did better than I thought she would. She was believable as the Florida corporate executive relegated to a cold, snowy Minnesota winter.

WHO WILL LIKE THIS MOVIE: - Parents - Kids (both my teen daughters love it) - Residents of Northern Tier states - Those who grew up in or enjoy small towns

WHO WILL NOT LIKE THIS MOVIE: - Corporate board members who take their jobs too seriously. - Residents of large cities who don't understand small town life. - Canadians and Minnesotans who are too critical of being imitated. - People with no sense of humor.
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a heartwarming film with a beautiful moral message
robchat15 March 2015
In a world where profit goes before ethics, and CGI goes before story, it is nice to watch a comedy drama that is not superficial.

This film is all about community, love and compassion, and making a positive difference in this world that impacts and benefits the people around you.

Renée Zellweger, Harry Connick Jr. and J.K. Simmons are a pleasure to watch as always, and the lesser known actors such as Siobhan Fallon are excellent too.

If you want to watch a heartwarming film with a beautiful moral message about human values and what really matters in this world, this film will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and remind you what life is all about. For those who prefer blowing things up, watch something else.

I haven't seen a decent comedy drama with such inspiring human values since Sweet Home Alabama. (and guess what, I just checked and screenplay writer C. Jay Cox was behind them both!) LOL Is there really only one screenwriter out there who can write romantic comedy with compassion and community at its core? In my opinion, the world would be a much better place if these values were the focus of Hollywood.

This is a wonderful film which deserves much more than the rating it has.
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Harry Connick Jr is sooo HOT!!
mayonaissesandwich20 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I agree that this was a very predictable movie, but that aside it was enjoyable. What a great smile on Harry. MMM he is sexy. I sound like a 14 yr old but he does not get the credit he deserves as an actor.

I know they didn't want to make Renee look bad in a hair net but everyone has to wear a hairnet in food plants and the guys have to wear one over their beards too. That would have made it more authentic. Harry shouldn't have shaved his beard off either. He looks better with it.

I liked that they brought Jesus into the mix and that the lady who played Blanche showed her goodness by not being vengeful after learning of the betrayal. She did a very good job in this role.

And don't we wish all little girls were as sweet as the daughter in this movie. I hate seeing these movies where these young girls are portrayed as mean little wenches. Even though that is the way many are in this world, perhaps a role like this one will show them what respectful young ladies they could take after.
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J.K. Simmons is the old guru of "New In Twon"
meeza2 March 2009
Guess what is not new in town at your local movie theatre? Another formulaic romantic comedy. This one is called "New in Town" but old in design. Not new= a female protagonist trying to prove that she can tackle any challenge. In this case, a once again mediocre Renee Zellweger plays Lucy Hill; an executive living in sunny Miami who is ordered to reside in cold Minnesota for a few months to play efficiency expert at a company plant. Not new= independent girl bickers with hometown boy and eventually fall in love. In this case, a once again mediocre Harry Connick Jr. plays Ted Mitchell; a Minnesota labor union rep who fights with Lucy and then … well, do I have to repeat myself? Not new= Female protagonist is seen by small town residents as an unruly big city tyrant and then eventually changes her ways because of unforeseen circumstances. In this case, Lucy is seen as the "mad slicer of jobs" by the plant workers until …….. well, do I have to repeat myself again? To say the least, Director Jonas Elmer fuddles and struggles to provide creativity in "New in Town" and does not give Minnesotans justice by copycatting the "Fargo" character playbook. Jonas my brother, sorry to share! Screenwriters Ken Rance and C. Jay Cox did not interject any verbose ingenuity in "New in Town"; in fact, everything sounded kind of old. Now there is something that kind of salvaged the film from the boring cold! That came in the form of another spectacular (also not new, but we like this one) acting performance by the underrated J.K. Simmons as a Plant Foreman. "New in Town" should not be deported from your movie wish list, thanks to Simmons, but then again it is far from being the best new movie in town. *** Average
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Your typical chick flick in the cold country
the-movie-guy28 January 2009
(Synopsis) Lucy Hill (Renee Zellweger) is a high achiever shooting to become a Vice President. To show the President that she has the ability, she takes an assignment to restructure one of their small manufacturing plants in Minnesota. From the high life in Miami to the bitter cold, snow, and icy roads, Lucy must endure these hardships to succeed. Lucy is treated as an outsider when she arrives, and the locals give her a week before she leaves. Lucy is a fighter and wants to win. She meets Ted Mitchell (Harry Connick, Jr.) who is the union representative. At first, she has some conflicts with the workers, but soon they begin to accept her. The new product line is a bust, and she is ordered to close the plant and fire everyone. However, she has a better idea of making money for the company and saving everybody's job.

