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This She-Hulk is not Sensational
1/5 stars. I have all of the She-Hulk comic runs from Savage She-Hulk #1 to the present day run currently sold in your comic shops at the time this Disney+ show released. She is one of my favorite Marvel women and ought to be treated with high respect while having a lot of fun. But the MCU failed to capture the charm, fun, and heart of the lovely green lawyer from the comics. This show suffers from the same problems that the MCU Phase 4 doesn't know what it wants to be, it has rejected its former audience that made it an epic success for an entirely imagined one instead, and it doesn't know where it is going. Specifically in She-Hulk: Attorney-at-Law's case, it did not flesh out the characters well-enough to make the audience care. Who are these supporting cast members? Why are they so one-dimensional? Why should I care? Where are all the actual jokes? The parts where Jen is actually trying to be a lawyer for superheroes or talking in a court scene are the funniest, but in too many other areas it tries too hard to be funny. Some people will watch this show and never laugh even where it is trying to tell a joke, which is rough because this is supposed to be a comedy. It is too bad the insecurities of the writers were projected into Jen Walters. While the pot shots and zingers may make them feel vindicated in this world, it will most likely turn off audience members or just make them roll their eyes. The best advice I could give is remember and respect your audience, respect your characters, make things interesting, know where to start, go, and stop, and finally have some fun. This could've been great but sadly it is forgettable. Most people will struggle to watch through all the episodes once, and very few will ever re-watch them.
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And this is the end of the road for Marvel
riteshshergill21 August 2022
This is truly bottom of the barrel stuff. Nobody asked for this show but it was shoved on us hapless souls anyway.

Walters came across as obnoxious, vacuous and full of herself. There was no effort made at all towards character development in the first episode which looks like a poorly crafted music video from the 90s.

The first episode obviously serves as a placeholder for more shlock. This show is trying to be sex and the city with a pg13 rating and female Shrek.

Marvel's idea of setting up strong female characters with exposition dumps instead of focusing on having them go through a journey to realize their true potential.

Mediocre shows like Miss Marvel and now She Hulk which should in fact be called 'The Abomination' or She Shrek: Attorney at Yawn.. should just not be allowed to see daylight.

At the end of the first episode I could feel the bile at the back of my throat and a haunting realization that Marvel has officially run out of ideas.

So its basically running on fumes now. The way she gains her powers is a joke and the way she 'overcomes' the cons of being a Hulk is so laughable and indigestible that I have been having digestion pills since I saw the episode today.

This show is bad. Really really bad. Wonder woman 1984 times 2 bad.
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It's not unwatchable, it's just not good
mfeierskov26 August 2022
Look, all the people giving the show 1 star reviews, because of some comment about cat calling in the first episode, don't really get to the heart of the problem. Can we please just get one of the terrible Marvel shows with a straight white male lead, so we can shut up about people hating women or people with dark skin?

The show isn't funny, it's not exciting, it's not emotional, it doesn't seem to have a useful message, so what's left at that point. Are there so many people out there, that can watch a boring unfunny show, just because it so amazing to have a female feminist superhero on screen?

The 4th wall breaking seems completely out of place and isn't used for anything other than repetitive exposition, so it just comes off as cringy.

Tatiana Maslany is a great actress and she's not unlikable in this show, she just doesn't have much to work with. If the best the writers can come up with is a joke about her falling off a chair, then you could have put Meryl Streep in the lead an still not have anything to show for it.

Honestly Marvel, hand the TV shows back to the people who did the Netflix shows. Daredevil, The Punisher and Jessica Jones were very good for the most part, and you're shooting yourself in the foot if you continue to go down the path of the Disney era shows, almost all of which have been mediocre at best.
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jehoshuaphat18 August 2022
After almost 60 years of collecting comic books, I've learned to appreciate superhero comics that are just flat out funny. I bought She Hulk, when I was younger, because I expected more of 'Hulk smash!', but I got something more. A main character that realized the absurdity of its fantastical premise and was able to discuss just that overblown concept with the reader (Long before Deadpool). This, without any spoilers, is what this show delivers, along with some flat out laughs.
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She-Hulk is a ok entry, not perfect, but it does enough
hotrobinproductions18 August 2022
*Rating may change up or down over time review is based on the pilot* **RATING HAS WENT DOWN FROM 7/10 TO A 6/10 SO FAR UP UNTIL EP 4**

Please just read my review, I was going in this show with low expectations but I have reasons to my rating I put here. *I'll explain why it dropped a little as well*

Let's just start by saying I had my hopes very low for this show. I think wandavision and loki have been the highest points of this MCU and hawakeye/Falcon/moonknight we're okay.... Ms marvel kind of was disappointing so I didn't really know where this MCU show would go after.

