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Better than "Jerry Springer" in my opinion.
johnnymacbest5 October 2007
Jerry Springer may have some major competition this fall with the release of the Steve Wilkos Show. Unlike Springer which is nothing but pure exhibition with sexual innuendo and brawls, this show offers tough love with compassion from the big bad bald guy himself: Steve Wilkos. One episode that incensed me was "Devil Mom" where a woman used her own daughter to perform sexual intercourse in exchange for cash. I really felt for Steve when he tried to help her stop doing what she was doing to her daughter. That episode was really powerful.

All in all the show is great, the host is great, the stories are engaging and poignant with some glimmer of hope for the guests and so on. So what if it's not Springer. Give this show a chance and you will not be disappointed.
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Utter trash pretty much sums it up...
TheLittleSongbird28 May 2010
I will give you this, The Steve Wilkos Show is better than Jerry Springer, though not by much. Then again, anything is better than Jerry Springer, from a root canal to sexual intercourse. But to be polite, both shows are trash, and I warn you this is coming from someone who does not like talk shows, very often on talk shows I find the guests rude and the audience unsympathetic. I was expecting both those things especially, when watching Steve Wilkos and I wasn't disappointed.

Don't expect good camera work or lavish sets when watching this show, if you expect you will be disappointed. Don't expect a sympathetic audience, a lot of the time audiences on talk shows pre-judge the guests and boo and jeer and swear, it is no exception here. Don't expect any memorable guests, save one or two rare exceptions a vast majority of them are horrible and if I saw anyone like them down my street I would turn my back and run, seriously I would. Don't expect a nice host either, Maury and Jerry Springer were sensitive and encouraging, perhaps a little too soft, but this guy with his monotonic drawl(sometimes you have to turn the volume right up to hear him or sometimes he shouts to the point you wish for the TV to turn itself off) and somewhat thuggish appearance, does sometimes makes Jeremy Kyle look like a saint. Also don't expect this show to be fair, there are times where we don't hear the whole story and it turns out the person who is made the "villain" is actually the innocent one, and vice versa.

Overall, I don't like this show at all. I appreciate shows that talk about difficult social issues and offer help but not shows like this. 1/10 Bethany Cox
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Nothing but a bully
Scimetar_Northerner2 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"The Steve Wilkos Show" is nothing but a bully making himself look big and tough in front of a bunch of guests. Steve Wilkos likes to play the cop and ex-marine card a lot on his guests as if that gives him the right to do what he does. Don't get me wrong, I am not condoning any of the guests' actions, but two wrongs don't make a right. Steve seems to think it does. The majority of the show contains Steve just getting mad and bullying his guests. He has chairs put out on his stage and then asks them to stand up and ALWAYS throws the chairs off stage to look tough. Why have chairs if you aren't going to allow the guests to use them? At the end of the show, Steve likes to read e-mails and those that disagree with him (even if they are in a respectful manner) are met with rude comments and are referred to as "morons". Steve's response to these e-mails is that this is "moron free T.V" and that they aren't allowed to watch. Steve also gets off on bullying his own audience at times telling a girl that it is good that she isn't planning on having any children just because she disagreed with him. Steve is nothing more but your stereotypical bully that has his own issues and tries to make himself feel better by picking on others. Any one can tell you that the way Steve deals with his guests is not the right way to solve any of these problems. It honestly dumbfounds me that this show has the number of fans that it does. I think it is sad when a bully is getting honoured and admired. This show is a real backwards step to our society. Hopefully this narcissistic man and his show will be cancelled soon.
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How Does this help?
demonabyss3 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I've watched the show a couple of times and I can honestly say that Steve does not impress me at all. How exactly does yelling at a person, getting in their face, and not give them a proper chance to respond help solve the problem? I certainly don't agree with what his guests have done can understand the idea of having to use "tough love" in order to get results, but why would someone go through this on national TV? What do they gain from this, if anything? It really does bring the validility of the show into question.

There is also the fact that he seems somewhat hypocritical at times.