(My Comment) This is your typical chick flick, girl meets boy, she thinks he is a loser, and he thinks she is too. After a few disaster type dates which should have ended the whole thing, you guessed it, they get involved. Along the way, they save the company, and both become heroes. Renee Zellweger did a fine job of being the outsider in the small Minnesota town and getting them to accept her. What do you think, who wouldn't accept Renee Zellweger. I know the women will like Harry's performance as well. Even though you know how the story will end, you will still enjoy the movie. You will love listening to the Minnesota accents that were used, and seeing some of their customs. (Lionsgate, Run Time 1:36, Rated PG-13)(5/10)
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j-lacerra4 September 2010
No, this is not Citizen Kane. It's just a pleasant little romantic comedy with a business spin, in the realm of Baby Boom and Gung Ho. Renee Zellwegger does a fine job as the fish-out-of-water exec from Miami, come to do a hatchet job on a plant in a cold small town in Minnesota. Harry Connick, Jr. does very well in a non-musical role as the love interest, and as the representative of the union for a bit of conflict. A capable supporting cast keeps the smiles coming.

Predictable? Absolutely! Predictable gets a bad rap, actually. As those of us who watch movies more than once (and there are a lot of us) must expect predictable, right? After all, we have seen it before!

Corny? Without a doubt! But corny is not always bad. Think of how many corny movies you've enjoyed.

Enjoyable? Well, it was for me.
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I really really really really really Liked this movie and I'm not a girl
chipdealer27 January 2009
Took my lady to see this.. Figured it was going to be for her.. I was just fighting with a friend of mine about some BS and was in a really bad mood.

Thought to myself OH DAMN .. now a long chick flick.. my evening is ruined.

Left feeling great.. movie was very entertaining, not too cheesy or mushy either..

Great acting by Rene and Harry redeemed himself as a really good actor if you ask me.

Please take my word for it.. They did a really good job on this movie. Plot, acting, directing and putting the finishing on a great ending.

First time in a long time I didn't walk out of a theater thinking "Damn the should have hired me, that movie stunk .. the trailers didn't do the movie justice" This movie flowed with perfection.

Kudos -Me
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"NEW IN TOWN" – Baby, it's COLD Outside (tho the story is warm) =
jimchudnow-128 January 2009
I found this film to be more ROMANTIC than comedy. RENEE ZELLWEGER plays an uptight, upwardly-mobile executive who's sent from Florida to revamp the food company's division in a small town in Minnesota. It's winter, she's massively unprepared for the weather, and people such as her assistant Blanche (SIOBHAN FALLON HOGAN) and Union rep Ted (played by HARRY CONNICK, JR.) work to try to help her acclimate to her surroundings and get along with the work force. The employees don't know what the company's overall plan is, and there are somewhat typical misunderstandings and machinations as she grows increasingly attached to the workers and tries to change the plans the headquarters has for the branch. It's fairly predictable, just mildly funny, but a generally warm-hearted diversion. In other words, it's effectively "Pleasant". I'd rate it a low 4 stars in that the acting is decent and it succeeds in its minor ambitions.
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The ultimate feel-good movie
irene_woodhead3 January 2015
I didn't expect I'd like this movie so much. It has loads of what they call a 'human factor'. Renée Zellweger is perfect for the part of an ambitious and uptight executive. Her character is still young but you can easily see what she's going to become in ten years' time: a corporate monster incarnate, a new Miranda Priestly. Her character has long lost grip on reality, speaking in meaningless corporate buzzwords: basically, this unexpected business trip to Minnesota saves the poor girl's life. I absolutely love Ms. Zellweger's portrayal of her character: everything in her from her facial expressions to little corporate accents is so recognizable!