Then in comes She-hulk, started off a little too fast for my taste, kind of rushes into things, but I feel once we get the full scope of how she gets these powers it's really nice to see it unfold afterwords.

Also let me say the EFFECTS ARE AWESOME. Ms marvel had some garbage effects and I wasn't too convinced when I saw the trailer to this, they looked very weird. But based on the first episode these effects were very nice. I think she Hulk looks fine in CGI and the effects are just well done for a TV show. Let's be honest it can be worse like CW.

I feel like they did put a lot of attention to the show but some things they didn't really focus on which is disappointing like who she hulk TRULY is as a person and why she wants to endure this stuff. Sure she kinda has no choice because she didn't ask to have these powers but I want to know what drives her... (again, this review can change if the show gets better or expands upon this)

*went down a bit because it just kept getting lost in its own merit, just not that funny becomes uninteresting, and just very degrading at times, felt like a chore, sucks because I thought the pilot was fine, it wasn't the best but I liked the dynamic between him and her and I thought it would be more of that, but she hulk alone just can't hold this show together at all, and the cheesy comedy doesn't help it at all.
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Poor first impression
AfricanBro25 August 2022
This isn't bad I just don't like the premise and who they made the hulk into; he went from being one of the most feared, unpredictable and strongest in the mcu to now being a laughing stock. And in she-hulk, based on the first episode at least, it feels like they're trying to tick off boxes while they're at it. I'd like to see the chaos that'd unfold if Marvel or DC changed or brought a male version of a renowned female hero like Wonder Woman or a Valkyrie. All hulk is used for here is being trashed to pump up she-hulk, and he's been kept as "smart hulk" for such a long time even though it's short lived in the comics. Like really hulk couldn't stop a car that's not even coming at speed, really?! Anyway, if you wanna make a strong female hero, just simply make her strong. I feel like it's more credible to see her kicking butt and people liking that. If you have to degrade somebody in order to pump up a someone it takes it away. Just create a bad^ss character instead like Captain marvel, Katniss Everdeen in 'The Hunger Games', Letty Ortiz in 'Fast and furious', Lara Croft, or kill bill. You don't have to make her Mary Sue.

As for the show itself it's not bad as I said, nothing particularly stands out or makes it promising. It's a lighthearted, nothing dramatic or intellectual with the story yet, and a lot of comedic bits but nothing that feels new. I think the runtime is great 'cause not much really happened in the episode so I feel like an hour would be a drag. It's very upbeat. Disney could do much better than this but it's not the first time I've been disappointed by a Disney marvel production.

It's just pushing agenda instead of focusing on the superhero aspect of it and I suspect a lot of people are going to hate it for that, and those who love it will probably go 'oh you boys can't handle a strong female lead' or empowerment bla bla bla to defend it. There's nothing to make it feel special, it's not really funny, not really dramatic, plot's not really staggering, not really thrilling; and it's not really bad neither is it really good. Just have to wait.

I'll wait a few episodes to rate but I don't see the vibe of the show changing. 5/10 so far.

Updates: Three episodes in and nothing's changed.
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revchristodd-138-98572620 August 2022
Unlike DC, which seems to have a standard inviolable template for telling a superhero story, Marvel continues to play with various genres and so make much more entertaining movies and shows. She-Hulk, Attorney at Law, is a hilarious take on the reluctant superhero trope. She is not traumatized nor does she have a savior complex. She just wants to get on with her life and career. And a lot of the fun of the pilot is that Bruce kinda resents this and how easy the transition to a Hulk is. If you don't have a fragile ideology or a rigid commitment to the "Canon of the Printed Comic" you will love this. And Tatania is the perfect actress for the role!
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I've had a change of heart.
rcr-375102 September 2022
I started out disliking the show but it's grown on me. It's light and not serious. It's entertaining for what it is. Tatiana Maslany is great in the role.

