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Feels like cheap TV
GypsyJJJ23 December 2021
If the SyFy channel made a Matrix series it would look like this. So much about this is way off. The editing and pacing. Shot composition. Fight scenes. Lighting... All of it looks cheap and nasty and that's just the 1st 10 mins.
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The Matrix Regurgitated
BA_Harrison12 February 2022
I had been holding off from watching The Matrix Resurrections for fear of disappointment, but I eventually took the red pill and went down the rabbit hole, hoping I would party like it was 1999. I hate to say it, but the party is well and truly over: The Matrix Reloaded peed in the punch, and Revolutions made a right royal mess of the bathroom, but Resurrections calls the police, who break down the door and arrest everyone for disturbing the peace. In short, a good time is not had by all.

Keanu Reeves, sporting his strange half-beard and lank hair, once again plays Neo, who has been resurrected by the machines and plugged back into the Matrix as top games designer Thomas Anderson, famous for his groundbreaking Matrix series (how meta!). Thomas is approached by some alternative types with stupid names and stupid hair who convince him that his life is a lie and extract him from the matrix. After regaining his mojo (kung fu skills and stopping bullets in mid-air), Neo and his new pals attempt to rescue Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), who is still being used as a battery by the machines.

Part four in the franchise, directed by Lana Wachowski, should have been called The Matrix Regurgitations for it is content to deliver exactly the same kind of nonsense as seen almost two decades ago in Reloaded and Revolutions, namely lots of shooting, lots of fighting, lots of explosions, lots of CGI, and an incomprehensible load of old cyber-crap masquerading as a plot. In short, it's a big case of déjà vu (see what I did there?). Hugo Weaving and Laurence Fishburne had the good sense to stay away from this embarrassing attempt to flog an old horse to death; I bet Christina Ricci and Neil Patrick Harris wish they had followed suit.
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Beni_McBeni24 December 2021
Everything felt cheap ..... it didnt look like a matrix movie, the bar was set too high in 1999 by first Matrix.

I didnt like how they forced the female character to be the muscle and made Neo as a weak old lady.
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The Matrix Retreading
AdrenalinDragon22 December 2021
Laughingly bad. Filled with loads of "Remember this?" flashbacks and obnoxious slow-mo and blur. Dull and confusing story, dumb dialogue, and crap action sequences you won't remember at all. Another rehash stinker. Just a quick cash-grab and all the talent from the original Matrix trilogy is gone and left with a movie that wasn't needed in the first place.

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blah blah blah blah
FeastMode24 December 2021
Blah blah blah = how much talking and exposition is in this movie. The original matrix had a lot of talking too, but every conversation is intriguing. In this movie, it bored me to death. Almost put me to sleep.

Blah blah blah = the mess of a story that is this movie. It's all over the place and feels like a bunch of nonsense mashed together.

Blah blah blah = the unclear and uninspiring action. The fight scenes in the first two movie are amongst the best ever put to screen, including Asian cinema. The action in Reloaded is incredible. In this movie, it just feels like action vomit all over the screen. It ranges from mediocre to bad. And only one part is memorable (certain things are falling onto the street). The fight scenes suffer from close ups and quick cuts, something we never see in the originals.

The more I think about it, a 4 star rating seems generous. But that's how I felt leaving the theater. There is some good here. But I don't think I'd bother giving it another chance. (1 viewing, 12/23/2021)
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Felt like a sequel to "Battlefield Earth" rather then "Matrix"
85122222 December 2021
Greetings from Lithuania.

"The Matrix" (1999) is in my TOP 3 movies of all time. I was a teenager when it came out and i basically grew up with it. I liked "Reloaded" and even "Revolutions" was pretty OK movie.

Cut to almost 20 years later and we have "The Matrix Resurrections" (2021). I was exited after the amazing trailer, yet the track record of movies that Wachowski made after "Revolutions" was not giving many hopes. And after seeing latest one on a premier day just now i can say that "Resurrections" is the worst movie I've seen in many moons, unfortunately. It was excruciatingly bad.

Story was a mess. Writing was horrible. It was so poorly written that audience was started to laugh at things that were not supposed to be funny. Directing was terrible. The only good thing in this disaster was Jessica Henwick's acting - she was good. And Keanu Reeves just sleepwalked trough the whole thing.

Overall, "Resurrections" felt like a parody of the original trilogy - i kid you not. You have to see by yourself Jada Pinkett Smith's Niobe to believe it - and i will say nothing more. It literally felt like a sequel to "Battlefield Earth" (2000) rather to one of the best films ever made. On the other hand - in its 2 h 20 min run time it wasn't boring - with my broken heart i can safely say that "The Matrix Resurrections" was so bad that it was actually fun to watch. One day thins might become a cult classic, but not in a good way.

