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Every Movie and TV Show Leaving Netflix in April

As much as I hate to even be typing these words, the time has come: Netflix is getting rid of a bunch of our favorite movies and TV shows in April. That means you only have a limited time to verse yourself in Jim Carrey's one-liners in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, or find out the mind-melting twist at the end of The Prestige. All is not lost, though! Plenty of fresh titles are being added in their place, which kind of makes up for it, right? See everything that's leaving Netflix when April arrives, below.

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30 Days of Night

88 Minutes

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

American Pie

American Pie 2

Apollo 13


Batman & Robin

Batman Forever

Batman Returns


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Cool Runnings

Death Sentence

Dolphin Tale

Eagle vs.
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Netflix Announces New John Mulaney Stand-Up Special

Netflix has announced John Mulaney’s new comedy special, John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City, a sold out show recorded at Radio City earlier this year.

Mulaney has had a fruitful partnership with Netflix, which is currently streaming two of his comedy specials; New in Town from 2012 and the Emmy-nominated The Comeback Kid in 2015. Netflix has also digitally released his Broadway run of Oh, Hello on Broadway with Nick Kroll, with whom he also works on Netflix’s dirty animated comedy Big Mouth.
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Film Review: ‘Speech & Debate’

Adapted from Stephen Karam’s hit 2007 Off-Broadway play, Dan Harris’ film “Speech & Debate” unites three teenage outcasts who form their own speech and debate club in order to fight the repressive mores of their Salem, Oregon high school. Each has their own reasons for rebelling. For self-assured Howie (Austin P. McKenzie), it’s the school board’s refusal to let him establish a Gay-Straight Alliance. For dour Solomon (Liam James), it’s the heavily censored school newspaper. And for outspoken aspiring actress Diwata (Sarah Steele), it’s the school’s decision to bowdlerize a student theater production in order to placate conservative townspeople.

That latter conflict proves particularly ironic, as “Speech & Debate” does much the same thing with its own source material. Once a darkly comic romp centered around outing a pedophile teacher, this adaptation has been shorn of its sharpest edges, leaving a largely unfocused, conventional teen dramedy in its place.
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Newswire: Nick Kroll and John Mulaney are hosting the Independent Spirit Awards

Film Independent announced today that it has once again one-upped every other awards show when it comes to securing hosts for the Independent Spirit Awards. After a ceremony last year emceed by rising stars Kate McKinnon and Kumail Nanjiani, the 2017 affair will be controlled by Nick Kroll and John Mulaney. “From film to television to Broadway, Nick Kroll and John Mulaney have been almost everywhere—and now their world domination will be complete,” Film Independent President Josh Welsh said in a statement. “We couldn’t think of two smarter, funnier people to host our show.” The films nominated include Moonlight, American Honey, and Loving, in which Kroll has a supporting role.

Kroll and Mulaney are obviously known for their litany of individual projects, including but not limited to Kroll Show and New In Town, but together they make up the team behind Oh, Hello, currently on Broadway. No word ...
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Alamo Drafthouse Comes to Brooklyn: An Inside Look at New York City’s Newest Theater

No one would accuse New Yorkers of being starved for options when it comes to going to the movies. From cultural institutions like Film Society of Lincoln Center, BAMcinématek, Museum of the Moving Image, and Film Forum, to indie theatres IFC Center and Nitehawk, to bar/theatre hybrids Videology and Syndicated, to the many, many multiplexes, you’ll never hurt for options when it comes to finding a great film to see on the big screen on any given weekend. Exciting newcomers like Metrograph proved it is still possible to make an impact with even the most jaded NYC cinephiles, while the fate of upscale theatres like iPic is yet to be seen.

