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I loved it
insanemoviecollector27 June 2014
I truly loved this film. It was heart warming, fun and had me laughing several times. Yes, it's totally predictable but that can sometimes be OK. You know what you are going to get, the freaky children and the inevitable romance. I like these two when there together and I like Sandler despite what the critics say. He is someone you can relate to. A great movie to chill out, relax or just something to make you happy.

The children's antics were annoying at times and the transformation from tomboy to beauty was slightly abrupt but I did like the the way that each parent dealt with the issues of teenage boys and girls, especially the constant 'self service' that the teenage boy was participating in while imagining his babysitter. After all, most blokes can remember that time in their life.
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Great film
zhanna19638 October 2014
I don't know why this film has had so many poor reviews. Myself and my husband loved it. We've loved all of Adam Sandlers films and this one delivered just as well as the rest. The chemistry between him and Drew Barrymore is as good as 50 First Dates, it was funny, we laughed all the way through, the storyline was fun and held gentle messages to any families in this situation therefore approaching potential sensitive subjects with tact and diplomatic wit.

I watch and enjoy a range of film genres but in today's society where many things are far less censored and where daily we read in papers and see on our screens the horrible things people do in the name of whatever their intent and films that relay these and far worse depravities it's fun, refreshing and heartwarming to watch something like this.

I read somewhere that Adam Sandler said making his films was like having one big vacation if that's true then why not? Who wouldn't like a job that felt like a holiday! When watching any of his films there's always the sense that the actors were having fun. I hope he keeps on making these fun feel good films for a long time. If you don't like them then don't watch them. There's still a solid place for his films and many people will continue to watch and enjoy them.
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A touching comedy
Vega747326 May 2014
The lower ratings on this film are too harsh. This is actually a sweet comedy where two individuals who initially repel each other grow to like each other. The added touches are the children in this film, who are not only hilarious but also bring out the parental qualities in Drew and Sandler's characters.

The holiday setting in this movie is also fantastic and adds a bit more quality to the film. The backing singers who appeared every now and then made me chuckle. The various activities that you find on a 5 star holiday are all here, which really makes you want to visit this resort.

Overall it was really enjoyable to watch, I would highly recommend it
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Been a while since I've laughed so hard
bobbo20425 May 2014
Went to this movie a little leery because of the reviews and because I haven't loved all of Adam Sandler's movies. I was very surprised to find that I laughed nearly the whole movie. I thought Adam and Drew Barrymore did a great job together. All of the supporting cast was hilarious, especially Kevin Nealon and his "wife," and Terry Crews, who cracked me up every single scene he was in. Some of the scenes were a bit emotional, and even these scenes teared me up a little bit, thought all the acting was well done. The Africa setting was beautiful and the scenes in the hotel were gorgeous.

All in all I'd highly recommend this to anyone who wants a few laughs and a feel good movie.
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Lucky there's a family guy who isn't ashamed of being a GUY
tonyblass8 June 2014
If you can believe it, we loved it. Don't care what the critics say, obviously. But you know why they hate it. Stubbornly suburban, vaguely sexist, more like sketch comedy lacking a finely crafted story arc, and definitely an unashamedly traditionalist pro-family view of "boys need dads and girls need moms." So that's Sandler's POV. You can go to the art house to see witty, urbane and progressive films (and we do) or to the multiplex to see the endless parade of horror, action, YA and/or comic book dumb dumb fare. (and we don't) But I'm still glad there's room in this world for Adam Sandler movies. Because they're funny and human.
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Touching Comedy
blufrog498 June 2014
I think Adam Sandler is a smart, talented entertainer and I also enjoy Drew Barrymore and the two together is a special treat. I also admire these actors because, for the most part, they never seem to make it into the scandal sheets. Sandler has been in some real "dogs," and I tell myself it was just for the money.

After reading some of the reviews on this site, I almost didn't go to see "Blended," expecting toilet humor and fart jokes and lots of sexual innuendo. Fortunately, I went anyway, and THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. This movie has very little to offend, strikes some very deep feelings and highlights some of the real challenges of single parenting. ANY parent, single or not can relate to a lot of the situations that arise.

The comedy is just right, without being slapstick or over the top. The touching moments come sometimes when you least expect them, and while sure to bring a tear, the movie doesn't milk the drama. The scenery is gorgeous. The one-liners and timing are perfect. For me, the film never dragged, and while it has an optimistic ending, everything isn't all sewn up in a happily-ever-after-scenario. We know that, if these were real families, there would be more bumps in the road, more laughs and more lessons to be learned.