Example: In one of the few episodes I watched, the "bad guy" had a prison record and basically gave up on getting a job though I don't know the specifics as it has been awhile since I saw it. Throughout the entire time I watched, all Steve did was yell at the guy and mocked him, making pig sounds and such. When the guy responded with the "Your mom" reply, Steve called him juvenile and basically threatened that his dad, also an ex-cop, would probably come over and kick his ass for insulting his wife. Now seriously, which of these two sounds more juvenile to you? A guy using the "Your mom" reply, which technically isn't an insult but a run-off sentence, or the guy saying that his dad will beat you up because you (very poorly) insulted his mom? There is also the fact that he often tries to goad his "victims" into hitting him, despite the fact that he's usually a lot bigger than them and constantly flaunts his ex-marine status. You'll notice that he never takes a shot at them though it's easy to see he wants to. My guess is that it's some type of liability thing so he doesn't get sued or something like that. There is also the question of talking to people already in jail. What's the point? How does that help them or change anything?

I'd also like to ask how in the world an ex-cop/ex-marine is qualified to handle problems like these? I know there are people specially trained to handle cases like these, consulers, therapists, so why in the world do people go to a guy who they know is pretty much just going to yell at them and isn't certified to handle these things on national TV? So he's an ex-cop, ex-marine, and supposedly a great father, big deal. How does that qualify him to deal with things like this exactly?

Bottom line: To me at least, Steve is just an overgrown bully, an at least partially hypocritical one, who is not certified to help people and should be taken off the air.
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i was on the show
collectorbob81019 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
when i was on the Steve Wilkos show. i had not seen my kids in over 5 years. so i was looking forward to seeing them again. i had not seen much of the show before. but since i was cleared in a court of law i believe it be on the level. they would check and see that i was cleared. but when i got there they Begin to keep me from getting any sleep. they would leave me at the motel for hours. calling every couple of hours to see that i didn't get any rest. and when i was hungry they tell me they would take me out to eat. but then never show. i was there for about 3 days and they took me to eat twice. the third time was after the show,and i order food in. they took me to take the polygraph test and i was so tired. after the test i went back to the hotel. about two hours later the told me i need to take it again. the forgot to ask me all the questions. so i think i passed the 1st but they needed me to fail so they had me take a second test. they never read my question during the show. but i'm sure the will edit to look as if they did. to sum it up they lied to get me on the show. manipulated the results all for the show, and thats fine. i'm a grown man i will live. what i don't understand is how, knowing i was cleared of the allegations by the courts. how they could let my daughter read a letter about things they know didn't happen. hurting children this way is wrong. and the show needs to end. you can help by not watching.
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Belligerent and violent. Not for intelligent people
ex-temporalis5 February 2008
Steve Wilkos is nothing more than a grown-up version of what he was in high school. A bully who gets into fights and yells at people, thinking he'll 'scare them straight'. He flaunts his ex-Marine and former cop status to his guests as if it redeems the fact that he has an anger problem and violent tendencies. It's narcissistic. Also, at the end of the show, when he reads the viewer e-mails, he ALWAYS replies to those who are against his tactics with the ever-redundant 'belly rub analogy', it usually sounds something like "If YOU have a show, you can have these pedophiles and abusers on your stage, give them tea and a belly rub...." Never fails. Steve, just because we're against you DOES NOT mean we are FOR the other side! Also, every time I hear Steve's volume go up, the tonal inflections of his voice sound *exactly the same*. Maybe it's because I'm a musician, I notice these things. Steve also admitted that to most of these horrible people he has on the show, he'd seriously like to inflict them harm. Here's a gem of wisdom for the two-dimensional: Violence breeds violence. Just stop. Both Steve and whatever abuser he's tearing into lack foresight, and I pity that people lack that, but please, there are shades of grey in the way things are handled, not black and white, as Steve sees it. To Steve, freedom isn't free and peace isn't peaceful. I oftentimes compare this show to the A&E show "Intervention". Intervention has professionals working with the families in a civil manner to the drug user/abuser/addict, etc., not screaming at them like a crazed ape. I hope that after the second season, the Steve Wilkos Show gets wiped off the air and he can then take his hero complex elsewhere.