Terrible movie in every single possible way.
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This Matrix feels like a Fairy tale...
xxxNomadicxxx22 December 2021
The three previous Matrix, you could sense the fear the humans had when entering the Matrix or interactions with the machines. These new characters treated it like it was their neighborhood playground and had no worries of death. It was laughable!... I said characters because I actually don't even remember none of their names.
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I don't like new characters.
caelum-natura23 December 2021
Morpheus was a smart, profound man who left the impression of a kung fu monk. This new one is an antipathetic character that I wouldn't follow anywhere, even if my own life depends on it.

These new characters they did don't inspire and don't have that intellectual depth. The only thing good about this film are the moments of fights, CGI, and of course, it's nice to see Niobe, Trinity, and Neo.

However, when you get to The Merovingian (Lambert Wilson) speech or to The Analyst (Patrick Haris), you come back to IMDB and edit your rating from "terrible" to "hm, ok".

Haha :D The song from credits. My God, this modern-day society killed everything. This is embarrassing.
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Mediocre Is Not Good Enough
Tweetienator23 December 2021
Back then the first Matrix movie was a revelation, for sure one of the best movies made in the 90s. I also liked the sequels a lot - despite some flaws here and there. Anyway, The Matrix Resurrections is what I expected and feared - a very mediocre movie compared to the original trilogy. Who needs this one? Why was it even made - the story was told and Resurrections adds nothing really new or any good. Like that new Resident Evil fail, this one I watched once and I will most likely never put on a screen again: I will take the blue pill and forget its existence...
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Made me nauseous
elliotjeory23 December 2021
I had a horrible feeling 2 minutes into the film it was going to be bad. The film is very off. No Morpheus no Matrix and what is with the incessant need to show clips from the original film every minute like we don't know what they are referring to.

It feels like they made this to a younger audience who have never heard of The Matrix and needed reminding with the constant references to the first.

I feel sick.
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Surprisingly awful
paulscott-1834023 December 2021
The original Matrix is an absolute classic (9/10). The two sequels were good (6 or 7/10) but with pretty confusing storylines in parts.

This film is truly dreadful. Surprisingly awful in fact.

The trailor takes tiny snapshots of the film and make it look like a fantastic blockbuster, but in reality it is a nostalgia-heavy, poorly thought out and terribly acted 'remake' of sorts of the first film.

The storyline and the number of pointless easter eggs/repeats of the first film make this a largely pointless addition to the original trilogy.

Save your money or go and see Spiderman instead 🤣
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Disappointing! Strictly a Money Grab Movie!
collectorofsorts22 December 2021
I've been waiting for this one with anticipation and I was thoroughly disappointed. I spent the first 40 minutes wondering what was going on. It was barely coherent. The rest of the movie got slightly better. But there was no real story. Some parts were enjoyable. Some weren't. But, at the end, I didn't feel like my day had been enriched by watching it and I have no desire to watch it again. The original Matrix, on the other hand, I still watch that at least once a year. This movie was done strictly as a money grab. There was no real story to tell and no journey to follow. I don't recommend it!
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A sad remake of itself
imdb-2382122 December 2021
So what if you could remake the original Matrix film, but this time without the big reveal of what the Matrix is and add a twist that tries to explain why you could do that? It's like an idea you joke around about but not actually make into a film that you've made before. And in typical Hollywood fashion, they remake the same thing but just bigger, flashier, with things they think are even cooler, - and results in something so much dumber. Things in this Matrix don't need to make sense provided they look cool, which is all that matters.

This Matrix should have stayed dead. Action? No, not really, at least not for a very large part of it - and the kung fu actually sucks. This is The Matrix: A Love Story. But this time, with just cooler looking characters and mumbo jumbo that explains the technology stuff in a way that doesn't make sense to us people but it does to the actors, who nod their heads and smile as if they really know what that techno gobbledygook means.

"Wow, this code is freaky!!!!" one actor says in excitement! LOL, the film becomes a parody of itself, along with replacement actors who can't help but try their best to mimic the iconic performances of a cast that happened to have been cast perfectly. My single word review of this tripe is the replacement phrase for "whoa!!!" that was in the original film. "Fuuuuuuuu*****!" See it if you're curious. But it's big, dumb and a useless grab at the franchise cash register.
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There's a reason why we don't resurrect the dead.
chunkylefunga27 December 2021
I remember seeing the Matrix in the cinema as a young kid and it blew my mind. It was the essence of cool, combining a then unfamiliar Hong Kong aesthetic with cutting edge special effects, heady themes, and of course bringing bullet time to the forefront of modern cinema. Visually it was soo revolutionary that the 2003 sequels were never able to recapture that impact, and this sequel is no exception.