This is a good family movie--not much to cover your kids' ears over--and a great movie for anyone who has been a parent, and especially anyone who has tried to enter the dating/new relationship stage after the death or divorce of a spouse.

Go see it!!
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Perfect chemistry Berrymore and Sandler is back
melihcarter23 June 2014
After a couple of very bad recent movies, finally Adam Sandler did what he is doing the best. A family movie with kids, holiday and Drew Berrymore! it is almost impossible for a movie to be disappointing with these two. The jokes were funny, the kids were acting really good, musics were great. I saw the movie with my family and we all enjoyed (as Sandler fans) movie. His a few last attempts were really bad movies but this time he got it right again. And that's why I feel sad about all the bad reviews this movie has. Because some people are hating it just because they didn't like Adam Sandler's last movies, and they are ready to be automatic haters. Well if you like Adam Sandler (at least his 50 first dates, click era) you'll love this movie. I also loved the parts they used from earlier movies
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Better than what the haters would have you believe..
steve-4-40170826 May 2014
If you're looking for the Sandler of 15 years ago, or the scoop of septic that the current comedic "geniuses" have to offer (Rogen, Attepow, etc.,) then stay home and watch for umpteenth time the "hilarious" back and forth between Franco and Seth in This Is Then End.

For Blended is reasonable, and funny and OK for older kids, as some of them are facing the same issues that the kids portrayed here are. Adam plays a widow, Drew a divorcée, just working and trying to raise their kids the best way they know how. Meeting for the first time on a blind date, they manage to say and do as much as they can to turn off the other, not that are bad people, but more that they are so unsure of themselves after being on their own so long.

Yeah the logic is more pretzelian than real, they find themselves on the same African Safari vacation that Sandler's boss had set up for himself and Drew's business partner. Thrown together, the two adult characters put forth their best efforts to make the vacation work for their kids and end up making it work for each other.

There is some mildly crude humor, but a lot of it is gentle fun, some of it predictable, some laugh out loud funny.

My family agreed that that crazy fool Terry Crews stole the show! And the rest of the theater agreed, because as soon as his face flashed on the screen everyone started laughing before he had even started one of several hilarious routines, sort of playing like the Greek chorus.

Granted, it's not a 10, but it is way better than the 5 that is currently showing. I give it a 7.
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Great comedy/I wanna see it again
pthinkii29 May 2014
Ignore the critics, this movie is great. Really sweet. Hilarious. Adam Sandler has grown a lot over the years and the critics should give him break.

Loved the setting. Wonderful one liners! Drew and Adam did an amazing on the movie.

Guys and girls and even kids will enjoy it. The kids in my screening were quoting lines from the movie before we even left the Theater.

See it and you will give your belly a good laughter exercise. Good date movie too and girls night out. Heck the guys will enjoy it too.

The writing is incredible! I want to visit the resort it was shot at.

If you are looking for a feel good movie, with great one liners, Cherry on top due to Drew and Adam Sandler's presence, see this.
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Sandler's Best Movie In Years.
powermandan19 January 2015
It is clear that Adam Sandler has lost his touch. He went from doing hilarious and heartfelt comedies that only he can do, to stupid and meaningless comedies and second grader can do better. Deep within Adam Sandler is a gifted actor that can light up the screen, if given a good script and a good director. Watch his 2007 drama, Reign Over Me. It is his only movie where he does not deliver any ounce of comedy. By the looks of Blended, he is moving back in that serious direction.

Click was Sandler's last truly great film. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (I found) was his last truly hilarious film. Funny People wasn't quite at the level of others, but I thought it would help his career. He buried Funny People and his other classics with bad movies like Jack & Jill, Grown Ups 2 and That's My Boy. I had my doubts for Blended, (you can't really blame me) but I can comfortably say that this is his best movie in years. Best since Funny People. He teams up with Drew Barrymore for a third time in a splendid and delightful flick. Although this is not as good as their previous collaborations, it is a step up for Sandler's recent string.

I will start by saying that Blended has some parallels to Sandler's recent string of movies. Those are: bad acting and no hilarity. The acting is a step up, since you can get used to it, whereas you couldn't in his others. I remember reading about Free Willy and saying over 1000 kids auditioned for the role of Jesse before settling on Jason James Richter. Adam Sandler probably did 10 or 20 before deciding on some of his cast members. That leads into there being nothing funny. Sandler tries his darndest to incorporate as much laughter as he possibly can, but fails at every angle. There were some parts the somewhat tickled me and did grin at, but none of them were truly funny.