But despite this bounty of riches, things are about to get even more exciting because after five years and a few false starts, the Alamo Drafthouse is finally opening in Downtown Brooklyn. (The official opening date is Friday,
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Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn Will Open October 28

  • Indiewire
Texters, beware: The Downtown Brooklyn Alamo Drafthouse officially opens next Friday, October 28. Based in Austin, Texas and beloved by moviegoers, the theater chain is known for its food and alcohol menu, no-phone policy and interactive events. A Yonkers location opened in the summer of 2013, but this new Brooklyn outpost marks the company’s first foray into New York City proper.

Read More: Alamo Drafthouse Comes to Brooklyn: The Long Road Is Almost Over

“Diverse programming has been a cornerstone of our brand since its inception and I’m beyond thrilled to finally share films we love in the city of New York,” said Tim League, Alamo Drafthouse’s CEO and founder. “Blending classics, oddities, blockbusters and new discoveries allows us to further our mission of championing cinema with the widest variety of audiences.” One of the theater’s first programming series is “New in Town,” which will feature films like
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Westworld Recap: Field of Screams

Westworld Recap: Field of Screams
Need to catch up? Check out last week’s Westworld recap here.

In theory, it is ridiculous to feel bad for a robot. And yet here we are, only two hours into Westworld‘s freshman run, and I’m ready to make like Harry Potter‘s Hermione Granger and start a Society for the Protection of Host Welfare.

Yes, the animatronic beings of the amusement park at the center of the HBO sci-fi drama are, at their core, merely things. No heartbeats, no souls. But the intricately detailed, glorified toasters don’t know that. So when one wakes up this
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The Walking Dread: How Starring in Containment Made Chris Wood Turn to Comedy Specials – and Purell

The Walking Dread: How Starring in Containment Made Chris Wood Turn to Comedy Specials – and Purell
Working on The CW's outbreak drama Containment has definitely turned Chris Wood into a bit of a germaphobe.

"I definitely think of germs often when I touch something, and I think about how hundreds of people touched it," Wood, who played big bad Kai in the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries, tells People. "When I fly, I think I'm more conscious of people sneezing and coughing next to me than I was before."

He adds, "I think I probably should do more Purelling."

Containment, which premieres Tuesday, is about an large area of Atlanta being quarantined after a mysterious and deadly epidemic breaks out.
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6 Best Comedy Specials Streaming on Netflix

  • Boomtron
Netflix streaming has a wealth of great stand up specials for fans of comedy. Lately the service has been even releasing Netflix Original specials from famous comedians. It is almost overwhelming how much hilariously good stand up comedy Netflix has at the moment.

If you haven’t taken the time to watch some of these hour long specials from greats like Aziz Ansari or Mike Birbiglia, here is a list of the 6 best currently available. But don’t worry, more are on the way to the streaming service over the next year.

Mike Birbiglia – My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

Mike Birbiglia has had several a few different specials as well as a film he wrote/directed/starred in titled “Sleepwalk With Me” based on his one man comedy show. But “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” is easily his best and one of the best specials ever.

Birbiglia delves into the events of
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John Mulaney Opens Up About His Show's Cancellation and Finding Salvation in Stand-up

  • Vulture
John Mulaney Opens Up About His Show's Cancellation and Finding Salvation in Stand-up
A little more than a year ago, comedian John Mulaney was in a very different place. He was still the new comedy boom's Comic Most Likely to Succeed, a title reinforced by his acclaimed 2012 Comedy Central stand-up special New in Town — which was enjoying a phenomenal second life after its release on Netflix — and his unusually publicized stint as a writer at Saturday Night Live (it helps when you co-create Stefon). He was being compared to Jerry Seinfeld, favorably; and it was fitting, then, that his career was about to culminate with the impending early October release of the eponymous multi-camera Fox sitcom he created. Then reviews started coming out for Mulaney, and the comic was once again being compared to Jerry Seinfeld — but this time unfavorably. When the ratings ended up equally underwhelming, Fox reduced the episode order. Though the show wasn't officially canceled until the spring, the writing
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“Mistress America” continues to show off the talents of Greta Gerwig