Also, To those people who blame the likes of me for 'being liberal' and "hating the death penalty", answer this: How does killing the killer make everything right again? Does it bring back the innocent? Or does it just continue the cycle of violence? Enough is enough. Steve is one for egging one on, trying to make them act out in violence, publicly humiliating them. That is not making things right. That is not 'tough love', that's exacerbating the existing problem, only in front of a camera. Steve isn't a therapist, he's not a hero, he's a human animal with a lack of foresight.
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steve wilkos is a setup
sam Dicicco14 January 2015
Polygraph Despite claims of 90% validity by polygraph advocates, the National Research Council has found no evidence of effectiveness. The utility among sex offenders is also poor with insufficient evidence to support accuracy or improved outcomes in this population.

Even using the high estimates of the polygraph's accuracy, false positives occur, and these people suffer the consequences of "failing" the polygraph. In the 1998 Supreme Court case, United States v. Scheffer, the majority stated that "There is simply no consensus that polygraph evidence is reliable" and "Unlike other expert witnesses who testify about factual matters outside the jurors' knowledge, such as the analysis of fingerprints, ballistics, or DNA found at a crime scene, a polygraph expert can supply the jury only with another opinion..." In 2005 the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals stated that "polygraphy did not enjoy general acceptance from the scientific community
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Conclusion - there is some fakery here
Wizard-824 June 2009
When "The Steve Wilkos Show" started, I approached it with an open mind, despite the fact it was a spin-off of "Jerry Springer", a show that I loathe because of its blatant fakeness. But after watching a number of episodes of this show, I have come to the conclusion that at least SOME of the stories on this show are fake. Here's some of the evidence:

(1) There was an episode where Steve confronted a mother hooked on crack, who was homeless. Yet when Steve confronted her, she was living in a hotel (and a pretty decent-looking hotel). If the mother had money to stay in a hotel, she would have the money to rent a decent apartment.

(2) There was another episode where Steve confronted another crack mother, who had her own home, the inside of which looked pretty decent despite her life completely revolving around crack. Not only that, when the filming moved to the bathroom, it kept editing from two camera angles. Each angle should have shown the other cameraman shooting the action from the other end of the room, but they weren't visible! Obviously, the scene was shot more than once and the footage edited together.

(3) There have been several times when a guest has left the stage and gone backstage... and a camera (or more than one camera) is ready backstage to film him or her! At least on "Maury", the cameramen are shown to have to follow the guests backstage.

While "The Steve Wilkos Show" is nowhere as annoying as "Jerry Springer", I still feel somewhat insulted by the fakery, even though the show tries to push positive values and good behavior. Steve, if you're reading this, stop the fakery and show REAL guests with REAL problems. I am sure that with a little work, you could find enough such guests to showcase.
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Very hit miss
sitonpickle18 July 2011
A good way to describe the Steve Wilko show is if you take the Jerry Springer show and turn Jerry into a tall bald former police officer who looks like a bully. The show does try to keep the fights to a minimum, and instead fill it up with Steve burning the guests with his hard lectures.

Another big difference, is how extremely grotesque the stories are. For example, there is one episode about an old woman who admits that she murdered a baby 15 years ago, one episode of a man who had sex with a 12 year old girl and more.

Many people debate that the stories are real and that they're just scripted. I don't know how to tell whether it's real or not, however I wouldn't be surprised if it was fake. It doesn't really matter though, as long as it's entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

Steve's show really does have some strong willed messages, and does open people's eyes to the horrors of this world. The only problem is, he does NOTHING whatsoever to solve these problems half the time. That is where Steve often misses the mark. Half the time, Steve handles the stories in the right manner, showing the audience something relevant and gives us a reason to listen. These are usually morals about family, being there for your child, keeping a child and so and so.

The major problem with the show is it's much too repetitive. Half the time Steve looses his cool and walks around the guest screaming in there face. This is fine, as I can understand him being angry with stupid people, but it just goes ON and ON and ON! If Steve is going to do nothing but yell at people, what good is he doing? Nothing. It's okay to be harsh, but you need to have an understanding of humanity.

