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One Of The Most Excitings Episodes Of The Season!. It Sets Up Perfect For The Final Hour Of The Day!.
jigsaw-9115 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Jack finally releases Tony. And Tony reveals his new plan: Jack is the only one person who stills having the virus inside him. So, Tony wants him to extract the patógeno and to create a new weapon. Meanwhile, Etahn Kanin who was called by Aaron Pierce, finally finds out the recording which proves Olivia's involvement in Jonas Hodges'assassination. Kim manages to escape from the bad guys at the airport in one of the most intense action sequences in the season and also she finds new details to save her father. In last minute, Jack manages to kill all the doctors who have been trying to extract his patógeno and tries to escape at the same time that Tony and his girl are chasing him.

This first part of the Season 7 Finale is simply amazing!. It's one of the best episodes of the season and one of the most exciting!. Elisha Cuthbert performance is too much acceptable and she doesn't disturb in the action of the show. I was really wanted that she saved her life and her plot kept me at the edge of my seat. Also, Jack and Tony's plot: okay, there is no so much action, but yes there is a lot of suspense and a lot of emotion. And Olivia's plot: simply amazing. I screamed when she discovers the trap but I clapped when Ethan manages to get out of The White House with the recording with a help from Pierce.

This part one of two is almost perfect!. Can't wait for the last part of the seventh day!.

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Action-Packed Penultimate Episode
Desertman8414 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Jack has no choice but to help Tony escape, but informs Renee of the nature of his betrayal. He and Tony break out of FBI custody and Jack is taken hostage: since he is infected with the bioweapon, the pathogen can be reverse engineered from him. At the airport, Kim becomes suspicious about the couple with whom she got acquainted; while receiving her boarding pass, she receives a call from Renee warning her of the threat. Ethan recovers the audio recording which proves Olivia's involvement in Hodges' death. Olivia attempts to destroy the recording, but Ethan pulls a bait and switch, leaving Olivia with a blank recording. Back at the airport, FBI agents are closing in to save Kim and apprehend the hired accomplices; the man escapes, but Kim follows him, radios in his location, and singlehandedly secures the laptop he used to surveil her, which she, Chloe and Renee use to pinpoint Bowden's location. Tony continues to negotiate for a higher role with a major anonymous conspirator as he reveals his plan of launching another attack. Alan Wilson says a face to face meeting with Tony "seems a bit, premature", but reluctantly agrees. Jack manages to kill and escape from the doctors who were working to extract the pathogen from his body.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.In a briefing, President Allison Taylor informs her cabinet of Jonas Hodges' warning that others would carry on his conspiracy after he was arrested.

2.Former White House Chief of Staff Ethan Kanin arrives at the White House in response to Aaron Pierce's call. He learns that Aaron suspects

3.Olivia Taylor of complicity in the murder of Jonas Hodges and asks that he access the Chief of Staff's office recorder to verify this. With Aaron's help, Ethan gets a hold of a recording of an incriminating conversation between Olivia and Martin Collier.

4.FBI Agent Renee Walker is held at gunpoint while Jack Bauer prepares to break Tony Almeida out of the FBI convoy. He whispers to her that Almeida's people are threatening Kim's life.

5.Kim Bauer attempts to secure Bob's laptop from the burning wreck of his car. He tries to hold her arm to keep her from escaping, but she makes it out safely. Kim tells Renee that the laptop might help them track down where Jack is being held.

6.Tony Almeida explains his plan to Cara Bowden: they will use the pathogen present in Jack's system to create more and carry out the attack as planned.

7.Impressed by Tony's resourcefulness, Alan Wilson agrees to meet him face-to-face to vet him for a larger role in his organization, but warns Cara that if he becomes suspicious, he'll have no choice but to kill Tony.

8.Tony's doctors explain that Jack Bauer only has a few hours to live, but that the pathogen can be harvested up to two hours after his death. While the doctors prepare to move him, Jack snaps into action, killing two of them with a scalpel and the other by breaking his neck, and escapes the compound.

Things become more suspenseful and action-packed in the penultimate episode of Day 7.Too many events happen.The writers should have minimized this a little bit or have included this earlier since the season started slow and tried to compress these many events in the final two hours of the season.Bioweapons.Conspiracy in the White House.Kim's own action adventure at the Washington Airport.Jack's life being in danger and he is about to die yet his mission for Day 7 is far from complete.Then there is the involvement of Tony's girlfriend,Cara.

Anyway,it still a good show.But it tries to end many of the subplots as it ends with the final battle between Jack and Tony.It maybe exhausting but still it manages to add fun and entertainment that 24 is known for.
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