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Plot? Who says a comedy needs a plot?
fredericksmith195212 June 2012
Plot? Who says a comedy needs a plot? Apparently no one ever told Andy Stock or Rick Stemson, but that doesn't seem to matter much. The Goods is an absolutely hilarious look at the irreverent business of selling used cars that hasn't been addressed this well since "Cadillac Man" or "Used Cars".

They picked the perfect cast for this side splitter. Jeremy Piven is one of those guys who can pull off the two-dimensional character with finesse. His portrayal of Don Ready is the perfect lead for this cast of unlikely car salesmen trying to save the failing dealership. Ving Rhames plays his role with audacity, as do both Kathryn Hahn and David Koechner, all three exceptional comedians in their own right.

Seeing Alan Thicke and James Brolin in the film, along with Wendie Mallck, reminds us that older actors may not take the stage often, but when they do, they know their stuff. While their roles are brief, they are exceptional and add the right amount of balance to the film.

All in all, while I don't see this film walking away with any Oscars, it is an entertaining adult comedy with some great lines and a few scenes so ridiculous they are priceless. The kiddies need to be in bed or out playing in the yard though. Rated a serious R of language and nudity. Oh, don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for a cameo by the ever hot Gina Gershon.
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Perhaps targeted at an over-40 audience?
scirceo17 August 2009
I gotta say, I was surprised (as I'm sure The Goods' many detractors will be) by how much I laughed during this movie. The jokes were silly and often in the background. And funny.

I am really not sure what made me laugh so hard. I think it boiled down to the fact that The Goods is a good ol' raunchy comedy, but with a twist: It seems to be aimed at adults who have lived life a bit, not the Superbad crowd. (FWIW, I do not see the humor in Superbad. I tried. Twice. Couldn't get all the way through it. But was glad I had tried, because it allowed me to laugh out loud at one of the jokes in The Goods.) I am curious if there are older people (over the age of 40, let's say) out there who also dig the film.

As for Pivens' performance, I thought it was weak in the dramatic parts, but this is a comedy, so no harm no foul, and I understand that the dramatic story is there because producers feel it's necessary.

All the players were hilarious. I thought maybe the psycho WW2 vet was a bit over the top, but he did play that part well.

This is normally not my kind of movie -- cheap, raunchy humor is not my bag. I went on a whim and was pleasantly surprised.
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Exactly what it should be
njf07 November 2009
After reading so many bad reviews and angry critiques by many people who have only heard certain lines out of context and have not actually watched the entire film, I was surprised and thoroughly pleased to be laughing out loud throughout this entire movie. After a slightly slow start with few jokes in the first ten minutes setting up the story and characters, they finally arrive at the car lot and the story then immediately develops into a very funny final eighty minutes. It is a comedy with an ensemble cast of actors featured in numerous Ferrell/McKay movies with plenty of good-natured humorous satire of needless prejudices that will be familiar to anyone who has watched Chappelle's Show and was able to grasp the satire behind it. Rather than setting up one big gag for the end, the movie has countless visual jokes, hidden background details and subtexts, and quotable lines of funny dialogue layered so thick that multiple viewings will still be enjoyable. This is far superior to Brennan's first film, the unfortunately only mildly humorous Totally Awesome, and features significantly better casting, directing, editing, and production skills. I was concerned that it would be another letdown, but this movie far exceeded my expectations and I look forward to watching it again and noticing even more funny things because some of the funniest details are said immediately after another joke and may be missed because of laughter or are humorous small visual details. This type of layered comedy is known from Anchorman, Caddyshack, Step Brothers, Super Troopers, and Chappelle's Show, so if you liked those then you will be able to appreciate all of the funny lines and jokes from the varied and great cast and all of the humorous details carefully interwoven into this film. Will Ferrell was amazing as a character more crass than ever before and veteran actors Alan Thicke and Ving Rhaymes surprise with their character-breaking roles. Ed Helms and Rob Riggle were my main reasons for wanting to see this film and they do not disappoint when on camera, but I was a skeptical viewer pleased to find that the film was thoroughly funny from start to finish no matter who was on camera in a particular moment. This is what Totally Awesome should have been and exactly what a contemporary comedy should be.
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a true hit and miss comedy, like a dartboard of high and low raunch
Quinoa198417 August 2009
It's something to note since not too many other reviews will point it out that the director of The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard is Neal Brennan. Who is Neal Brennan? For about the last decade and a half he was the white-guy collaborator, super-close in fact, with Dave Chappelle. Now that their collaboration has fallen apart after Chappelle's walk-away from his show, Brennan is now left to put his own career forward. If The Goods is a sign of where his career might be headed... he still has some ways to go. But it's a decent start: he can definitely let his actors go totally wild and is able to capture plenty of jokes and wacky characters along the way... and also, sometimes, not really at all.

