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Phenomenal conclusion
masonsaul15 December 2021
Spider-Man: No Way Home is a phenomenal conclusion to the trilogy and Holland's best outing as Spidey yet. Starts off fun, safe and familiar and then becomes extremely emotional, satisfying and full of great callbacks. A love letter to all things Spider-Man.

Tom Holland gives an incredible lead performance once again but with a lot more emotional heft this time around. Zendaya and Jacob Batalon both have perfect chemistry with Holland and are also incredible in their own ways.

Benedict Cumberbatch reaffirms why he's such a good Doctor Strange with his excellent dry wit and gravitas. All the returning villains give strong performances but Willem Dafoe is definitely the standout performance with an unsettling and terrifying presence.

Jon Watts' direction is superb, the action sequences are thrillingly acrobatic once again, there's a few homages to the styles of the previous iterations and some gorgeous images. It's also perfectly paced with none of its roughly 2hr 30 minute runtime feeling dull or overly long.

The CG is extremely impressive with next to no weak spots. The music by Michael Giacchino is fantastic, a nice balance of themes from the previous ones and use of Holland's iconic motifs which are slightly altered in ways that work.
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A MASSIVE treat for every Spidey fan out there.
Prashast_Singh16 December 2021
This is a movie made purely to satisfy the fans and there should be no doubt about that. No Way Home, in my opinion, is even better than Homecoming and Far From Home, and pretty much one of the best MCU movies of all time. It's a simple story, but the execution is fantastic. Even the smallest of surprises have a huge impact, and I could feel that in the theatre as I joined several other Spider-Man fans cheer out for both heroes and villains. The action sequences were brilliant; seeing them in 3D is totally worth the price of admission. Every actor delivered a believable, realistic performance, and especially our lead actor Tom Holland. The visual effects too were top notch and the editing was stupendous. Two and a half hours flew by real quick while watching this popcorn action entertainer. It won't be fair to reveal anything, so here I conclude my review, and recommend you to check out this new world of Spidey-ness on the big screen and in 3D. And once you've seen it, please don't spoil it for others, just like you won't want it spoiled for yourself.
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Sleepin_Dragon2 January 2022
What cinemas were made for. I wasn't expecting something quite as amazing as this, this was two and a half hours of incredible entertainment, drama, laughs, tears and action galore, there truly was something for everyone here.

This movie really has ignited my love for the franchise once again, and I am truly excited for what comes next.

Nostalgia, there seems to be a real thirst for it theses days, and there is a lot of it to enjoy here. There are plenty of moments throughout that will have you speechless, they really do break all of the rules here.

This is one incredibly good looking movie, dazzling special effects, dizzying action scenes, two and a half hours will literally fly by.

Incredible, 10/10.
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andrewchristianjr15 December 2021
Superhero extravaganza! Spider-Man NWH didn't meet my expectations, it exceeded them. The most emotionally resonant MCU film so far. This movie is worth every excruciating moment we had to wait. The visuals, the score, the emotions, the story, and ofc the fan-service. This film understands spider-man fans like no other spider-man film before it. Truly a celebration of the most beloved character in the best way possible!
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" A FIERCELY SPECTACULAR CELEBRATION Of Visual Pop Art At Its Wild, Whacky Creative ZENITH; And A Love Letter To SpiderMan-iacs ❀ That's Been ✌ WHOLE DECADES... IN THE MAKING❗
A -{ BIG }- Screen MICRO Review; Film Seen Dec. 15, '21.


MJ: "Oh, here's a good one ...{ reading from a magazine }... some suggest that Parker's powers include the male spider's ability to hypnotize females."

Peter Parker: "Stop, come on."

MJ: "Yes, my spider lord!"


πŸ˜‰ Yeah, I'm er, -Officially- dubbing this an "Easter ( - EGG - ) Movie At Christmas", because it -well and truly- dies reveal itself as "The Movie Of A 1,000 Beautiful Surprises".... and so much, much, much, more. In other words, -{ SUFFICE TO SAY }- that "Spider-Man: No Way Home" ( to hitherto be referred to as 'NWH' ) far, far, far surpassed my Hopes for the picture ....and "Then Some". As a -matter of fact-, my review for this -{ Deeply }- satisfying, inspiring and -UPLIFTING- gianormous theatrical extravaganza πŸ’₯ πŸ’£ . . . Is likely to mark the beginning of -Shorter-, and more -Concise- reviews from me on IMDb; as opposed to the vastly detailed & reasearched pieces that I often write here . . . As the preference on this platform appears to lean towards the former, ( anyway ). Right, so -these- were my three biggest "Takeaways": 1. The -{ " SHEER RAW TALENT " }- of NWH's three ( Principal ) youngsters, Tom, Zendaya & Jacob . . . & boy, can the young thespian Mr. Thomas Stanley Holland, ( 'still barely all of 25 and a half' ), -Really, Really- ACT πŸŒ β—2. How brilliantly ALL the various 'Trappings Of Contemporary Fame', ( whether that fame be positive -Or adverse ), were depicted at the very -onset- of NWH ( as depicted in literally -Every- single teaser & preview for said film ). 3. The totally -{ "Astonishing" }- standard of -all- THE SPECIAL EFFECTS , & indeed . . . Just the { " All - Around " } level of cinematic accomplishment by Jon Watts, Daren Gilford, & Mauro Fiore, ( Director, Production Designer, Cinematographer ), & the -{ Entirety }- of the movie's Crew & Cast, frankly ....in achieving all this thru the -{ Height }- of a global pandemic.... KUDOS πŸ‘Š πŸ”₯