This film left me with a very good feeling, as if it had restored something important within me. A subtle comedy and an even subtler romance - basically, this is just a life story with its humor, love and heart-warming developments. Perfect for a quiet Christmas evening - yes, because the filmmakers managed to add a touch of Christmas which, IMHO, wasn't really necessary and ruined part of the story appeal for me (as in, "oh no, not another Christmas movie!" halfway through it).

Overall, a wonderful experience, can't recommend it enough.
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Don't Waste Your Time or Your Money on This One
chungiemunchin14 June 2009
I rented this movie because I love Renee Zellweger and I love Harry Connick Jr.'s work. However, this movie serves as a reminder that no matter how talented the actor, his or her presence does not guarantee a good movie. New in Town uses every cliché in the book and manages to appear as a 'B' movie with what I am sure was an 'A' movie budget. Jokes that have been way overused (such as the one where character 'A' is busting bad on character 'B' to character 'C', then suddenly realizes that character 'A' is right behind him), are abundant in this movie. Unfortunately, they are not done well enough to work in New in Town. Renee Zellweger, whose work I have loved for so long, comes across as an amateur actor from her first appearance in the movie and does nothing to redeem herself in every subsequent shot. It is a case of overacting or worse, being obvious that you're trying to act but failing miserably. Harry Connick Jr. comes off slightly better than Ms. Zellweger although both seem to suffer from a bad script. Every overused formula and cliché which usually graces a romantic comedy is present but does not convince the audience that it belongs.....every attempt to do so seems self-conscious and bizarrely out of place. I rented this movie ready to love it but the film let me down. Personally, I cannot recommend that anyone waste their money or time on this one. There are so many excellent films available enough to keep this one from seeing the light of day. If not for the two big names of Zellweger and Connick Jr. I doubt that it would have. Don't bother!
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The Romcom Fairies have visited earth again! New in Town is the perfect "woo" for all your best gals, gentlemen!
inkblot111 February 2009
Lucy (Renee Zellweger) is a Miami executive for a huge conglomerate. The powers that be decide that rising star Luce should be sent to New Ulm, Minnesota, in the dead of winter, to "downsize" a yogurt-making plant. As she gets off the plane, a cold wind sends the young exec into a cursing frenzy of chills. Things get worse. The town folk feed her dishes like meatloaf and tapioca and workers at the plant resent her "I'm in complete charge" attitude. Not only that, but our dear girl manages to insult the town's catchiest bachelor, who doubles as the plant's union rep, Ted (Harry Connick, Jr.), even as the local matchmakers hatch a plan to throw the two of them together. But, Lucy's ice-cold feelings for her new situation may be in for a thaw. For one thing, Ted comes to her rescue when her car gets stuck in the snow and she begins to see him in a different light. Then, too, New Ulm's townies may be provincial but they have very big hearts and Lucy starts to warm up to their gestures of goodwill. But, then, word comes from the higher-ups that they are going to shut down the plant entirely, under Lucy's direction. With so many folks about to lose their jobs, can one Miami-loving gal help make a difference in their future lives? This is a lovely gift from the romcom fairies to earthlings, like me, who adore those funny tales of amour. The main stars are wonderful, with Zellweger giving a nifty turn as the "fish out of water" businesswoman and Connick, Jr. wooing everyone with his homespun charm and looks. The rest of the cast, including Siobhan Fallon and Frances Conroy, is very nice, too. As for the setting in Minnesota (actually, the film was shot in Winnipeg), it is harshly beautiful while the costumes are a mixed bag, with Zellweger looking great but with Connick stuck in flannelshirt purgatory. But, that means little, as the production, script and direction are polished, funny and full of life. Have you been waiting for the next "really good" romcom? Don't waste a second, fans, but see this one ASAP.
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Packed with stupid clichés and stereotypes
tomjcek30 June 2009
I have never seen more clichés and stereotypes in one movie. I've lived in Minnesota a good part of my life and have not once come across someone with an accent like the characters in this movie. Not even close. Not even believable. And the characters are portrayed as stupid, one dimensional baffoons. I don't mind folks being laughed at if there's a bit of truth to the joke, but this was total BS.