For example, there's one episode where a woman wants to see her daughter, after allowing her to be raped 7 times. In that episode, Steve literally says "our show isn't about getting into the mind of a monster! Our show doesn't have couches where I try to understand you! And it's not about forgiveness or being kind! It's about showing something how it is!" That Steve has described there, is IGNORANCE! The reason why we hate evil so much in this world, is because we don't understand it. There's no use in shoving hate into someone's face if you're not going to tell them there's a solution. The past is the past, you can't change it! What you can do, is make an effort to fix the present. What good is it to see you express the same anger that the viewer already feels? You have show some moral, reason and lesson, rather then just needless anger.

Another problem is there is a poor lack of forgiveness. I don't care how terrible someone is, or what evil they have done. They are still humans, they still have minds of redemption. Why does Steve seem to think that no one can change? Why does he act like if someone is horrible in the past that they deserve no forgiveness? Forgive and forget is exactly what a lot of these nasty people need.

Ironically, sometimes Steve is too soft. Think about this, if you have someone with a history of abusing their children and they're sorry about it and are regretting it in tears, do they deserve to be torn apart or forgiven? Now, what if you have someone with a history of abusing their children and they deny it and claim to have done nothing wrong? that type of person deserves the Steve burn, 'cause the Steve burn helps open a person's ignorant mind up. Oddly enough, he doesn't loose his cool and talk in people's faces when it's the right time.

One last foot note, what is with Steve and throwing chairs?! It's...very random, and is in almost every episode.
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Horror TV
mikelcat10 December 2007
Really offensive for the dysfunctional only ! I guess Steve is perfect !The way he yells at folks you'd think he never made an error in judgement .This Neanderthal technique is old hat , been done so many times its sad to waste time on it . But there will always be those who enjoy pointing out others mistakes and nailing the to the wall for it .Lets all look in the mirror huh ? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone , we all make mistakes it doesn't require much to yell about it or make someone feel guilty about it . But apparently there's a living to be made by doing this .As for those who enjoy watching verbal abuse , that action speaks volumes .The vast majority of people are definitely not criminals , just people who've made mistakes .I'd love to see Steve yelling at ''Dog'' for his slur , that would be great , who's more self righteous ? A comment subsequent , steve is still a self-righteous bully.
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Here is an email I sent Steve Part 1
Matthew Collins8 August 2011
Hello Steve, This email is to say a couple of things.

I first and foremost want to clarify that I understand the guests on your show are under agreement, and have guidelines they have to follow if they want to be on T.V.

That being said, I come to the point to this email. I am in no way condoning bad behavior from one party or the other, but your behavior and the way you do things is completely inappropriate, not too mention unorthodox.

Let me explain, While guests are in fact under agreement, that does not give you the right to manipulate the conversation to go one way or the other. If you are as you say "A mediator" then your job is to do just that. A mediator doesn't start saying HAVE YOU EVER, or other sentences of the nature and setting out a situation by using in a voice tone, that will turn the conversation the way you want it to, thus manipulating the outcome to make someone look bad. You have a habit of emphasizing certain things during the conversation to make one part right, while the other party gets screwed. Again while some people are guilty and I do not condone bad behavior, there are guests that got shafted despite actually being innocent.

LIE DETECTOR TESTS: You being an ex-police officer really surprises me, that you do not understand, (Either that or you do know this, but do not care) that a lie detector test cannot ever be used to prove someone is lying. In fact, a lie detector test cannot ever even be used to prove someone is even being deceptive. Also that gentleman who you have come up and start explaining how they work, is completely ludicrous. Just because he says how it works and what happens, that means he is right? Who is he anyway and where did he come from? I'm surprised one of your guests have not bothered to even question who he is and what makes him right. All we have is his word. While I'm not saying that, he is not who he says it is I'm just pointing out how no guest has ever questioned this, because I know I have.