Just before I go, I -Will- say this: "If, ( -like yours truly- ), you've been a Loyal, Loving Admirer of the web-slinger for ( pretty much ) your -Entire- life . . . Bring TWICE the amount of tissues ; 1 half for the ( -Several- ) Ribtickling 'Funnies' in NWH, & the other half for the deeply soulful & -{ RICHLY EMOTIONAL }- scenes that you are going to encounter. Also, -Do- try & stay till the -Very- end of the picture, for not just 1, but in fact, -2- great teaser scenes . . . As you'll be -certain- to glean a few -exciting- insights into the near future of the MCU ( Marvel Cinematic Universe ). And here finally, is my score. " 25 Spider Bitten, -{ Viscerally }- Wowed, & INDEED , " UTTERLY - SMITTEN " Marks Out Of 10 . . . πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒβ— ".
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Easily one of the best films in the MCU
ethanbresnett15 December 2021
This film really is something special.

I enjoyed every single second and would happily have lapped up hours more of it.

Everything about is executed so well. I mean SO well.

Not a single Marvel fan alive will be disappointed by this.

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ChiragCKO18 December 2021
Spider-Man: No Way Home Officially Takes No. 1 Place In My Most Favourite Movie List (Sorry Avengers: Endgame You're 2nd Now) So, I Had The Best Cinematic Experience Ever While Watching The Best MCU Movie It's A Must Watch To All The Spider-Man Fans Out There Hence, Please Don't Miss It PLEASE!!! I Really Wish I Could Watch It Again And Again For The First Time But Anyway I Wouldn't Mind Seeing Repeat As Well And That Too, Countless No. Of Times Also, At Few Moments I Almost Teared Up And I'm Very Eager To Talk A Whole Lot About That But Then... I Remembered "Don't Spoil Spider-Man No Way Home" At Last I Just Wanna Say Thank You Very Much Marvel Studious For This Megahit Which Is Already 10/10 In My Opinion.
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one of the best cinema experiences
lucy_andrews-0405215 December 2021
I'm from the uk so we don't really do all that kind of cheering in cinemas. But oh my god. I've never seen anything like it there were so many moments during this film where the cinema just exploded, pure excitement coming from almost everyone, including me.

Even though it was quite bittersweet i cannot wait to watch this movie again, this is a top 3 mcu movie.

The score was just fantastic, acting amazing, even the small bits of fan service just put a smile on my face. There's not much else i can say about this film, except how excited it's made me for the future of the mcu.
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An Epic Film That Really Delivers
alindsayal15 December 2021
Finally, the biggest film Spider-Man: No Way Home has hit cinemas and I had to go see it as early as possible. Now I have watched it, here is my review for the film. The premise of the film sees Spider-Man's secret identity revealed, he tries to get Doctor Strange's help to fix things but this leads to some unwanted visitors from other universes to cause problems for both of them.

Main Character Tom Holland has played Spider-Man for a while now and for me this is his best performance in the role. You really see how he has grown and this film shows real depth to the character and how he has kind of grown up into this crazy world. He doesn't have much rest in the film and it really pushes Holland to impress in the majority of his scenes and I thought he was great in really making Spider-Man a top hero in The MCU.

Supporting Characters Zendaya plays MJ and I was just really happy to see the dynamic between her and Peter in this film. Despite everything that goes on they are a pretty strong couple and it is just nice for a comic book film to have a relationship that feels natural without overpowering the main plot. Benedict Cumberbatch reprises his role as Doctor Strange and he is really good, I really like how despite being a hero he has a more mature and different viewpoint to Spider-Man. He adds some really interesting parts to the film and plays a unique role in the progress of the story and Spider-Man as a character. Jacob Batalon is back as Ned and he is much better then the role he played in Far From Home. He is just a fun character that supports Peter, he is way more involved with Spider-Man and that improves his character so much. Marisa Tomei is back as Aunt May and again she is more involved this time out and is just a really great person for Holland to bounce off and the dynamic just really works and makes their relationship feel very real. Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx reprise their roles as Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and Electro. Dafoe and Molina are great and really flourish in their roles, but the surprise is Foxx as Max Dillon/Electro. He is so much better then he was in Amazing Spider-Man 2 and I am glad he got given this 2nd chance here.