Plot? What plot? It's so thin that you'd need Nicole Richie standing by it for comparison. Oh sure, there's character development, sort of, where we see Don Ready (Jeremy Piven), super hot-shot car salesman and his crew of hot-shot car salesman, come to a small town to help a fledgling car dealership for one weekend to avoid getting bankrupt and/or taken over by the dastardly competition plus a "Man-Band" (over thirty boy band) headed by Ed Helms. The rest of the movie's story focuses on this rag-tag group of characters and their one-track adventures, and Ready's whole "finding-himself" saga which includes facing the fact that he's an a-hole who wanders from town to town without any connections personally or acknowledging that he might have a son (who isn't really, by the way, another 'joke'), and the ultimate goal that you know is going to come around, with a twist or two perhaps.

This is a true throw-a-dart-at-a-board comedy where the filmmaker and writers just keep the gags going and going on. It's not just Brennan pushing it either, since Will Ferrell (who appears in one of the funniest scenes in the movie as an angel visiting Ready to give him a boost as a former salesman) produced it, and it has that crazy anything-goes style. What works? This will be subjective, 100%. You can't go into this knowing what to expect even if you think you'd like 'this' kind of movie, meaning a movie with lots of (very) R-rated comedy and actors that those of us who see these movies recognize (Craig Robinson, ken Jeong, Helms, Rob Riggle). Some may dispute if Rob Riggle playing a 10 year old man-child is funny (or the female salesman who keeps hitting on him) or if James Brolin's gay thing for another salesman is funny, or if Helms as a guy in a "Man-Band" going completely obvious is funny.

Some of this, in fact, is. But if I had one problem really overall it was Jeremy Piven. I have a feeling you either really go with this guys work or you don't. I don't, at least not anymore. To describe his performance as Ready is as simple as saying that he walked off the set of Entorage and didn't get out of character except to switch from talent agent to car salesman. It's old-hat by this point, and it's something that Piven has had for a lot of his career going back to PCU. If someone else had played this character it might have been funnier, or more interesting, but with Piven his obvious streak in this film becomes obnoxious, and even funny lines are overplayed as if "hey, this is FUNNY". This can be a problem sporadically in the film as well (one of the characters, for me, that had this was the WW2 veteran car salesman), but none so more prevalent than Piven.

On the opposite side of this is Ving Rhames, who gives a surprisingly funny comic performance as a mack-daddy who's had sex with hundreds of women... but has 'never made love' and finds his possible match with a political-science major stripping to make ends meet. It's a sign of subtlety that the film lacks otherwise. The Goods is an in-your-face * broad* comedy that keeps the jokes flying like a fast food joint. I don't fault the film for trying, but it will be at best a cult curiosity as opposed to something fans of 'this' kind of comedy fully embrace (the Will Ferrell school of crude absurdity to a tee). 5.5/10
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The Goods sells big laughs
C-Younkin13 August 2009
It seems like every week i'm saying there is a new "funniest movie of the year." "Funny People" is my current favorite but "The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard" is it's non-dramatic equivalent.

First off this is a great role for Jeremy Piven, very much in Ari Gold-form as Don Ready, a car salesman-for-hire who travels around America with his crew helping out lackluster dealerships. Don is the type of character you immediately love, a born talker who not only manages to smoke on the plane ride over to Temecula, CA, he turns it into an all-out orgy complete with live mariachi band.

