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Much more Disney than Marvel
wms-9274118 July 2022
Ms. Marvel has the look and feel of a Disney Channel program. That's not to say it is bad, simply quite different from the MCU miniseries we have seen before. It is clearly lower budget and appears to be targeted at a younger demographic. The best thing about it is that it shows Muslims in a positive light, celebrating Pakistani culture and history, although the depiction of the partitioning of India and Pakistan was very heavy-handed while leaving out much of the horror.

This is easily the least of the MCU series and most viewers would be just fine skipping it.
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Some said "give it a chance" and I did , still ... Nope
mymaxnk1 July 2022
I start watching this series with all love.

I love Cp. Marvel.

I love Iman Vellani's energy.

I love Kangkubai I love MCU ... and more ...

But the more I watch this series, the more I lose my love.

It's boring and focus on the wrong stuffs. I didn't get any excitement from any scene at all.

So... I gave it a chance but Not for me.
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Clumsy direction, waste of time
trurohzes14 July 2022
This show promised much but became unbearable to watch. Direction is all over the place, it's probably intended for kids. Couldn't even finish the entire series, stopped halfway thru episode 4. Better read up on some comics or animated series about Ms Marvel if you intend on really getting to know the character.

Extremely disappointed.
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This show is boring.
maykalrif22 June 2022
There is nothing interesting about this show. I don't like all the Marvel shows, but at least they are watchable, but this show is so boring. The problem is that you feel that there is something that can be done with the premises.
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Really Bad
BadurBey7 July 2022
This show has stellar cinematography and a decent cast but is dragged down by the really bad plot and writing. I tried giving it a try and by the third episode I was out of it. Phase 4 of the MCU has been subpar in comparison to other phases of the franchise and has turned a well written, story driven, cinematic universe into a boring, repetitive, dull cameo driven pile of garbage.

The first episode was the best of the show with all the following episodes just being horrible.
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Charming and fun. Remember it's for kids.
ay611 June 2022
Remember people, it's for kids; this isn't supposed to be another Falcon and the Winter Soldier or Loki.

Sure it's a bit silly and a bit childish, but that's because of the audience it's aimed at. I'm absolutely not the target demographic, but I was able to find my inner child and enjoy it. It's funny, it's warm, it's charming, and it has a hint of Scott Pilgrim about it.
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This is a show for kids. Being childish is the point.
DrawFoxin9 June 2022
Just like how starwars is geared towards kids it's OK. Not everything needs to be 100% grungy or serious. It's okay for kids to also get some shows that are built specifically for them. I enjoyed it since I'm not a jaded old man yet but for the rest of you jaded old people. Chill.

Sfx are cool, characters and chemistry is good. Story is off of what is in comics but still good. I'm looking forward to more episodes.
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jamessorokhaibam19 June 2022
I expected a lot from this show, episode 1 was kinda ok but the second one was just plain bad. It just kept dragging on and on. They were trying way to hard to keep it interesting and nothing was exactly happening in the show. I will give it one more episode and hopefully they recover.
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Not for me
simon_c2318 June 2022
By the second episode I found myself skipping through to the end to see some of the action. I just can't get on board with it. It's a bog standard origin story which we've seen before mixed with teen high school drama. The only thing that's different about this is the diversity. I'll maybe persevere with one more episode if the action can be bothered to get going.
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Give it a chance - similar start to Spider-Man
alex-cornett11 June 2022
I don't understand all the haters who are calling this a kids show? Most Spider-Man stories start with him in high school and no one calls that a kids show?! This show is culturally diverse and has really cool cinematography. It incorporates technology in a clever, timeless way. I am really excited for the next episode! I think people complaining have qualms with other elements of the show they don't identify with, so they are trying to write it off as juvenile. Don't listen to the haters, give it a chance!
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Meh. Maybe if I'd been a teen... I'd have enjoyed this more?
Asteri-Atypical14 June 2022
I seriously have to wonder if being a modern teen would have helped.

Don't get me wrong - I can still enjoy re-watching The Breakfast Club, Stand by Me, Donnie Darko, Ferris Bueller, and many others! It's possible to write characters who are teens, seeing the world through pubescent perspectives, and still draw in both adults and current teens.

The pilot of this show didn't do that.