But anyway... assume for a second that it wasn't totally insulting. The movie would be horrible anyway. Five minutes into the movie and I'm thinking, who writes this stuff? But then I realize, oh yeah, about a million people have written this exact storyline about a thousand times. The whole thing, including the corny ending, was completely predictable from the very beginning.

The hip city chick has to live in the country and she hates the country folks because they're so simple minded and backward, but then all the predictable stuff happens and her feelings change and yada yada yada. And then there's the predictable romantic tension between the ambitious city girl and the dorky but handsome country dude with a heart of gold... Wow. How many times have we seen this plot? This has to be one of worst movies ever.
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Unfunny, Weak, Winter-in-Minnesota, Sitcom
imxo31 January 2009
The so-called romantic comedy "New in Town" is a total mess of a movie in which small town, blue-collar Minnesotans are stereotypically depicted as hard working, but totally naive and dense. The director and writers of this movie should be made to live for a year in rural Minnesota just to get the feel for their subject.

Renee Zellweger's starring role is a relative cipher, meaning that she contributes nothing special to the movie. Any actress could have played this part.

Harry Connick, Jr.'s role was the only substantial one in the film, and at least he was allowed to demonstrate some intelligence and masculinity, traits not allowed to the other fake Minnesotans.

Especially unfunny and disappointing was the role played by J.K. Simmons. His performances are usually the highlight of any movie - but not in this case. The writers have given him absolutely nothing to work with.

The first significant aberration in the movie, though, was the jarring, totally inappropriate music. None of it fit the scenes in which it was played, not to mention that its volume often drowned out the scenes to which it was matched.

To be honest, I did hear a few females in the theater laughing on occasion, but not on so many occasions for this movie to be called a comedy.

This whole movie is an amateurish, paint-by-the-numbers effort and is already at the top of my list of Worst Movies of 2009.
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Not very good, but not bad either
Argemaluco11 September 2009
I appreciate the initiative from the film New in Town for trying to add a slight social commentary about the effects the worldwide economical crisis produced on the lives of workers who suffer the close of factories in order to keeping the earnings of huge companies, to a simple romantic formula.But let's not get depressed...after all, Reneé Zellweger's character falls in love! New in Town is a mediocre is not very good, but it is not bad and it kept me moderately entertained.

Zellweger's performance lacks of any enthusiasm, energy or credibility, but the rest of the actors bring a competent work, from Harry Connick Jr. as her love interest to the brilliant J.K. Simmons as the foreman from a factory, without forgetting Siobhan Fallon on a performance which reminded me a little bit of the one made by Frances McDormand on Fargo.New in Town does not have the subtle sense of humor from that movie, but it explores the characteristic accents from the region, the cold grasslands and the funny hats used because of the intense cold on a more or less sympathetic way.Besides, although this movie has various clichés, it also avoids falling on various ones.

The main problems from this movie are that the comedy should have been funnier and that the romance is not very credible.

I did not like New in Town very much, but I have to recognize that I do not belong to the kind of spectators it was made for.However, I will give it a slight recommendation because despite being mediocre, it kept me moderately entertained.But if you wanna watch an excellent romantic comedy starring Zellweger, I recommend you Bridget Jones' Diary and Down With Love.
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Good movie... for what it is.
stace_spot26 January 2009
If you are looking for a cute romantic comedy in a drama-heavy season, then this movie is for you! We got to check out the premiere at the Mall of America and meet Harry Connick Jr as well as Siobhan Fallon, but it didn't sway our opinion of the movie much. It was very cute, and had a lot of Minnesota jokes which, as a transplant to this cold state, I thoroughly enjoyed. It was touching at times, funny at others, and overall, a great movie in which to escape. Renee Zellweger was good, but not great. Harry Connick Jr's character seemed one-dimensional at first, but then the layers unfolded and his acting talent began to show. Don't expect to compare this movie to the Oscar-nominated ones in the theatres right now and you will enjoy this movie very much. And enjoy the Minnesota jokes, because it really IS as cold as they make it seem in the movie!!
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