I've not come anywhere close to the point of LOVING it. However, I have found myself looking forward to the next episode. That's gotta be worth something.

Yeah, the CGI is bad. That's true. It's very uneven. Sometimes it'll look OK. Other times it looks like rubber.

And I've noticed that they can't decide how tall She-Hulk is supposed to be or how muscular. At times she's clearly 7' tall but then others she's only a head above an average 5'3" woman in the background. Then sometimes she's normal toned only to have hulking biceps later.

That's a quality control and consistency issue. I try to ignore it because it's really not important to the story but the problem is there.

I'll keep watching for now, I suppose. So far it deserves half a score at 5 stars out of 10. It's not terribly extraordinary but not unwatchable either with some fun moments. Tatiana is carrying the whole show, that's for sure. She's a big part of what keeps me coming back.
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A fun show but, not flawless.
Anurag-Shetty25 August 2022
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law tells the story of Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk(Tatiana Maslany). Jen has to balance her life between being a lawyer in her 30s & also being a giant superhuman Hulk.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is an entertaining show. Creator Jessica Gao has given us a meta & enjoyable show, referencing & roasting the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Two episodes in, there are barely any action set pieces. This seems to be a recurring problem with recent Disney+ shows set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The visual effects are passable but, still questionable. Especially when it comes to She-Hulk's performance capture CGI. The humor is a bit hit and miss. This is not ideal because She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is classified as the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first legal comedy. Tatiana Maslany is the star of the show as Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk. Maslany effortlessly carries the show on her shoulders, with her spectacular performance. Mark Ruffalo is outstanding as Bruce Banner/Smart Hulk. Maslany & Ruffalo's banter & camaraderie, is the highlight of the show. Ginger Gonzaga is brilliant as Nikki Ramos. Jameela Jamil is perfect as Titania. Tim Roth is excellent as Emil Blonsky/Abomination. It's exciting to see Roth reprise his role, 14 years after The Incredible Hulk(2008). The supporting cast is memorable. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is a must watch for Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. I'm sure it will get better & better with each passing episode.
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Still needs to find its footing but it's off to a decent start
Tastentier20 August 2022
A legal comedy with superhero elements that is not only told from a female perspective but actually written and directed by women is a bold new direction for Marvel. Of course it'll take a few episodes for this show to hit all the right notes, especially with an episode length of 30 minutes that doesn't allow for a lot of plot development. But the first episode wasn't bad at all and I'm confident they'll work out the minor kinks.

One such kink is the CGI, which isn't entirely up to MCU movie standards. It's not as bad as CGI Luke in season 2 of The Mandalorian but the facial expressions don't feel completely natural. I've seen a few text-to-facial-animation solutions and the expressions look very similar here, as if they were software-animated rather than motion-captured. It's probably a budget limitation. Other than that, my only complaint is the runtime. The plot feels rather condensed in this half-hour format.

Now for the elephant in the room that has the self-appointed anti-wokeness police REEEEEEing at the top of their lungs. The superhero genre is a power fantasy, and for once it's not about a Billy Batson who stumbles across a wizard and immediately gains the combined powers of all the Greek gods and heroes. Or an orphaned tween who becomes the sidekick of none other than Batman and learns in record time how to beat up adult criminals twice his size. Or a teenager who suddenly develops mutant powers, finds a Nova Corps helmet, etc. Pp. You get the picture.

Point being, this is a power fantasy by and for women. It should come as no surprise that it involves a lot of the things women have to put up with on a daily basis. Such as condescending men who assume women couldn't possibly naturally excel at anything, especially not to the point of surpassing men.