It seemed too caught up in the banal trappings of teen life, from posting fan-kid videos, to not being able to go out to a beloved event because of repressive parents. These are, in themselves, largely banal tropes. A story needs to add something NEW to the mix. This show reminded me of my concerns with the way Turning Red began. However, there were some rich and unique aspects to that environment which left me hanging in, plus some comedic aspects to the overbearing mom archetypical character. Yet that movie quickly moved into some new territory and became interesting, despite being very teen-centric. Plus it dared touch on themes often taboo for family flicks.

I'll hold out hope that future episodes of Ms. Marvel will become more engaging, but I'm disappointed this pilot episode spent so much time in banality.

Not to say it wasn't without charms. I liked some of the animated art a la augmented reality. Problem is - it didn't connect enough with the character. We're meant to think it is a product of the main character's imagination, since they seemed to circulate around her, but this was more inference than portrayal. In some scenes, it was difficult to determine if she was highly creative and artistic, or whether she was ADD, or just a product of the short-attention-span cell phone generation. I'll add they made the dad potentially the most interesting character, with a couple attempts at humor and humanity. We'll have to see.

I also liked the main actress. She seemed personable, and maybe if she's given more to work with, she can shine.

All in all, there are so many ways to tell a teen-centric story which make it interesting. I was disappointed with the pilot, but will hold out hope it can grow and improve. But maybe it lost its potential in playing to the average teen?
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Slow, boring
heatsink988 June 2022
On the plus side, this first episode has some very interesting camera work, stylish snappy dialog, and a Scott Pilgrim-esque animated reality.

On the not-so-plus side, the episode lacked a strong plot, pacing, and most importantly--a villain.

We spend this episode in origin discovery mode, seeing how Kamala Khan gets her powers. The process here is different from the comic books, and it involves an outing to the local Avenger convention where things get a bit cheesy and cringey. The old Green Lantern film came to mind here.

Most of the remaining episode is mild family drama that gets in the way of Kamala's plans. It's no substitute for a strong plot with an actual villain. We ended up somewhat bored due to the slow pace. Also as other reviewers have noted, the episode seemed aimed at the 7 to 10-year-old crowd.
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Trying to follow the style of John Hughes(1950-2009)
DarkVulcan299 June 2022
I never read the Ms. Marvel comic, but what I saw in the first episode, it feels like a John Hughes film, his teenage films from the 80's.

I hope each new episode will keep toping each one. The characters really come alive, we really go this journey with them. It shows that is takes place in the marvel universe, but it seems to stand on it's own.

Teenage girl who idolizes Captain Marvel, ends up becoming a superhero in her own right. But her family expects too much from her. And where will it go, wait to see in the next episode.
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Best Disney plus show and lovely TV entertainment
namob-436738 June 2022
This is a stunningly great TV show, one of the best of all time for the genre.

There are two main errors with this show. Firstly it is a bit on the juvenile side. Not childish as Thor Love & Thunder (horrible movie), but this is clearly aimed at teens, preteens and young girls. This by itself is not a problem, but it take away a bit for us adults looking to have a bit more serious entertainment. The second issue is that that the overarching story is a bit thin and there is nothing tangible as far as villain's or big bad or big obstacle goes. Each individual episode is far better than the show as a whole. I gave almost all episodes a 9/10, but the show I will only give a 8/10.

Everything else though, oh boy. This is so much fun. I cannot remember when I last time sat through an entire season of a TV show with a constant smile on my face. The characters are so lovely, the story so great, and everything is done with such care and such love that you can feel it as a viewer. The production value is very high, cinematography great, Music outstanding, set pieces and scenes fantastic and acting is so much better in this show than any other Disney plus Marvel show that everyone over at Marvel should take notes.

Huge plus also for the big cameo in the finale.

I cannot recommend this enough. Seriously if you do not like this you have completely forgotten how to relate to kids and you have forgotten how to have fun and just enjoy things for what they are. I see people giving this show a 1 or 2 or 3s and those people cannot be taken serious. It is laughable that they are even allowed to post reviews. It is a joke. And all those that has review bombed this show, which clearly has happen, get a life.