MULTIPLE TESTS Another thing is that you say we gave you a lie detector test multiple times, as if that holds any credibility. Again I'm surprised you as being someone of law enforcement it is not aware that failing it 6 times if the same as failing it once, you can give someone the same test 90 times, the result will never change, so it is not relevant how many times it was given. This makes it complete pointless to do multiple tests and doesn't prove anything.

COUNTER MEASURES I have seen one or two shows where you told someone that they tried to use counter measures. Contrary to popular belief, there is also no such thing as counter measures when dealing with lie detectors either. Counter Measures was a concept that was designed and used by the FBI while interrogating terrorists being profiled by the FBI to think they could relax during interrogation to let their guard down. It is simply a misleading statement nothing more.

GUESTS AND LIE DETECTOR TESTS: When it comes to guests and lie detector tests on your show, every single one of your guests all have one thing in common, and they are already emotionally unstable with what they are on your show for to begin with. This in turn gives another solid and valid reason why the lie detector tests being given cannot be used to prove anything. If someone is already feeling they are condemned, and they are given the test, whether they actually did anything or not, they will still fail the test. The same holds true if someone remains calm during the test.

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I had to be hospitalized.
Brian Heaven6 August 2008
I was literally chronically bleeding in the back of my eye after viewing this. This is absolute balderdash and Jerry-Springer-rip-off-trash. The host is loud and pretty much unintelligible. The chair is a gag to get ratings and every time they prey on the person who is contemplating suicide after agreeing to be an actor on their show. Just think to your self, "Why would a person who knows he did it, take a lie detector test ,and agree to be here?". It was so bad that it reads aloud its suicide letter "Welcome to the Steve Wilkos show!". This show crept into the rivers we call T.V., blackened, made it bitter, fecal matter and rotting flesh raises a green fog bares over it like the very clouds in the sky, for this network shall die.
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school yard bully getting his own show
choihyesung20 January 2010
the title says it all; this is just another talk show where an ego maniac bullies a bunch of people with problems. obvious that the producers manipulate guest into a false sense of security and understanding and then have Steve, the STAR of the show, blind side them with a completely different agenda. if you like watching scrawny misguided people get bullied by an egotistical jock with a high and mighty attitude, then this show is for you. the show had potential in the beginning but threw it all away for ratings. it's just like DR. Phil but the only difference is that it's on at an earlier time. this is an example of why people should turn off their TVs and pick up a book. if i had my way, i'd pull show off the air in favor white noise.
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Kill me Now
keelhaul-8085620 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
500 shows--all alike--here is yet another. Just wow.

So the security muscle-head cop from Springer gets a duplicate Springer show. What more could we ask for?

Basically, a giant bald guy with a big voice yells at people and acts stupid and condescending to the many idiots invited on the show.

Lie detectors--check


Degenerate rapists, molesters, drug users, strippers, cheaters-- check

Crying from people that you don't care about--check

Redundant show like Springer, Jeremy Kyle, Sally, Ricki, Maury, Trisha, etc. -- super check.

Some lady I used to work for at a factory would always hijack the TV and force us to watch this during our snack break. Everyone would say "Man, F*** Steve and this show", and she would laugh, and keep watching it, but she was the manager and we actually liked her, so no one did much about it. Wow, what a stupid show I was forced to sit through. It isn't even original, and certainly not enlightening, except to the fact that tons of American retards sit around gobbling all these shows up daily without fail.
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It certainly isn't Dr. Phil.
JohnnyHasTheKeys21 March 2008
I have to say I'm not the biggest fan of the Jerry Springer show but I do watch it from time to time and have been familiar with Steve Wilkos for a while. On the Jerry Springer show he seemed like such a great, cool guy. Kind of a knight in shining armor; when he'd go save a lady from an abusive household and such. While on his own show he's a complete Neanderthal. He name calls, throws chairs, and half the time doesn't listen to one word anyone has to say. Not only does he yell at the abusers (which I have no problem with, most of the time they deserve it) but he also berates the victims when they didn't do what Steve believes he would have done in the same situation.