Being surprisingly great at something is the whole point of a power fantasy. Hal Jordan comes into possession of a Green Lantern ring, everybody on Oa doubts that a primitive human could do the job, but he proves everyone wrong as he quickly surpasses his teachers and it doesn't take long before he single-handedly saves Earth and Oa and the entire universe. But when a woman so much as masters emotional self-control faster than her cousin Bruce did, everyone loses their expletive minds to quote Nolan's Joker. Even when it's true to the comic books, where Jennifer also retained her persona and intellect in Hulk form.

Bottom line: I think female Marvel fans will love this show. As a male fan I realize that it wasn't made exclusively for my demographic but I still find it very enjoyable. MCU Bruce was always a bit dorky and I really don't feel he's getting an unfair or uncharacteristic treatment here. I can't wait to see where Kat Coiro, Jessica Gao et al are taking the MCU's latest offering.
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The Incredible She-Hulk!!! 💚💜
bhernandez221621 August 2022
This show brings one hell of a good start. I'm just so happy, oh my god, I have no idea what to say except amazing and beautiful! For me this is "a Must See" TV show on Disney+.

Tatiana Maslany was brilliant as she usually is, but as Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk was a dream come true to the MCU! It's a pretty good comedy and action MCU that any Marvel films has never been done before. This show brings a pretty good Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy vibes!

I would be very much looking forward to see this show over and over again!
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Four (out of nine) Episodes In and...
taylamell9 September 2022
The show is just OKAY. It's not "garbage," it's not "the best thing ever," it is just okay, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

At times (episode 4) it feels like the writers wanted to bash the audience over the head with the social message, but it's nothing worth all of the vitriol and 1-star ratings I'm seeing.

On the flipside, the comedy doesn't land for me almost at all. The character dynamics (i.e.: getting to see Jen's interactions with her father) are charming and really hook me, but the show fails to make me laugh. The jokes are just too telegraphed before they're even attempted.

Overall, this show is a 5.5/10 for me. Nothing to hate, nothing to be overly joyed about, but it's charming even if it's not firing on all cylinders.
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I like it.
thisisstepercival9 September 2022
There seems to be a lot of negativity around She-Hulk and I'm not sure why? It's fun, it's goofy and it's pretty entertaining. Obviously being from Marvel the production values are high but it's a tv show so you can't expect the bar to be as high as an Avengers movie.

The episodes are pretty short, I guess to keep the kids attention span long enough. Some Marvel shows aim high some go in a different direction and She-Hulk definitely goes down the family friendly popcorn all sat on the couch at tea time on a Saturday route. That isn't a bad thing and Marvel should be applauded for trying different things. There will be people who enjoy this that don't by enjoy Moon Knight or Avengers.

Overall I'd say give it a go.
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An Adrenaline-Fueled, Adventurous Journey That Jumps Into Action From the Get Go!
rannynm22 August 2022
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is a series that jumpstarts into action. It's an adrenaline-fueled, adventurous journey that ties into Marvel superhero movies. The series tells the engaging story about a lawyer who might lose her job due to some very interesting conditions.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law features Jennifer Walters, an attorney living in Los Angeles. Jen happens to be the cousin of Bruce Banner (the Hulk). Unexpectedly, Jen and Bruce got into a car crash. After the crash, some of Bruce's blood got into Jen's wounds, which caused her to transform into an adapted version of the Hulk-hence, the name She-Hulk.

The main characters in this series are She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), Nikki Ramos (Ginger Gonzaga), Titania (Jameela Jamil) and Abomination (Tim Roth). These actors impersonate their characters incredibly well. Additionally, the sets and animation are extremely realistic. When there is a fight, the animation made my heart beat super fast. In the first episode, my favorite part is when Bruce is training Jen to learn how to control the intense amount of strength she has. After demonstrating how to throw boulders, for example, she adapts quickly, and sometimes even does the exercise better than the Hulk himself. I also appreciate the quote when Bruce proclaims that what triggers turning into a hulk is anger and fear, and Jen responds, "Those are like the baseline of any women existing." It's hilarious and also true. I would recommend watching previous Marvel movies, especially the ones that include the Hulk. However, it's not a necessity, although it would help knowing the backstory of how hulks were created.