8/10 and a must see.
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adamstommy9 June 2022
This show is very charming! From the direction to the music choices - everything is just so "feel good!" Iman Vellani is also an amazing casting decision! I love everything about the show.
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hmm you people are fussy
stuwright059 June 2022
I liked it, I was'nt expecting much, but it was entertaining, good music, very nice animations too in the intro and on the walls when they were riding the bikes.. acting seemed fine too.....I shall watch the rest, seemed they made an effort with this one........only 6 episodes though? I remember when series had 22 episodes ! What happened........
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Plays like a telenovela
toddpchilds13 July 2022
It's feels like it's written by kids for kids. It's not a positive representation of Pakistani Peoples and their culture, it's poorly scripted and performed. It's got an overall tacky feelings to it. I didn't want to write a review until I watched every episode, now that I've done that I can say I remained hopeful, and my fandom for Marvel and the MCU was not rewarded. The CGI was pathetic. Marvel is starting to become as poorly constructed as the DCEU.
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A bit rubbish
andrew-hill51510 June 2022
Episode 1 is out only as I write this.

A lot of the visual stuff was excellent, including the use of surrounding signs to show the contents of text conversations, which was visually more interesting than just showing the texts, and many more small details.

The edits and transitions were well done.

All the characters were well-rounded and distinct, you can identify with all of them... Except for the main character, who is just 2 dimensional garbage.

Every character was distinct and watchable, and with any other protagonist this show might have gone well. Unfortunately the protagonist was written to be an annoying self-obsessed garbage person.

So, the protagonist and whole point and focal point of the show was weakly written, irritating, a pushover, and whiny. Not the most compelling character.

Also I'm not sure how Captain Marvel can be the favourite Avenger of anyone in the MCU.

Not just the main character either, but there was a whole Captain Marvel cosplay competition with a number of competitors.

There was also no indication there was a contest for cosplaying any other MCU character, no indication the Captain Marvel was only one of the cosplay competitions like for any of the Avengers people within the MCU would have heard of.

Carol Danvers was only on Earth for 5 minutes in the 90's before Khan was born, and which probably wasn't made public, and as I recall from that terrible movie, did nothing in the modern era because she was written to be so strong in her own movie that she couldn't do anything ever again as whichever movie the smirking jerk appears in would end in 5 minutes.

So, the premise is flawed, the main character is unwatchable, and she is the whole point of the show. As establishing her, the family dynamic, and then origin storying her powers.

At least the family is good and watchable. It's just a shame that family couldn't have had a better-written daughter, as it might have been worth watching if she'd been better written and less of a whiny Walter Mitty type.
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tx-graped22 June 2022
Honestly, just at episode 3, but it's kinda boring. The story line is weak, too many characters trying to be the main, it feels like it's the bit of a movie before the title scene but it just slowly moves along. It's not something I think I'll finish the season.
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it feels cheap.
janzach7 July 2022
This tv show is strange and feels very cheap. But let me start with a positives I found. The way this show is directed and edited is amazing, and it feels very artistic and its something I really enjoyed about the show, in a sense its refreshing to see this new type of directing and editing in a Marvel tv show.

Another positive is that, its interesting to see a Pakistani superhero, finally something new in a term of culture and history, I really enjoyed seeing it, but many Pakistani people say that the way their culture is being presented is not very accurate which is something I can't confirm or deny cuz I'm not from Pakistan but if people feel their culture is not being accuratly represented we need to point it out.

As far as positives go, it's all I got.

I don't want to be overly critical but this show is really boring, nothing is going on there, if you finally see some action it just feels cheap. Its a feeling that will stay with you the whole tv show. I heard one guy in review said that if he was a teen he would have enjoyed the show more and I think he's right, and thats the whole problem with this show, its cheap and teeny. I really looked foward to this show because I liked the Avengers game Kamala Khan version, she was fun and was adding freshes to the universe she was in, and I feel like this show is exactly the opposite, just another teen character and its a shame this had huge potential but its wasted.

I wouldn't personally recommend it but everybody got their taste so maybe you like it.
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A misfire up there with the Galactus cloud
misterjas18 June 2022
I want to like this. I can't. I'm not a huge fan of Ms. Marvel, but I do like the character, however, the complete change in her powers is just weird and incomprehensible. It's up there with making Galactus into a cloud, or sewing Deadpool's mouth up and giving him swords coming out of his arms, or making the Rhino into whatever that was supposed to be, or making Collosus an American (at least they fixed Deadpool and Collosus in the end), not to mention what was done to Dr. Doom. I can understand the problem of the inhuman origin, but why not make her a mutant. Completely changing her powers changes too much about her, and it makes it too distracting to like it.
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junaidbadar-162538 June 2022
That was soooo Good. Show is delightful, nicely balanced b/w comedy & drama. Well shot & the visuals are really cool. Likeable cast. Iman Vellani is perfect casting for Kamala Khan.