The commercials for the show are almost as bad as the show themselves. They mock every problem from child molestation to drug abuse and domestic violence. It's disgusting. I don't understand how this show can stay on the air.
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Red meat for red state yahoos.
RonObvious23 November 2007
I'm not defending the low lives that appear on this show, but I'm sorry: That's just an overgrown schoolyard bully up there, beating up on straw men and women so that he, his studio audience and his viewers can feel better about themselves. This is red-state television at its true lowest common denominator. What's next? A televised revival of the Salem witch trials? And one more thing Steve: Men and women who have problems socializing and relating to the opposite sex are not losers. Many have serious social anxiety disorders. Why don't you take your bigotry to its logical conclusion and devote an episode to making fun of people in wheelchairs?
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show for bums
sarahbaugh-5593119 January 2017
i hate this show this man is a bully he is of no substance whatsoever, he disrespect his guests runs them off his stage and so much more to be honest Jerry Springer show may be explicit but he treats his guests with more respect he speaks to them better and even jokes with them...remember without your guests you have no show MR Wilkos i just cant stand this man his show needs to come off of TV period! he also speaks with no form of intelligence. I will continue to change my channel whenever his stupid show comes on like i said it is of no substance just pure waste and nothing else. I did like him before but no so much anymore because of obvious reasons where i have put it in details here.
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Stop Steve Before He Gets Hurt
bcarden80320 December 2007
I think the Steve Wilko show is the dumbest thing on television since the Jerry Springer show.All he does is get guess who are vulnerable with a messed up situation to come air their dirty laundry so he can beat them down.Like the show today with the ex-marine and wife beater,now don't get me wrong I hate a sorry man but was all that call for?and when they stand up to him he stoops as low as calling them names and have the audience make fun of them,now that makes no sense and I don't care what wrongs and mistakes people make there is a way to go about Steve get a better tactic because I know I get tried of you throwing that chair down on the stage and always giving references to your days in the Marines and as a cop.Everybody can be helped so if you going help people help them all that asks.You don't see Judge Hatchet telling people she can't help them because they beat their wives or because they don't want to addicts anymore...She has a tough love show.The Steve Wilkos show is very close to idiotic.
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Steve Wilkos, the Dr. Phil for trailer trash
The_Light_Triton15 February 2008
Ever notice when you watch a show like Dr. Phil, he's always saying what's blatantly obvious, but slower so he sounds smarter? Steve Wilkos is like that too, except the blatantly obvious is that guys shouldn't abuse their girlfriends (and Vice Versa) and that if you make a baby you take care of it and don't dump the mother.

I enjoy that trashy afternoon TV with all those commercials for community colleges, lawyers, and structured settlement people in between. Some people can call Steve a bully and say his show is trash, and to a degree it is. It's Jerry Springer but with a drill sergeant as an alternative to a coddling politician. And the subjects on the show are cut and paste.

You have to remember that some people enjoy drama and others enjoy seeing how much better they live their lives than others. Shows like Steve Wilkos give that pleasure.
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No belly rubs there
IrockGswift6 February 2008
I enjoy watching The Steve Wilkos Show. I like the way he doesn't go for the lame excuses of his guest about why there are not taking care of their children,beating and abusing their spouse or loved ones etc.. They get no sympathy from Steve when his guest try to make themselves out to be the victim. This especially when a grown man twist his baby leg for crying too much that's ridiculous. Also a man with an HIV virus is willing to spread the virus to other people because he feels it was deliberately given to him. This doesn't makes sense and I don't blame Steve for yelling at them because they're a bunch of lowlife scumbags. Grown men and woman who refuse to take responsibility for anything is a waste. Instead they make excuses and put no effort into making their situation better. Now Steve could be a hot-head sometimes but however its justifiable when a man doesn't know who is abusing their child. Steve is a reasonable man and he is willing to help those who want to be helped,but you have to show him some effort. At the end of show he usually reads his fans e-mails and those who don't agree with his screaming and yelling tactics don't have to watch the show. Like Steve said "let a child molester or a pedophile in your home and touch your children in a certain way and offer them some tea and cookies and ask them why they did that". That's not being realistic. Steve is a man with a great heart and it takes courage for him to help an abuser and also a victim.
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cruelty to the overweight
jacoandloco8 May 2008
I think the way you call people "Fat" all the time is way out of line. I'm 5'5 260 lbs. Call me on your show and call me Fat. They call me Lonnie " By God" Coker. Some of us can't help it, in case you aren't smart enough to realize this, but obesity is a disease. Why don't you call me on your show, and maybe my stepson who is a quadriplegic, or would you call him a gimp? I'll knock you out and he can run you Over with his power chair! I realize the people on your show that you have called fat may have done things wrong in their past, but when the show first starts you have known these people for what? an hour?