Story The story is really great, I was worried with all of the multiverse elements that the focus could have been taken off of a character arc for Spider-Man but it nails this element. Peter has a real arc and it develops incredibly well and for me was a real highlight. It is obviously great seeing the returning villains and they are treated with respect and their characters are further explored. The ending feels deserved and because you are so invested it feels really earnt.

Script MCU films often get criticised for their scripts including too much humour in them, but I actually think the balance is really handled well here. Yes there are funny moments here but for me they didn't outweigh the serious and darker parts of the film.

Style The film looks great, the actions scenes are all really fun and seeing The MCU Spider-Man going against villains from the other franchises works very well and allows for some fun sequences. The pacing for the film is also really good, despite being 2 hours 30 mins it never felt too long and I honestly believe that there isn't really any filler here which is an impressive feat.

Overall Overall, Spider-Man: No Way Home is an epic film that really lives up to the hype. I am possibly still buzzing because I have just watched the film but I can't find too much fault and this is a Spider-Man fans dream film and anybody will find this film plenty of fun.

Rating - 10/10.
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Best Movie Of The Year
HabibieHakim12315 December 2021
First of all, i was so grateful to be experience this movie in theaters, with a great audience that as excited as me, they were clapping and the movie deserve it, Spider-Man No Way Home is everybody's dream, it's an exciting movie, with an epic story, and phenomenal performance, it just amazing, it's incredible, it's fantastic, it's mind blowing, it's an experience that i will never forget, once cross in my mind that this one is probably even better than Avengers Endgame, but as the time goes, it's still not reach that level but that really doesn't mean anything, both movie are epic, Spider-Man No Way Home is one of the greatest movie i've ever watch, one of the greatest superhero movie i've ever watch, and it simply The Best Movie Of The Year.
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Best. Spider-Man. Movie.
fergusonkyshawn3 January 2022
I have to say. My dream did come true and I finally got to see it already and it was so awesome, I could just watch it again. I do love seeing the 3 live action Spider-Man together and especially the 5 villains.
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You will love it
nikitajain-292913 January 2022
Everyone needs to watch this film. It's so good, well executed.. Some bits a bit too cheesy but it's a super hero film after all. But still very enjoyable.
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okay-8917431 December 2021
Best performance in any superhero movie I have ever seen!!! Aunt may scene was phenomenal. Batman is great but let me just say this: SPIDER-MAN HAS HAD NO BAD MOVIES. Batman has had a few bad and trash films. NWH has entered the elite list of comic book movies such as TDK trilogy, joker, endgame, infinity war, Spider-Man 2.
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FeastMode17 December 2021
Don't watch the trailers. Just watch the movie. I'm not going to say much. It's amazing. And I'm in complete disbelief that it actually happened. Well-made, well-acted, well-directed. Fun, funny and crazy. Can't wait to watch it again. (2 viewings, opening night 12/16/2021, 12/29/2021)
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One of the best marvel movies ever!
UniqueParticle18 December 2021
An exhilarating wild ride from start to finish which is perfect for a runtime of 2 hours 28 minutes! I'm glad I managed to see in IMAX at 11:40 AM well worth it especially with an audience that reacted loudly to exciting bits. I absolutely love the grand scale of everything from the multiverse, characters, massive budget, tingling sense is so well done, and the humor is spot on. Fans or not of the movies Spider-Man: No Way Home is crystal smooth flow of excellence!
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They did it! A Spider-Man trilogy finally stuck the landing!
cricketbat17 December 2021
They did it! A Spider-Man trilogy finally stuck the landing! Spider-Man: No Way Home is an impressive culmination of the films that came before it, with an engaging storyline, exciting action, laugh out loud moments, and dramatic consequences. The beginning climb is a little slow, but it's an exhilarating ride once things get swinging. I don't exactly know how this movie will hold up after multiple viewings, as there are some plot points that don't quite make sense when you start to think about them, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself this first time.
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Theatre turned into Stadium
ssapkota-1378115 December 2021
This one is for STAN LEE. Amazing experience, roller coaster of emotions and all those memories. Just WOW.

And don't miss the 2nd post-credit scene as it is gonna blow your mind.
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Best live-action Spider-Man movie to this day
Boxitrap16 December 2021
I've read complaints about this being all fan-service. Well... that's what a cinematic universe is: connections to previous movies. Isn't ALL comic book movies suppose to be fan-service? Like you know the characters and storylines and you adapt them to the big screen whether is live-action or animation filled with hints and throwbacks. Or comic accurate representation within a scene. If it's not that, then... is not faithful to the source material? There's no actual middle point in all of this.