Why go to Temecula? The car dealership owned by Ben Selleck (James Brolin) is in trouble, struggling with rag-tag salesman, poor sales returns, and as Babs (Kathryn Hahn), one part of Don's crew points out, the place looks like a "refugee camp for dirty men." Along with his other two sidekicks, Brent (David Koechner) and Jibby (Ving Rhames), Don must sell all the cars off the lot or the dealership faces being sold to Stu Harding (Alan Thicke), another more successful dealer.

His son is Paxton Harding (Ed Helms), a late-30's man whose real dream is for his boy band to finally get off the ground. Paxton is engaged to Selleck's daughter Ivy (Jordana Spiro), who Don also finds attractive. Soon Ivy, plus a long-lost son Don fathered when he was 10-years old, encourages him to think about finally settling down. Wall to wall ridiculousness ensues.

Directed by Neal Brennan (a former writer on Chappelle Show) and written by Andy Stock and Rick Stempson, this is an offensively rude, crude, profane laugh machine from first scene to last. There are a few really good lines and the supporting cast gets some of the most hilarious material i've seen this year. The Daily Show's Rob Riggle as Selleck's son Peter, a 10 year old with a pituitary problem that makes him look 40. Kathryn Hahn as Don's sexually abrasive partner, using porno to sell cars and lusting after the innocent but very hunky Peter. Charles Napier as an older salesman who pines for the olden days and gets crazily angry and offensive to women, gays, Asians, and just about everybody really. Ving Rhames, playing a character who's had sex with thousands of women but has never "made love". Ed Helms, with his pot-belly and spiky hair-do, does nice work with the boy band stuff. James Brolin has a running gay gag with David Koechner that never gets old, and Brolin's car commercial, where he guilt-trips everyone to buy because he is dying of ball cancer, had me in tears. And like I said, I'm trying not to give too much away but Will Ferrell gets a cameo that single-handedly makes you forgive the atrocity that was "Land of the Lost."

This is all just the tip of the iceberg of this insanely hilarious movie. You just want to start listing funny thing after funny thing, its that good.
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A Nutshell Review: The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard
DICK STEEL27 December 2009
Gone are the days when a comedy with a premise as simple as this, would have made me laugh uncontrollably at every instance of humour. It's either I've grown older and more cynical, or have totally lost my funny bone. I'd reckon that it's more of the former, as I still laugh just as hard when I revisit comedies done by the Zucker Brothers time and again, which measured by my personal yardstick, goes to show that the comedies these days lack a certain oomph. Watching this was a reminiscence of an era that I'm still missing, where comedies really gave audiences some bang for their buck with jokes that will send you rip- roaring.

What filmmakers like director Neal Brennan would reckon is funny, is the constant dropping of F-bombs and turning everything possible into a sexual innuendo, be it hitting on the gays, or treading so finely on pedophilia, which I suppose to him is meant to be funny with a female cougar scouring quite unsuccessfully a boy who's trapped in a man's body.

The flimsy plot on which the laughs are built upon, involve a used car business founded by Ben Selleck (James Brolin), who has seen better days, and is now threatened with foreclosure. His sales force, made up of the likes of a senile drill sergeant (Charles Napier) and a madcap korean (Ken Jeong rising to some prominence these days), spells doom especially when they lose customers more than keep and sell them something. Hence extreme times like this meant to engage an external, proved consultant, and that's Don Ready (Jeremy Piven) and his team of Jibby Newsome (Ving Rhames), Brent Gage (David Koechner) and Babs Merrick (Kathryn Hahn).

Part of the fun here I suppose is how each character has to exorcise their personal demons and issues, especially with members of the Selleck family. For Don, it's the prospect of acknowledging a long lost son whom he had unknowingly left behind, and the wooing of Ivy Selleck (Jordana Spiro), who is engaged to boy band leader Paxton Harding (Ed Helms from The Hangover). Then there's Brent who has to keep Ben Selleck himself off his back given the latter's newfound sexual desire. Babs is trying to hit on man-child Peter Selleck (Rob Riggle), a 10 year old trapped in a 30 year old body. And Jibby just wants to make love. Right. Jeremy Piven also lacked that cocky charisma to have carried his character off, and unfortunately for him too that the last act have him moping and whining more than the cocksure seller that he supposedly is.