Lonnie "Fat Ass" " By God" Coker
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Good talk show
Catherine_Grace_Zeh21 April 2008
I've been a fan of this show since it debuted. First off, I must say that it's a good talk show. Also, I've seen just about every episode. However, if you ask me, it's fun to see Steve give people a good dose of tough love, because I guess time as a cop or in the military will do that to you. In addition, I really enjoy it when people's mail gets read. I hope this show stays on the air for years to come. If that happens, I will be really happy. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever, even though I haven't seen every episode. Now, in conclusion, if some network ever brings it back after it finishes its run, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
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an abusive show
dutchchocolatecake18 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Steve Wilkos will no doubt appeal to barbarians who think violence and aggression are going to solve society's problems. No, it will not.

Watching Steve Wilkos scream at the top of his lungs, throw chairs, and treat people like garbage might make you feel better, but he's just feeding into the cycle of violence in this country.

This is not to say that I am thrilled with the kind of people he has on his show. The problem is, Steve's methods of dealing with them are unhealthy and flawed. Steve's methods of dealing with constructive criticism is also ridiculous. His basic response to anyone to anyone who finds something wrong with his abusive behavior is to say "If you aren't with me, you're against me and you're with the criminals." This is fundamentally stupid because most reasonably intelligent people can see flaws in both Steve and the crappy people he finds to put on his show.

I'm also not thrilled with the idea of taking lie detector tests as total gospel. For the most part I trust lie detectors but they can be wrong. Steve never, EVER considers the idea that sometimes his test results might be wrong. I have no reason to believe that the lie detectors are done in a professional manner considering the very UNPROFESSIONAL manner of his show. I just read a review where one of Steve's former guests were allegedly kept up all day and all night and literally starved in their own hotel room. That will affect the lie detector test how? Think about it.

There is much more to this show than meets the eye and whatever is going on behind the scenes is not good. I think the show is exploitative and Steve has no regard for potentially ruining people's lives.
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What a great person!
BiscuitPower1 October 2007
A lot of people hate Steve Wilkos because he tells it like it is, he doesn't treat criminals and low-life's with the respect they DON'T deserve.

Sure all he does is yell at people, but they deserve it! He says all the things you want to shout at these people, but better yet he actually helps them by doing so. Steve actually makes people think about themselves and what they can do to improve their lives. It may not be "PC" but it is way more effective than Springer's button pushing, and Montel's oversensitive bull-crap.

If you don't like seeing people get yelled at, I suggest you don't watch the show, but if you want to see people getting the help they need, please watch.

Steve Wilkos is the man!
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Steve Wilkos is the man!!!
zachlementor20 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Steve ill admit is a very big man, loud, can be forceful but hey, this is something people could understand more about, unlike most shows like jerry springer its immature and disgusting, Maury can to me can be annoying because to the annoyance and loudness of the audience as they boo a lot, and Jeremy kyle is a much more aggressive man but es just trying to help you, but Steve sometimes just wants to show the abusers and cheaters how ridiculous they sound, me personally he sets a great example for me, i am willing to do the same things that he may do, such as not beat my kids when i have them, never cheat on my girlfriend, never beat on her or anything, and don't do the things they do to show how silly they are. Im Glad this show is on, because no matter how loud, forceful or mean he is, hes one of my favorite talk show hosts ever.
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