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Season 8

28 Sep. 2014
There and Back Again
Amy returns from Europe but finds herself struggling to integrate back into life at Heartland and her relationship with Ty.
5 Oct. 2014
The Big Red Wall
Ty gets caught in the middle of Amy's and Caleb's disagreement over training a horse. Georgie is still upset over what she found on the internet and gives Amy the cold shoulder. Georgie finds an online animal sanctuary that she wants to donate to, but finds out that things on the internet aren't always what they seem.
13 Oct. 2014
Severed Ties
Gifts from Ahmed hamper Amy's chances of reuniting with Georgie. Jack and Tim compete in a charity roping event. Peter and Lou are at odds over where to send Katie for pre-school. Ty considers a different career choice.
19 Oct. 2014
Secrets and Lies
Prince Ahmed visits Amy at Heartland and declares he loves her, but Amy tells him they'll only ever be friends. Tim, out of loop as usual, invites Ahmed to Heartland for dinner that ends in a fight between Ty and Ahmed after Georgie reveals that the Prince is in love with Amy.
26 Oct. 2014
Endings and Beginnings
Amy works with a pair of Liberty horses but struggles because of her "break" with Ty. Ty finds a dead bear with it's gallbladder missing - a sign of poachers - on the Wildlife Reserve where he now works. Georgie cares for an orphaned wolf pup, and Lou hires Jade to work at the Dude ranch with disastrous results.
2 Nov. 2014
Steal Away
Jade - the reluctant new ranch hand - and Georgie are blamed when a client horse escapes from his stall, but they find out this horse has a hidden talent. Ty recruits Scott to help him take down a poaching ring.
9 Nov. 2014
Walk a Mile
Amy struggles to help a Hutterite family whose team of Percherons ran amok during a hayride.
23 Nov. 2014
The Family Tree
Georgie's school project puts her into contact with her only living relative which could alter her life at Heartland. Amy is recruited by Caleb to train a bulldogging horse he wants to sell to Casey. Ty breaks the news to Caleb that he wants out of their business partnership.
7 Dec. 2014
The Pike River Cull
News of a cull sends Jack and Amy to Pike River to help out Will Vernon. Tim sees this as an opportunity to get Ty and Amy working together again, so he tricks Ty in coming with him. Lou and Peter's marriage becomes strained when Lou finds out Peter's flight home wasn't cancelled and he almost misses their family stay-cation.
11 Jan. 2015
The Heart of a River
With the wild horses in jeopardy of being removed from their home, Amy and Ty hatch a plan to save them from the meat truck and ultimately reconnect with each other. Back at Heartland, Lou and Peter are under investigation from the Child Protection Society.
18 Jan. 2015
The Silent Partner
Amy discovers that Peter declined a lucrative job offer that would've moved his work closer to home. Georgie, overwhelmed with responsibility, asks her friend to help exercise Phoenix. Ty finds out Caleb partnered with Jesse Stanton.
1 Feb. 2015
Broken Heartland
Ty and Amy decide to have a weekend alone in Montana when they find a hitchhiker. Back at the ranch, Lou confronts Peter about the job offer and why he turned it down. Meanwhile, Georgie volunteers at the vet clinic.
15 Feb. 2015
Cowgirls Don't Cry
Ty's and Amy's 'save the date' bounces from Wade and Lily. So Amy and Ty go to see Wade for some answers. Meanwhile, Georgie looks forward to the dance with Steven.
1 Mar. 2015
Riders on the Storm
Amy and Ty help Scott's nephew realize he is worthy of continuing his family tradition of relay racing. Meanwhile, Georgie is caught in the middle when her brother Jeff and her friend Jade exchange half-truths and outright lies in order to impress each other. And Tim initially refuses Jack's offer to help with the rodeo school, but is later forced to swallow his pride and accept what Jack can bring to the table.
8 Mar. 2015
Eclipse of the Heart
Lou returns from Vancouver with an admission that threatens to change the Heartland family forever. Meanwhile, Jack intervenes when he discovers that Tim intends to crash Miranda's wedding in Moose Jaw. Then, when Amy helps Caleb source a horse for Tim's rodeo school she learns just how precarious Caleb's business partnership is with Jesse. And Georgie fights disappointment when it looks like Peter won't make it home to take in the lunar eclipse with her, as promised.
15 Mar. 2015
Faking It
The family strives to support a devastated Georgie when Lou and Peter are forced to tell her about their separation, and Amy helps Georgie find the strength and determination she needs to deal with the terrible news while training for an upcoming trick riding competition. Meanwhile, Ty jumps to Caleb's defense when Jesse calls in Caleb's loan, effectively ruining him.
22 Mar. 2015
All I Need Is You
Lou spearheads preparations for the big day while Amy throws herself into gentling a rescue horse in order to avoid all the wedding craziness. But Amy and Ty's happy future is jeopardized when Ty is unexpectedly arrested for assault. Meanwhile, Georgie observes an intimate moment between Lou and Peter and nurtures hope that they are getting back together. And Tim risks telling Casey how he feels about her, and then obsesses over her response.
29 Mar. 2015
Written in Stone
In order to give Amy and Ty the wedding they really want, Lou struggles to deal with a slew of last minute hurdles.

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