There's nothing you won't already predict in the narrative as it unfolds and coasts along from joke to joke with its cardboard characters, some of which do work, but most falling flat on its face. Nothing surprising will turn up as you'll see all incoming development from a mile away, right up to the finale. The saving grace may just be Will Farell's uncredited appearance together with two gospel angels who don't mince their lyrics, but other than that, The Goods should have tried harder to live up to its tagline in putting bums on seats - I got an entire hall to myself!
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The Goods? Buyer Beware
Tom625328 November 2009
Jeremy Pivin plays Don "The Goods" Ready, a "gun-for-hire" car salesman in this would-be triumphant comedy that falls flat. When business at Sellek Motors is dying, the owner (James Brolin) calls in Ready and his team of crackerjack salesmen to sellout the entire lot on 4th of July weekend. The plot has the makings of a classic, and with the team of Adam McKay and Will Ferril behind the wheel of this vehicle, one would only expect good things. However, the film attempts comedy through exaggerated performances and ridiculously lewd characters, many of the frat pack films from the same people. Only, this is Talledega Nights on steroids. Now, the film is not without positives. This film showcases performances by several veteran actors whom are seldom seen in theatrical films anymore. Also, the film experiences a good twenty minute run of entertaining events and genuine laughs, beginning at about the 30 minute mark, where Alan Thicke is introduced to set things up for the second act. Unfortunately Thicke's character is underused. But, the comedic high point of this film is Charles Napier's portrayal of the tactless, racist war vet salesman. A performance that perfectly hits where the others miss. It's an exaggeration, but not an uncontrollable one. Napier is the hidden gem in this film. As a whole, this movie does not have the goods. Upon paying for this film, I recommend a warranty.
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aborgione19 August 2009
I went in to this movie with very low expectations and it turned out to be worse than i thought. I liked Stepbrothers and Talledega Nights and all those other movies but this just wasn't funny. It had plenty of funny people in it ( Jeremy Piven, Will Ferrel, Craig Robinson, and Andy Bernard from the Office), but they didn't have any funny lines. I think I laughed maybe 3-4 times. The writers just didn't write anything funny. Hollywood needs to quit with the over-hyped garbage they have been making lately. Comedy movies should have to pass through a screening before they get released. This was even worse than Land of the Lost.

Someone owes me 7 dollars plus some gas money...
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Captain Querque
ferguson-616 August 2009
Greetings again from the darkness. Billed as 'from the makers of Talladega Nights and Anchorma', this one doesn't come close to either. Sure Adam McKay and Will Ferrell are as listed Producers, and Mr Ferrell has another of his unending string of cameos, but the film has none of the charm or big laughs that those two far superior comedies offer.

Jeremy Piven just can't carry a film ... and I believe he is a talented actor. But after this one, Smokin Aces and Keeping up with the Steins, he has proved to be much more effective in supporting roles (see Entourage). His career will last much longer if he will just embrace the supporting role. In this film, he is so over the top that his character is neither a parody nor believable nor really very funny. Comedy works best if we feel a touch of empathy or even hatred for the lead. Here, I liked the movie best when Piven was not in a scene (which rarely happened).

The good things about the film are the work of Bab's husband James Brolin, the interesting Kathryn Hahn, the raging Charles Napier, "10 yr old pituitary case" Rob Riggle, and Cameron Diaz lookalike Jordana Spiro. But the absolute best part is the fast rising Ed Helms (The Office, The Hangover). He really goes all out in his role as spoiled grown-up in a "man band".