Sandler has lost his touch in making funny movies, but he has proved that Blended does not need true comedy, just warmth and delight. If he didn't try so hard to make a gut-busting romantic-comedy, the result would have been better. The comedy fails, but the drama portion succeeds in ways I thought Sandler could never do. This is his best serious flick he has done since Click back in 2006. When I said the acting is bad but not that bad, it is because it subsides and becomes good in the serious bits. Only during the comedy bits does the acting become bad.

Sandler and Barrymore go on a disastrous blind date with each other then wind-up on an African vacation together. The African bits are a joy to see. They have kids of the opposite genders, so they help out each other's kids as they need an adult figure of their same sex. They do so in touching ways. We all know that Sandler and Barrymore end up together at the end, but it is worth seeing how they do so. In 2011's Just Go With It, everything was so predictable it was boring. Blended leaves for some intrigue and wanting to sit through it. There actually is a point in the movie where the comedy seems to literally disappear and the movie becomes all-around better. I am proud of Adam Sandler for doing a movie where the seriousness is a true winner.
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Surprisingly Good
mrcricken85 June 2014
Wow,I was expecting to bash this movie,but was I wrong.The movie 'Blended' is actually a good movie.I will not spoil the movie for you,but I will say I am still surprised it was good.When I was sitting watching the movie,and I laughed,I was quite surprised.This is yet another Adam Sandler movie.I have recently hated all of Sandler's new movies.I despised 'Grown Ups',and hated 'Grown Ups 2'.Those movies were terrible.'Jack and Jill',don't get me started on that garbage.Expecting to be angry at this movie,I had very little hopes of this movie being good.I watched it as a final chance for Sandler to redeem himself from his previous disasters.Luckily,I ended up enjoying this movie and kept turning to my friend,looking at him like are we seriously laughing.Overall,a huge comeback for Sandler and meaning this movie is 7.5/10.
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Adam & Drew did it again!
nintendogs032 January 2015
The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates, how could you not love them? What makes a movie enjoyable is the chemistry costars have. Adam and Drew got that right! It starts out as a blind date gone wrong (i think many of us have gone through something similar) and somehow, they meet again. Again. This time, their characters brought kids! There were many moments where my family and I laughed for minutes straight and many that make us feel sympathetic for these characters. The point of this movie is to make viewers feel good and it has succeeded. Adam, Drew, and the rest of the cast seemed excited and dedicated to be a part of this movie and their performances show that they could do a kick-butt film.
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I wish it had a different trailer
maeve-tee24 June 2014
The trailer wasn't all too bad, but after watching the movie, I realized it didn't just give the right message about Blended and gave you all the best reasons to go see the movie. I know you shouldn't have the best moments of the movie in the trailer but neither did the trailer have the second nor even third best scenes.

This is definitely a family movie and sure, it had its sappy moments, but in we could all do with a little sappy. Love the snappy comebacks and witty script - I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard and this is really one of the best feel-good movies I've seen in recent times. I hope Adam Sandler makes more movies like this. Oh, and the gorgeous South African scenery is definitely a plus!
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So funny
waywen-14-63645430 May 2014
I really enjoyed watching this movie with my family .I don't think it is rated fairly I would have given it a much higher rating . I simply love Drew Barrymore and Sandler working together.In fact I loved the film so much that I have seen it more then once :)It is a nice family movie with beautiful location and a funny love story .Terry Crews is so funny he makes you laugh.The film also applies to young kids as it has a lot of things going on for them in this film.I will surly recommend it to everyone who enjoys Family romantic yet funny movies.I am not a person that usually enjoy watching comedy movies but this film is one of my favorites for sure.
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Comedy mean ADAM SANDLER for me this is old comedy :) :) :) :) :)
eberkerbatur23 August 2018
Whenever I want to watch comedy movies, when I feel so sad and need to be laughing is the only name that comes to mind ADAM SANDLER and his team. I have watched all the movies and there is nothing else that makes me so happy and laughing in this life.

Adam Sandler If a new movie comes out, even if it gets very bad points from the critics, it does not matter to me I love even the worst movie I love them very much All Adam Sandler movie are very nice to me.

Adam Sandler movies, I have a sense of old comedy, so if you do it in a new movie, then you have a sense of comedies in those old movies.Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler a very good duo saw it in 50 first dates movies before. I like this kind of stuff that is featured in this movie, which is tom character that is in 50 first dates movies in a place where I enjoy it in the movie.