Somewhat under the radar, filmmaker Noah Baumbach and actress/writer Greta Gerwig have developed a really strong working relationship with each other. I think that the two of them have hit on something quite nice ever since Gerwig co-starred in Baumbach’s film Greenberg. They’ve since collaborated on Frances Ha, co-writing the script together, as well as doing the same for this weekend’s Mistress America, which obviously sees Baumbach also direct along with Gerwig also acting. I was really taken by this one, which is not only one of the funniest movies of the year so far, but also one that firmly establishes the dynamic between Baaumbach and Gerwig. Much like with Frances Ha, Mistress America is a loose comedy about a free spirit in New York City. However, our true protagonist this time is a lower key college freshman named Tracy (Lola Kirke). New in town, she struggles to connect with anymore,
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Watch: First 7 Nsfw Minutes Of Sundance Sex Comedy ‘The Overnight’ With Taylor Schilling, Jason Schwartzman & More

New in town? Wanna swing a little bit? That’s the premise of Patrick Brice’s hilarious new sex comedy “The Overnight” which centers on sexually frustrated couple (“Orange Is The New Black” star Taylor Schilling and Adam Scott), new to Los Angeles and a little spiritually adrift, who make friends with an eccentric, bohemian Angelino (Jason Schwartzman) and his exotic French wife (Judith Godrèche). When their children make a playdate and the couples stay over for dinner, a loose, fun night becomes increasingly more bizarre as the evening progresses. “The Overnight” opens on Friday, and in anticipation of the funny sex comedy—which you should totally see—the studio has released the first seven minutes of the film online. Here’s the official synopsis: Alex, Emily, and their son, Rj, have recently moved to Los Angeles’ Eastside from Seattle. Feeling lost in a new city, they are desperate to find their first new friends.
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Does Scott Eastwood Have a Tinder? Find Out Now!

Does Scott Eastwood Have a Tinder? Find Out Now!
Listen up, ladies! We're about to find out if Scott Eastwood has a Tinder profile. During an appearance Live! With Kelly and Michael this week, the super-sexy stud opened up about online dating. It turns out that, no, he isn't on Tinder, but he does have an imposter using his pics on their profile! "Apparently I'm on Tinder. Didn't even know," the 29-year-old actor laughed. Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa then pulled up the Tinder profile of "David, 21" and a shirtless pic of Eastwood on a boat. The fake profile also read "New in town," "just got out of a relationship" and "be straightforward with me." "I've aged down," the Longest...
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'Mulaney' premiere react: A pilot with potential

'Mulaney' premiere react: A pilot with potential
Former Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney's maiden voyage into the sitcom world took quite a beating even before Sunday night's premiere. The idea was sound: Mulaney's stand-up demeanor reminds more than a few observers of Jerry Seinfeld (who had a big TV show once upon a time), and Mulaney himself has often referenced how influenced and inspired he was by The Cosby Show. The comic was also one of the brains behind Bill Hader's character Stefon, one of the best recurring characters in SNL's history. Why wouldn't NBC assume that Mulaney would be a slam dunk?
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Nicole's Return. The Dates Are Ever Changing.

When will our beloved Kidman return to us? For someone who works so consistently, doesn't it seem like it's hard to find Nicole Kidman in a movie theater? Grace of Monaco keeps threatening to arrive but never does leaving us to wonder if it will ever play in regular movie theaters after its shaming at Cannes (that place can be brutal). Any big dreams for the quality of Paddington (it comes from charming source material at least) her Christmas film, have been dashed by that hateful slapstick trailer and Colin Firth's exit as the voice. The wait is soon over though. For those of you who missed The Railway Man in theaters, it's just out on DVD and Blu-Ray. [Warning: Nicole's part is small enough that when the climax arrives, she's literally a blurry figure in the background.]


Next up though is the thriller Before I Go To Sleep which has a new poster (above) and a new release date: Halloween to be exact. Let's just hope it's
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Renee Zellweger's Next Movie, 'The Whole Truth,' Is Her First in Four Years

Renee Zellweger thinks she can handle "The Whole Truth."