For two better comedies set at a car lot, see Used Cars (with Kurt Russell and the great Jack Warden) and Cadillac Man (Tim Robbins and Rosin Williams). For better comedies ... the list is limitless.
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the goods
steveo829 October 2009
well were do i get started about 'the goods'. The goods is basically about a car sales shop which is doing bad so they decide to call in merc car sales men and a girl to help out and thats basically the jist of the story. Boy was it a mistake of me and my friends wasting our money on a linear piece of garbage like this the only good part hint the 3 stars was the intro showing you the vet fighting customers other wise this film could have entertained a bunch of 10 year olds sneeking into a 15 movie.

God do i want my money back for this piece of crap

there's lots of other great films out there but please avoid this stinker.
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Great Cast & Concept, Poorly Executed
SeriousJest19 June 2013
GREAT cast (in addition to the ones mentioned above), with some funny jokes, a solid concept, and great comedic timing (the latter which I expected, since Chappelle's Show, of which Brennan was the co-creator, was extremely good at that)…so why didn't I stay laughing? Why was I ready for this movie to be over halfway through? I think I figured it out: Piven was not a good fit for his role as the namesake and centerpiece of the film. Don Ready is supposed to be a salesman who is confident to a ridiculous and often-oblivious degree. What makes Piven so convincing and awesome as Ari Gold on Entourage is that he is anything but oblivious; he has a great deal of situational awareness, but often acts like an A-hole out of necessity. Piven is a good actor, but is better suited to roles that give off humor as a by-product; he is not a funnyman in the sense that you just place him center stage, let him babble, and watch amazingly-funny stuff roll out of his mouth, like Will Ferrell in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy or Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. In fact, I couldn't help thinking during the movie that Piven and Ferrell should have switched parts.

Another thing that killed this movie was that, while many of the jokes were very well-written, the sales speeches themselves, especially Piven's, were average at best. If you're going to present a movie about the best car salesmen in the business, your dialogue during those sales, or the sales methods, better be incredible. I should finish that movie thinking, "Damn, that was a serious speech! I wanted to buy that car!" Instead, I thought the writers got lazy with the speeches; I saw a better car-sale dialogue on Friday Night Lights during Jason Street's brief stint at Buddy's dealership. The Goods's writers should have gone to the best real-life car salesmen in the business and solicited stories about the best real-life sales performances they ever saw. I bet you there are some real interesting stories out there.

All in all, this movie came very close to being worth watching on the strength of the great supporting-cast performance, even the ones who didn't get top billing. Craig Robinson stole the show as D.J. Request; and Ken Jeong, Ed Helms, and Ferrell (as well as the others whom I've omitted for brevity) were also hilarious. I wouldn't recommend you spend time watching this movie, but if you are bored, are doing something else while watching, or go in with low expectations, you will probably get some enjoyment out of it.

For more reviews and a kickass podcast, check out
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This movie is hilarious- trashy, but hilarious nonetheless
samuelrat14 August 2009
This movie is hilarious. Now I know a lot of people are going to see this movie and think that it was nothing more than trashy jokes and immature humor, but that was the point of the movie. It was intentionally made to be utterly ridiculous, and no one with even half a brain should have gone into this movie expecting anything more- it was made quite obvious in the previews! I mean seriously, in one of the previews, the main character (Jeremy Piven/Don Ready) says this: "We all just participated in a hate crime… let's get our story straight, He came at us with a samurai sword, a fire extinguisher, and Chinese throwing stars," in reference to beating up an Asian car salesman. If you can see that, and go in expecting a serious movie… I don't even know what to say.

Anyway, I would see this again, and I will be buying the DVD. Great movie.

Also, if you haven't seen any Jeremy Piven movies, go see Smokin' Aces.
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Funny..but could have been better
mnl073020 August 2009
I've seen a lot of posts on this site either claiming this a terrible waste of time or the funniest ever made. The truth is the people that deemed this "unwatchable" or "left after 30 mins" should never have gone in the first place. What did you expect.. seriously? The writing could have been a lot better but it was still entertaining. It's worth a watch but is not as good as Talladega Nights or Anchorman. Ed Helms and Rob Riggle stole the screen much like they did in The Hangover. However disappointing was the performance by Ken Juong, who suffered badly from the lack of creative writing. In the end, the movie "is what it is" a decent hit and miss comedy.
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Doesn't have the goods.
jdesando2 September 2009
"Listen man, I haven't been home in a year and a half... and I'm about 90% sure I left the front door open. Jibby Newsome (Ving Rhames)

That's the funniest line in the film.