I liked it very much like watching my family almost 6-7 times and my family watched it more than once and still wants to watch more. the critics' points are low not important a movie you will enjoy very much.
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Screw you guys, I like it!
www_dot_tmcc26 August 2017
What's wrong with the occasional feel- good movie? I think Adam Sandler shines when he's working with kids, and in these troubling times, I appreciate that he seems to be dedicated to making movies that have the general theme of "just have fun being a decent person." I respect him so much more now than I ever did during the SNL/Billy Madison/Happy Gilmore days.
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The Anti-Life Equation...
devilsadvocatered63 June 2014
I'm on to you, Sandler. I know who you really are.

Are any of you DC fans? You know, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and all the rest of the Justice League? In case you're not, I'll give you a brief history lesson on one of their most powerful opponents, Darkseid.

For all intents and purposes, this guy is Satan. He rules a planet with fire pits so massive that they can be seen from space where people are enslaved, tortured, brainwashed and even murdered on a daily basis. Darkseid's subjects have only ever known tyranny and precious few manage to escape. In the interest of fairness, he wasn't always like this. He had a wife and son at one point, but his own mother had this woman assassinated. TV Tropes calls this a Moral Event Horizon and he pretty much decides that if he can't be happy, then nobody will.

As such, his goal in every iteration is the complete subjugation of all life in the universe. He wants everything and everyone remade in his image, which sounds like a tall order for someone who isn't exactly a god. The means to this, though, is the title of my review: the Anti-Life Equation. He obsessively seeks this thing to the very ends of the universe, which I believe has brought him here to Earth.

At first, Adam Sandler baffled me. His declining quality of films seems to only bolster the fan base he has. Most of his jokes are shock humor, funny only on the most superficial of levels to children who don't know any better in the vein of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. Somehow he keeps lowering the bar and his audience remains fiercely loyal to him. How? I watched this movie to find out, disturbed by my own silence and stillness throughout. And then it hit me...Adam Sandler is searching for the Anti-Life Equation and by god he is getting close. If you sit a rational human being down and show them a double feature of Jack & Jill and Grown Ups 2, you will break them in such a profound way as to render them a drooling vegetable. Don't let him succeed. DO NOT LET ADAM SANDLER ACQUIRE THE ANTI-LIFE EQUATION. We will all pay a terrible price if he does. Worse than indoctrination at the hands of the Reapers.
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Blended is blanded.
mm-3926 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A bland movie! My wife and I drove out of town to one of the last drive- ins in our area. The Drive-In gets the B movies. Sandler makes many B movies. Sandler's funny days of Happy Gilmore are far behind him. The last good movie Sandler made was Anger Management. Blended is an example of Sandler's stalled career. The material is dated, and stale. Whatonce was shocking or over the top for Sandler is now redundant material! Embarrassed, overly stupid, and weird situations is all of Sandler's comic delivery. Blended is a cutesy love story with a few laughs. Watchable movie, but noting special. Blended would be the second feature in the Drive Inn after the main feature is shown. If the out of town drive-in had a double feature. Five stars out of ten.
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Not good.
MarcelHansen24 June 2014
Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler has done it again. Made another movie that is. But I'm sad to say that, except for "Jack and Jill", it's one of the worst movie's Adam Sandler has ever made. The movie just gives you the feeling that they are trying to hard. Sadly both Drew and Adam, in this movie, are'nt even funny. It's mostly the kids and Terry Crews that supply the comedy, and it's not a lot of it. Terry is funny the first time's you see him in the movie, but frankly, he get's old pretty quick.

So, to sum up. The movie is'nt terrible, but it's not a movie i recommend either. The acting is kinda stale, and the jokes are so-so. So for me, it's a 3/10.

Hope you like my review!
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Lovely comedy
dedutchess6 March 2015
I have never written a review before but I had to as I don't understand the negative reviews at all! I really enjoyed this movie. It made me laugh. I enjoyed it better than any Adam Sandler movie including 50 first dates and Wedding SInger starring Drew and Adam together as well. I actually hope for a sequel to this movie. - note: I am rating this as the movie it is. A lovely, touching comedy. Nothing more, nothing less. With this in mind it is worth a 10 from me. So if you don't like Adam Sandler maybe this movie isn't for you...otherwise I think you will enjoy it.