The Oscar winner is in talks to star opposite Daniel Craig in the courtroom thriller "The Whole Truth," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

This would be Zellweger's first movie in four years. Perhaps "The Whole Truth," an indie directed by Courtney Hunt ("Frozen River"), can help revive her once-acclaimed career. In the early 2000s, the actress enjoyed many critical and commercial successes, from "Jerry Maguire" to "Chicago" to the "Bridget Jones Diary" movies. And she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for "Cold Mountain" in 2004.

But then Zellweger appeared in a string of unmemorable duds, like "New in Town" and "Leatherheads." Her last film, 2010's "My Own Love Song," was a flop that went straight to DVD.

Choosing the indie route could be a smart strategy for the 44-year-old. Hey, look what it did for her former "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" co-star,
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Penny Marshall And Lorraine Bracco To Guest Star As Lesbian Couple On 'Mulaney'

Penny Marshall and Lorraine Bracco will guest star as a lesbian couple in Fox’s new comedy, Mulaney, created by and starring Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney.

Marshall is most known for staring as Laverne DeFazio in Laverne & Shirley (1976-1983). Bracco stared in Goodfellas, The Sopranos and currently appears on TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles.

New Sitcom 'Mulaney'

Mulaney is a multi-camera comedy show about John Mulaney, a struggling stand-up comic who is trying to “be a good person.” He finds help in his journey from his boss Lou, played by Martin Short, and his gay neighbor, Oscar, played by Elliott Gould. John will also be struggling with his roommates, Seymour (Griffin Newman) and Jane (SNL’s Nasim Pedrad). Marshall and Bracco will reportedly guest star in the show's second episode as friends of Oscar's.

We're making another! "Mulaney" Episode 2! Tapes Feb 6. Be there. An amazing cast! Special guest stars!
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'SNL': Who should replace Seth Meyers on 'Weekend Update'?

'SNL': Who should replace Seth Meyers on 'Weekend Update'?
The news that Seth Meyers has been tapped as the next Late Night host begs an obvious question: Who will take over the Saturday Night Live anchor job?

My first pick: Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney. Mulaney has been a with the show for a few years, and since his pilot, Mulaney, wasn’t picked up, he could be looking for a bigger role on the late-night program. Mulaney has appeared in a few sketches before — check out his rant against Girl Scouts on Weekend Update — as well as garnered raves for his stand-up special, New In Town – so
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American Dream Machine by Matthew Specktor – review

An entertaining Hollywood novel by the son of a movie agent is packed with brilliant and wacky details

Beau Rosenwald does not immediately leap out as the kind of guy a reader would want to spend 400-odd pages with. We meet him in 1962, when he is in his mid-20s, in the Los Angeles offices of a talent agency. He is short, heavy, and sweat stains are forming crescents around his armpits as he waits for a meeting. "He had a tuberous face," the narrator of American Dream Machine, Beau's bastard son Nate, tells us, "lips damp and pursed like a trumpeter's, one eye slightly lower than the other like a disappointed hound's."

New in town from the east coast, Beau's one concession to quality is his brogues, made by Church's. The words of his mentor back in New York have clearly made an impact: "A man is judged by his persistence,
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April Fools' Comedy Day: John Mulaney on his hypothetical Ya novel, Stefon in 20 years, and 'Toddlers & Tiaras'

April Fools' Comedy Day: John Mulaney on his hypothetical Ya novel, Stefon in 20 years, and 'Toddlers & Tiaras'
This April Fools’ Day we decided our readers deserved a good laugh. But since a website can neither get collectively engaged nor pregnant we realized we needed some help. So we interviewed five comedians with upcoming project. Get to know them as they answer our April Questionnaire. Then check out more of their comedy online.

Get to know John Mulaney:

You might know John from the times he’s appeared on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update or remember his name as one of the writers (along with Bill Hader) of the Stefon character. Or maybe you’re a
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