Selling used cars and love have not always been successfully tandem motifs, so universally derided is that business. In The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard , starring Jeremy Piven as Don "The Goods" Ready, James Brolin as a hoping-to- be-gay car dealer hires Jeremy Piven's A Team to sell the cars off his ailing lot over a holiday weekend.

Piven falls in love while selling the cars to nary a laugh in the house. For this lame comedy he left successful Broadway and TV gigs? F bombs and gay innuendo cannot sell the picture any more than used cars. Try to answer why Piven thinks films are a better venue than TV and Broadway, where he had considerable success despite his leaving his last show under cloudy circumstances.

And that Will Ferrell is a producer of this failure with a forgettable cameo performance is further evidence that comedy is for sale, at least this one. No government help for this clunker.
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bad movie
vyger-122 August 2009
Wow the movie was so stupid and was easy to predict what was going to happen at the end. The movie was just a low budget looking movie with a bad cast off people that were look-a-likes. Do not waste money on the movie only reason I saw it was because I heard it was funny like step brothers but my friend was wrong. The whole thing with the guy and the "10-year" old kid was stupid and weird and for a r rated movie it was not even bad but for like 2 boobs. The whole movie from start to finish was basically a waste of time the only thing worth going to see the movie was for the remotely decent looking girls. The stupid perverted black guy and wanted to make love was stupid..
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Not so good its bad, Not so bad its good.
thesar-227 January 2010
You know, a lot of my friends and work peers think I'm too hard on the movies. Too negative. That I don't just sit back, leave my brain at the door and enjoy the movie, because, you must realize, they've never hated a movie or had a bad experience at the cinema, ever. If they ran their own review site, they'd rate every single movie as 5/5 stars and you know what? They would be the studio's best friend and probably appear on more than a dozen movie posters with their stinking thumbs up. Despite all that, perhaps I might agree with them a little; perhaps it's time to lighten up a bit.

So, I watched The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard and I have to say: why start disappointing my fans now? This movie sucked. It had such talent at hand, so many (enormously missed) opportunities for humor and the number one (Jeremy "Ari Gold" Piven) person to pull off the ultimate sale, not just for the poor car-customers in the movie, but to the audience that this movie is worth its ticket price. Not only could he sell an ice cube to a South Park character in hell, he couldn't even get into the top 5 for its opening box office weekend.

We have somewhat smooth talking Don (Piven) leading a sales team from town-to-town to reenergize failing car dealerships, and since you know he never thinks about settling down, you then know exactly where this movie is headed.

He lands in a no-nothing town in California, falls for an already spoken for daughter and works the closeted father into selling all cars on the lot in order to save the family-run business. Yes, that's right; they actually used a 1970s sitcom idea (mostly used in The Brady Bunch) for the entire movie.

In this economy, say for the past 4 years, this should've been the ideal escapism. Again, they had tremendous opportunities for laughs, and went for either the obvious, juvenile humor or just let the moment pass with my mouth agape at the wasted scene. In addition, the fully booked cast, most of the regulars from movies like The Hangover mostly stood around and looked like they were improvising everything since they basically had no script to go by.

I will admit, there were a few small laughs – mostly with Ferrell's cameo, but with what could've been PIven's huge break-through into starring roles – this role was made for him!! – even he looked bored. Or anxious to leave the lot and go back to HBO.