The message of this series is that females can be strong, too. I believe that the "She-Hulk" nickname isn't merely random, but has a meaning to it, which is female empowerment. Furthermore, this series establishes that women's emotions are normal, and that it is okay to have strong feelings, including anger. There is a lot of fighting and violence, and it has rough language. If young kids have seen other Marvel movies with parent/guardian approval, they should be fine watching this series.

I give She-Hulk: Attorney at Law 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 18, plus adults. By Sydney S., KIDS FIRST!
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Does the world hate fun?
sajmonh8 September 2022
Honestly I think everyone who talks bad about this show just simply hates fun. It's on the nose. Meta. It's supposed to be like this. I think it inherits the spirit of the successful comic book run, and it doesn't have to be so much in line with the other titles in the MCU.

As a fan of 2000s pop culture juggernauts like Mean Girls I get the vibe. It's irreverent, and messy. And I love it. For me.

It's a fun show: get over yourselves. Also if there was a man playing the lead , y'all would've loved it. I recommend it for anyone who likes stupid jokes, pop cultural references. I must say the CGI is kinda crappy though.
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I really thought I'd hate this..
mattbrady6718 August 2022
But it's honestly not bad. Only one episode in, but it had its moments. The cgi wasn't near as bad as the trailers made it look. I didn't find myself staring at her face cringing like I did before so good on them for fixing it. Some of the jokes landed and some didn't, but I think a lot of them were in the trailers so maybe that's why. I thought her automatically being better at everything than Bruce without any real explanation other than "girl power" was kinda lame, and relying on the whole "men are the devil and keeping us women down" was unnecessary. Should be able to write a female led show without having to rely on those tropes, so here's hoping it's not constantly present during the whole series. I did like the moments of Bruce talking about Tony and filling in some of the stuff they left out about smart hulk. All in all I was surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did, but it definitely has room for improvement. Also, make sure to stay for the after credits, only time I actually laughed out loud was when they cut right before she finished her line.
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Fun and different
flittlocke7 September 2022
So far I'm really enjoying this show. It's fun and different and lighthearted, while still dealing with very real topics.

Yes, there are some odd parts to it, but those don't really effect it. A comedy is meant to be fun and stupid.

Seen in a Marvel context, it is very different from their usual style. Personally, I feel it's good this show is taking a different route from the action. The comedy suits it well, and out of Marvel context it's a fun show that you don't particularly need to have watched the rest of the MCU to enjoy.

For those considering watching it and who are reading the reviews here... I'd say try it and form your own opinion. Everyone has different tastes and it just so happens most of the reviews here seem to be from people who don't like it.
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She-Hulk - Middle of the road Marvel Series
philip-6368629 August 2022
I had very high hopes for the She-Hulk series having been a big fan of the comics and owning quite a few #1 issues of the comic.

I don't dislike the series but I'm not waiting on the edge of my seat for the next episode to drop.

We are only on episode 2 so I'm still holding out for the series to become more engaging!

CGI Is ok but it's obvious that the main charter is not "real".

Story is kinda boring so far and I'm not really caring about any of the characters.

Look of the series, other than the "ok" CGI is really nice.

I went into the She-Hulk series hoping that it would be on par with Hawkeye. A series that many people weren't aware of the story but left as a bigger fan of the property..

Fingers crossed that She-Hulk develops into a must watch show.
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Astonished at how bad it is.
stevelivesey6716 October 2022
What is the target market for she-hulk? Apparently middle aged, cat obsessed, promiscuous, professional (I'm joking, she Is a terrible lawyer), drunks.

The fans of she hulk comics are young, teenage boys. Am I missing something or is it Marvel?

Apart from everything being badly written, poorly CGI'ed and badly constructed, have you seen the last episode? Which must be one of the most self centred, self absorbed, lazy, preachy and narcissistic pieces of television I have ever had the misfortune of watching.

Marvel is dead. If this is the standard it now adheres to it must be avoided at all costs.
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It's getting worse...
hemisphere65-12 September 2022
The first episode was fairly weak, especially the writing, but it's unfair to judge a series on a single show. The next two episodes have gotten even worse, with Tim Roth being the only saving grace. The drivel that passes for dialogue is horrible, and I assume they hired the actress who plays Nikki to make every one else seem more competent. She is atrocious!