Two families are "blended" as they - after a horrible first date- end up at the same holiday resort. I loved the holiday setting and the way all the characters come together.
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Pure blend cinematic effluent
KenLiversausage26 May 2014
Adam Sandler has made a career out of smearing excrement onto celluloid. Inexplicably, quite a lot of people have paid money to view the results. (Mind you, we do live in a world in which Kim Kardashian is famous.)

I daresay a few people will pay money to see Sandler's latest effort - although nobody's going to be fooled by the laughably fake early reviews here. In fact, there are a lot more laughs to be had reading the ludicrous ten-star reviews - "I laughed so much my head fell off" etc - than there are in the movie itself. But then again, there are always more laughs to be had ladling cold sick over oneself than there are in an Adam Sandler 'comedy', and this is no exception.

And crikey o reilly, what a stupid title. Bleeargh.
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Garbage... This is the last Straw!!
Jac2344330 August 2014
There is no possible way that this movie could have seriously been in Theaters or actually even consider calling itself a movie. This was a joke, not a single character played a convincing or necessary role in the movie, Drew Barrymore's performance looked like a little girl trying to keep herself from laughing, all of the children were incredibly annoying, I would much rather this have been a horror movie, where each person would eventually get picked off, at least then I would have something to look forward to (Harsh I know but this movie was that bad, if not worse). Adam Sandler is a washed up has-been who keeps ending up on the big screen for who knows what reason? The only actress that gave a decent performance in this ridiculously jumbled mess was the mother from the well acted Goldbergs television series. I could not finish this Youtube skit, because of how terribly it was acted, shot, scripted, scored, and executed. This had to have been written by children, no possible way this came from the minds of adults. The story seemed to have no direction except to put these two ineptly AWKWARD main leads in similar situations to have them spit on each other's past sorrows before making them realize how similar they truly are. This is poor directing in my opinion, and a complete waste of time and money. I wouldn't recommend this painful movie to anyone. This was a joke and I hope one day people start realizing just how much money they spend on garbage like this, wake up, walk out on the movie, and have the balls to ask for their money back. Money is hard enough to make to be spending $14 for a ticket for something like this... you wouldn't throw money away to watch your garbage get incinerated, would you? So why would you waste money to watch this?????
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If you read the critical reviews
tml_fan113 August 2014
You would have saved yourself 2 hours. I rated it a 4/10 and yet I feel like I was too generous. The plot of the movie is stupid, the jokes are stupid and portrayal of characters is moronic.

If you are a woman be ready to see how you are supposed to dress and act if you interested in attracting the opposite sex. I am a man and I felt offended for the women who sat through this movie. I don't have to tell you ladies out there that the film's message is incorrect. You do not have to dress "sexy" in order to get a man to pay attention to you.

If you are an African, do not bother watching this one. Its amazing how the movie makes an entire race look like idiots and clowns. If it gives you any solace though, this movie is targeted towards the lowest denominator of intelligence.

If someone recommended this movie to you because of the "laughs" then ask them which scenes did they find funny. I will guarantee you they won't even remember a single one. The jokes in the movie are cringe worthy.

So please do not make the mistake I made and waste two good hours of your precious life watching this god awful movie.
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Drew! Barrymore/Sandler pairing magic
cadadmail26 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
OK, well I love Drew Barrymore - so maybe 8 is high, but the romance and love was so well done mixing families I rate this at 8. The humor and seeing Mr. Sandler's friends was so perfect for the scenes they were in. Hearing those around me laugh seeing them preform brings a smile to your face. So being Adam Sandler is in this you must know the humor will be low brow - and it is, but not as much as when he was single.

It is so great they are together again!

Easy to love this movie as I also think kids are 99% the focus of the adults in their lives. So this message was not lost on me.

Oh just thought of a great line: Adam and Drew are well blended as a romantic/comic team. I hope you agree... Too much? Sorry. :)
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If you enjoyed 50 First Dates, then you will enjoy this.
sawaugh23 May 2014
Well first of all the current IMDb score (4.3) is very harsh - maybe because it's fresh out. The movies not a master piece but a sold comedy. If you enjoyed 50 First Dates (a decade ago - scary), then you will enjoy this.

From very early on you know where the film is heading - but the great thing about the film is the sweet way the film arrives at the inevitable destination. There are not too many twists and turns thrown to try and may the film something it's not - the direction stay focused on what the film is - a good solid "rom com".

Kevin Nealon (Eddy) character is great and other good supporting roles from Terry Crews and Abdoulaye NGom. Sit back, relax, don't think and forget life is serious for ninety minutes. Then you might enjoy. LordWagga
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