Skip it. I'd almost rather have the used-car dealer lie to me than attempt to make me laugh.
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nesquehoning6 June 2019
This movie is at least a 7 or 8. sneaky good one for piven. its like if droz dropped outta the pit at pcu and went to temucula to sell used cars. i loved it back in 09' and love it now
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A Prime Example Of How Important Writing Is To A Movie
TheKingofDirk13 August 2010
From the cast this movie looks like it will be good. Watching the trailers would further enforce this illusion. Unfortunately, this is not the case. As much as I like Ed Helms, Ken Jeong, David Koechner etc. this movie produces more groans than laughs. When the antagonist (Ed Helms) is more appealing than the protagonist (Jeremy Piven), then clearly the writing has to be pointed at as to why this movie fails to achieve it's intended affect (which is meager at that, to make you laugh). Also, the fact that there are no extras on the DVD should clue you in to how everyone involved with this stinker would rather forget this movie than remember it.

There are some laughs in the movie, Ed Helms is a bright spot, Will Ferrell's cameo is memorable, and there are some hilarious politically incorrect lines that Charles Napier's character (Dick Lewiston) delivers but the main flaw in this movie stems from the fact that I didn't want to root for Don Ready (Jeremy Piven) and his team of mercenary auto sellers. I found them repulsive and with NO redeemable qualities. That would be fine if this was an edgy drama. But this film aims to be a fun comedy.

The handful of good performances by the aforementioned solid cast save this from being a total waste of time but, not so much that you don't realize you've been sold a lemon by a sleazy used car salesman at the end of the movie.
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The Goods might sell some but then not others...
ArthurMausser14 August 2009
Can someone get Jeremy Piven a back brace? Anything I see this guy in, Entourage included, he always has to carry the show. The supporting cast is OK but could have done better with the great comic lines they were given. Kathryn Hahn supports Piven the best.

The first 30 minutes are funny but then the movie sort of fizzles out with predictability. Will Farrell needs to reinvent his Shtick because he did not get one chuckle out of me.

If you or someone you're with want to see a comedy, I guess this might be the only one to choose from right now. It will be worth a rent or an HBO view, but to go to the theater to see it, save your $9.

Piven needs to have a larger role in selecting his cast mates for future projects. He obviously didn't select these.
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Irreverent, dumb, and my kind of funny!
phildunphy24 December 2019
This movie had so many hilarious scenes. If you're looking to laugh, the consider spending an hour and half watching this. Great ensemble of characters. A lot of fun!
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diehardbroncosfan5 June 2019
This is a waste of time. I watched it because its supposed to be in temecula. Definitely not temecula, doesnt even resemble it. They go to a strip club and anyone familiar knows they would never allow one here. It has a lot of funny people in it. Directed by a funny person but the outcome is horrible
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Smokey and the Bandit car
ciscokid197021 November 2009
A funny look at the car sales game. It falls under the yeah right satire comedies. Along the same lines as Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Talladega Nights and King Pin.

I dig the way Jeremy Piven acts and he comes along with many of the re-used actors in this kind of movie, Will Ferrell, David Koechner, Rob Riggle, Ed Helms and others.

The movie is has a few funny parts and some outrageous, yeah right scenes. I think this movie was a cross between comedy and those Sunday morning car lot shows. If anything you can learn about the sales tricks that some of the car salesman use, protect yourself when you go to the car lots, do your homework and stick to your plans.

It is worth renting.
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All the "jokes" went flat, completely unfunny
Floated231 July 2010
The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard is a real awful and unfunny movie. This is a poorly written script that was chopped together without any flowing pace. Given the premise and the cast, I really thought it would be a winner, but it was bad. The humour is very weak and this movie tried very hard to be funny, and most times when that happens it ends up being very lame like this did. The comedy bits are so transparent and telegraphed that when the punchline finally arrives, it's really not funny. The Selleck Sales force is ridiculous...why would a failing business employ so many people especially a prejudiced senile war veteran who verbally and physically abuses both employees and potential customers.