I've sat through some Marvel garbage (C & D comes to mind), but this may be worse!

I've been trying to find positive attributes because I'm a fan of the genre, but the terrible writing has made that nearly impossible.

Don't forget this bit either; it's not funny for a comedy and the legal aspect is straight out of a children's cartoon.
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Not as good as I hoped for
DiCaprioFan1315 October 2022
I'm a huge fan of Marvel so I look forward to everything they do but so far She-Hulk: Attorney at Law hasn't been very good. It's not as terrible as some have said and it has a few fun parts but I just don't like how they make her better than the original Hulk at literally everything. Mark Ruffalo stands out here and is as great as always in the short amount of time he's actually in it, it's just that the writing just needs to be better. I was hoping Ruffalo would be in it more but I'm am grateful he was in it at all. Tatiana Maslany isn't even that bad, again it's the writing. I'm hoping that the show will get better but not counting on it.
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It's just so bad
leemeldrum9 October 2022
I hate having to write this review but I just can't not in the hope that Marvel might take notice to actual fans.

I have no idea how this has happened but I'm actually cringing at being an MCU fan, we all know it's getting a bit stale and loosing some appeal but this show is just embarrassing. People are talking about Thor L&T relying on humour too much but this show has no actual story just humour that 90% of the time isn't funny and is just bad. There is no comedic timing, no drama, no tension and no story.

This is the biggest miss the MCU have made so far and I hope they look at the real commentators and see the mistake.
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Not. One. Single. Laugh.
voltK10 October 2022
I wasn't expecting this to be serious, but I was hoping it would at least be funny. It wasn't. Nobody in my family is interested in seeing anything past episode one. Disney needs to hire new writers. For EVERYTHING. What a colossal waste of talent. Another seriously rushed origin story written for unintelligent children. Please watch it just so that you can leave an informed review. Maybe Disney will take notice and stop ruining every piece of Marvel intellectual property it touches. At this rate, DC will overtake Marvel in a few years. The CGI isn't really that bad. The writing is absolute garbage.
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Who is running Marvel these days?
Josef Tura-218 August 2022
Marvel was a coherent unstoppable juggernaut of quality, entertaining and yes even some thought provoking asides. But after 2019 it's like a totally different team is running things.

Marvel is just milking money and throwing content onto the screen with barely any thought or coherent structure.

I hope the show.improves because there's talent here (especially Tatiana Maslany) but this show is failing its star and more importantly failing its audience.

But on a larger scale Marvel needs to course correct... and quickly, before all the trust and goodwill they earned is squandered.
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Shrek V: The Final Marvel Frontier
thesar-217 September 2022
Ouch, my enormously low expectations were much too high. This was a giant piece of green, slimy p o o p.

Couldn't stand the lead character or her coworkers/friends - She-Hulk had even less charisma than a sea sponge, with sincere apologizes to other sea sponges. Also, while the jokes were present, the humor or enjoyment was sorely missing. And worst of all, these have to be the worst graphics in an MCU project since the original Thor. Thor stayed as #1 WORST MCU movie for many years (until Captain Marvel truly stole that spot) and mostly due to that terrible CGI.

It didn't bother me as much as I thought it would with the "Smart Hulk" character. True, I hate this version of the hulk - I much prefer the TV version, or just all rage and conflict between the Hulk and Banner. But, since the Hulk looked so incredibly fake, it was easy to not see him as the real hulk I love. Also, She-Hulk looked and sounded incredibly silly and cartoon-like, herself. And her one-liner introduction in the courtroom ALMOST made me throw up.

I truly feel embarrassed for the MCU and Disney. This is their worst product to date (and yes, it even smashed Captain Marvel. Never thought I'd say that...)


Final Thoughts: If they weren't cousins, it would be enormously hard to distinguish these leads from Shrek and Fiona. Sure, it's easy to compare the four green characters, but the only real difference: Hulk/She-Hulk were cartoons on a live action set, much like Roger Rabbit or Space Jam. I cannot believe they expected us to see them as anything but the Shrek lovebirds.
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