Nowadays there isn't a single superhero movie that hasn't been built on the Matrix's special effects and evolved it to such a level that Resurrections would have truly have had to have been unique to have the same impact as the original, which is something that I doubt anyone was expecting, so all I was asking for was a solid, well thought out, storyline. And that sadly is something that Resurrection does not have. Hell, half of the movie seems to just be footage from the first three movies, one quarter is millennial characters moaning about millennial issues, and one quarter seems to be new, albeit pointless, content.

I can see why Hugo, after reading the script, turned down the chance to reprise his Agent Smith role. I would have done the same if I'd have read the script too. And casting Neil Patrick Harris as a villain? He was so miscast that he was comically bad; I genuinely felt embarrassed for him and his performance. Keanu too, sadly, put it a terrible performance, arguable the worst of his career, and Carrie-Anne Moss was clearly just walking in her performance. Jessica Henwick seemed to be about the only one who could be bothered to act in this movie but sadly her storyline was just as dull as the rest of the movie.

Morpheus once said that unfortunately no-one can be told what the Matrix is, you have to see it for yourself. Well I'm telling you now that you do not need to see the movie to know that it's bad. Sometimes you should just leave sleeping dogs lie.
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What a disappointment.
Kdosda_Hegen24 December 2021
This is so cheap that they basically remade the first film yet made it also a sequel at the same time. The majority of the film has the same structure as the first film and most scenes are exactly the same just altered...

The good thing is that CGI is very high quality, but at the same time action scenes feel so generic and uninspired, way inferior to the original film, I admit a few moments were cool, but most action not only feel weak but poorly executed like fights feel like they were made by people who don't know how to fight so they just try to imitate what fighting supposed to look like from what they've seen somewhere else.

Music is trying real hard to imitate the soundtrack of original films yet feels weaker and more like rip-offs than remixes or remakes of old tracks.

What's up with all the references and literally showing footage from previous films? Do they think we have forgotten the films completely? But the insulting part is that film acknowledges that it references itself to the point that it literally tells that fact a few times - as a joke? I guess, sort of breaking the 4th wall but not really I guess. It's just so lame.

There are also so many embarrassing scenes, I laughed so hard at some of the stuff that if this film isn't meme material - I don't know what is then.

Also, many of the returning characters often feel completely out of character, and I despise how they treated most characters that do not return for this film. It feels like that Matrix parody by CollegeHumor.

Most importantly this feels very long (and it is), yet it shows almost nothing cool, most of it just replicates the first film also making it somehow longer yet worse in every way with the only exception being a much better CGI. It's such a shame that such uninspired sequels like this exist.
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and_shove_it_up_your_butt23 December 2021
Utter rubbish. In the first few minutes I already knew that this movie would disrespect and soil the Matrix legacy (and frankly, the last one really toed the line).

Garbage plot, garbage directing, no Morpheus, garbage effects. Felt cheaply done. What were they thinking? This movie has no business bearing the "The Matrix'" moniker. The ending alone should have made someone stop and ask "is this dumb af or is it just me?"

Bottom line? We deserved better than this.

Keanu, if you read this I hope you know that I'm still a huge fan. Your acting was terrible but I forgive you.
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DUTCHY_BOY_121 December 2021
Writers have ran out of material, and the new writers are just plain rubbish. They have to re release old movies or make another installment. No originality anymore. Most new stuff's boring. Im finding myself having to watch old 70s 80s 90s movies. The stuff we get today is BAD lol.

Nothing to see here. Not tht i was expecting anything.
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Cash grab
digitalbeachbum23 December 2021
While this movie has some interesting additions, which I assume came from fans who complained about the original trilogy. I see conflict and hypocrisy with the script. I see continuity problems. I see goofs.

I also see they did not capture lightning in a bottle again. The movie, while having some cinematic scenes, is meh. I started watching it the morning it was released, but then stopped because I was bored. I then watched it for a bit in the afternoon and then quit. I barely could get 2/3rds of the way through on the first day and then I quit again. It didn't grab me. I didn't care enough to binge watch it.

The first movie was like that, I wanted to know more, I wanted to see what would happen to Neo. It had me by the balls. I was interested. This movie is completely opposite. I don't care and I don't think I ever will. I won't buy the movie. I won't by the poster. I will forget it.