The plot was also weak. He was just selling cars for his purpose which was weird. And by the time it happened, the main character Jeremy Piven's character didn't even sell anything. The other characters were so annoying and obnoxious. Really hardly any of the characters were likable. It was just awful and their were many awkward and unfunny parts, like Ving Rhames character making out with a female half his age, and Kathryn Hahn's character trying to get a 10 year-old in an adult's body to like her. Their were just too many awkward and disturbing scenes, not to mention necessary uses of the F-bombs. This could have been better with a better script and had it been longer. Like they didn't show them actually selling the cars at the end. It was rushed.Overall this movie was just bad and awful to watch, what a waste of time. ==== As a rewatch 03/28/20' and nearly 10 years from the initial watch (07/31/10'), opinions may have slightly changed. As one does not feel as this film is as bad as a 1 star. Although remain that the comedy doesn't provide laughs and at times it is forced with its humor, it was watchable. Will Ferrell's brief cameo was one of the highlights. Jeremy Piven's character isn't completely likeable but he portrays the role well and is a quality lead. Also had forgotten about Craig Robinson's portrayal as the DJ- which had some funny moments.

The plot is relatively simple and everything is quite predictable but the film doesn't exactly drag on since it's quite short in runtime. Have watched worse comedies since the initial watch of this film, but the Goods still isn't exactly great or good- just decent as a time waster. Rating changed from 1 to 3.
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The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard
mwhitford3316 August 2009
I think that it is funny reading all these comments about how this movie is another mindless Will Ferrell like comedy. Apparently no one here has seen the movie Used Cars, or the movie Slasher about a team of sellers who come to a dealership for a week and sell everything on the lot. Well this movie combines the original movie Used Cars (the one with Roy L. Fuks and blowing up cars on national television) and Slasher (the one with a sales team that is called in to move product for the dealership) and put a little more comedy in the mix. This movie idea was definitely not original, but someone put a lot of thought into it if you focused more on the movie and it's content than the cheesy actors with big names you would have noticed that already.
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And yet another comedy for 2009's trash pile
ajbzerosignal8410 August 2009
This is a review of the test screening of this film I saw on 12th May and I can almost believe nothing has changed since then. But thank god this film was free, because plain and simply, this film is atrocious!

It more or less has the same kind of moronic humour as Anchorman, Talladega Nights... in fact most of the crap Will Farrell stars in. Only this time its Jeremy Piven who has the lead role as Don Ready, a car salesman who, with his team of entourages (pun blatantly intended) help a car company from going under, and possibly grab the love of his life. Yeah the same old crap seen a hundred times before, only its got endless amounts of juvenile sex humour coming from every corner.

This film has sod all going for it. For starters, they're car salesmen. Sure you could look at it as taking a very basic profession, going overboard with it and laughing at the ludicrousness of it, but you don't. Its a crap, empty concept from the very start.

What I hated more though was the awful material given to each of the main stars. > David Koechner (Brent) plays the SAME character he played in Anchorman, Talladega Nights...and almost every comedy he recently starred in - as a cocky motor-mouth redneck. Only this time his comedy angle in this includes cheap homophobic gags. > Kathryn Hahn (Babs) running gag through this involves trying to make sexual advances towards a 10 year-old boy with the body of a 40 year-old man. Its creepy beyond belief and its stretched to the point of tedium! > Ving Rhames (Jibby) has NO material to go for. He mentions about wanting to 'make love' rather than just screw women. This is the only attribute this character actually has and when he finally does make love to a woman - what does he say? "You know what, this is boring!" And d'know what? The feeling's mutual.

Jeremy Piven was really the only half-decent thing about this film. I say half-decent because he's playing an overconfident egoist not already seen in nearly all of Will Farrell's back catalogue. It may help that he's nowhere near as annoying as Will Farrell, but his character is still as bland as you can imagine. Speaking of Farrell, he has an uncredited cameo in this. Clad in Abraham Lincoln gear parachuting out of a plane with only sex toys to shield his fall. Doesn't stop him from performing his trademark humour > shouting endlessly, for a solid five minutes. You would've wished his scene was cut out completely.

Its just tripe from start to finish. It isn't just because of its cheap, dumb cruddy humour, its that it lazy. It follows exactly the same plot formula that films like Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Dodgeball, Semi-Pro, Blades of Glory etc have all done before. No thought went into this film at all. In fact its not a film, its product. Merely here to get some box-office receipts and please cheap minds until someone actually bothers to green-light something with an actual script!
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