It's a Good Muslim & Pakistani representation in Hollywood.
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One of the best MCU shows - hands down.
simianfriday26 June 2022
My original half-way point review will follow this one, as most of what I said there still stands. I am revising my review to slightly raise the score and to highlight a few more things in the back half of the first season.

Going into the second half of this season I was very concerned they wouldn't stick the landing - a problem that plagues all of the MCU shows - it felt like they were rushing things and just didn't have enough time to really wrap up the story they were telling and they were *still* introducing new characters and concepts all the way up to the penultimate episode. However, the final episode really brought things together and stuck the landing probably better than any of the MCU shows have thus far.

The show is not without its problems, for sure - but the bottom line is this is a fun show, with one of the best casts the MCU has put together. I'm very pleased with the end result and am happily looking forward to more Ms. Marvel in the future.

** My original review - 7/10 at 3 episodes in:

First of all, this show is a lot of fun. Secondly, all the 1 star ratings are people with some kind of agenda, be it political, racist, religious, or otherwise - don't listen to them. I'm not saying people can't dislike this show - but a 1 star review is very telling about the persons bias and/or ulterior motives. Now on to my mid-season review...

This certainly isn't the best of the Marvel shows, but it's definitely one of the better ones thus far, and is carving out its own unique place among them.

I have to start by praising the casting here. Marvel has pretty much always done a great job with casting their lead characters, but sometimes supporting cast isn't all that great - I can't think of a single character that seems to be miscast in this show. Iman Vellani - Ms. Marvel herself - is *perfectly* cast for this role. She's got charm and personality in spades and is immediately likable. Zenobia Shroff and Moran Kapur play her mother and father, respectively, and are fantastic in their roles as well. Matt Lintz as Bruno and Yasmeen Fletcher as Nakia are both superb. Huge props to the casting director because they nailed this one.

The show is also full of a lot of great visual flair that really feels very unique to a Marvel property. We get to see text message conversations playing out on screen via the surrounding neon lights and traffic signage. Kamala's imagination running wild is depicted by graffiti in the neighborhood springing to life, vividly animated alongside the live action. It's got a unique visual style all it's own, making it stand out among other Marvel properties that have otherwise, unfortunately, begun to feel very "samey" across the franchise.

The show also does a remarkable job introducing a family dynamic that, while it may seem very foreign to most American viewers, is immediately relatable and humanizing - it's a beautiful thing that we see far too little of in Americanized media. It showcases a family very different and yet so very similar to that of the average American family - and it does all this in a positive way, showcasing differences in a celebratory way as opposed to the all too common negative way we've become so accustomed to.

The show isn't without its problems though. I truly loved the first two episodes, but the third episode introduces the series main villains and, well... their introduction leaves much to be desired. Without going into deep spoilers I will say that the "reveal" as to who the villains were felt very abrupt and rushed, and it just made little sense in the context of the plot thus far. I'm hopeful they can clean it up and redeem it by the end, but knowing the series is only 6 episodes I think this was rushed mainly due to time constraints, which is a real shame.

That issue aside - this is a pretty good show and I recommend it to anyone looking for a light-hearted and fun time in the Marvel universe.
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Engaging and Eye Opening
vic-5635213 June 2022
When I watched the first episode of Ms Marvel, I was struck by two impressions. The first was: "Wow, what a creative new take on the Marvel hero!" Ms Marvel takes up on a late Stan Lee project, before his passing, that focused on everyday superheroes. The "creator" himself saw the legacy of superheroes as inclusive empowerment.

Ms Marvel is (at least in the first episode) an endearing and engaging story of an everyday teen superhero coming to terms with both new found superpowers and the real American experience of a first generation immigrant family. I can relate to that.

My second impression was to wonder how the story of a non-white Muslim family and "non-superhero" superhero would fare with American audiences?. After all she's not from Krypton or the object of a scientific experiment gone wrong, or even the product of an alien abduction! Nope, she just found a "magic bangle". Worse, she an "immigrant"!

Kudos to Disney and Marvel! As a lifelong sci-fi and Marvel fan, I was not that excited by what I though would be a "kid" superhero series. I stand corrected and educated. I was truly carried away, beyond my preconceptions. This is a creative young adult show with a message for everyone.
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Big Nope! Is so wrong!
mollicadavide12 July 2022
This version of Kamala story is so wrong, how she get the powers at the avenger comic-con.

They should have kept fidelity to the original story, or at least the video game story.

Sorry Disney/marvel but this time after so many years you have managed to made it wrong .
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