Is it worth watching? Sure, one viewing is suitable. I like Reeves. I like him and many of the other actors, but I find the writing and directing empty and an attempt at resolving the mistakes in the first three movies.

Nice CG, nice tricks, nice action, but that's all it appears to possess.
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The Matrix should have stayed a trilogy.
Prashast_Singh22 December 2021
Aside from the action scenes and a few throwback moments, this film is a misfire on many levels. It just doesn't have the feel of a Matrix film at all. Just some cool visual effects, decent action and a bit of uniqueness is what this unnecessary sequel is watchable for one time.

It's not boring but also doesn't justify the length. The sad part is, the non-action or the dialogue parts don't have any excitement or energy at all. Watching them is almost a chore, while the action set-pieces hold your attention with the style and presentation. The actors did good, and that's something I can't deny.

All in all, this feels more like a direct-to-video sequel made to cash in on the original franchise. Resurrections isn't really bad: it's watchable, but has its limitations. Keep your expectations in check before you watch this and you might find a good time-pass action flick for the evening. That's all there is to it. The Matrix should have stayed a trilogy, but a new film is welcome for a singular viewing experience nonetheless.
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gtenalokes22 December 2021
It's pointless and poorly written to the point of senselessness.

The whole movie felt unnecessary and basically exists for woke points and "ratconnation"
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Ridiculously smug. Far too many nods and winks to internet culture.
tomweir-8559925 April 2022
This whole film is like a middle aged man turning up to a skate park and saying ' hello fellow cool teenagers'. It's awful. Truly awful. Acting is terrible. Script is beyond parody. It's bad in every single way.
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The trilogy was ok....this wasn't needed.
kenzibit23 December 2021
You don't fix what isn't broken, we were all ok with the trilogy and forgot about it, you don't need to resurrect it by making a 4th movie. This movie felt like a cartoon, plot was childish and forced, performances weren't all great and 40% of the movie are references from the trilogy. Fighting sequences felt weird and archaic basically cuz they tried introducing new elements that rather ruined it combined with unnecessary slow-mo had its few fun moments and that's all, this movie brought me no joy and will hardly recommend it.
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Unfortunately, It's not good
PedroPires9023 December 2021
I praise Lana Wachowski for trying something different. It would have been very easy to just bring "more of the same". That's the kind of sequels we are used to in Hollywood and most of the public seems perfectly happy with that. This a Matrix love story. This is incredibly meta (believe me, see that first act!). The issue is doesn't work that well.

The love story between Neo and Trinity is the main plot and some scenes between them are ok, but nothing transcendental. Mostly cheesy, to be honest. Surprisingly, the characters I like the most are two new ones: Bugs (Jessica Henwick) and The Analyst (Neil Patrick Harris). Both of the actors did a great job and made me preferred a story more about them than the story we had. The first act of the film is ultra self-aware, the action is very Marvel style (you can't see anything), visuals are as good as ever, there is a stupid amount of flashbacks and it feels very small compared with the og trilogy. There are no big things at stake, so you never have a feeling of urgency. There are a lot of references to non-binary things, to freedom, to comfort, to love, even to "being too late to wake up". But it doesn't fee that fresh compared to what we had seen before.

It hurts that someone tried something so different and it failed. I was even tempted to say the film has as many good things as bad things. The problem is that the good things are never memorable. Maybe a 2nd watch will help this one.
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A couple good scenes, but mostly bad
mluinstra28 December 2021
Basically the first 50 minutes was so boring I almost quit watching, but I stuck with it. There were so many flashback scenes from the original trilogy for no reason at all, except to take up time. I also really hated that they brought in new characters to replace Morpheus and others character we loved. It didn't work at all.

At around the 50 minute mark we get an action scene, but then it went back to boring as hell until the last 15 minutes or so.

The last bit of the movie had some good action action scenes but nothing amazing. He stops a lot of bullets with his hands.

I was so disappointed in this movie. It was just so damn boring. If they would have got rid of all the flashbacks and brought back the original characters (they didn't have to make it 60 years later) and had a better script with more action, it could have been great. How did anyone think this crap is what everyone wanted to see?
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andymaranam20 December 2021
First & foremost they should have left this trilogy well alone! As it progressively got worst from the original to revelations. But ultimately was a good trilogy and a great original.

Now what the ???? Is this mess!? That basiclly throws half of the old film in & copies the other half with much, much poorer actors as is the nature of this very unoriginal and unimpressive shambles. Acting was badddd, Script was beyond a joke made by an A' hole & Considering it's predecessor.. it's pathetic.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, unless I hated them.
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