This is meant to be part of a cinematic universe. That is you NEED to see the previous movies or at least know what happened before. And now it is actually connected to the previous standalone live-action Spider-Man movies so it is now a cinematic MULTIVERSE, kinda crazy but pretty clever. That's why is stupid to call this "fan-service" because it has nothing to do with showing stuff just for the sake of it. This is the story that the movie is trying to tell. You wouldn't call Stan Lee cameos fan-service because it's a tradition. People need to start leaving behind the fan-service mentality and start to accept that the cinematic universe building with well-known or new comic book characters appearing on the big screen IS because people know them or marvel wants them to know.

With that said... this is the best MCU movie. 10/10. But i still think Spider-Man 2 and perhaps Into the Spider-Verse are far superior when it comes to standalone material. However you need to see Spider-Man 1 to understand Spider-Man 2. And you need to see the Sam Raimi trilogy to even understand some of the jokes in Spider-Verse. So then again... it is NOT fan-service. It's just what the movie is. By the people, for the people.

This movie is amazing: exploring sides of Spider-Man never seen before and it kinda felt like a fever dream of how unreal the experience was. The last time i felt this way was with Infinity War. Not even Endgame get me so excited as this. Perhaps is just because Spider-Man is my favourite superhero. But being as objective as i possibly can: best superhero movie ever made within the MCU. A well deserved 10 stars. Thank you Steve Ditko and Stan Lee for the spider.
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Best Spider-Man movie to date.
paradoxn116 December 2021
Morality is inseparable part of who really Peter is. Realizing great power => great responsibility, not just knowing it, is the inevitable fate for him. Loved every moral choice he faced.

Great expansion of "just one bad day" theory too.
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A memorable, passionate, once-in-a-lifetime cinematic experience.
msbreviews15 December 2021
If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free thoughts, please follow my blog to read my full review :)

"Spider-Man: No Way Home is one of the darkest, saddest, emotionally draining entries in the MCU, surpassing all of my expectations.

Despite a messy, convoluted first half with some pacing issues and occasionally frustrating, poorly placed humor, Jon Watts, Chris McKenna, and Erik Sommers more than compensate these minor issues with some of the best (and brutally violent) Spider-Man action ever witnessed on screen.

In addition to this, the surprisingly coherent narrative packs shocking developments and actually offers enough screentime for the villains to significantly impact Peter Parker's arc. Unbelievably outstanding performances from everyone involved, especially Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Willem Dafoe.

A heartfelt, nostalgic homage to the Spider-Man legacy that fans will rewatch countless times, laughing and crying along for many more years to come.

A memorable, passionate, once-in-a-lifetime cinematic experience."

Rating: A.
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Greatest Marvel film in potentially a decade
akdjreview15 December 2021
Following constant disappointment with Marvel movies, I had come to stop caring for or even watching any. But Spider-man has had a special place in my heart since a kid so I had to watch, especially after hearing rumours. To tell the truth, this exceeded my expectations with great power.

With surprisingly good acting and great emotionally loaded scenes, No Way Home managed to capture something many Marvel movies fail. Emotions. This was not only an action-packed movie but also a story-driven movie with fantastic execution. Tom Holland and Zendaya as well as other actors managed to deliver acting never seen in the Marvel universe before.

No Way Home captured that heart of the first couple of Spider-man trilogy which I think old fans will admire. Nevertheless, I believe this movie was fantastically done and little mistakes.

No Way Home is a great movie I highly recommend. Especially to the Marvel fans like me that had gotten bored of the new stuff.
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Quite brilliant
Sergiodave16 December 2021
If you thought the Marvel Universe had reached it's climax with Avengers Endgame, then think again, this was superb, and far more entertaining than any other Spiderman movie. Very cleverly done, mixing laughs and tears. If this is the way phase 4 is going to go then bring it on. This is the reason you go to the cinema, wonderful entertainment.
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Aaahhhh....Nostalgia...you beauty
chnadrajit20 December 2021
This is not a movie...it is a time machine that takes you back to the time when you watched the first spider-man movie probably with your friends or family members.....A movie complete in all aspects...from strong acting, drama, action, fan service...you name it and it's there...Marvel...Thank You...You have singlehandedly revolutionized filmmaking and managed to tug at the heartstrings of all the fanboys out there....
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my childhood brought back once again.
AgonJonuzi17 December 2021
I don't know how to express this but all I can say is that this movie made me feel like a kid again and boy I missed feeling like that. 10/10 loved every second of the movie.
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One of the best experiences
NicolasTheWolf15 December 2021
This was one of the most impressive cinema experiences I ever had. Spider-Man: No Way Home really had it all. I still have no words for what I just witnessed.

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