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MPAA Rated R for sexual content, nudity, pervasive language and some drug material

Sex & Nudity

  • Lots of nudity
  • The following is taken from the Screen It Review.
  • Don rips a female flight attendant's blouse open to reveal her bra. He then buries his face in her exposed cleavage.
  • Babs laments about having to breast-feed an elderly man before she is allowed to board a plane.
  • Babs boasts that her "rug matches the drapes," meaning that her pubic hair is the same color as the hair on her head.
  • Dancers' bare breasts are exposed at a strip club (GRAPHIC).
  • Don and Brent are given lap dances, with the strippers grinding and simulating intercourse on each man's lap. They then wrap their legs and thighs around each man's face and contort their bodies into ridiculous positions for the men's amusement.
  • Don hires three of the strippers to serve as lures for male customers to visit Ben's car lot.
  • Immediately upon checking into their hotel rooms, Don, Brent and Babs order pay-per-view pornography (GRAPHIC).
  • While watching her skin flick, Babs screams at the screen for the female performer not to look at her. Several of the porn actresses are topless.
  • Don and Ivy have sexual banter talk during a dinner with her family, prompting Don to ask, "Are we talking about p*ssy?"
  • Ben makes repeated homosexual advances towards Brent, who is not gay. Eventually, a bet is made that requires Don and his team to sell all of the cars on Ben's lot or else Brent will have to have sex with Ben.
  • Ben has a clearly visible erection in his pants that he delights in showing Brent.
  • Jibby laments on several occasions that he has never had loving, meaningful sexual relations with a woman.
  • Jibby brags to Babs all of the sexual escapades he has shared with multiple partners over the years, mentioning such things as "ménage a trois," "threesomes," foursomes," "69," "89," "golden, diamond, and platinum showers," and more.
  • Babs repeatedly propositions Ben's 10-year-old son (who looks like a full-grown man) to sleep with her, but he resists.
  • Babs makes an obscene hand gesture signifying intercourse to Ben.
  • Babs lies to a male customer that she is sexually attracted to women, then proceeds to share a graphic sexual fantasy with him - complete with her making breathless and naughty sounds - that ultimately convinces the man to buy the car she is selling.
  • Jibby tricks a female customer into calling the number of a person she thinks is selling the same car he is trying to sell for a cheaper price. But it's really Don, who fakes that he is a sexual predator.
  • Paxton and his band mates simulate sex thrusts in their dance moves.
  • Don reminisces about sex with a woman years earlier in which he did not use a condom, using the phrase "I didn't have a hat on my Jimmy."
  • In a flashback sequence, Don is shown on top of a woman in a parked car as they are about to have sex.
  • A man plummets to his death when the backpack he thought was a parachute opens to reveal an assortment of sex toys. The various sex toys are seen falling through the air with him and landing on cars below.
  • Don makes reference to those sex toys as including "rubbers, dildos, and weirder stuff" like an executioner's mask and "French ticklers."
  • Jibby has slow, moaning sex with a stripper, who is on top of him. When that proves too conventional, Jibby lets the girl know she can do whatever she wants to his person until he shouts out his "safe word." You see the stripper's bare back from behind, but there is no frontal nudity.
  • Don and Ivy have breathless sex in Don's hotel room while wearing underwear. Don is on top and asks Ivy if she will have intercourse with him in every corner of the room.
  • Afterwards, we see Don's bare buttocks.
  • Babs pledges to give herself oral sex if Don sells the last car on Ben's lot.
  • Jibby makes reference to a pig performing oral sex on a hyena.

Violence & Gore


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People smoke ciggaretes and drink alchohal in the movie not excessivley

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