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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody horror violence, sexual content, and language throughout

Sex & Nudity

  • Sex talk among the teenagers in a few different scenes.
  • Some kissing
  • A make out scene after the first 5 minutes of the movie.
  • A penis is shown drawn on a wall up close
  • Three men with letterman jackets attempt to confront and rape Millie, they make crude remarks and try to get her drunk. Millie refuses and ignores them. No rape or sexual assault is shown at all though.
  • A teenage boy forcefully kisses another teenage boy after being lured.
  • a vaginal drawing is shown
  • About 5 minutes 30-35 seconds, a sex scene, a girl bent over a car. She has her bra on and pulls up her pants. The guy looks like he's fully clothed.

Violence & Gore

  • Millie is stabbed in the shoulder a second time, mild blood
  • Violence is comedic and over-the-top. It is not realistic and clearly not meant to be taken seriously, however it is still bloody and graphic.


  • 38 uses of F*ck, and 1 use of C*nt.
  • Millie is referred to as a 'vagitarian' over text
  • A girl tells a guy "Your touch makes my p*ssy drier than sandpaper!"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A lot of scenes show the guys with letterman jackets as alcoholics.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are scenes of strong horror and suspense, including occasional 'jump scare' moments when teenagers are hunted and attacked by a masked killer.
  • The film has thematic elements involving the fact that the main character is trying to overcome her father's death. This can be intense for viewers who have lost their parents.
  • It's a horror comedy
  • While there's a lot of violence, its mostly comedic.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Towards the beginning of the movie right after the first 2 kids are killed there is a short sex scene. No nudity is shown but there is thrusting.

Violence & Gore

  • Isaac has a broken bottle pushed down his throat, it sliced out his neck with splattering blood. Sandra has a toilet seat slammed onto her head multiple times, blood is visible and her head caves in. A tennis racket is stabbed into Evan's head and Ginny is impaled through the wall in her chest
  • Millie is stabbed in the shoulder, mild blood
  • Ryler is frozen to death, she shatters all over the floor.
  • Mr. Bernardi is sawed in half head to crotch on a table saw, shown completely onscreen with blood intestines and brain matter splattering everywhere
  • Tobin has a bottle smashed over his head, the broken bottle slices Squi's neck with squirting blood, and Brett is attacked with a chainsaw offscreen, blood sprays in the air and you later see Tobin's severed head and his headless body
  • The Blissfield Butcher is presumably shot dead by the police, but then later attacks the Millie and she finally kills him by driving the leg of a chair into his chest with bloody detail
  • The Blissfield Butcher is shot multiple times, some blood sprays out
  • The Blissfield Butcher has a wooden chair leg shoved through his stomach with blood spray

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